Ramen Noodles & Car Trouble

College Life Lesson #63: Never microwave your Ramen Noodles in a cheap plastic cup. Never.

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It’s that time of the week again. Time for me to humor you with stories of my (usually) misfortunate happenings. You all sit in your nice comfortable homes with plenty of food in the pantries and clean laundry to boot while I suffer here, a starving college student, wondering where I’m going to scrape up my next meal.

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Actually, I’ve been eating quite well here, and have only had Ramen Noodles once. Only once. I keep up with my laundry just fine and quite like it here.

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This past weekend I visited Louisville because my buddy Jon, who most of you have met, was in town for his Fall Break, along with my buddy Daniel, who most of you also know. It was 10:15pm, cold and dark, and I was traveling down 64-W to Daniel’s house. My stereo, to my great disappointment, flickered for a moment and went out. Odd. Oh well, not that much farther to go now. A little peace and quiet never hurt anyone. A few moments later the lights on my dash were going considerably dim. Hm, they’ve never done that before. I checked the dimmer-control dial and saw that it was all the way up. I pressed on down the highway, just under half an hour to go now.

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The headlights were next. They did not go all the way out, but continued to get dimmer and darker. I could still see the road before me, mostly thanks to those cars traveling around me, so I ventured on. The figures on my dash were near illegible, and I still had no music. Crazy, am I? Probably, but I continued forward.

10:30pm. Only 20 minutes from Daniel’s. “Please let me get there, just please let me get there.”

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The sound I had long dreaded filled my ears as my engine slowly puttered and died. I pulled off the road and stopped, a guard rail to my right and the highway only feet from my car on my left. I got out cautiously and called Daniel. He and his dad left their house and headed my way, but it would still be a little while until they arrived. I sat on the cold guard rail and laughed out loud at the hilarity of the situation. My car had just broken down, late at night, in the cold, not 20-some minutes from my destination, I was planning on leaving the very next day anyway, and I couldn’t help but laugh. It could have been worse. It could always be worse, don’t you people ever forget that.

Daniel and his dad arrived a little while later and not minutes after getting out of the truck Daniel kept saying how terribly cold it was outside. I told him I really didn’t know what he was talking about. I had been sitting out there for half an hour and he thought it was cold? Not to ridicule Daniel, of course. I mean, I felt the wind whipping against my sweater and the icy temperature pricking my skin, but just the same I didn’t feel all that cold. Actually, I was rather comfortable. Thank God for small miracles. Literally.

That’s about as much excitement as I’ve had lately. More than enough, if you ask me. After paying a pretty penny I got my car fixed, thankfully in time for me to leave town as I had planned, and it’s running smoothly again.

The semester is halfway over now and Christmas break is just around the corner (right after Thanksgiving break, naturally). Everyone enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves! It only happens but once a year, after all.

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