The Infamous Fridge

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My, my, my . . . another year come and gone already. Only three weeks since Christmas and I’ve already begun looking forward to the season rounding the corner again. And we wonder why time seems to pass so quickly?

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How was everyone’s holiday? Fantastic, I hope. I enjoyed getting to see each of you over my break. I didn’t really like the idea of starting classes up again but I don’t suppose you can ever feel truly ready to go back to work after a vacation. Oh, certainly you accept the fact that your break is over and routine must set in place once more, but there’s nothing that says you must enjoy it.
Enough with the rambling, Josh, get on with it.
Yes, yes, I know . . .

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Just to refresh a few memories (or instill new ones) I’m involved in a Christian organization on campus called Christian Student Fellowship (CSF for short). We have a program on Monday nights for freshmen, a program for everyone on Thursday nights, and I’m involved in a small-group guys’ Bible study on Tuesday nights.

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My buddy Jacob, whom I met at CSF, moved in with me this semester because of my previous roommate transferring. For those who don’t know (or remember), Gabe felt called into Youth Ministry and will be pursuing that at Boyce Bible College in Louisville. So, this past Monday Jacob and I arrived here and unloaded our cars into the dorm room. Talk about a mess. After several grueling hours our room looked halfway-decent and most everything was in its place.

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To rewind, I arrived first on Monday morning, let myself into our dorm, threw the bags I was carrying onto my bed, and then I saw it. The fridge. The fridge that had set for a month, unplugged, in our dorm with its door left shut.
No, don’t worry, there was nothing inside; no food to spoil. But strange things happen inside refrigerators when left unattended and without power for so long. Especially when you forget to thaw them before leaving them for extended periods of time. Things grow, odors arise . . . ice melts.
So, when I saw the fridge sitting there, so innocently, so provoking, I did what any man would do in this situation. I opened it.
A wave gushed forth from the open door, forming a pool around my feet. Then the stench came; a foul reek as you have never smelled in your life, filling your nostrils and burning in your eyes. I gasped (another brilliant move on my part) and after a coughing fit came to my senses and slammed the door tightly shut.
Soon thereafter Jacob arrived and, after inquiring about the large wet spot on the carpet, decided to see for himself “how bad it was.”
After going through the same gushing, gasping, coughing, and laughing (that was me) routine he took a can of air freshener and sprayed liberal amounts into the still-open fridge, then shut the door.
An hour later after much gushing, gasping and coughing, several paper towels and enough dishwashing soap to clean a full china set, the refrigerator was clean and mucus-free.

Classes started yesterday. This semester I’m taking Calculus (sniff . . .sob . . .), English, the second-level computer science class, and psychology. I had psychology, calculus, and my computer science lab. Today I have the actual computer science class, English, and calculus recitation (sort of a lab for calc). Seeing as how this message is already pretty lengthy, I’ll write more later about my new classes and the professors teaching them.

Everyone have a great week!

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