The Turning Point

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For two and a half years now I’ve been keeping this blog. It has shifted and changed significantly since I first began. Originally I told, almost exclusively, stories from my new life in college. Some were humorous, while others were spiritually intriguing, but most were simply normal (AKA boring).

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After reading through Wild at Heart (highly recommended), I sat down on October 18, 2004 and something from deep within me escaped through my fingers onto the keyboard. I posted this “Letter to the Masses” on the front page of my site.

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Looking back now, I can see how subconsciously afraid I was of what other people thought, and how much I let it affect me. So much so, it was silly.
I’ve changed quite a bit since then.

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After I wrote the Letter, my writing started to change almost immediately. I began to tell less and less regular everyday stories, and more stories where God did something awesome, or entries devoted wholly to the deeper thoughts working themselves out in my mind. To put it simply, I let people in.

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The depth really began in January 2005, when I changed my major to English to pursue a career in writing, and explained my reasoning.
Before that, it really feels like a completely different blog.

Speaking of turning points, God is doing amazing things. Not just at CSF, and not just in Lexington. Stories are everywhere. Something is happening.
Something big.
I’ll write more later.

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One Response to The Turning Point

  1. God is doing something Big. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I know that it’s happening now – and I want to be a part of it.

    You may hide from your viewers on your online personal website (blog) – but people do get a chance to meet you – and see what type of person you are… even “Behind the Mask.” People can see that you deeply love the Lord, because it shows in your life. I plan to tell you this further on Thursday when we meet – but I heard the highest compliments on you over the spring retreat. Other people think highly of you too (it’s not just me) – and that speaks very much on your personal character – and how you life your life.

    Perhaps I will buy you a silly t-shirt with lettering on the outside. Something that you would wear… would make you laugh; but your style in clothing has nothing to do with who you are, Joshua Clark.

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