And All The Snow Was Singing

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It is in weather like this that my heart is smothered in breathless ecstasy. Emotions tremor through my marrow which cannot be quenched, leaving me desperate to be caught up in the dance. Laughter and laughter and laughter. The trees join in dance with the wind, the skies cry out in awe. And all the snow is singing.

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He’s whispering to you. Every flake of white, every burst of icy air. A chorus orchestrated far beyond the Heavens to tickle the ears of mere children. A desperate cry of reckless passion, uncontainable by the whole of Creation. He’s screaming it now, can you hear Him? Listen, shh… His voice carries on the wind. His smile emanates through the clouds. Beams of sun prick through and catch your eyes. He’s waiting…

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