To Begin

I love cashews, snow, and laughter. I drink Starbucks, eat fire (yes, really), and technology is my forte. I’m a Christian trying to live out this busy life in search of the abundant one Christ promises. God loves me (and you too) with an ancient, indescribable love, and I want to fall desperately, deeply, passionately, out-of-my-mind, head-over-heels, intoxicatingly, inescapably, undeniably in love with Him.

And The Rest . . .

In my first two weeks of college I spent nearly seventy-five dollars on Starbucks coffee. Sometimes I become so afraid that I’ll blink and ten years of my life will have passed by that I want to hold on to something tightly. I have never seen the movie Apollo 13. I can eat fire off torches like those guys in the circus. I got my first Mac computer in October 2006, and will never buy a PC again. I can only spend so much time in a group of people before I need to have some alone time. Out of all of the shirts that I own, only seven have any words or images printed on them. I am very blessed to have more than one best friend. I have worn a dress, lipstick, and blush, but not on the same occasion. I know absolutely nothing about politics.

The biggest thing I do not like about myself is my lack of self-discipline. Jobs I’ve held include a valet, a computer technician, a burger flipper, a warehouse manager, a librarian, a babysitter, a parking garage attendant, a maintenance guy, and an Internet marketing specialist. I have never worn pink. When I was ten I blew the power to my grandma’s entire house by sticking a large magnet into a light socket. I hate the sound of a “golf clap.” Growing up I had two hermit crabs, a dozen fish, and one cat. I accidentally killed both crabs and all the fish. The cat had bladder problems. I still love Starbucks.

I own somewhere around 300 books, but never finished reading eighty-two of them. I have long felt that there is some untapped potential, some grand idea floating around just beneath the surface of my mind, ever evading and always eluding conscious thought. I have played on baseball, racquetball, and golf teams, but didn’t really enjoy any of them. I am deeply in love with my wife. I have an extremely high metabolism, and dread the day when I will no longer be able to eat anything I want. Nearly every paper I wrote in four and a half years of college was completed entirely in the twenty-four hours before it was due. I require less sleep than the average person.

Sometimes while I listen to music I direct it with my hand moving through the air like a conductor. I am not a confrontational person. Many summers ago, I spent a month in Africa on a mission trip with eleven friends. Things my old roommate and I successfully set on fire in our apartment include an Ale8 bottle, the kitchen floor, a boat made out of index cards, a measuring cup, and the toilet. Some of my best writing has been found in emails to friends. I enjoy sad movies, sad songs, and sad stories, though they are not my favorite. I recently returned a book about procrastination to the library. I never read it. One year for Halloween to dress up as Jack Sparrow I wore eye shadow, and I must admit I kind of liked it. I really wish I could play the piano. I own three walking canes, and I do not know why. I love cashews.

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