Words are those things which drive the universe.

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With words you can create anything from nothing, you can do the impossible, you can weave stories of love and joy, sorrow and mourning, life and death.

Words allow their master to conjure entire worlds out of their minds with nothing more than a pen and paper.

Words elevate the downhearted and humble the proud.

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Words define everything. You cannot look around you anywhere, you cannot think of anything, you cannot escape from the depths of your mind into a dream in a place far away in a time long ago where words will not also be. Everything you see and know has a word attached to it that defines it, which has synonyms and antonyms and sentences that describe them each, and connections to other words and ideas and things that also hold their own words, which in turn hold more words, and lead to more sentences and synonyms and so forth.

Without words, where would we be?

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And yet, with all of the words of all of the languages in the world, nothing will ever come close to describing the Almighty God we worship. The most beautiful poetry, the most extravagant song, and the most enlightening prose will all fall short of the glory and power of our Heavenly Father. He has given us creativity to attempt to describe His beauty. He has given us Scripture to show us a portion of his power. But in the end, all the writings in the history of the world will only give us a whisper of His wondrous glory, like the tinkling of windchimes evidence a mighty storm.

You are indescribable
You are beyond expression
I run out of words for you
I can’t think that high

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So hear my spirit groan in me
A painful sense of urgency
To tell You that You are to me
So high

~ “So High,” Barry & Michelle Patterson (buy on iTunes, CD Baby)

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2 Responses to Words

  1. Jenna Liston says:

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    hi. so very random, but i was on a drive talking to an old friend and we were talking about old times…he is a musician and sings at a church in dallas, and i asked him if remembered a song we used to sing which was “so high”. I have not heard the song in four years since high school…yet it is the one song that whenever i am completely down i will just belt that song. it is the one and only song that when i sing, i feel my soul just spilling out…i have never been able to find the song to download, and so when i finally got home i typed in google the lyrics, and your blog came up.

    I just wanted to thank you for the blessing I have received tonight for you writing this. After four years of only having my voice, I finally can sit back and just take in this song that has meant so much to me and gotten me through so much.

    I have added your blog to my favorites. I quit going to church for many reasons when I came to college, and tonight reading this has meant so much. God is working through you.

  2. Tyrone says:

    Like Jenna, I’ve been looking for that song for what seems like forever! I typed a couple of lines in google search, and there appears your blog. Thanx, guy!

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