On Provision – Thoughts Before Parenthood

August 12, 2013


Soon after Sarah and I finished Isaac’s nursery, I sat on the floor of the room for a few minutes, looking around at everything we had put together. The dresser was full of clothes, the cabinet full of toys, the closet full of diapers. The walls were painted and decorated – every detail given careful attention. Everything we would need for the first several months of his life we had ready, prepared, collected. He would lack for nothing. He would have everything he needed, and more.

And he wasn’t even here yet.

As I sat there thinking on everything we had already done for this son we had not yet met, something occurred to me. We don’t know what he will be like, the color of his hair or the shade of his skin. We won’t for a while enjoy the sound of his voice or the delight of his laugh. Yet as loving parents we already have a room prepared just for him, and so many possessions that will be his – long before he is even capable of claiming ownership of them.

How much more does God, our good Father, always provide for our every need?

Before you were born He knew the life you would lead, the family you’d be part of, the friends you would meet along the way. He had a place in this world prepared just for you, and He watched in exultation as you found your way into it. If we truly understood the reaches of God’s provision for us, we would never worry, never fear, never question His capability.

Yesterday, God had provisions for your tomorrow. A year ago He was waiting to give you the things you need today. This very moment, He prepares to answer your most desperate requests.

He is so good to us, and He always provides for our needs.

If you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! – Matthew 7:11

So do not worry about your life! – Matthew 6:25

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Photo by Allan Foster. Used under Creative Commons License.

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