Flying Cars And Space Hotels

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Picture this: It’s 2031, twenty-five years from now. You walk outside, hop in your flying car, soar across town to the airport, get in a commercial spacecraft and head to the skies for a week-long vacation in an orbiting resort hotel.

But this is no joke. These things are in the works today.

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Terrafugia, a start-up company created by an MIT graduate student, is planning on rolling out a prototype of a flying car by 2008 or earlier. With retractable wings and running off premium unleaded gasoline (30mpg in the air and between 30-40mpg on the road), the “Transition” would carry two people and luggage, and would cruise in the skies at about 120mph.
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Space pioneer Burt Rutan predicts that twelve to fifteen years from now, commercial space trips will be available, and within twenty-five years there will be resort hotels orbitting the earth. So far, only 455 people have orbitted in space, but a number of companies are working on rolling out private space crafts for space tourism.
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Granted, these things will cost you a pretty penny (especially a vacation in space), but the possibilities are still exciting.

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  1. Cathy says:

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    Brings a whole new meaning to “when pigs fly”!
    Love the idea!
    Wish I were young enough to see this project in the works!
    Would make an ideal investment.

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