Due to Popular Demand

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I’ve made it easier to go back in the archives of this blog. Before, you would have to go to the bottom of each page and click on “older posts” over and over and over again. And unfortunately, there currently isn’t a way that I can add links to navigate back and forth while viewing the monthly archives.

So, I’ve expanded the list of months in the menu to the right to include every month since the beginning (August 2003).

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Also, comments have (finally) been enabled on every post in the past, so if you wish to go back and comment on your favorite story or thought, feel free.

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Since I’m on the subject, a little history: I really began “blogging” in January 2005. All entries prior to that were e-mails I sent out periodically to family and friends, which I simply posted online as well. They include many, many stories and updates of my college life, and there are some gems in there, but mostly I’d recommend you start reading around that month for the “better” entries.

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  1. Meredith says:

    hey! I love your latenight leftovers! still waiting for an update, though!! I start college on the 21st; can you believe it?!?!! AUGH! SCARY! :D

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