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I Feel Like There Should Be More

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I ended my 112th post by saying, “Life is abundant. Breathe deep.” I just felt like I should. I then wrote, “I feel like there should be more,” stared at the sentence for a moment or two, striving to feel … Continue reading

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Watch this unique music video for Sigur Ros’s “Hoppípolla,” which captures an image of the undying human spirit. Watch the video here

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Breathe Deep

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What is it about a person, that can stir your heart and soul with a glance, who can make even the dullest moments seem extraordinary? “And everything she does is beautiful… everything she does is right… And I don’t know … Continue reading

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Chapter One of the Great Story

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I just finished the final book in the Chronicles of Narnia series, The Last Battle. I began to read through the series when The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe came out in theaters, and would greatly recommend the series … Continue reading

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Words are those things which drive the universe. With words you can create anything from nothing, you can do the impossible, you can weave stories of love and joy, sorrow and mourning, life and death. Words allow their master to … Continue reading

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I liked my old blog theme, but it was much too complicated. Plus, I get tired of my blog theme nearly as often as I change the wallpaper on my computer, which is almost every day. For now, I’m going … Continue reading

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<strong>ecstasy:</strong> <em>n.</em> intense joy or delight. Continue reading

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