“Just Enjoy This”

November 6, 2013


Early this morning I was sitting in a chair, holding my two-month-old son and trying to rock him back to sleep. It had been a long night and I felt as though I had no energy left to give. As I sat there I reached into my pocket for my phone, as I so often do when I’m holding him, to play a game or check email or whatever.

My fingertips just touched my phone and then God whispered, “Just enjoy this.”

“Just enjoy this.”

He won’t always want to be held. He won’t always be so small. He’ll grow and he’ll wander and he’ll run all around. He won’t always want to sit on Daddy’s lap. So just enjoy this.

I held my boy and thanked God for the blessing he is, thanked Him for allowing me to be his father. I asked that God would protect him and watch him as he grows, that He would hold my son when I couldn’t, that He would bless him and guide him.

I feel so deeply grateful that I get to be his dad. So grateful. He’s never done a thing for me, yet I cannot contain the vast love I feel for the little guy.

How much more must God love us?

Photo by Kristina Alexanderson. Used under Creative Commons License.

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