R.L. On Writing

Not that I necessarily agree with this perspective, but it’s an interesting view.

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I hear other authors saying, “Write from your heart. Write what you know. Write what you feel.” That’s horrible. What a way to turn people away from writing. I’ve never written a single thing from my heart. I write to entertain people. I pick out an audience, and I learn about them and what they like, and I write the best book I can for them.

- R.L. Stine in the June 2006 edition of The Writer

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One Response to R.L. On Writing

  1. Meredith says:

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    That is interesting. I can see where he’s coming from; you want to appeal to your audience with your writing, so you need to write in a way that will draw them in. However, I’m very drawn to the way you write, which is from your heart. I think one’s audience developes depending on his writing style. I guess I can see it both ways. Interesting quote, though.

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