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I liked my old blog theme, but it was much too complicated. Plus, I get tired of my blog theme nearly as often as I change the wallpaper on my computer, which is almost every day. For now, I’m going to stick with a much simpler theme until some great inspiration strikes me for the perfect one.
Furthermore, last night Sarah and I were discussing the significance and power of words, and she gave me a saying worth quoting. Rather than a picture being worth a thousand words, she believes a word is worth a thousand pictures, and I agree. Without words, where would we be? Next to air itself, words are the most needed and used commodity in our world, even above food and water (because you need words to get both food and water, one way or another).
Therefore, perhaps it would be better – in a setting such as this – to let the words speak for themselves rather than suffocating them with pictures and icons and graphics?

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At the moment, my parents are on a flight to Mexico (Comitan, Chiapas, specifically), where they will both spend a week sharing the gospel and discipling new believers. This is my dad’s second trip there and my mom’s first. If you would like to pray for them while they serve there, I would greatly appreciate it (as would they). Here’s a quick summary of what you could specifically pray for throughout the week:

Saturday, January 7
Pray for safety of our team as we travel to Comitan, Chiapas

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Sunday, January 8
Morning: Pray as we worship with the church who we will be working with.
Afternoon: Pray as we gather with others who have traveled to Mexico for a time of preparation for the week. Pray as we are teamed up with a translator and a local person from the church.

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Monday, January 9 – Thursday, January 12
Pray as we go door-to-door and share the gospel. Pray for the hearts of those we visit that they will be open to what we share. Pray as we make follow-up visits with those who made decisions the previous day.

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Friday, January 13
Pray as we make any follow-up visits with those who made decisions this week. This will also be a day of rest and reflection on the events of the week.

Saturday, January 14
Pray for safety as we travel home.

Again, any prayers are greatly appreciated.

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