An Update

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I think I’m actually looking forward to school starting in two weeks. I’ve been working 40+ hours a week of varying hours all summer, and I can almost kid myself into thinking that I’ll be able to relax more once classes start. Almost.

I am looking forward to things with CSF starting up again, and just getting back in routine. Plus, Sarah moves back in town tomorrow. Finally. :)

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I have several things on my plate. I won’t even go into all the things with CSF, but it will suffice to say that I’m in charge of tech stuff around there again. Next week will be crazy and fast-paced, and the week after that classes begin.

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Current Projects
I am designing a website for the 2006 Kentucky International Tennis Derby, which will have a shell layout up shortly and be added onto as things heat up.

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I am about to embark on a writing project for CSF, which has very few details yet, but will involve writing stories students can connect with, all of which will somehow overlap to make a bigger picture that shows God’s involvement in our lives in big (and tiny) ways.

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I started a mini-blog called Late Nite Leftovers, which you can visit at, but which may not survive much longer. I began it originally just to have someplace to let out a little fun, random creativity, but have realized that it’s difficult to not only come up with content 5 days a week, but remember to come up with content. Visit the site and leave comments letting me know what you think. Should I try to continue what I’ve started? Do you enjoy it? Is it ridiculous and should die quick and quietly?

And to whet your thirst…
I also have one more bigger project that I’m developing, which I am very, very excited about, but which I will make a separate post for sometime this month once it is ready. It’s unique, kind of crazy, and it is something no one has ever done before. I really hope it succeeds.

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