The Writing Life

I have noticed something interesting about blogs and blogging.

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Typically, the blogs that have the most traffic, attract the most readers, and are better known, are the ones that have some sort of central theme. There may also be more than one theme, but in general all of the entries apply to some common interest.

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This is not to say I don't greatly enjoy reading the blogs of people who are close to me. However, in that case it is usually my personal interest in a person that keeps me coming back to their blog. To repetitively check the blog of someone I don't know, they must have a common theme that tugs at my mind.

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For some time I have struggled with this issue and wondered if I should, at this point in time, convert my own blog into some themed work. There are two things that have thus far stopped me. First, I don't know what topic I would choose. Secondly, I still enjoy and feel the need to write about my personal life on this site.

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I have discovered lately that the author in me is beginning to emerge. I have noticed this because, while I still hold strong interests in many other things – such as technology – magazines, books and essays about writing have captured my interest.

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From this point on, I am going to continue writing about my life. However, I will also begin to include things I find that concern writing (such as the two entries below).

Some day far from now, the two might part ways and form separate blogs. Only time will tell.

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