On Weddings

I love weddings.

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I have been to a handful in the past few weeks (and I have one more to go to next weekend). It is interesting to see how, even with such similar decorations (candles and flowers and lots of white), varying couples can customize their wedding to be so unique.

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My favorite part of a wedding is the bride’s entrance. The doors at the back of the room swing open, revealing a creature of beauty all dressed in white. But I’m not looking at the bride.

I’m watching the groom.

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Next time you’re at a wedding, when the bride enters and everyone else is turned towards the back of the room, take a peek at the guy standing at the front. He’ll be grinning. Or glassy-eyed. Or wearing a mask of awe. The reactions are as unique as the weddings.

But I love this moment. They lock eyes. Everyone else in the room fades. Time holds its breath.
At last. We are here. At last.

And I always wonder . . . what is going through their minds?

I love weddings.

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For just a few breathtaking moments, we visit a piece of heaven, bright and pulsing and warm and beautiful – before coming back to everyday life.

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