Work Worth Doing

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I spend almost no time thinking about the worth of my writing. And none at all in daydreams about the wealth I’ll have when someone makes a movie from my bestseller. Writing is what I do. It is the profession I have taken for myself. I do not see it as a literary lottery to be played when I feel like it; I know I will make it big simply because I’ve written some words on some pages. I write 10 pages every working day, or more some days, but quality can suffer from great speed…

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The pages get better with each book. Maybe that is the way to find a publisher. Write long enough and some skill will come, and publishers will pay for skill. It is not the thing that dreams are made of, but writing is creating dreams for others. For the writer, it is his work. And work worth doing. Well.

-From an article by G. Scott Wright Jr., The Writer, April 1976

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