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How Does a Free* 42″ Plasma HDTV Sound?

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A friend of a friend and JoshClark reader emailed me just a few weeks ago about his new arrival, a Panasonic 42″ Plasma HDTV (proof pic), which cost him around $40. After some more correspondence and reading through a TON … Continue reading

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TWO New Apple Sites From Trainn

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This Wednesday Apple completely revamped their iPod lineup, introducing a new iPod nano, iPod classic, and the iPod touch, which is basically an iPhone without the phone. Trainn runs some terrific freebie sites, and they just released TWO new ones … Continue reading

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FusionCash: Great Site For Free Money

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FusionCash is a great site where you can earn cash quickly and easily. Unlike other offer sites where you complete offers to work towards a prize, FusionCash pays you cash for each offer you complete (they also have surveys you … Continue reading

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Referral Swapper: Trade or Buy Referrals

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Of all the questions I get, the most popular has to be “Where can I find referrals?” Referral-based freebie sites are the hardest to complete, and unfortunately, the most abundant. Referral Swapper is a service aimed at making all of … Continue reading

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A Trick For Trainn: Get More For Your Money

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If you’ve tried out any of the great sites from Trainn, you know that they order your item straight from as a gift order. The beauty of gift orders is that you can easily return the item to Amazon … Continue reading

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ShopFreePay: “Oops Problem” Fixed And More C Offers

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I received this short update from ShopFreePay regarding the “Oops” problem many people were having and the lack of offers on the third page (I asked specifically about both issues). Our developers finally tracked down the now-infamous “Oops” error. It … Continue reading

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FREE iPhone From Trainn

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Today Apple released the iPhone, causing more hype and excitement than has perhaps ever surrounded a single device. In some circles it has jokingly been called “the jesus phone.” But at $499 and up, it’s not cheap. So why not … Continue reading

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New Tip: Added Trials End Sooner Than You Think

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I learned a lesson this week and it cost me $22.91. I’m giving it to you for free: When figuring out what day a trial ends, count the day you signed up as day one. For example, if it’s a … Continue reading

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Trainn Is Planning a Free iPhone Site

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Who doesn’t want a sleek new Apple iPhone? I searched around for a free iPhone site, and didn’t find any that were quite up to par. Either the site was from a company I’ve never heard of (and couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Universal Tips & Tricks For Free Stuff Sites

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Here is a collection of tips and tricks for successfully completing free stuff sites. Feel free to add your own in the comments. If there are some especially good ones that I missed, I’ll add them to the list. Keeping … Continue reading

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Top-Rated Free Sites [Trainn]

Transcendent Innovations, or Trainn for short, is said to be one of the top-rated free stuff companies. This being the case, I decided to give them a whirl. With my Xbox 360 on the way (care of GadgetCity), I decided … Continue reading

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