Plastic Flowers

Only 361 shopping days left until Christmas!
Where on earth did the year go?

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I’m home for the break, but not for much longer. I’ll be heading back to Lexington on the 31st. It’s been nice being home with my family and working (cause I really need the money), but I’m itching to get back to school, back to routine, back to my own room at our apartment, back to Sarah, back to friends and CSF and classes. No wait, I lied about the classes.

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Have you ever missed someone so much it almost made you dizzy? So much it kind of felt hard to breath, but in a good sort of way? Like those moments in life when time stands still and only the best things imaginable happen?
And just the thought of seeing that person again sends such an explosion of ecstasy surging through your heart that, in comparison, the sky seems dull and gray, the sun loses some of its shine, and the world around you might as well be made of plastic flowers and paper leaves.
Yeah, that’s how much I miss her.

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Ever since I’ve returned from Ghana, Africa this past August, I’ve undertaken the time-consuming project of typing up the journal I kept while on the trip. I wrote a page or two in the journal nearly every day for the entire month (which adds up to be quite a bit of writing), and have only found time to type a little bit at a time since getting back. This past weekend I finally sat down, determined to punch through the last half or so of the journal. And I did.
Reading through the entries as I typed, many thoughts and memories flooded my mind. So many stories, so many lessons learned. This, of course, prompted me to look back through the hundreds of pictures we as a team collectively took.
I miss that country across the sea.

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3 Responses to Plastic Flowers

  1. Laura (little sis') says:

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    I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who ever comments on your blog, but oh well, here I go again! I just wanted to give you a big “sigh”! I do believe, good sir, that you are head over heels for that princess of yours. It makes me happy to see y’all so happy.

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    Hey Bud. You been checking your UK email account? I sent you a few messages, and I haven’t heard from you in ages. Wanted to check in with you, see how things were going.

    I’ve never seen your pictures from Ghana, I’d like to see them. If you took them digitally, you should post them online somewhere or you should bring me the 4″x6″ photographs if you took some the old fashioned way.

    I’m glad to hear that it’s not just me who’s looking foward to getting back to Lexington and into my semester routine. I have to agree with you though about the classes part.

    I agree with Laura above; I’m glad you and Sarah *finally* offically got together. I’m happy for you Josh (and for Sarah).

    Flowers to your Asylum, J-Tizzo!

  3. Sarah says:

    I miss you too! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

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