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On Weddings

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I love weddings. I have been to a handful in the past few weeks (and I have one more to go to next weekend). It is interesting to see how, even with such similar decorations (candles and flowers and lots … Continue reading

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A Series of Tubes

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If you’ve kept up with much news lately, you may have heard the term “Net Neutrality.” And you probably assume it has nothing to do with you – it’s for those “techie people.” You’d be wrong. The Internet as we … Continue reading

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My Motto

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Flying Cars and Space Hotels II

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Several months ago I posted a link to a news story where space pioneer Burt Rutan predicted that in twenty-five years there will be space hotels orbitting the Earth. Apparently he overestimated. The owner of a Las Vegas-based hotel chain … Continue reading

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Donald Miller On Writers

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Blue Like Jazz has become a popular book, especially among college-age people. Recently, while reading through it, I asked myself (and others) why it connected so well with college students. Is it the humorous stories? The honest reflections? Is it … Continue reading

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