Merry Christmas

Hey everyone!

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I could begin with a cliche of “It’s that time of year again . . .” and then make some witty joke about the holiday season, but I’ll spare you the trouble.

I could also kick off by telling you that there are only sixteen shopping days left before Christmas, but I didn’t want to bother counting them.

I could even start by simply wishing everyone a happy holiday and then get on with the rest of my message, but that would be too common a greeting.

So, after much thought, consideration, and reflection . . .

Happy Hanukkah!

Now that we’re all in the mood, I’ll get on with it . . .

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My first semester in college is nearing an end, seemingly before it began. Time has flown by. Finals are next week; I have three. One Monday morning, and two Tuesday morning. Then I am done and don’t have to think of homework and tests and other such horrid things until mid-January.

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Other than that, there’s not really that much else going on here. The weather is chilly and we’ve seen snow flurries a handful of times, but nothing’s sticking yet. Christmas lights are strung, trees are lit in windows, and you’re likely to hear Bing Crosby singing a tune as you walk by Starbucks (or stand in line at one).

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My roommate, Gabe, is transferring next semester to a small college in his hometown before attending Boyce Bible College in Louisville next fall. He’s going to study Youth Ministry. With him leaving, I’ll be able to have my buddy Jacob move in with me next semester. We met at CSF and have become good friends. This week sometime we have to sign a paper saying we both agree to it, and then if everything goes through (it should) we’ll have to move him in before classes start next semester.

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That’s all for now; I probably won’t be writing again until after Christmas break. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the coming month.
Merry Christmas,

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