The Man Behind The Man In The Mirror

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Do you ever feel like you have so many ideas floating around inside of your head that if you could capture just one of them and follow it through to its full extent you could make some kind of huge difference?

I do. I feel like that all the time.
I have long felt that there was some untapped potential, some grand idea floating around just beneath the surface of my mind, ever evading and always eluding my conscious thought. It is a feeling that under the person I see in the mirror, there’s someone else . . . someone strong, powerful, and influencial. Someone who could change the world if he could only get out.
The feeling that follows is always one of yearning – a thought of if only I could grasp this one thing… – almost a desperation to find whatever it is.

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If for so many years I have felt that I hold some untapped potential within me, the question that next enters my mind is one of wonder. Does this feeling mean that there IS something great and grand in me – someone grand – bidding his time? And if so, when and how will he get out?

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To anyone who reads this: give me your thoughts. Really. Answer my questions. Do YOU ever feel like this? Have you ever? Am I the only person who thinks this way?

Also, I am not asking for encouragement (“But you are a great guy, Josh.”). None of that. Please.

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Furthermore, to clarify, I know that I DO have someone powerful and strong living within me and through me (Jesus, the Christ).
I’m not talking about Him.
I’m talking about the man He created me to be.

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8 Responses to The Man Behind The Man In The Mirror

  1. Sarah says:

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    Ok… so maybe I’m a little bias, but I do think you have the potential to do something great and make a huge difference. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I am sure God will reveal it in His time.

  2. You definately have the leadership talents to become a great leader. There is no doubt about that. I think a lot of people look up to you.

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    What I think all great leaders do is make sacrafices. In short, they cut out everything from their life that does not help them towards their goal, towards their desires.

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    I dont think it’s if you have what it takes… you do Josh. I think it’s “how much am I willing to give up to achieve greatness?”

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    I have thought that I was born to be someone great. I was suppost to do “great things.” (I thought about quoting something from Star Wars here.) I think we all have pride and an ego that pushes us to do the best of what we possibly can. We think that there is some lesson we have to learn before we can become greatness – and many of us never find that lesson.

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    Are you talking about greatness (success) from a wordly view? Perhaps this is geared towards you “nice” post. Are you looking for something that will make you great from a writer’s world. Fame. Power. Celebrity. Money.

    Are you talking about greatness from the Kingdom of God?

    I do not know if I am adequately answering your questions. I hope I am.

    Flowers to the Asylum,

  3. Josh says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys.

    In reply to your comment, J.T., no, I’m not talking about success in a material, worldly way. Notice I was sure never to use the word “success.”

    Success and greatness are two separate things. I am not talking about achieving greatness (success) for myself, for my own gain. I am talking about making a difference, having an impact. As I said, I feel that there is inside of me, “someone who could change the world if he could only get out.”

    Sacrifice is definitely something that most great leaders, and great people, are familiar with. I will have to be thinking of what mine might be.

  4. You know, you’re alreading making a difference, having an impact on a child in Ghana. The kid that you and Sarah are supporting together – that’s alreading changing one soul, one life.

    You will help to change the world. Just let go of whatever fear is holding you back.

  5. Arron says:

    It’s difficult to achieve when one constantly sabotages oneself with sin ‘n’ what not…

  6. Arron says:

    Greatness happens over time. Example: Lightning looks really flashy, but it’s slow, persistent erosion of rock that creates the Grand Canyon. Trees grow slowly. One thing that is really annoying to me is the slow, chiseling steps into becoming what God wants me to be. But that’s how solid character/leadership/wisdom happens, just like the hardest woods grow the slowest.

  7. Jeff T. says:

    Hey Josh,

    I recently found your website while listening to an x3 podcast. Good stuff =).

    I know I’m really late in replying to this entry by looking at the last date. However, this entry really caught my eye. I’m not much of a writer, so excuse my improper puncuation and spelling.

    This entry reminds me of a message that Louie Giglio released on his website (I can’t find the link). He was talking about a time where he was on a mission trip and they had to raft down a river with challenging rapids. Mixing in humor and important points, he was trying to say that the river cannot be stopped (God’s story). Are we going to be in God’s story (the ones in the rafts riding the river)? Or, stand on the cliffs and watch from above where you’re comfortable.

    Internations Bible Society released a new cover for a Bible which has a pretty nice quote:

    How God created the world, watched it turn against His purpose, lived among us, was still rejected because He didn’t fit expectations, turned everything upside down to get things back on track, and now invites You to find your place in The Story of God.

    I believe we can tap into that “Man in the Mirror” by faithly following the Three commands Jesus left us:

    1 Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind
    2 Love everyone as yourself.
    3 Tell other people about Him.

    I wish I could go into more detail, but I think meditation on these three commands will bring you answers.

  8. MS says:

    Josh. Yes…I feel the same way you described a lot. The Lord will move in His childrens’ hearts to not only draw them to Himself but also to move in them to dream and increase the faith we have that we may do the things He and He alone has specifically placed on our hearts. Ask Him…ask Him, ask Him exactly what it is He has for you and He will show you. Read His Word like you’ve never read it before. Get to know Him and He will not hide Himself from you. He wants that His Word is written on our hearts and that we walk daily in conversation with Him as we would with a best friend yet with the reverance of fearing righteously the Great God of the Universe. He is so good and will unfold the plans He has for us that are for the best of our relationship with Him and for the glory of His name as we walk with Him and in His time. Never ours.

    Take care and God bless. I have taken great interest in the information listed on your site. I just found it yesterday. Thank you for posting the information you do. I’m currently saving money for my wife and I to return to Spain and I may look further into a few of the strategies mentioned.



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