Flying Cars and Space Hotels II

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Several months ago I posted a link to a news story where space pioneer Burt Rutan predicted that in twenty-five years there will be space hotels orbitting the Earth. Apparently he overestimated.

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The owner of a Las Vegas-based hotel chain has spent $75 million to build a prototype, dubbed Genesis I, which is scheduled to launch from the Russian space agency Roskosmos. Today.

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Genesis I is planned to orbit the Earth for at least five years, gathering data about its durability and other capabilities. Over the next several years, additional prototypes will launch, adding on to the original, until the entire structure is completed in 2015. The modules will be strung together like sausage links and could serve as not only a hotel, but a laboratory, college, or entertainment venue.
So, you might not have to wait twenty-five years to check in to a hotel in space. It could very well be possible in less than a decade.
Read the full story here.

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As far as flying cars go, there’s not really much news since I originally posted. The “Transition” is still set to come out in three to four years.

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