The Best Way to Share Jesus

How are we to know God and make Him known?

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I don’t believe there is one “best way” to evangelize. I believe that there is a best way for each individual. Mine is not to walk up to a stranger in the mall food court and ask him if he knows Jesus (although I have been there). That’s just not who I am. That is not where I am effective.

I was not given the most outgoing, people-driven personality. I was not gifted to stand on a street corner and shout.

So for years, I have shied away from the “e” word, because I thought that just wasn’t my thing.

“Therefore go…”

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That’s for everybody. You and me both. Jesus doesn’t say “go all you who don’t mind approaching strangers.” But he also doesn’t say “go forth to the local shopping mall, find somebody sitting by themself, and ask them about me. And don’t forget the flyer for the church picnic.”

I want to be obedient. I just don’t know where he wants me to go yet, and what he wants me to do when I get there.

So where would I be most effective?

What is the best way for me to spread Jesus?

And what is yours?

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3 Responses to The Best Way to Share Jesus

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    I think you are being obedient because you’re actively searching and seeking His kingdom and His righteousness. Evangalism is so hard for me because I seem to be able to talk about everything yet have trouble with the words when it comes to the cross.

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    It should be the total opposite way; I should speak with flowing words about the cross and stumble with everything else. But evangalism isn’t easy by a long strech, even if you memorize plenty of scripture to quote. I think that street/mall evangalism does very little good, because you have no follow-up discipleship. I think you need to already know the person before you can make a difference through your faith.

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    In answer to your final question, I think my best way to share Jesus is to invite people. “Hey, do you want to come see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 with us on Friday night at 7:30?” and I just invite people to join and be with me everywhere. I want to bring people to CSF, to church back home, to 828. I have invited people to our bible studies (even after they closed off) and just like having company. I also think that the strongest way to share Jesus is through prayer. Saying to someone ‘I’ll pray for you’ can sometimes not mean much. Praying with someone right there, right then, at the spot – that can change lives.


  2. Arron says:

    Scripture… ? …
    A wise woman once told me that God’s Word will not return void. She is right.

    It’s really funny to me how hard evangelism is for me and other folks… It seems it’s just not ever easy for some.

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    I also don’t think that sharing with strangers works wonders… Better to make friends first. On the other hand, you have to make sure the subject comes up – that is, you can’t just wait for a bolt from Heaven to say “NOW share with this person!” God says to do it, and somehow, we hafta obey.

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    Hospitality – inviting people into one’s life if not one’s actual house/dorm.apt./whatever – is a great way to begin, but it has to go further than just the “making friends” bit in order to have any sort of impact.

    And now my insomnia is swiftly passing.
    -Arron (sometimes A.Ron)

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    Josh, you know what? I think this blog you’ve got will do a GREAT job of letting people know about Jesus. Especially with the high traffic you’ve been getting lately w/ the MacBook information. I bookmarked this site and after reading all the mac stuff, I checked out your other posts, just as I’m sure other people have. I’m going to have to be a regular visitor now because I enjoy reading your insights on the kingdom of God.

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    What’s unfortunate is that there are so many people that have been so disgusted with some of our fellow Christians’ pushiness and overbearingness (is this a word?), that when you try to tell people the good news, they’ll turn a blind ear because they are only exposed to the “Bible thumpers” who constantly condemn the rest of the world.

    Here is an open letter a good friend of mine, David Bean wrote to Christians in America :

    Anyway, the way I see it, the best way to lead people to Christ is through their own interests. Find commonalities and take it from there.

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    Although I am totally against those televangelists that preach the whole Come-to-Jesus-because-He’s-got-a-check -waiting-for-you angle, I think they’re on to something because they appeal to the masses that desire something in life.

    I think the trick is to touch people’s lives, and THEN take them to the well.

    Of course, the strategy changes with each person you meet, but for the most part, it’s show & prove.

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