The Great Toilet Paper Fiasco

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Here I sit again in my weekly computer science lecture. You remember . . . the one I get an A in just for showing up? Yes, I would say it’s one of my favorites . . . prime time to write these messages. It’s really more of an informal study hall . . . a guy three rows in front of me is eating a Lunchable and drinking a Capri-Sun. A guy behind me has headphones on and is reading a magazine. And here I am, typing away on my laptop. The lecture hall seats around 300-some people I’m guessing. I take a seat at the far side next to the wall, a little more discreet that way I suppose. There are at least a dozen of us in here who bring laptops regularly. Most of us sit along the wall or in the back, but there are a few spread throughout the room.
Now, I hope you’re not thinking I should be paying attention and I might get something out of it. Believe me, I’ve thought of this. I tune in and out every so often, but we haven’t actually had a speaker yet that spoke about anything to do with computers. Period. The two things I do remember from last week (which are horrible as it is) is that the speaker used a picture from Victoria’s Secret for some illustration (yeah, right . . . he knows this class consists 95% of male students) at the beginning of his PowerPoint presentation (and yes, I kept my eyes lowered to my own computer screen), and the fact that he cussed a handful of times (each time in a joking manner, of course) throughout his presentation. Welcome to Secular University, Josh.

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You know, you really learn to be most appreciative of the little things in life when they’re taken away from you. Things like toilet paper. Our bathroom here on the first floor of Blanding One seems to be continually running out of it. We are either running low or out. When placed in dire situations we discover that our survival instincts kick in. The girls on the second floor were extremely surprised to see me walking out of their bathroom the other day carrying three rolls of fresh toilet paper. This is a co-ed dorm, is it not? I saw no signs posted, and really what other choice did I have? When Mother Nature calls you simply must answer, throwing reason out the window.

Ok, I really hope you didn’t fall for that one. Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . you people slay me.

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It’s definitely Fall now. The temperature just simply dropped one morning, plummeting so quickly you would have thought it had been in the 50′s for weeks. Bare trees speckle the campus as the ground is camouflaged in colors of orange, yellow, red and brown. There are so many leaves covering the walkways I could probably get from one end of campus to another without touching the concrete itself a single time, simply stepping from one leaf to the next. In fact, I may have already done that without knowing it.

That’s all for today. Have a smashing good week!

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