Breathe Deep

What is it about a person, that can stir your heart and soul with a glance, who can make even the dullest moments seem extraordinary?

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“And everything she does is beautiful… everything she does is right…
And I don’t know why, I can’t keep my eyes off of you…”

~ “You and Me,” Lifehouse

Life is abundant. Breathe deep.

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One Response to Breathe Deep

  1. *whistles* ;-)
    Go get her, Tiger.

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    That’s a good verse. Jesus does come to bring life to the fullest. I like that one a lot. But the first part of the verse is what we have to worry about; we have an eternal enemy who wants nothing but to do us harm, to mess our lives up, and to kill. Stand firm, Josh my friend, and be alert. :-)

    I’m happy for you.

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