I Really Want A Mac

The problem
I have been stuck in the PC world all my computing life. I want out. I need air.

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Apple is doing amazing things with their machines. Though I long denied it, it seems they are superior to the PC in many ways.
And I really, really want one.
If I had a dollar for every time I customized a Mac on Apple’s site, fantasizing about completing the order, I would be able to afford one. Unfortunately, being a poor college student, I can’t, and won’t be able to anytime soon.

The idea
Let me introduce my latest brainchild: IReallyWantAMac.com.

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I was inspired by Kyle MacDonald’s success in trading one red paperclip for a house. I figured something like that happens because everyone gets excited about the idea. No one�s ever done anything like it. People start talking, and crazy stuff happens.

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The solution
I want to get as many people as possible (at least 1,868) to stop by the website and send me one dollar. It’s not that much, if you think about it. A medium fry at McDonald’s. The tax on a DVD movie.
I’ll make a list of everyone who gets involved, posting their name, location (city/state), and if they wish, a link to their website.

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What can I do?
Send me a dollar, of course (or more, if you like). All the details are on the site, along with FAQ’s and more.
Tell your friends to visit the site. Tell your enemies. Tell your mom.
Blog about the site. Talk about how you know this crazy guy who’s asking people to send him money. Or at least post a link on your blog.

I appreciate every link, every word, and especially, every dollar.

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Okay, so obviously my big idea never succeeded. I received about $67 from friends, family, and a few strangers, a few links from other sites, and lots of criticism. Also, shortly after I began, I discovered that this wasn’t a new idea – other people have tried…more than once.
In the end everything worked out, because I got a Mac for free anyway.

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  1. Only 1,867 to go.

    Good Luck.

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