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It’s Always Today

July 16, 2013


No one means to let their life slip by.

No one wants to wake up and wonder where the last ten years went.

Yet we live our lives in such a way that day by day, week by week we just try to survive, not really taking action to plan for the future. Sure, we think about it a lot, but one look at our lives will show a sole interest in getting through that treacherous beast we call “today.” We think on our future – the great things we will do and become – thinking for sure we will get started “tomorrow,” but there is one fatal flaw in that plan:

Tomorrow is always one step ahead of us. It is always, and ever will be, today.

I’m writing this “today” and you’re reading it “today,” because no matter who you are or where you find yourself in this world, it’s today right now. You’re smack in the middle of it. And only the things you do today, can you be sure will have been done tomorrow.

So what are you waiting for? It won’t be today forever.

Or will it?

Photo by Brian Duffy. Used under Creative Commons License.

Blessing Is Not Money

July 9, 2013


Many years ago God spoke to Sarah and I through a traveling minister (in the way of a prophetic word) and said, “I am going to use you as an example to be blessed and prosper.” At the time I assumed, as so many mistakingly do, that “blessing” just meant “money,” and until recently I have held that assumption.

Money is so one-dimensional, and when considering it in the light of blessing, God is somewhat limited (if God can be such a thing) in the ways in which He can bless us with it. He can only give us more, or give us less, and that is all. Though money is a powerful tool and can be used for a great many things, it is not all-encompassing. There are many things which money simply cannot buy, cannot fix, cannot do. It cannot buy joy, it cannot purchase friends, it cannot keep loneliness at bay. Money is good for obtaining distractions, but its companions are short-lived and temporary. They do not last forever.

Why would I be so concerned with obtaining more of that which cannot bring me satisfaction, joy and peace? Something so ordinary and plain, so perishable.

Blessing is so much greater than money, so much deeper and much more valuable. The worth of its returns are beyond all the money the world can hold.

Blessing is a healthy pregnancy, a good marriage, reliable cars and a peaceful home. Blessing is loyal friends, a loving family, and jobs you enjoy. Blessing is joy and happiness and laughter. When you add up those things, we cannot help but see that we live a truly blessed life.