How I Got A Mac For Next To Nothing

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Macbook ProI am finally the very proud (extremely excited) owner of a Mac, much sooner than expected, and in a different way than I had planned.
And not just any Mac, but the sleek new Macbook Pro.

And I got it for free*.

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A few weeks ago I found a site that looked exactly like a million other scam sites I’ve seen before. You’ve probably seen them too. Just participate in a few offers, then refer a couple friends to do the same, and you’ll get a free iPod or other prize.
Some of these companies are legitimate and have even been on the news. A guy I know actually got one of the free* iPods through one.

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These sites work because advertising is a huge business. The company offering the prize gets money from all of their sponsors (the companies you complete offers with). After they receive all that money, they have enough to buy the prize (in this case, a MacBook Pro) for the person completing the offers (me) and still make a profit.

The hardest part of these things isn’t completing the offers, but convincing several of your friends to do the same.

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NuiTech (a.k.a. TheUseful) is a company that provides such offers, but they twist things up a bit. Instead of needing several friends to complete offers, you just complete all of the offers yourself.

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I was naturally skeptical of the site when I found it, so I did a little research. I found a few blogs of real people who have jumped through the hoops and gotten the MacBook Pro, and a couple of forums (forum 1, forum 2) with tons of people who have gotten MacBook Pros and other cool stuff.

So, I decided to give it a shot, and believe it or not, I now have my MacBook Pro!
Proof is here, here, and here.

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Here’s how it all works:
I had to complete a total of 18 offers, which were broken up into three pages: I had to choose 3 offers on the first page, 6 on the second, and 9 on the third. Some offers appear on multiple pages, and you cannot complete any offer more than once. Some of the offers are useful or from companies you’ve probably heard of (Blockbuster, New York Times,, Columbia House), some are not.

My Timeline:
10/4/06 – Spent a little over two hours and completed all 18 offers. Credit showed up almost immediately for 15 of them.
10/9/06 – Credit showed up for the 16th offer.
10/10/06 – Credit for the 17th offer received.
10/11/06 – 18th offer credited! After a “verification process” of a few hours, my form appeared online to print out.
10/12/06 – Got forms notarized at the bank (it’s required) and mailed them to NuiTech in Florida. Patience, patience.
10/16/06 – Voucher was received and a “Shipping Request” was issued.
10/30/06 – UPS dropped off my brand new MacBook Pro!

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Money spent
In total I spent $168.07 on the offers and got $90.30 back in refunds. Add the cost of shipping a few of the items back ($20.92) and the grand total spent was $98.69, for which I received five bags of coffee, two cans of hot chocolate mix, four “free” movie rentals from Blockbuster, 25 free song downloads, and a brand new MacBook Pro. To purchase this particular MacBook Pro from Apple, it’ll cost you a nice $2,000. Not a bad deal.

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Time spent
If you add the 2-3 hours I spent completing offers, time spent on the phone and online canceling trial memberships, and a few hours packing and shipping returns (including trips to the post office), plus my own time spent obsessively checking my e-mail account and “Gift Status” page for updates, I probably spent between 10-15 hours on this project (20hrs tops). Keep in mind, though, that those hours were spread over the course of about a month.

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If you’re going to try this (or any similar offer) for yourself, here are a few tips:
1. Read everything before signing up for anything. Especially, read the “Terms & Conditions” and “F.A.Q.” pages on all of the offer sites. This one bit me in the behind. From one of the companies I completed an offer with, I failed to see that after my trial order, I would be required to place an additional order before I would be able to cancel my membership with them. The result was an extra $17 worth of coffee. Not a huge deal (and I do love coffee), just making my point – read everything that you can.
2. Before you begin, look through the three offer pages and form a strategy. Pick which offers you want to complete on each page, how much they’ll cost you, if you will have to cancel a membership trial for it (and when!), etc. Also, I’d recommend completing the offers for the third page first, as it will be hardest to do.
3. Create a new, separate e-mail account for the whole thing. I can’t stress this one enough. Visit Hotmail or Yahoo and create yourself an account. Use this account and only this account for the entire offer process. You will get spammed like crazy before long, so you want an account that you can abandon after you’ve received your prize and cancelled any trial offers.
4. Keep records of EVERYTHING. Print a copy of every confirmation page you reach after completing an offer. Save every e-mail involved with them. Many offers will immediately give you credit on the NuiTech site, but sometimes they might take some time. Sometimes, in rare cases, you might be required to fax or e-mail proof to them (such as that confirmation page) so they can manually give you credit.
Note: Rather than using the ink and paper to actually print a hard-copy of everything you’ll need to save, use CutePDF to save a PDF document of the page, which you can then print out later if need be.
5. Keep track of what you’re doing. Make notes of what offers you’ve completed, which ones you’ve received credit for, which ones you’ve cancelled (after receiving credit), etc. I kept track of every detail using this spreadsheet I created in MS Excel.
Here is a blank copy of the spreadsheet I used. Use it to keep track of all the details you’ll need to save along the way.

Also, check the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to commonly asked questions.

There really is no trick to this. Just be careful, read everything, and enjoy the prize when you’re finished.

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Update: NuiTech has changed their terms and conditions, making it virtually impossible to do this offer anymore. Visit my Free Stuff page for other free stuff resources.
I’ve deleted the link, as it is impossible to do any longer.

Just on an extra note, any information provided on this website is given merely with the intent to be helpful. You are still 100% responsible for what you do, and I cannot be held liable for any financial and/or legal trouble you may become subject to as a result of doing anything written about on this site.

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1,610 Responses to How I Got A Mac For Next To Nothing

  1. Doug says:

    God works in mysterious ways. Use this gift well.

  2. I’m excited for you, because I know how much you have been looking foward to this. I hope you learn new and useful things on your Mac, but make sure you also budget time for the important things in life too. Nothing wrong with your new computer, and I am SO happy for you; Doug’s right, God probably has His plans for that laptop too. :-)

    I can’t wait until I get mine and we can video chat before going to Waffle House when we get old. Hopefully getting this delivery today broke your fever, but if it didn’t – I have your cowbell.

    I appreciate your willingness to help others get their own Mac by carefully detailing the process in such a thourough manner. It is by your success that I will attempt this adventure over Christmas Break. Mom will want to see that this isn’t a hoax, and you make for perfect evidence.

  3. Matt Oatley says:

    i really want to do this! i totally didn’t realize you got it for friggin free!! … er…. relatively free… anyway… i’ll definitely consider doing it… and if i make the decision to… i’ll probably be asking you a ton of questions. peace out, and glad you are a mac guy now!

  4. D. Smith says:

    Hey there,
    I’m trying out your strategy to see if it works and I’m pretty excited. I have one question. Once everything has been verified and credited, where do you go to print your “form”. Thanks!

  5. Josh says:

    Once your offers have all verified, the “Gift Status” page will update to give you instructions and a link to the form to print out.
    You can visit the Gift Status page at any time to find the status of your offers by clicking the link at the bottom of the NuiTech website.

  6. Josh says:

    A couple of people have asked the specs of my MacBook Pro. Apple recently upgraded the MacBook pro line, so they are slightly different from the Mac I got from NuiTech.
    Here are my specs:

    - 2.0Ghz Intel Core Duo processor
    - 512Mb DDR2 SDRAM (plan on upgrading this eventually)
    - 80GB Hard drive
    - 15.4-inch widescreen display
    - ATI Mobiliity Radeon X1600 with 128M of GDDR3 SDRAM
    - Built-in iSight video camera
    - Slot-loading SuperDrive (DVD±RW/CD-RW)
    - ExpressCard/34 slot, FireWire 400 port, two USB 2.0 ports, optical digital audio input/line in, optical digital audio output/headphone out
    - DVI port; DVI to VGA adapter included
    - Built-in 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet
    - Build-in AirPort Extreme wireless networking (802.11g)
    - Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
    - Backlit illuminated keyboard and ambient light sensor
    - Mac OS X

  7. Okay, I signed up for a deal, too. I’m quite happy with my Macbook, so I found one from the same company for a $2000 gift certificate for a high def television. So far, 8 of my 18 offers have been verified.

    Only two of the 18 made me compromise my principles. One was applying for a Discover card and the other was agreeing to a short term loan (which will cost me $10).

    I plan on cancelling the Discover card immediately and paying the loan off immediately.

    I also followed your guidelines, Josh, and have records on everything. I’m hoping that none of this comes back to bite me, but it’s a bit intimidating!

  8. Josh says:

    It is intimidating, I agree, especially seeing all those charges run up on your credit card. When I was going through the process I told hardly anyone about it, just in case that tiny 1% of my conscious was right and I was getting scammed. But no worries! If you are careful and keep track of everything, you’ll be fine. There’s really no trick to it.

  9. Chris Innes says:

    I just got my shipping request. Thanks for the help.

  10. glen says:

    you don’t know me at all, but after reading this i decided to go ahead and do it. i’m about 8 offers in now and i have a question. once an offer shows up as completed, is there any problem in canceling it? even if it is only a couple of minutes after signing up for it?
    thanks in advance for the help!

  11. Josh says:

    As far as I know, Glen, you can cancel anytime after credit is received for the offer. I personally waited a short time after offers had been credited before canceling, but I know others who have canceled pretty quickly without much trouble. I suppose if you read any fine print available and don’t see anything against it, it’s up to you.
    Good luck!

  12. Maria says:

    I was looking over your spreadsheet and saw that you were able to send back your Columbia House shipment for a full refund. That company is infamous for collecting money, so I was wondering if you had any helpful hints to not only return the first shipment, but also to prevent future shipments and charges from going through. Also, did you find that Columbia House took a while for the credits to go through? I am wondering how long it took for you. Thanks very much for this and all your help! :)

  13. Josh says:

    For Columbia House, when you get the package DO NOT open it, just write “Refused – Return to Sender” on the box and drop it off at the post office. It won’t cost you anything to ship back, and once Columbia House receives it they will e-mail you, asking if you are sure you want to cancel. Simply reply and tell them that YES, you do want to cancel your membership. They will close the account and issue a refund automatically.

    Also, yes, Columbia House took a little while for credit to be received, and has for many others I’ve spoken with.

  14. Ryan says:

    Josh, thanks for all the info. My buddy also received a sweet Macbook Pro. I am currently working on a NuiTech offer for $2000. I had a question about cancelation periods. I canceled some of the online $1 subscriptions (Complete Homes, ValueMax) shortly after receiving credit from NuiTech for them. That should not affect my status during the verification process, correct? Also, regarding the Columbia House scheme, does that not invalidate the terms of the offer? Thanks again.

  15. Josh says:

    I personally waited a few days before canceling any offers, even the $1 ones. But, from talking with others, it doesn’t seem to matter whether you cancel immediately after receiving credit or days later.

    If upon receiving the package from Columbia House, you follow my instructions in the comments above and return it unopened, they will close your account and issue a refund, end of story. However, if you open the package you are obliged to fulfill their entire membership agreement, which means purchasing five more DVD’s at $20 each within the next year, I believe. Once you open that package, you cannot cancel without incurring a huge fee (the same price as purchasing the five DVD’s).

  16. Glen says:

    does anyone know the return policy at apple stores? if it’s possible to return without a receipt for store credit, i’m totally going exchange it for a macbook and have like $700 credit for various other things. that seems too awesome to be true though…

  17. Josh says:

    Hey Glen,
    Yeah, I actually called Apple about their return/exchange policy once I got my MBP, but before I opened it. The MBP line had just been upgraded slightly and I wanted to see if I could exchange mine for one of the newer ones, or at least get store credit and use that to buy a newer one.
    I explained that I had just gotten it as a gift and thus only had a packing slip, but no receipt. The lady I spoke with said it would be okay if it had shipped/been ordered from Apple directly, but since it had come through a third-party vendor (most NuiTech gifts do) they weren’t able to take it back.

  18. Krystle says:

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for all this info, my coworker and I are working on gettting our free macbookpros now. I saw that you did the Video professor offer, and just had “return within 10 days of receiving” under your notes. I called their customer service number to try and cancel before shipment (It says it wont ship for a few weeks) but everytime i call it says all representatives are busy and to email them instead. there’s no option to wait on hold. i’ve emailed them and received no response. i was just wondering if you had tried to contact them to cancel or if you just waited until you received the package and then returned it. im just concerned that it’s impossible to get in touch with them. thanks again for all of this!!

  19. Glen says:

    is that “return to sender” thing for columbia house legit? like is that what you were told to do when you conacted them to cancel? or is that some sort of loophole? i thought it would be a lot harder to get out of that one

  20. Josh says:

    It’s no loophole. I contacted the company and that’s exactly what they told me to do.

  21. Josh says:

    Hi Krystle,
    I waited for the package to arrive from Video Professor. All you have to do then is ship back at least 2 of the 3 CDs within 10 days of receiving the package. I did call the company after I got my package and did get a hold of someone. I can’t remember if it is required to call them or not, what I do remember is simply asking if I understood the cancellation instructions completely. So yes, it is possible to get a hold of them.

  22. Glen says:

    did your credit for relaset take a long time to go through? the only 2 things im waiting to receive credit for are columbia house and relaset. i know columbia house takes a long time, but did u see the same with relaset?

  23. Josh says:

    Yeah, I think Relaset was one of the final ones to come through.

  24. Glen says:

    it just came through now :)
    now all i’m waiting on is columbia house, and then i have to complete one more- unless i magically get two credits for columbia house like you did (unlikely). im not in a huge rush though, cuz i plan on waiting until i know they’ve started shipping the new mbp models to send in my voucher.

  25. Joel Purcell says:

    Hi Josh Im a good friend of greg spegal trying to get my imac pro. I have 3 offers that are still pending and I finished all 18 around 2.5 weeks ago. The guy from onlinegiftrewards said that after 30 days of waiting he would help me speed up the process by manually crediting those 3 companies to my account. Is there any way possible to speed up the process? By the way the 3 i am waiting on are, pconline, bargain home and car, and Carleton sheets. Thanks for your time.

  26. Josh says:

    Hey Joel,
    No, there’s no way to speed up the process. Like the guy told you, you just have to wait the 30 days and then call them again.

  27. Alex says:

    So, I’m on the last page for completing offers and it’s mainly credit cards. Does anyone else have this problem? I’m going to have to sign up for 4-5 credit cards to get my last 9 offers in. On top of that, I actually have to make a purchase on each card for my offer to go through. Any ideas? Thanks.

  28. Glen says:

    Alex, this might have happened if you did some of the offers on pages 1 and 2 before page three. Some of the offers overlap among pages, so you may have completed an offer on one of the first 2 pages that was also on the third page, thus eliminating it from your list. If that’s the case, there’s not much you can do. You can try refreshing the page several times (or hitting F5 a lot). That may give you a few more options.
    Hope this helps!

  29. jaron Johns says:

    dude, sweet action, I’ve gone to csf and stuff and heard about all this through a few friends of mine. I’ve done all the promotions, i’m waiting only on netfix and columbia house after only 24 hours from when I started. Cost me a bit more initially, but I get most of it back, and it will end up costing only around a 100 or less. So did you keep the gift cards and stuff or did you have to send it all back?

  30. Josh says:

    Unfortunately, you won’t get the gift cards. I’m assuming you’re talking about the ones associated with the $1 offers.
    If you read the fine print, you’ll see that you only get those gift cards after staying a member with those companies for one month. However, you have to cancel within a week because that’s the length of their trial, and if you don’t they’ll charge you a ton.
    Some of the stuff I did get to keep, like the coffee, but that’s because I really ended up paying for it (I mentioned it in the post).

  31. Tom says:

    Hi Josh,

    I saw your article about the free laptop computer on a link on someone else’s blog. Anyway, now I’m trying to get the same computer. I have 17 of 18 offers done and I have a few quick questions for you.

    1. This has taken me longer to do than expected. It took a while to finally get credit for a Discover Card. Since I started this I have moved to a new location. So, I’m signed up under one address but moved to a new address. Will I have a choice in where the computer gets sent to? I still know the people at the old address so I should still be able to get it, but was wondering if I’ll have a choice.

    2. Is the computer sent by UPS? Do you get a tracking number so you’ll know when it’s coming?

    That’s it. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  32. Josh says:

    Yes, after you’ve completed and received credit for all 18 offers, you print out two forms. One is for you to fill in where you’d like the Mac to ship. The second are tax forms. Since you are receiving a “gift” from NuiTech that is worth more than $600, it is required to report it (for both you and them).

    After my voucher had been cleared I called NuiTech to ask if I would receive an email with a tracking number. The rep I spoke with said I would. I never received such an email, nor have others who have gotten their “gifts.” Also, from what I hear, they ship using UPS and FedEx. It was UPS for me. It might vary for you.

  33. Stephen says:

    Hello Josh,

    I just stumbled upon your site wishing also to get a MacBook Pro. Just want to say thanks so much for the info! It’s always great to hear from someone that things are legit, and especially your blog which gives us so much extra information on how to get the item. Thanks a lot! I will probably be trying this offer soon.

  34. Glen says:

    i went into verification today :)
    it’s going to be very difficult to resist the urge to send in my voucher before i find out if they’re sending out the core 2 duos

  35. MacBro says:

    Sorry if this is a repost – not sure if my last message came thru… I was just realizing that it looks like you will have bit of a tax liability with this. Since they made you fill out a W-9 and the value of this was assessed at $2000 it could look like this (I’m just using hypothetical tax rates):

    Federal Tax Rate = 15%
    State Tax Rate = 5%
    Value of MacPro = $2000 (reported on 1099 form)

    So… 20% (15%+5%) * $2000 = $400 in taxes

    You might have already figured this, but I just wanted to make sure I’m not crazy here!

  36. Josh says:

    Thanks MacBro. Yes, I realize I’ll have to pay taxes on the MacBook Pro, and yes, it will probably be a few hundred bucks. I’ve read that it also varies depending on your annual income. So, as a college student with very little income, it will probably be slightly less for me, but you are right, everyone needs to realize that they’ll have to report this on their taxes.

  37. Julie says:

    I got to page 3 and had like 5 Discover offers out of 12 offers, making it impossible to fulfill the 3rd page. i also had done a discover offer on the first page, and that only allows 1 application per customer. This is definitely a scam and now I am stuck, with having the obligations of the already established offers and credit charges for nothing!

  38. Josh says:

    This isn’t a scam, Julie.
    If you had completed the third page first and worked backwards, you probably wouldn’t have gotten stuck. I suggested starting with the third page (see my tips above – #2), and it was discussed in the comments (above – #27+28). Sorry about your trouble.
    The only hope you have now is to check the third page again every once in a while (every few weeks/months) and hope that new offers show up.

  39. Chris Innes says:

    Hey josh, just got my laptop. It’s sweet, I still cannot believe it. Rock out. I am working on offers for a 42″ sony tv. This is the good life.

  40. Glen says:

    hey Chris, did you get one of the newer models? 2.16 ghz, 1gb ram, 120gb hard drive, etc..?

  41. jaron says:

    I’m with this glen dude, has anyone that has gotten the macbook pro already gotten the newer model with the specs that he said? I’m very curious.

  42. jaron says:

    I was just searching online and I found an interesting peice of info. This other guy did an older promotion for a powerbook right before the Macbook pro came out. He Got the power book from nuitech, then he took it unopened to the nearest apple store ( which in lexington would prolly be comp usa. He then traded it in for 2000 dollars in gift cards for apple, then he used them to get the macbook pro he wanted. here is the site I read this at.

  43. jaron says:

    oh, and did anyone do netflix? how long does it take to confirm, I did it a week a go. Do I have to wait and complete the entire 2 week trial period?

  44. Dustin says:

    i did netflix you have to wait till they charge you before you get the credit. By the way for anyone who would like to know I found this website which offers a 37 in plasma with an Xbox 360 in which you have to complete the same amount of offers as you would for the Macbook Pro I guess it just depends on what you want.

  45. Glen says:

    jaron- i came across that website too a while ago. i called my local apple store and asked about their return policy. i was told that they can’t accept any returns/exchanges for items that weren’t originally bought from apple. niu tech ships from warehouses, which should kill the chances of an exchange. i’m still going to try it when i get my macbook pro, however, since believe it or not i would rather a regular macbook. i would customize one with 2gigs of ram and 120 gb hard drive for about $1500, and then have the rest to buy random stuff with. it’s a sweet deal, but i doubt it will work. i’m also hoping to get my mbp not too long after christmas, so i can cash in on any “holiday return policies”

    my other option is to sell it on ebay, but i don’t know if i’m feeling ambitious enough to go through with it.

  46. jaron says:

    just so you all know as well, if you are just waiting for one or 2 confirmations, you can just do another one to replace it and most of the offers confirm instantly. No reason to wait a month for one confirmation.

  47. Julie says:


    I somehow missed your advice about the 3rd page, and now that I went back and read through it again… well, I’ve totally shot myself in the foot! It’s definitely gonna take some time, and NuiTech wrote me with the same advice. When I was going through the pages, I didn’t realize that you can start/stop as far as the order of the offers… I figured you had to do them all consecutively… ah well… maybe (just maybe) this will work itself out eventually.
    I did do one of the offers on the last page (PeoplePC) but it hasn’t cleared yet (all of the ones on the first 2 pages have thus far).

  48. Glen says:

    Chris? Specs?

  49. jaron says:

    ALL of mine are cleard and my voucher is available to print. Thanks for all the help all of you. It only took me 8 days to get it all through, all I have to do is mail a few things back (mostly for free) and wait for my beautiful new laptop. Oh what a glorious day is today:)

  50. andrew says:

    Julie –

    Same thing happened to me and I was so bummed out. But, again, I didn’t the advice about the tricky 3rd page. I reloaded it so many times but have finally gotten all the things done and am just wating for my last 3 to connect.

    Also, I was tricked into a Discover card when I clicked on the link on the bottom of the 3rd page that said “click here when finished”, so that took me to a smoker survey, and then an app for discover. seeing no way around the darn thing, i signed up for one (argh!) and then realized it was a dead end! all i had to do was click the link on the bottom of the main page for gift status check.

    Just waiting for those last 3 to clear before I can sleep better :)

  51. Glen says:

    jaron- you might wanna hold off on sending in that voucher. niu tech is still sending out the older models. if you wait a while you may be able to get one of the current ones.

  52. Josh says:

    A friend of mine got his MBP this morning. It was one of the older models.

    Glen, you might be able to call NuiTech and ask if they know when/if they’ll send out the newer ones anytime soon.

    I know that you have to send in your voucher within 90 days of receiving it. IF they are going to start sending out newer models, it would probably be before three months from now, but that’s IF they ever send out the newer ones. I have no idea how their ordering process works.
    Just a word of warning.

  53. jaron says:

    I’m going to call and see if maybe they will send me a cash reward instead of the mac so that I can just buy the new model online. It’s worth a shot.

  54. glen says:

    its a long shot, but let us know how it works out!

    they may not do that simply because the $2000 gift is 19 offers, not 18. you may want to try just asking for a core 2 duo, since there is actually another niu tech site that specifies that the gift is the c2d. i wish i knew that before doing this one..

  55. Krystle says:

    anyone notice that as of this morning the onlinegiftrewards site doesnt work, and it doesnt come up in a google search? i just sent in my voucher on saturday, and am a little concerned that the site’s not there anymore.

  56. jaron says:

    the link on this page still works just the same as it always did. I just went there. And glen, I called and they wouldn’t change anything, even though I’m sure they could. I’ll just have to try and see if the apple store will switch out the old for the new. Its worth a try, if nothing else maybe I can just pay the difference, its worth the 40 extra gigs and extra ram.

  57. Krystle says:

    nevermind guys, we’re back in business :) i guess it was just down for a bit.

  58. Joshua says:

    So, I fulfilled all 18 offers on August 5th and now 8 days later I am only waiting on PeoplePC and Columbia House. I know that most people had to wait on the columbia house to go through, but I starting to worry about the PeoplePC. Did anyone else run into this problem? Do I need to go ahead and do another offer?

    If everything works out as planned the Mac book pro will only have cost me around $30.00 and some time! Thanks Josh, Jaron and everyone else!

  59. Tawnie says:

    Joshua – PeoplePC took an extremely long time to go through for me. I ended up doing another offer instead and it went through right away. Best wishes.

  60. Josh says:

    You can wait 30 days and call NuiTech to fax them proof that you completed the offer and they’ll approve you manually, or just do another offer for cheap.

  61. Joshua says:

    Thanks everyone!
    I decided not to wait on PeoplePC and did Carlton Sheets. I sent off my verification yesterday! Josh, how did you return the Carlton Sheets stuff?

  62. Lauren says:

    Hye Josh- Thanks so much for all of the advice you’ve put out for people to utilize! After looking over your site and several others, I have started the process! However, I am having trouble getting NYTimes and USPS stamps verified. Any one else have trouble with these being slow-going? Thanks! -Lauren

  63. I returned the Carlton Sheets, but make sure you call them first and get a return authorization. They also want you to pay for insurance worth $300 (I can’t imagine that box–heavy as it is–having $300 worth of stuff in it) and delivery confirmation. Of course it’s smart to get delivery confirmation on everything you send back anyway. I think the Carlton Sheets deal cost me about $15 just to send everything back, but that’s okay. I sent off my voucher for a gift card for a $2000 television today.

  64. Speaking of which, has anyone besides me been working toward the plasma television? Has anyone gotten one yet?

    The offer is for a gift card for $2000 toward a plasma TV. I’m hoping there’s not another shoe to drop on this deal like it being $2000 toward a $5000 set or something like that. My hope is that I can get a television puchased and delivered with no extra expense over that $2000 value.

    But I’d be interested to hear from anyone who might have heard for sure.

  65. Josh says:

    A friend of mine got a 42″ plasma through a different offer page than you did, but yes, he got it in the mail last week. I’m really curious about how this gift card will work, too.

  66. Josh says:

    I know there are a few of you waiting to send in your vouchers.
    Well, I got a call today from a friend who just received his MBP in the mail, and yes, it’s one of the NEW ones. So send those vouchers in. :-)

  67. Glen says:

    Oh my god that is incredible! It was from the same website that you (and most likely everyone else on here) did? i’m going to get my voucher notarized right now. please write back asap!

  68. Josh says:

    Yes it was the same site.

  69. Lauren Crane says:

    Josh, you don’t know me, but I am friends with Mallory at Union. I am working on getting my own Mac! I had a question for you though. If I am running close to a cancellation deadline for a service, and it still has not verified, should I let it charge me or cancel it? If I cancel it at that point, after 30 days, can I show the manual proof that I had registered? Or should I just let it charge me so that I can get credit for it? I’m leaving the country in 2 weeks and am worried about this happenening! If anyone could give me advice, I’d appreciate it!

  70. Josh says:

    Hey Lauren,

    I had a friend who had the same problem. You should be fine if you go ahead and cancel the service before the 30 day trial is up, and then at 30 days you call NuiTech and tell them you haven’t received credit yet. They’ll email you, and you’ll have to fax them a form and probably a copy of your credit card statement showing that you did actually do the offer. Then they’ll manually give you the credit for it.

    Hopefully everything will work out for you before you leave!

  71. Glen says:

    josh- just out of curiosity, do you happen to know when your friend sent out his voucher?

  72. Josh says:

    No, I’m afraid I don’t know exactly when he sent it

  73. Scott says:

    josh, your email address was down, so i’ll post my message here. an answer would be greatly appreciated!

    I just want to know if you can confirm for a fact that your friend did
    indeed receive an updated model. It should be a Core 2 Duo, model
    MA609LL I assume. Did he use Nuitech has another
    site (electronics-rewardpath, which has the C2D model on it)

    I’m not skeptical, I just want to really be sure that he got an updated
    model. Some people like to lie just to piss us off, or conversation
    gets mixed, so “new” actually refers to not used/refurbished or
    something like that.

    Could your friend give us the model number off the box, maybe put up a
    pic of the model number on the box?

  74. Josh says:

    Hey Scott,

    When I say new, yes, I meant one of the new Core 2 Duo models. My friend told me the box said Core 2 Duo processor, 120Gb hard drive, 1Gb ram, etc. That’s the newer model.

    Just as a warning, I have no idea how NuiTech’s ordering process works. In other words, just because one guy got a Core 2 doesn’t mean everyone will. Hopefully that’s the case, but who knows. They order their “prizes” from various retailers.

  75. acadiel says:

    Well, my shipping request was made on Thursday for my MBP. I’ll let everyone know what I get!

    I hope it comes soon!!!!

  76. Bubba says:

    How long does it take for them to verify everything. it sounds like it was pretty speedy for some. I did all my offers and they are said completed and now it is going through its verification process. Let me know if it took a while for this to go through.

  77. acadiel says:

    Verification might take up to a few days. When I was in verification last week, it took about 2 1/2 days. Some people get it in a matter of hours though, so I’m guessing NuiTech might be manually reviewing them?

  78. Tawnie says:

    I just got my shipping request on Thursday. How long does it normally take to receive the mbp? I can’t wait to get it!!

  79. Lauren Crane says:

    Ok, I have questions on three of the offers that I did and need clarification of what gets me credit.

    First, on it says credit is applied when you stay on for at least 30 days as a member. Does the 4 week no-risk trial count, or do I have to pay for month #2 to have it count?

    Second, how do i go about cancelling video professor? I can’t seem to backtrack my steps to find this answer. Do I just “return to sender” the CDs once I get them?

    Third, is it my understanding that with the NY Times, I have to pay for 4 weeks for $4 to get credit? If anyone knows the answer to any of thse questions, please help! Thanks-Lauren Crane

  80. Dustin Curtsinger says:

    First I would like to take the oppurtunity to respond to Lauren Crane’s Three questions.

    For you get credit as soon as you apply and you can cancel without having to pay a cent. Video professor in order to cancel you need to call there number which is 1-800-525-7763. They we tell you what to do. DO NOT WRITE REFUSED RETURN TO SENDER! And Fianlly for the New York times yes you are correct you just have to pay for 4 weeks for $4 to get credit.

    Ok now josh I know you were wanting to know how many people were doing this to get a count. And I am from Lexington, Kentucky and one of my buddies Greg Schuette told me about your site and I decided to do it. Right now I have done one for a MacBook Pro and a 37 in Plasma with an Xbox 360 and both are currently on the page where it says shipping request received. As soon as I get these items be sure to look for a donation from me.

  81. Bubba says:

    For video prof call 1-800-525-7763 and cancel. Then, when you get the package send at least one of the cds back. the others i dont know.

  82. Joe says:

    Is anyone having trouble getting Carlton Sheets to clear? What was the time frame for that one to clear?

  83. Julie says:

    People PC is taking forever to clear, and since I screwed up by not doing page 3 first, I am slowly biding my time for some cheaper/less commited offers to come up.
    Actually 1 offer I did on the first page (Cosmetique) has never sent me anything in the mail or an email confirmation of joining, but it cleared through NuiTech. I’ve been charged on my credit card, but I’d like something to show up in the mail so they dont pull some crap that wherein they charge me some monthly fee when I never got the intro package to begin with. Anyone else try this offer?

  84. acadiel says:

    Cosmetique will send you a package. In it you will have an account number where you can sign up on and manage your account. On your account page, you can cancel the account if you’d like. Cosmetique appears to be an offer that lets you choose your monthly package (or decline it entirely), however I’m not 100% sure.

  85. Josh says:

    Hey Joe,
    Carlton Sheets seems to take a long time for many people. I’ve heard a lot of people say it simply never cleared, so you’d have to wait 30 days before calling NuiTech and sending them proof you did it so they can manually apply credit.

    For anyone who hasn’t already signed up for Carlton Sheets, I think I’d recommend you trying to go with another offer if you have the choice.

  86. acadiel says:

    If you sign up for Carleton Sheets, expect them to harass you nonstop via phone even after you ask them to quit. I’ll pay for the wine next time instead of Carleton Sheets.

  87. Bubba says:

    I had no problem with carleton sheets. I already returned it and they did not say much to me. oh well

  88. Timothy says:


    Thanks for all the useful information. I’ve been content (for the most part) with my desktop which is about three years old, but I switched to Windows 2000 about six months ago (previously using Linux and FreeBSD), and lately the PC has been a little too sluggish. It could just be the hard drive being full, but who knows. If everything works out, I’ll finally have one of those computers that I used to look and just say to myself, “one day, if I’m rich, I won’t feel bad about spending so much on one of those.”

    I’m also glad to hear that your friend got a new model. Hopefully I’ll get the same model, as opposed to one of the older models with only 512MB of RAM (my PC has more than that, so I know I would need more).

    One question I have. I read on the forums that you can only use one site once (i.e. onlinegiftrewards), and then NuiTech wants you to use a different site if you do another offer. But can I go ahead and start a new offer on a different site, or do I have to wait until I complete this one?

    Anyway, I’m still waiting on Columbia House and PeoplePC after a week (everything else was instant). With PeoplePC I after I got to the last page of the signup (where, I assume, I would download the software), I was told there was an error, so I had to go to the home page, log in there, and download the software (my credit card has been charged though). So I’m worried that I’ll have to request manual credit if I want it. As soon as I get credit for Columbia House I’m probably going to just do another offer, and if I don’t get credit within a week I’ll just go ahead and do two offers.

  89. Bubba says:

    I am still waiting to be verified. It has been 5 days now that i have been in this process. Is anyone else having this same issue here lately? Or is this just me. Let me know so i dont get too freaked out.

  90. Lauren Crane says:

    Hey Julie-I did Cosmetique, and was wondering a bit of the same thing. I called the # today and got my account number, went online and created my online account, and cancelled it. I have not yet received credit for it, but they charged my card, so if in 30 days no credit is shown, I’ll show them my bank statement. I didn’t want to wait to get the item and the account # in case it would be after they started charging me, so I went ahead and cancelled easily online.

    Bubba-I did all of my offers on Friday, the 15th, so it has been a while for me to get verified too. I am still waiting on 7 of them. The 3 level 3 ones don’t really concern me, except for, which I still don’t know if I have to pay a month or not. All my others seem to be in good condition, just slow. But don’t worry about the 5 day time lag. I think it’s OK! -Lauren

  91. Lauren Crane says:

    Quick question on NYTimes. I signed up for it, and see that I have to pay $4 for 4 weeks, but I have a $9.95 charge on there from them. I am not getting the paper version, but rather the online version. Will this deal still get verified? Anyone know? -Lauren

  92. Timothy says:


    I emailed NuiTech about that very question as soon as I saw that home delivery wasn’t available in my area, and they told me that the online offer wouldn’t count. But if you try to get manual credit, they may always give it to you, for all I know.

  93. Thomas says:

    Question about the Voucher:
    I finished my offer sheet on Saturday December 16th and as of the night of December 21st it website still says it is waiting for final verification. Has anybody else had this problem? I’m am going through the same company but am going for a Nintendo Wii and $1000 dollar gift card to – Tom

  94. Bubba says:

    I finished and was completed on Sat as well, then it went to verification and has been there since. Hopefully we wont have worry. I think alot of people are doing this at the same time and they are slower.

  95. acadiel says:

    I have a 1-offer $50 voucher that has been in verification since Sunday.

  96. texas says:

    Question: ive noticed that typing in the website for the MBP doesnt come up… clicking on the link on this page however takes me to it… do you or anyone think that there is a possiblity that they are not doing the promotion anymore or do you think it is relativly safe that i can start? thanks yall

  97. Josh says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by “typing in” the website. If you copy and paste the link or just click on it, it works both ways (I just tried to be sure).

    However, since there are a handful of people who say they are still in the verification process, I’d wait until someone says their’s goes through to start. I’m guessing that this is probably just because there are a LOT of people doing it, plus it is almost Christmas…maybe they’re on some sort of break?

    When someone who is in verification now comes through, please post and let everyone know. Thanks.

  98. acadiel says:

    World Avenue (the company that’s doing this MBP promotion) was off on Friday and will be off next Friday as well as Christmas and New Years – so there will be a slow down.

  99. jaron johns says:

    Hey you all. Glorious day… the new mac came. I about crapped my pants when I looked at the specs and it said it had 120 gigs and 1 gig of ram. They are sending the newest versions. Nuitech is the bomb.

  100. Lauren Crane says:

    I just canceled SmilePro, but forgot to ask if I need to send back the trial product. Does anyone know if I need to send it back to not be billed anything? As I said, I did call to cancel already. Thanks for the help! God bless this Christmas! -Lauren

  101. Karl says:

    My verification took about four days. I sent off my paperwork on Tuesday, and am just waiting.

    Tell me, do they send you anything or give notice when the Mac ships? I know some of you tracked the shipment–how does that happen?


  102. john black says:


    you definitely have to send the product back to them in order to not be charged 79.82. yikes! i’ve misplaced the return address, but they’ll give it to you if you call them at 866.407.1024.

    p.s. i’ve been in verification for a week now, with no light at the end of the tunnel. :(

  103. Bubba says:

    Man, I am getting worried. I have been waiting almost 9 days in verification. Is anyone else having this problem. I finished and completed all my offers in only 1 and a half-2 days and then went into verification. Please give me some comfort knowing some others are in the same boat.

  104. Dustin Curtsinger says:

    Dont worry Bubba my buddy is having the same problem and I sent in my voucher a week ago and it still has not processed I am guessing that with it being the Holiday Season Nuitech has shut down that part of the company.

    By the way does anyone have or know where I could get the Word/Powerpoint/Excel a.k.a. Office for the Mac???? I would be willing to pay for a burnt copy if you have any clue. I live in lexington and would be more than willing to pick it up and pay for it.

  105. Josh says:

    Hey Dustin,
    As a UofK student you can get the Standard Office suite for Mac (including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Entourage) for about $60, directly from UK.
    Visit, login with your U-Connect info, and click on the blue e-academy link. You can purchase it there. That’s what I did.
    I realize it’s not as dirt-dirt-cheap as getting a burnt copy from somebody, but it’s by far the cheapest way you’ll get it legally.

  106. glen says:

    though i havent used it personally, i hear OpenOffice is a pretty good ms office substitute- and its free

  107. Rob M says:

    Josh, I just sent off my voucher and am waiting for my MBP! Now everyone in our office is waiting to see what is up. Do they let you know when they recieve your voucher and are shipping out your laptop?

  108. Bubba says:

    YES!! I printer the voucher and sent it in !!. After about 11 days of verification. There is hope. Let you all know when i get it.

  109. Josh says:

    Hey Rob,
    Awesome! Yep, just keep checking your gift status page and it’ll keep you up to date.

    Bubba, glad to hear that the verification went through. I’m sure you’ve eased a lot of people’s stress level now. Thanks.

  110. Bubba says:

    Man, I cant spell. I meant to say I printed the voucher. Anyway, my friend John also could print his voucher today, so merry christmas again to both of us.

  111. acadiel says:

    The last time I did an offer (Mac Mini – Jan ’06), WA e-mailed me a tracking number the same day that my Mac Mini was delivered. For those of you that got your MBP, when did you get your tracking number in relation to the delivery of the item?

  112. Josh says:

    See comment #32 above.

  113. Krystle says:

    Hi Josh,

    I just received my macbook pro, so thanks :) The only cancellation im still dealing with is Columbia House. I refused my initial shipment and returned to sender on 12/7/06 and never received an email from them about cancelling. I have been trying for days to get in touch with someone on the phone but it is virtually impossible. i’ve tried multiple numbers, and every option on the menu. but you cant get a person on the phone, and then it just hangs up on you. They also will not respond to the emails i send (i assume bc im trying to cancel). I just received a respond to director’s selection in the mail, saying i have until 1/4/06 to respond. im reluctant to decline it bc i dont want to confirm in any way that i have an active account. basically i just want to know if you or anyone else reading this has any suggestions as to getting in touch with them or what i should do about them not acknowledging my refused package. Thanks!

  114. glen says:

    i too had trouble cancelling/getting refunded for columbia house. i never received an email to confirm the cancellation of my account, and i also kept getting directors selections. i got through to them by email. i chose the “username and password” subject in the “contact us” page. in the message i just said i sent back my initial shipment and would like a refund. they wrote back within a few days saying i would be refunded and to disregard any further emails from them in reference to directors selection, etc..
    hope this helps, good luck!

  115. Matt R. says:

    Is anyone here doing the Xhobatol offer? Mine still hasn’t cleared yet…

  116. Kevin says:

    I’m having the same problem with the xhobatol offer. I even received the package and still haven’t gotten credit for it. Same with the New York times offer too.

  117. acadiel says:

    Wow. WA sure is timely with the delivery e-mails. I got an e-mail today at 3:04 PM (1/2 hour ago) about my MBP being delivered.. TODAY. :)

    Dear Jonathan,

    Thank you for participating in our promotions.

    Your MacBook has shipped. Please go to to track your package.
    Tracking number:

    Please remember to register your product for the manufacturer warranty.
    If you have any questions about the delivery of your gift please contact
    our customer service call center at (561)674-9700.

    Please do not reply to this email as the account this is sent from is
    not monitored for incoming mail and you will not receive a reply.
    Please use the contact form provided at our website.

    Thank you,


  118. Ryan says:

    Has anyone had any success with People PC processing? I don’t mind waiting around for a week or so, but if no one has ever had it go through I don’t want to waste my time (and don’t want anyone else to waste their money).

    If it did go through in a reasonable amount of time for you…did you do anything (i.e. download software, call them, etc.) which may cause the process to move along more quickly? Just curious…

  119. acadiel says:

    Ryan, did you try logging into their member area and checking your PeoplePC e-mail? That seemed to do it for me.

  120. Josh says:

    Hey Ryan,
    I did People PC as one of my offers. I had to download the software and login. I received credit the next day, uninstalled the software, and cancelled. But yes, I did get credit.

  121. Dan says:

    I came across this website while do a google search for carlton sheets. someone mentioned above it would be better off ordering wine than ordering carlton sheets…i definately agree with them. i’m trying to find a legit address to mail the box of materials back to them. they “presuaded” (pressured) me to keep the materials longer, by doing this my free trial period expired. i do not have a return authorization number, but i’m going to send it back anyway with a letter. any chance you would respond with the address you used to mail the box back? Thank you VERY much!

  122. acadiel says:

    Dan, this is where I sent the Carlton Sheets box back to:

    BOLINGBROOK IL 60440-356

    Yeah, I’m the guy that’s going to buy wine next time.. :) Those CS people are something else!

  123. dan says:

    thanks so much. i really don’t want a big fight on this, but it appears they are going to be hard asses about it. congrats on the MBP – 18 offers is a bit much for me, i usually stick to 6-10 offer sites.

  124. Chris says:

    Josh, I just downloaded people pc and it kicked me off internet explorer. When i signed back on it still showed my old credits, but started a new offer under the same email(basically said i had 13 credits to perform and underneath that i had 17 to perform after i completed another). Do you have any idea how to correct this? Thanks for the help and the site!

  125. Josh says:

    Hey Chris,
    I had a friend who had a similar problem with multiple things appearing under his account. I’d call NuiTech and just ask them about it if I were you. Since it sounds like it wasn’t your fault, they can probably sort things out for you.

  126. Bubba says:

    I did not have any problems canceling anything. Yeah, they tried to get me to keep it but i would say no thanks and let them I wanted to send it back. CS does call several times after you have canceled, but oh well, I am getting a new macbook pro.

  127. Dustin Curtsinger says:

    Alright I was just wondering if any one had sent there voucher in within like the past 2 weeks and were having trouble with them saying that they had received the voucher. I’m not sure whether I should send it in again or should I give them a little more time. Also this is my 2nd time to do this except I did a different web page rather than but both are run by nuitech so maybe I screwed myself over and I am not allowed to do 2 even though they are from different websites. If anyone has any idea or could give me any comfort please let me know. Thanks

  128. glen says:

    i’m in the same situation. i sent my voucher on dec. 17 and i still didn’t get a shipment request. the same has gone for a number of other people. it appears that nuitech has had a lot of days off for the holidays. i’m hoping to be processed by the end of the week. as far as your concern with doing 2 websites, that’s not a problem. if you got your voucher for the mbp, there’s no worries.

  129. Karl says:


    That’s right. Customer support told me today that they’ve been working three day weeks since Christmas. Good for them, bad for me! My voucher arrived at their office on Dec 26 (I tracked the mail) and I still haven’t received word of shipping.

    Patience isn’t one of my virtues, but it will have to be.

  130. glen says:

    my voucher finally was processed today. so anyone who was starting to get nervous- you just need to be patient, it’ll be processed eventually

  131. Joe says:

    i have not got my people pc confirmation e-mail yet. it has been a few days and still nothing so has anyone else had trouble with people pc? how long should they (people pc) take to respond?

  132. Matt R. says:

    One question guys:

    If I completed all my offers and printed my voucher, am I okay to cancel all my offers? It seems since they have provided me with a voucher that I am free to do what I want at this point… Is that okay to do?

  133. Josh says:

    See comment #120 above.

    From my own experience, you can cancel an offer the minute after you receive credit for it. Literally. If anyone who has done this has had problems as a result, please correct me.

  134. Dustin Curtsinger says:

    Ok I have one last question… when you receive the email giving you your tracking number for your macbook who does the email say its from in other words in the sender category what does it say? I get so much junk mail a day I am scared I might accidently delete it.

  135. Joe says:

    how long did you have to wait for your confirmation e-mail from people pc? it has been 4 days and still nothing from people pc.

  136. Matt R. says:

    After about 4 business days my PeoplePC offer went to Completed. After I purchased it I made sure to install the software and log on. Do this during business hours. After I did that, a couple days later I got credit for the offer.

  137. Jocelyn Acuff says:

    How long has it been, Josh since you received your laptop? I am about to start the process but incase there are any hidden problems that arise after a period of time has elapsed, I would just like to know how long youve had the mac. Thanks

  138. Josh says:

    Hi Jocelyn,
    Not to be rude, but did you read my timeline above? It details the whole process (plus it’s highlighted).
    But to answer your question, no, there has been no catch yet after several months. Also, I wondered if signing up for so many offers and canceling them all would affect my credit score. Just so everyone knows, no, it didn’t hurt it at all (so far), and I have a terrific score, in fact. :)

  139. jocelyn a says:

    thanks Josh! I really appreciate the help. Our mutual friend Shaun told me how helpful you would be… and Im glad to report he’s right! I will read twice next time! Thanks again!

  140. Scott says:

    Has anyone done the Vonage and SunRocket phone service offers? How did you complete them and get credit for them? How long did it take to get credit?

  141. Matt R. says:

    I did the Vonage one. It completed within a couple days for me. I was mailed a USB Phone adapter. I actually just sent it back yesterday via UPS and canceled my subscription with them. After doing the offer though they said something about a $40 restocking fee. I haven’t been charged yet but if I do get charged…that’s pretty ridiculous. I didn’t even open the package when it came. I guess it wouldn’t bother me that much though considering I am getting a $2000 laptop nearly free. So I guess if ya can…try and do a different offer. If not, you’ll end up paying $7 to ship it back to em and POSSIBLY a restocking fee.

  142. Scott says:

    Another question I have is if anyone has done the Affnio- Great Fun and Affnio- Valuemax. How long do they take to credit you?

  143. texas says:

    the affino’s get credit immediatly

    i did both sunrocket and vonage, sunrock didnt cost anything and to ship back just open the package and there is a prepaid UPS label for it. vonage didnt cost to ship back i dropped it off at a DHL box, all you need to do is call and cancel, they will give you a Return Authorization code, you put that on the box and send it away. they do charge 39.99 to “disconnect” your service, which sucks… hope this helps

  144. Joe says:

    did anyone use active periodicals? if so how long did it take to clear?

  145. Jocelyn a says:

    Out of curiosity, has anyone tried to get two? Or is that prohibited? I’d like to try and do this for my husband as well. Thanks

  146. Scott says:

    Just out of curiousity, how long did it take for the Columbia House DVD offer to clear? This is the last offer I have to get credit for, so I am getting anxious. Thanks.

  147. Matt R. says:


    I signed up for Active Periodicals as well. I’m having problems canceling my subscription with them. I called them and said that I wanted to cancel my order and they took down some of my information and said they would have someone call me. Well guess what…I haven’t had anyone call me yet. I just realized they charged my credit card $49 and ain’t too happy about that. Has anyone here had problems with Active Periodicals? And if so, can you tell us what you did to cancel your subscription? Thanks!

  148. Matt R. says:

    Okay update with Active Periodicals. I tried sending an e-mail to them and turns out the e-mail address they provide is a fluke. So yeah, we are pretty much getting scammed with this one. I dunno what to do.

  149. Peter says:

    The affnio’s usually credit right away, but I signed up for Great Fun last week and still have no credit. (the other ones I got within like 30 min) I signed up cuz I thought ny times wouldn’t give it to me on page 2, but that one showed up. So I don’t need the credit for Great Fun (since ny times was my 6th on page 2). But I thought that was a bit weird.
    Now I’m just waiting on Columbia House, The Wine Company (i like wine) and peoplepc to verify. I know columbia house takes awhile but I wouldve thought people pc should be done by now…I’m hopin i dont have to do another offer in it’s place. I downloaded their program and logged into my email, but the program wouldn’t install on my old pc …does it have to be logged in through the software you downloaded?

    just waiting on 3 verifications and I started last Tues … woo.

  150. Scott says:

    Just got credit for all 18 offers and am waiting for the verification process. How long does that take? And has anyone had to provide them with proof of completing offers.

  151. Matt R. says:

    I’m sure you will get “qualified” within a couple of days. I didn’t have to provide any proof of anything and I don’t think most people have so I’m sure you are most likely fine.

  152. Nava says:

    I know this is probally just my lack of patience bugging me but I sent out my voucher 12-28 and have not yet recieved a shipping request. Should I call?

  153. Brett says:

    After combing through the comments, I did not seem to find my question answered. I was just curious about the verification time for columbia house and netflix? Any input from anyone on those two. Thanks for any answers in advance.
    I am a mere 4 verifications shy off greatness!

  154. mike says:

    Josh or anyone else…
    I just finished all my 18 offers, and when i click on the thing that says when you’re finished with this page, click here, it just takes me to a bunch more offers, do i have to keep going? where do i go from here? please help

  155. mike says:

    josh, another question, my internet browser shut off twice when i was in the process, so when i go to check the status there are three different things that pop up, but i have completed all 18 offers, did i jack this whole process up?

  156. Dustin says:

    Just to let you know Brett I sent my voucher in on the 21st and still my voucher has not gone through I called and they said they had been closed a lot for the holidays and that they were backed up on vouchers… so hopefully they will go through soon…

  157. peter says:

    has anyone registered for onlingo twice? it’s giving me the opportunity to do that but im not sure if it would count.

    Im wondering cuz I only have 2 left to get verified (but they’re already completed) but im not sure people pc will go through cuz it wont install on my computer for some reason, though i logged in with my email account there.

  158. Brett says:

    Peter. After I logged onto my people pc email account, I got credit for it. I never installed the software at all. Never even downloaded. Having a mac, makes downloading a bit pointless anyways. I am not sure why its not verifying yet. I have a feeling its just different for different people, seeing as i have a few like columbia house, and netflix that have not verified yet, and i have heard that those verify quickly. I get the feeling that it just varies for different people. It’s just an annoying waiting game. Stay strong!

  159. Bubba says:

    I sent my voucher out on 12/26 and I just recieved my shipping confirmation TODAY!!!
    It takes awhile, so hold on and keep checking. I cant wait to see a brown box on my doorstep.

  160. Brett says:

    Bubba. How long has your overall process taken thus far? Just asking to give a few of us some solid hope!

  161. Kelly says:

    Hey guys this is the first time ive posted a message, but ive been checking the forum for a while now… just wanted everyone to know that i got a shipping request today as well!!
    Cant wait for the Macbook!

  162. Bubba says:

    I started around the 14th of dec. I was completed and done in just a few days. I then went through verification for ever. It took a solid two weeks. I was able to print out my voucher on the 26th. I sent it in the same day. The post office was closed and well as nuitech, so it might have taken longer. I then was updated to shipping on the 9th of Jan. hope that helps

  163. Dustin Curtsinger says:

    this is just a suggestion but I think you should make a part in your web page for people to put the url of other Nui Tech offers they have found that other people might want to do. Such as I have found two new ones from Nui Tech for a 50″ in DLP Samsung and and 52″ LCD Panasonic HDTV. Its just a suggestion but I think it would give people a variety of choices. Thanks!

  164. glen says:

    when you say you got a shipping confirmation, do you mean a “shipping request” , or an actual e-mail saying it has been shipped, with tracking number? i sent my voucher dec. 17th, and got a “shipping request” on jan. 2. this doesn’t mean it has been shipped though. it can still take up to a month for it to ship (though that is rare). i’m patiently waiting for a tracking number e-mail

  165. Bubba says:

    no email. most people seem not to get an email. if you read, most of the people say the macbook pro just shows up with no email. one guy said the when he got his shipping request, the laptop came the same day. Oh well, hopefully we shall have our macbook pros soon.

  166. j t a says:

    hey josh! Quick question. I ordered from Pitney Postage as you did, but am unsure as to the if I just send the package back or call someone. How did you go about cancelling the order? Thanks

  167. Josh says:

    To cancel Pitney Bowes, just call (800) 468-8454. After the rep cancels your account, they’ll mail you a return label. You put that on your box and drop it off at the post office to ship it back, free of charge to you.

  168. john black says:

    bubba (aka roommate)–

    that’s GREAT news to hear! i hope to have an identical brown box on our doorstep when i return from the emerald isle. oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  169. Brett says:

    I have a random question for whoever might know the answer. When completing offers, do I need to make sure I do them on the SAME computer everytime. I was not sure if the site ties offers to an IP address or not. I just really was curious if there was any harm in logging into the Nuitech site on more than one computer. I have not done this as of yet, but am curious if this would be a complication that would void my offers.

  170. Lisa says:

    This might be a silly question, but…I got this fairly unmarked package today– it says “DVD Service Center” with a return address. One the sides it says, “The movies you requested have arrived!”. I just want to make sure this is the Columbia House package before I do return to sender on it. Could anyone affirm this for me?

  171. Steve says:

    Brett- i have done it from multiple computers and I was credited.

  172. Josh says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Yep, that’s Columbia House. Don’t open it, just write “Refused – Return to Sender” on it.

    Funny how they make it so anonymous and urge you to open it quickly (it plainly says on the side “Open Here”), as if they were hoping you’d questioningly open it and lock yourself into some agreement or something.

  173. Josh says:

    Sorry not to have answered yet, I think your questions got lost in the shuffle (comments #155 + 156).
    As far as I know, if there are multiple listings of your gift you’re okay as long as you get credit for all the offers on only one of them. You can call NuiTech to see what they say.
    Also, when you get done with all the offers, don’t bother clicking on the link at the bottom of page three to continue. It just takes you to more surveys and ads and usually ends with a credit card application that you can’t get past. You don’t have to do ANY of that to get verified. Just complete all the offers.

  174. glen says:

    just got my macbook pro! it’s the core 2 duo model, 2.16 ghz, 120gb hard drive, 1gb ram.


  175. Steve says:

    question for anyone that can help. I did the Denise Austin weight loss offer. I wasn’t thinking and I sent them an email a few minutes later requesting a cancellation BEFORE it was confirmed. DOH! They sent back an email verifying the cancellation but still not confirmed on the site. I do have an email verifying that I did purchase the program though so I guess worse case scenario is that I wait the 30 days and just show them the proof of purchase and have it manually approved. Any thoughts?

  176. Bubba says:

    Glen, did you get a shipping tracking email? just wondering.

  177. Bubba says:

    Oh, just to let you all know, there is a new Nuitech website out. Who wants a new apple iphone when it comes out?

  178. Josh says:

    Bubba, I love you.

    I looked for a free iPhone site last night after watching Jobs’ keynote, but they didn’t have one yet. I figured it was just a matter of time, but already? Wow.

  179. Rob M says:

    I received the new MBP in the mail yesterday! By the way, Vonage will charge you 39.99 when you cancel, but will refund it when they recieve the equipment back. Time to work on the iphone:)

  180. Kevin H. says:

    I just went into verification yesterday for my MBP. I have a couple offers to cancel though. I had a question though. The offers I have to cancel now are ones that sent product. For columbia house, everyone says write return to sender on the box. Will they refund you though? Also, anyone did sirius radio and cancelled? I didn’t see anything about cancelling with them in their terms and conditions. They talked about the actual radio subscription. I cant wait for this verification to be over.

  181. Bubba says:

    Hey Rob M, did you get a tracking email, or did it just shoe up?

  182. Sue says:

    How long did it take for OnLingo to credit you?

  183. Bubba says:

    show up I mean. I can not type with out having a mistake.

  184. Brett says:

    Sue. I am having the same issues with onlingo. They are taking forever to verify. Vonage is also taking a VERY long time. They are my last two, and then I am home free. Anyone with wisdom on these two offers would be greatly appreciated! I am being patient, but at times I just get a little antsy! Thanks.

  185. mike says:

    Onlingo was credited for me instantly. But, when I did it on my safari browser it wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t take me to a confirmation page. So i did it on firefox, and it did. Shortly after that it was credited. Brett, i am still waiting on discover, VONAGE, and people pc, oh, and netflix. but it’s only been five days for me i think, maybe 6. how long has it been for you brett?

  186. paul says:

    i was wondering if i could register for a mbp more than once or if there is something restricting me from doing that because i would like to get one for myself and my brother a birthday present thanks for your help

  187. Josh says:

    Hey Paul,
    No, I’m afraid you can’t register for a MBP more than once. In the terms on their website, NuiTech explains that you are limited to one of each gift. This does not mean that you can’t do a MBP and a tv or iPod or whatever (if there are enough offers for you to complete them), but you can only do one of each item.

  188. Brett says:

    Mike. I have officially been signed up for everything for 7 days. I have verification on 16 of my 18 offers, and so far all have been done on safari. People PC and Netflix both worked quickly for me. I am simply waiting on my Vonage and Onlingo. I have already gotten the vonage package in the mail for that matter, but still have no credit. Oh well…the key here is being patient and not signing up for 50 offers in hopes of getting the 18 you need. I feel bad for the guy who has to cancel all those offfers!

  189. John says:

    Has anyone used I’m unsure if you have to do the paid membership or just the free one. The website was not specific. By the way, my Onlingo posted immediately. I’m waiting on Discover, Columbia and

  190. Matt S says:

    Ok, I went to the forum and found a deal for a $100 gift card for three offers. My question is, has anyone been able to sign up for the SAME offers on other prizes. IE, can you sign up for video professor for both the MBP and say the $100 gift card?

    This would really lower the cost of the MBP, and save a newly married college kid alot of money.

  191. Steve says:

    can a promotake away a credit once it has been given? I would think not but one of them says on the promotional page that they don’t offer refunds, but when I go to the actual signup site, it talks about an unconditional money back guarantee. They have already creditied me and I would like to know if I can safely get a refund now.

  192. Lisa says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen any comments about the PayDay One loan– I was approved for it and have even paid it off already, but it is still showing up as “Not Complete” on the Nuitech site. Has anyone else had similar issues? (I’ve been waiting since 1/3)

  193. Jesse says:

    I did the PayDay One loan back in late December, and it came through complete about a week ago.
    On a similar note, I have been in the final step verification process for a little longer than a week. Anyone have any advice?

  194. Jacob says:

    Does anyone happen to know about what the turn around is on the verification for the Wine offers? It’t my last one, and let’s be honest, I am getting a little antsy! Any help would be very appreciated.

  195. Bubba says:

    Verification took 2 weeks + for me. Dont worry. Then you will be 2-4 weeks in shipping confirmation, so hold tight.

  196. Matt S says:

    Does the payday loan work like a credit card and count against your credit score?

  197. B-Rad says:

    Hey John, I did and talked to a guy at Nuitech and he said you have to do the exact offer that is listed on the site, which is the premium member. It’s $86.95 but they offer a full MBG less a $19.95 one time charge. I’ve already sent in my cancellation request but have not heard back yet. It hasn’t poted with Nuitech yet but I am giving it a few more days before I start pushing it.

  198. Steve says:

    can anyone answer #192 for me? Thanks for any help.

  199. Dan says:

    B-Rad – Thanks for the info on i wasn’t sure if you actually had to buy it. i just signed up and it should be the last offer i need to get in. thanks!! :)

  200. Brett says:

    I have to say, it feels great to have all 18 of my offers done and verified. I guess now all I have to do is wait on them to double check everything and send me along my forms I need to get filled out. What kind of time frame should i be looking at on this process? Thanks in advance for any info.

  201. Paul Shippy says:

    Thanks for all the info. I’m at 16 down, 2 to go. Waiting on and Columbia House DVD. They just added TriClear Skin product to my page 3, so if I only have one left I may just use them since it’s only $7 shipping for the trial.

  202. mike says:

    brett, did you have to get anything verified manually? anyone can tell me, just wondering what the process is like since i think i am going to have to do that with vonage and columbia house.

  203. Bubba says:

    For everyone on here that has asked about how long things take and are getting worried: it takes time. Josh has made a great blog with alot of helpful information, but the time line of doing this offer in Oct compared to now is not as realistic. I know people who signed up for stuff and did not get credit for a few weeks on certain offers. Once you do complete all the offers you will then go to verification, which you check at the bottom at gift status. After a few days, week, or weeks (mine was about 16 days) you can print out your voucher. Mail that in and then you are going to wait again until your status has changed to Shipping confirmation. It took about a week and a half for my voucher to get sent and show up. Then you will wait at least 2 weeks in most cases for you laptop to show up on your door. So for everyone who is worried about things taking a few days or a week, sit back and relax and most likely, wait another week.

  204. Sue says:

    Anyone have a contact number for Belisi ties? The web says i need a RMA number to send it back and get credit… I guess return to sender wont work for them and they will only allow you to contact them via email.

  205. B-Rad says:

    Update on They responded to my cancellation today and credited back $65, so it did net out to $19.95ish, but it still has not verified with Nuitech. So now it’s wait and see.

  206. Kevin H. says:

    I was in verification for 5 days. I just printed out the voucher today and mailed it. I’m in orlando, so my voucher will get there no more than 2 days. Now I gotta wait on the fulfillment part. I’ve seen some guys get their laptops in a 4 days, 1 week, and 3 weeks. So its different for everyone. now its time to do a 2k giftcard. Thats gonna help out with the new apartment I’m trying to get this summer. I love these freebies. I wish I could find some more cash freebies with less offers.

  207. Rob M says:

    Bubba: I did not get a tracking number. It just showed up. FYI: The entire process for me took 5 weeks.

  208. Kelly says:

    Got the macbook in today! Just for all u guys who are curious i started on dec 18 and got the mac today. So the whole process took 4 weeks. Thanks for all the help guys

  209. Chris says:

    Thanks for all the helpful info. It encouraged me to try it out myself. I am waiting on Netflix and Columbia House, and Il be done.

    Do you know if you have to complete the trial period for Netflix to complete.

    Also, how does going for another offer work? Is it all the same offers?

    I am thinking about going for an iphone too, but will i be forced to complete the OODs since I have already done 18 offers? Even if the same offers are available, am I able to signup for them again?

    Thanks in advance.

  210. Matt R. says:

    You could probably sign up for the same offers again….although I wouldn’t recommend it. You might look a bit suspicious to them after signing up and then canceling again…

  211. Bubba says:

    I got my Macbook Pro yesterday. It was a great day, and now I can sell my white macbook. I started about Dec 12ish. No shipping email, so do be looking for that either.

  212. Maria says:

    Hey everyone,

    Just wondering if any of you knew what shipping company is used to send out the MBP’s. I sent in my voucher on Tuesday and am expecting it to be delivered to my home, but I’m kind of concerned that it might come when I’m at work. I’m assuming that a signature is required upon delivery? Just want to make sure they don’t leave it lying around my apartment building! Thanks.

  213. Matt S says:

    Done filling out the offers. I guess I got lucky, the page three offers were a little slim (yes I started out w/ page three!) But when I filled out columbia house I got the shipping and handling one too.
    Now its just time to obbsessively check every day to see if I’ve been credited.

  214. Bubba w says:

    I just got mine mbp but they did leave it at my door, and i live in a townhome, so i think they will also leave it at your apt. You could make a note on your door for them to leave it at you apt office or something. i used to do that.

  215. Chris says:

    Hey Bubba, I know others got a core2Duo 120gb version, did you get the same, or is it an older core Duo?

  216. Bubba says:

    It is the brand new core 2 duo. It is wonderful and I am using right now.

  217. James says:

    Hey, just got referred to this site from a friend who got his voucher. I have 14-18 done myself. I am waiting on peoplepc, columbia, discover and payloan. Has anyone had any trouble with these?

  218. Emily V. says:

    So it’s been 9 days since I completed all of my offers and I am still waiting on 5 to be reported. Are the following five usually slow at being reported?
    3. PeoplePC
    4. Vonage
    5. Discover

    Let me know your experience!

  219. Lisa says:

    Hi – just a quick questions. I know there’s been alot covered here about Columbia House, but I was just wondering… I know that once an offer has been completed, it disappears from the page. That has not happened with Columbia house. After I placed the order I did get a confirmation page saying thanks for my order, but have received no communication from them at all via e-mail. Does this mean it didn’t go through and I should try it again? Thanks so much!

  220. Chris says:

    I’m not sure. took a couple of days for me, and PeoplePC was a couple of days too. I didn’t do any of the others you mentioned. I am still waiting on Columbia House DVD.

    PeoplePC – I think you have to download their software and login through that.

    Discover – I think you might have to get the card, activate it, and make a purchase to get credit.

    Correct me if I am wrong folks.

  221. Josh says:

    Columbia House just takes a long time to do everything. It’ll take a while to get any email from them, and to get credit, and once you send back the package, it will take a while for them to close your account. Some of the offers stay on the page for a little while. Don’t worry about it.

  222. erik says:

    MacBro’s post #35 really got me thinking about taxes that will need to be paid for the MBP “gift.” If he’s right, then the _real_ cost for the MBP (time excluded) is ~$100 + $400 = $500. Still a very good deal, but the taxes are a bit disappointing. Are their any gift tax experts to confirm this?

  223. Connor says:

    Hi. I have 14 of 18 done (actually 16, but waiting on New York Times and OnLingo)

    I was wondering about NY Times. I read earlier in the blog about having to pay for 4 weeks in order to get credit. Does that mean I have to wait for four weeks in order to get credit on the site? Has anyone else gotten credit from NYTimes?

    Also, correct me if I am wrong: To get the membership, you have to pay the 20$ to their “premium membership”, but then you can cancel?

    Finally, has anyone done the “John Alexander” one? His site looks REALLY shady, and I can’t find any info about calling and cancelling/contacting them.

    How about Sirius satelitte radio? How much would I have to eat on that deal? Thanks

  224. Scott says:

    Hey does anyone have the link for the $2000 gift card? Thanks

  225. Chris says:

    I think there are two differnt columbia house offers. They are both the same offer, but one seems to show up S&H and one is just DVD.

    Me and my sister-in-law signed up the same day. She got credited today(s&h) and I still havent (DVD). But then again, I have been credited for my peoplePC and she hasn’t.

    I guess it just depends.

    BTW, I am only waiting on Columbia House. I getting anxious, but then again its only been 3 days. :)

  226. Connor says:

    Anyone have insight on my last post (#224)?

    My other question would be:

    Say for example I am signed up for (credit card is being charged and all). However, I don’t have confirmation on the freegift site yet. Can I cancel the membership (so I am not charged) and then still be able to receive credit?

  227. Josh says:

    I’ve added a “Frequenly Asked Questions” page to answer common questions that have shown up. The link is in the sidebar and also at the end of each of the three Mac posts. Please read the questions on that page and search through all of the comments on this page before asking a question.

  228. Paul R. says:

    Josh, I’m a bit confused. When I start the process it seems to take me to many pages, not just 3. The first batch of pages have one offer each. Was this your experience as well?

    Rest assured that if this works out for me I’ll send some dough your way. thanks

  229. Paul R. says:

    Disregard my above post. I was confusing the “surveys” with the offers, and must have accidentally signed up for a survey thing, which then led me off-track a bit. Got it figured out now, I think!

  230. Matt S says:

    New York times will credit before the four weeks is up. It took three days for it to credit on my account. I’m down to waiting on Columbia house and people pc.

  231. B-Rad says:


    I did too. Yes you have to do the premium membership. I cancelled it and did eat the $20 but the other $65 has refunded to my account. It has still not verified, it’s been a week for me, so I’m not sweating it yet.

    Reading the fine fine fine print on the sirius offer you have to sign up for 6 months of service and not through the company you are getting the radio from but through sirius directly. Bringing two companies in the fold is probably not a good idea and Sirius is at least $10 bucks a month, so you’re talking about eating $60 plus any shipping on the radio. I didn’t do it.

    I agree, the John Alexander site looks way too shady. I know the work from home site said that if you are found out to be trying to “work an online points scam” that they will not credit you and there are lots of T&Cs to their refunds. I don’t know that I would try it.

  232. Levi says:

    It is taxed as income so it isn’t like you are paying it out of pocket and you don’t have to worry about it until tax time next year.

  233. matt says:

    First off, everyone needs to always read the terms and conditions of the offers you are signing up for. You are responsbile for meeting them. So you should perform your own due diligence.

    If you actually read the offer, Discover requires card activation and a purchase before you will get a complete from them.

    NY Times takes 6 days before even getting a pending charge from them at your bank.

    I got a credit in two days from the Sirius offer and I only bought the radio. I did not get a subscription. I’ll either return the radio if possible or just sell it at a loss.

  234. James says:

    Weird, I just did another columbia house offer. Like listed above the first one says dvd, the second says s&h. The weirder part is a received a verification email from the second, nothing from the first. It’s strange.

  235. Chris says:


    What is your take on the Columbia House offers. I did the DVD one, but still havent got credit, the other shows up on my third page. Am i eligible for that offer?

  236. Josh says:

    The Columbia House offers are easy (you don’t even have to call to cancel), you just have to be patient. They always take a while to give credit. After you receive credit, it should disappear from every page. Several offers remain on there until credit is given.

  237. Chris says:


    One other thing I have read from numerous sites including, in fact you might want to update your link in your post. Apparently, NuiTech has numerous sites for anything under the sun for free, however not all of them are valid all of the time. From what I have read, if you can find it on Google, then you’re good, if not then it’s probably not valid. I can’t find the link I used on Google, but I am not worried.

    I did an offer on page two that showed up on page one as completed. I called in and they had no problem with the site i used to start the offer, and told me they would take care of the mix up with the credit showing up on the wrong page.

    Regardless, it would probably be wise for those that are about to start to do a search on google for ‘free macbook pro’ to find a valid link to start the offer. I think Computer-Offer is the valid Nuitech site of the moment for MBPs.

    Again, thanks for the info Josh.

  238. Josh says:

    I’ve heard similar things and checked with NuiTech about the validity of links. I said that I had gotten a Mac and wanted to give the link to a few friends, but had read on their site that some links might not be valid. From what I understand, if a link isn’t valid, you will get to the site and the page will say it isn’t valid. I’ve seen a few of these already from other links people have given on

    Also, I’ve had this link up since the end of October and everyone who has used it to work on their free Mac has gotten one, plus the site is still up, so it must still be valid.

    Once the site goes down I’ll update the link to a newer one (assuming I can find one at the time). Thanks for the comment.

  239. Matt S says:

    Quick question- do these come with the Standard 1 year ProCare warranty?

  240. Trev says:

    Thanks for all the helpful info. I completed all 18 of the offers today and kept records using the template spreadsheet.

    Just have to cancel them etc…

    Were there any that you noticed took a longer time to show up as completed?? When did you start cancelling your offers? Immediately?

    Thanks again!!

  241. Jason from Tulsa says:

    I did the John Alexander site and canceled within three days (per the terms). Got credit immediately and am waiting for the refund. They said it would be 7-10 days. We’ll see. Overall as to the shadiness, it was relatively easy./ I think they get people with the 30 day money back guarentee stamp, when in the terms is says you have thre days from purchase.

    Started on Jan. 4th and I’m down to 1 offer left to credit.

    So impatient!

  242. Sue says:

    I finished my offers on Jan 11 and still have not received credit for People PC and Onlingo and I know friends that have completed them since and have gotten credit. Do you think they will credit me? or will i have to wait 30 days to manually receive credit?

  243. Clint says:

    I failed to RTFM and wound up with horrible choices on the 3rd page. Given my circumstances, I’m hoping someone can give me some input (other than don’t be an idiot)

    1) Any one had any positive experience with Active Periodicals?

    2) Did anyone do the Instant Loan offer? I’m averse to the potential credit impact of that offer

    3) I already have a Discover card. Doest that mean I can’t apply for another, say the gas card?

    Any help is appreciated!!

  244. mike says:

    How instant was the credit for John Alexander?

  245. Trev says:

    Firstly, Active Periodicals worked very well for me. I was able to email them last night and today they responded and scheduled my refund.

    The credit cards are a bit of hassle. In some cases you need
    to actually receive and USE the card in order to get credit.
    They also take several weeks in some cases to even get the card
    to you.

    Best of Luck.

  246. gavin says:

    So… are we in agreement if we click the link Josh has provided that the offer is still valid? I mean, can i do all this and get to the end and them tell me that the offere was not a real offer or it had expired?

  247. gavin says:

    (from onlinegiftrewards… cause for concern?????)

    “Our Programs are presented to customers by invitation only.

    This means that you will only receive valid links through our e-mail advertisements, pop-up advertisements, and/or web page banners. Links obtained through friends or other venues usually are obsolete and will not enable you to qualify for Gift redemption.”

  248. Josh says:

    Hey Gavin,
    I’m assuming you’ve read my response above (comment #239) to Chris’s question about the validity of the link.

    What you quoted from NuiTech’s site is the exact section I emailed them about, because I didn’t want to give people a link that wouldn’t work. As I said above, from what I understand, when a link is “not valid,” you will click it, get to the site, and the site will say that the offer has expired.
    This link does not do that. I have seen others that do.
    (Had I saved NuiTech’s email, I would provide it for you.)

    Furthermore, when I did the Mac offer myself back in October, I got the link off another person’s blog, not any kind of advertisement. And if that isn’t enough, there are many, many people who have posted on here and who I know personally who have gotten their Macs through this link.

    If you don’t trust me, please feel free to search Google and use another link. I encourage it.

    If this link turns out in the end not to be valid and someone gets screwed, I cannot be held liable. However, it appears to have worked for many, many people.

  249. Phil says:

    Thanks, Josh, for all of the helpful information. I’ll gladly through $ your way. Sent my voucher in two days ago – now, just waiting for the shipping request, etc.
    You’re the man, Josh!

  250. Sam says:

    I’m a little unclear on this. I read through this page and thought i’d give it a try but once I get to the offer selection page on the site it just has a list of offers with nothing to click on. Am I supposed to search out the websites for all of these offers or should there be links that just arent showing up on the page?

  251. James says:

    Ok, has anyone else had onlingo show up and onlingo 2. I was wondering if these are two different offers and if I should do the second one? They give fast credit.

  252. Adam says:

    Does one email the zsubscriptions to cancel NYTimes–not sure if I even want to wait for “credit.”

  253. Natalie says:

    I’m concerned about my Discover Card I applied for. I have already recieved it, activated it and made a couple purchases. I spoke with their customer service and they said they don’t report if to NuiTech. I emailed NuiTech and they said they will only do something after 30 days. I made a purchase about 5 days ago and nothing has happened this far. Has anyone else run into this problem?

  254. mike shelton says:

    Dude James I was thinking the same thing, let’s try it and see what happens…

  255. gavin says:

    does anyone know the deal with Do you HAVE to sign up for the premium membership? It doesn’t really seem to be clear. It looks like you might be able to just sing up (which is free) and the premeium thing is just a lure, but maybe not neccessary for credit from nuitech. Hmmm

  256. matt says:


    You must buy the premium kit for some $86. NO other way around it.

  257. Matt S says:

    Here’s an interesting one. I signed up for onlingo, and it has credited. So I’m doing the check back every two minutes to see if I’m verified, and I got tired of that so I went to check to see if any other offer’s popped up, lo and behold Onlingo is back up. So i’m wondering if I can do it again and get credit under onlingo 2.
    Any one else experiance that?

  258. mike shelton says:

    I tried to buy onlingo again and it wouldn’t let me. sad sad.

  259. James says:

    I got credit for onlingo and onlingo 2? I just did two different languages.

  260. mike shelton says:

    holy cow i did too, i tried french this time and it worked!!! i wonder if you could do it three times?????????

  261. Adam says:

    I hate waiting–plus I think I signed up for Columbia House twice, somehow…

    hmmm. Anyone know how to cancel the NYTimes–z-subscription’s email?

  262. gavin says:

    IF you do onlingo a bunch of times, i would be afraid that they would try and void your offer once you had completed everything and then you would end up getting nothing…i could see something like that going down. What do you all think? Then again it seems folks are getting computers who got credit for 2 columbia houses and everything!

  263. gavin says:

    Oh well… i did it too! I got credit as well. IF only onlingo sold cd’s for 9 languages.

  264. Clint says:

    Adam – I emailed Z-subscriptions and was told explicitly that they have nothing to do with cancelling. you have to contact NYTimes customer service @ 1-800-NYTIMES (1-800-698-4637)

    Also, anyone done the wine? How long does this thing take? I did it twice, once on page 2 and once on page 3. I got tired of waiting so I did something else to complete page 2, but I’m out of offers on page 3, so I have to wait it out.

  265. Adam says:

    Thanks, Clint. Very much.

    I’m impatient but I’m sure Columbia House will click in at some point–might as well cancel all the other 7 day things, since they will count no matter.

    Also, if anyone knows, Onlingo is call-to-cancel, correct? They sent an email saying they rather dislike “Refused–Return to Sender.”

  266. Clint says:

    Yes, I just called Onlingo to cancel. I actually did it twice and when I called they said “we show you have two accounts”. And I was able to cancel them both. I got one before the item shipped, so I won’t even have to bother returning that one.

  267. SteveM says:

    Has anyone selected the Advantage Language? Any issues?

  268. SteveM says:

    Also, noticed that some of the offer sites don’t appear to connect back to, meaning no visible identification in the http link. Any issues with this? Making sure I’m not signing up for something that won’t give me the credit. Thanks.

  269. Trev says:

    Clint –

    I am still waiting on the Wine as well, two of them.
    I am guessing it will be sometime this week. I think
    its just a matter of the company going through their
    orders. The only other one I am waiting for is
    PeoplePC. I started on 1/23 so I am going to be patient.

    Let me know if your wine goes thru!

  270. Chris says:

    WOO HOO! Verification! We will see how long that takes. Thanks again Josh.

  271. mike shelton says:

    I got verification too! Thanks a ton Josh. I started Jan. 8th, and it’s Jan. 27th. I did the discover card one, and it just completed after making a purchase with the card about three days ago.

  272. whitney says:

    im waiting on three to come: has anyone had any trouble with relastin, netflix, or cafe belmondo? i’ve been waiting for them for like a week…i dont know if that is a long time or not, but when you’re waiting it sure seems like it!

  273. Adam says:

    Impatiently waiting for NYTimes, PeoplePC, or Columbia House. Either two of the three…

    Can’t wait to start canceling :\

  274. Trev says:

    Adam –
    NYTimes and Colombia House took about 4 days for me.
    Still waiting for PeoplePC as well, make sure you
    actually sign in and check your PeoplePC email
    that seems to have been the case for others…I did for
    mine, but still waiting.

  275. Adam says:

    I’ve used PeoplePC, but only with a broadband connection (no dialup). Do you think that makes a difference?

    eeh, I doubt it. It has only been 2 and a half days, I just need to wait :)

    Thanks for sharing, Trev.

  276. Clint says:

    I only need 2 to be done, I have 4 pending:

    John Alexander
    PayDayOne Incentivized
    4 Seasons Wine Club

    Come on baby, let’s get some updates!! I’m really nervous about SunRocket since that cost so much $$$. I want to get that one cancelled ASAP.

  277. Chris says:

    I cancelled Sunrocket with out any problems. Will get a full refund.

  278. gavin says:

    does anyone know if you keep your dvd’s from columbia house (the ones you initially sign up for) and do not “return them to sender,” Can you still cancel and not be charged anymore other than the initial $12? I havn’t gotten mine yet, but i thought i might keep them if that were the case. Thanks everyone.

  279. Clint says:

    Gavin -

    I haven’t read the terms and conditions of Columbia House, but typically for them (and others like BMG) once you accept the initial “free” items, that commits you to make future purchases. You can always choose not to make those purchases, but they’ll charge a cancellation fee of some sort. So the answer to you question is no, you can’t keep the DVDs and get out for just $12

  280. Kb says:

    I have a question. When I start the process I get a page that asks me to complete a survey. Do you have to accept any offers from the survey in order to advance to the 3 pages of offers?

  281. RB says:

    When you fill out the tax form at the end do they ask for your SS#?

  282. Jordan says:

    I’m not sure when to cancel some of these. Is there a good time period to do that. Certain ones give me a time period in which I need to cancel by, so I wait until near the end of the trial.

    But others, I’m not sure about. Will I lose credit if I cancel them in like 4 or 5 days after I applied?

  283. mike shelton says:

    kb, you don’t have to do those surveys

  284. Clint says:

    Jordan -

    As far as I know, you can cancel them as soon as you get credit. I tried to make sure I cancelled any of the offers that send me stuff ASAP in an effort to avoid any return process/shipping costs. I’ve pretty much cancelled everything thus far, and have never lost credit for any of them.

  285. Jordan says:

    Thank you Clint, I’ll do that.

  286. Paul says:

    Hey guys, for those who did the promo, how do you cancel it exactly? I can’t seem to find a number or anything on the site.

  287. Jordan says:

    Does anyone know how long 4 Seasons Wine, Netflix, and Columbia House DVD take?

    The rest have been credited, I plan on canceling them soon. But, I am still awaiting those few.

  288. Matt S says:

    Jordan- Can’t speak for the wine, but Columbia house and Netflix are both rumored to take a while. It’s been ten day’s since I signed up with Columbia, and I got credit for S & H but not for the DVD’s themselves. Patience…

  289. gavin says:

    OK… i know i’m probalby just lazy but i’m not really up for reading all the previous posts (which would probably answer my question)

    Q. Has there been a consensus drawn on if you can cancel an order (during the appropriate trial period), prior to receiving credit from onlinegiftrewards, and then receive credit after the cancelation. I simply do not like having these accounts open, but i don’t want to wait 30 days then have them not credited.

    To simplify: Has anyone canceled an account then received credit after the cancelation?

  290. gavin says:

    (as it relates to above) Has anyone had such an experience with people pc and sunrocket?

  291. Clint says:

    Jordan -

    My Columbia House credited in about 4 days. I’ve still yet to receive credit for the wine (I did both). I got a letter in the mail today from them asking me to make sure I lived in a “wet” county (GOOD JOB TEXAS) so that’s why my order has taken so long to process. Hopefully it’ll clear any day now :(

  292. Sally G says:

    Hey Guys,
    I started this process Sunday night, Jan.28 and I’m 14/18 confirmed.

    Here’s what I did:

    Page 1: Complete Home, Emusic and Everyday Values Total Cost= $2 and all were credited quickly and I’ve already canceled them.

    Page 2: Simply You, GreatFun, DisneyBooks, BMG, Valuemax and Cosmetique
    Total Cost= $32.47
    All have been credited and 4 have already been canceled by phone. I’ve got to wait for Cosmetique to arrive in order to cancel and I’ve got to wait for BMG to arrive to cancel.

    Then there’s Page 3:
    A bit of different story. It’s a little more difficult.
    I did Video Professor, Pitney Bowes, Onlingo, Advantage Spanish, and Blockbuster… all of those have been credited and I’ve canceled Blockbuster already. The others will require waiting for product to cancel.
    The remaining, Columbia House,, Sunrocket haven’t cleared yet.

    That leaves me 1 more… I originally signed up for PeoplePC, but duh… I have a mac so it didn’t work.

    So now I have wine, vonage, discover and active periodicals to choose from.

    I’m thinking Active Periodicals will clear the fastest. Is that true? To those of you who have signed up for Active Periodicals how fast did it clear? Someone mentioned having trouble canceling it and another said they had no problem…any updates on that?

    By the way… this is so fun. I can’t wait to get that MPB! Thanks Josh!

  293. Sally G says:

    Also, has anyone actually received credit for and if so, how long did it take? I keep hearing people say it takes awhile, but does anyone have an estimate? Should I anticipate 4 days or 4 weeks? I’m so anxious…

    And also, what’s the guesstimate on Sunrocket?

    Must be patient, must be patient, must be patient. ;)


  294. Adam says:

    Who has had to manually credit anything, and what was it?

    I’m being impatient, but still waiting on Columbiahouse, PeoplePC, and/or NYTimes (I know they all tend to take a while, and it’s only been 3.5 days).

    Just curious… Also, does anyone have “BN Proce,” or similar, show up on a CC statement?

  295. Jordan says:

    My PeoplePC went by very fast.. Adam, make sure you downloaded their software, installed, and logged in once. You can remove it afterwards, but it should be the next day or so once you do that.

    I heard Columbia House takes a little time. I’m waiting for them, Netflix, and 4 Seasons Wine.

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get everything done after you get the 18 credits?

  296. Andrew says:

    Did you call to cancel John alexander or did you have to send a letter. I read in the terms and conditions about sending in writing to an address by the 3rd business day. Thanks

  297. Adam says:

    I’ve logged in and checked email, sent email, received email. I did not log in using a dial up connection, however.

  298. Tim says:

    Ok, I’m sitting on 5 outstanding so far.

    I’ve finished Columbia House, and I know I did cause I got the confirmation email. International wine cellars and 4 seasons wine are both finished, but not showing up as being credited. How long have those taken for people?

    SunRocket had a hang up where it said my credit card was not accepted, then when I called AMEX and confirmed that it was me makignthe charge, they processed the payment. However, SunRocket hasn’t credited me yet. Does this simply require a phone call?

    Lastly, how long has it taken for people w/r/t the NY Times subscription? It’s been like 5 days and I haven’t been credited for that one yet, despite AMEX sayign that the payment had been processed.

  299. Matt S says:

    About people PC- I’m running on a mac so I didn’t download the software. I did however log on and check my email, as well as send an e-mail to my hotmail account. Still though, it’s been eleven days with nothing going through. So my suggestion is, if you can replace people PC with something else, I’d do that.

  300. Clint says:

    I’d also like to hear from anyone who had called NuiTech and done a manual verification.

    I did the John Alexander offer, and I know that I only have 3 business days to cancel. Today will be the 2nd business day and I still don’t have credit.

    Can I call NuiTech today or must I wait some predetermined period of time? Anyone know?

  301. Tim says:


    I thought John Alexander had a 30 day free trial?

  302. Anna says:

    Clint.. I did John Alexander last night and I had credit for it this morning. They’re easy to cancel with on the phone.

    For PeoplePC, I did it last night too, just signed up, downloaded the software, ran it for a couple minues… then went into their webmail and checked that. Had credit this morning.

    Has anybody done Disney books? How long does that take to credit?

  303. Andrew says:

    I got credit for the John Alexander site almost immediately after I finished signing up.

  304. Jared says:

    Hey, the John Alexander. What do i have to do to cancel? I cant find a phone number. Thanks

  305. Jared says:

    john alexander cancellation number is 800-853-7381

  306. Anna says:

    Did anybody here do Bargain? It was easy to sign up and cancel and I got credit immediately, but then I saw this in their terms:

    For certain online marketing campaigns that require a printed-out and mailed form, your membership must be active at the time the fulfillment center receives your form in the mail. Please refer to the terms on the offer for how long to allow for the fulfillment center to receive your form in the mail and verify your membership, and for how long to allow for the fulfillment center to process your request and forward your premium.”

    It’s a 7day trial but we have to be members when NT verifies us?? I already cancelled and don’t really want to do another offer ;(

  307. Sally G says:

    Disney book was immediate and I was able to cancel before the even sent me a package. Very simple!

    Matt S.,
    Thanks for the PeoplePC tip. I just checked my webmail and it gave me credit immediately! No need to sign up for something else now.

  308. Sally G says:

    I think with the NY times you get credit after 4 weeks of delivery. Do a text search (command F on a mac)of this page for “New York” and you’ll see a bunch of folks who have done and they’re thoughts.

  309. Heather Robinson says:

    Has anyone tried for multiple free offers? I was just wondering if there would be any problem signing up for a free trial more than one time if you were trying for several of the free offers.

  310. Andrew says:

    I signed up for the NY times offer on friday and I received credit today.

  311. Andrew says:

    How did anyone cancel PeoplePC and was it a hassle, and did you get refunded?

  312. Paul says:

    Greetings all,

    I am currently waiting on two: Columbia House as well as

    Has anyone had trouble with I’ve tried calling them to no avail and left quite a few emails. It has been a few days.

    Appreciate the site Josh. I’m crossing my fingers for this one!

  313. Matt S says:

    Paul: According to another poster, will cancel your account, but they are rather slow to respond to emails. So keep track of it but don’t get too worried.

    As far as NY Times goes, I signed up for them on the 13th, my friend signed up on the 16th, and it gave us both credit on the 22nd. This leads me to believe they issue credit on mondays, but that’s just a guess.

    To all the lucky ones who got their peoplePC to credit after logging in: I’m quite jealous of you.

  314. whitney says:

    i signed up for netflix on the 20th, it’s now the 30th, and i have yet to get credit…anyone having similar issues…?

    im also waiting for cafe belmondo…these are the last two for me…if you know how long i’ll have to wait, that’d be great!

  315. dennis says:

    i have 1 more offer to complete: get the discover card and buy something with it.
    however, 3 other offers have not cleared yet:
    columbia house dvd
    ny times
    everything else was pretty much instantaneous. do you guys have info on those three places?

  316. Jason says:

    Went to verification today!

    I started on Jan. 3rd and it’s taken this long. Just be patient. I know it sucks but from what I’ve read even after all the credits register, I’ve still got another 2-4 in front of me patience wise.

    I also know people who have been getting the Macs, so I am really ocnfident that this is going to happen.

    It just takes time.

  317. dennis says:

    decided to withdraw the discover card app and went with john alexander. but no instant credit? is it overnight?

  318. Anna says:

    Andrew, I cancelled PeoplePC today. It takes FOREVER to get through on the phone. The message says “please call back later” but if you wait you can get connected (after several minutes of holding). They also harrass you to keep it for longer but as long as you firmly tell them you want to cancel, they will do it. Good luck :)

  319. Sally G says:

    I signed up for on Sat. night and got credit today, Tuesday morning.

    Canceling PeoplePC:
    I called and went through they’re menu to the billing dept. and they said there lines were overloaded and to call back. So I immediately called back and pushed the button for tech support. I told the person I needed to cancel and she transferred me directly to a billing person and I didn’t have to wait. I just told them I had a mac and they aren’t compatible.
    Other than that, no problem canceling them.

  320. Anna says:

    Dennis, John Alexander was overnight for me. Hopefully the Disney books one I did today will be overnight too, then all I’m waiting on is Columbia and NYTimes.

    If all goes according to plan and the Bargain people don’t screw me over during verification, I will have spent a total of about $30! Yay!

  321. Adam says:

    Matt S,

    I did NYTimes on the 25th, received credit today. I’m waiting on Columbia House or People PC.

    By the way, does anyone know if I will run into verification troubles if I canceled video professor before they charged my card?

  322. Matt S says:

    Adam- you may run into problems if you have to submit proof of your sign up and you dont have a CC statement listing the Video Proffessor charge. Still, if you can get away with it, then kudos to you.

  323. Adam says:

    Matt S,

    I suppose I could just sign up again and let them charge me, if the need for proof is necessary? Will the fact it won’t be from a link on their site — VP offer disappeared — even matter, you think, with it already showing as “complete,” etc?

    It’d look a little foolish to the customer service folk, but hey.

  324. Chris says:

    FYI, I got my voucher sent today! Now for the waiting game!

    Thanks again Josh!

  325. Steve says:

    Seems like alot of people have had to wait for 4 seasons wine, and I haven’t found one response on how long it took to be credited. Does anyone know? I’m only waiting on that one and Great Fun to get my new MacBook!!

  326. Matt S says:

    Adam- if it already says complete then you are way good.

  327. dennis says:

    how long does it take sun rocket to post?

    i’m really worried about columbia house and sunrocket. NYtimes and john alexander seem to have worked for most people.

  328. Adam says:

    Dennis, I haven’t read a single post where Columbia House did not credit eventually…

  329. Matt S says:

    Anyone have a new number for valuemax? I just got billed 20 dollars (yes I had cancelled) but the number I used is no longer in service. It’s the same number listed on my bank statement next to the bill.

  330. Matt S says:

    OK nevermind, I’m a moron. I was dialing 800 instead 888. Called in and he said my bank account would be credited within two days.

  331. Sally G says:

    ugh… I hope that isn’t the case (getting billed after canceling) with all of this junk.

  332. Jay says:

    josh and everyone that replied, thanks for the help. started on the 28th and i just went into verification today. now i just have to cancel all this crap

  333. Jay says:

    by the way, will i be ok to cancel all this stuff while my account is in verification? especially since i’m hearing it’s been taking up to 2 weeks for the process

  334. dennis says:

    down to two offers left…
    ny times and columbia house dvds.
    i’m actually looking forward to this.

  335. Tim says:

    How long do SunRocket and the two wine co’s (Int. Cellars, 4 season) take? Those are my last 3 and then I’m all set.

  336. Jay says:

    sunrocket took 2 days for me and i don’t have the wine companies

  337. Adam says:

    Matt S,

    I did the same thing, and the representative I was spoke to was rather insistent on retaining my membership (perhaps they have a quota? heh). After telling me of their great future deals for 4 minutes: “I’ll just keep your membership, have a good day…” Then I became more firm.

    Thought folks would like to know: Columbia House DVD – S&H has now “completed” for me, while Columbia House has not.

    Make sure you actually order some dvds–also make sure to not open them, remember?

  338. Tim says:


    How long ago did you do the wine?

  339. Joanna says:

    Do you have to download the software in order to get the credit? I’d prefer not, but if someone knows, I’d be grateful for that info!

  340. Trev says:

    I sent emails to 4 Seasons and
    Int’l Wine asking what the hold
    up is….They 4 Seasons responded
    saying that due to very strict
    shipping regulations on Alcohol
    they are on a very specific
    schedule…my 4 seasons should
    ship tomorrow (about 8 days after
    ordering). We will see how long they take to credit.

    Still waiting on PeoplePC, they
    are really making me angry…
    I did the whole download and sign in thing and yet still no credit. AND they already billed me.

    Patience, I guess.

  341. Jay says:

    i didn’t do the wine

  342. Ryan says:

    some people are saying that Colombia House is two credits for them?

    My offers only say “Columbia House DVD – S&H,” but no other credit. It also has not completed along with the 2nd Page Wine Offer and NY Times.

  343. Sally G says:

    Columbia House: Did any of you get a confirmation email from them after you ordered? I didn’t and I’m wondering if my order even went through.

  344. Adam says:

    Sally G,
    I believe you are in a similar position I am, or was in. I never received a confirmation email and ultimately ended up signing twice–since then I have received confirmation of registration, confirmation of dvds being shipped, and credit.

  345. Ryan says:

    I’ve just gotten the email from columbia house today, but no credit yet. It says I have to make five purchases by Jan 28th (it’s the 30th). Do I have to order another 5?

  346. dennis says:

    bank told me columbia house charge was not authorized, so i’m going to have to sign up again. but since discover sent their card out already, i think i’ll go for that. so i don’t have to deal with sending back the dvds.
    what do you guys think?

  347. Sally G says:

    So I’m not sure I understand. Was the confirmation you got from the first sign up. Or do I need to sign up again?
    Thanks so much for responding.

  348. matt says:

    Did anybody here do Bargain? It was easy to sign up and cancel and I got credit immediately, but then I saw this in their terms:

    For certain online marketing campaigns that require a printed-out and mailed form, your membership must be active at the time the fulfillment center receives your form in the mail. Please refer to the terms on the offer for how long to allow for the fulfillment center to receive your form in the mail and verify your membership, and for how long to allow for the fulfillment center to process your request and forward your premium.”

    It’s a 7day trial but we have to be members when NT verifies us?? I already cancelled and don’t really want to do another offer ;(

    That stipulation is for their free gift offer like a home depot card or whatever, it does not apply to the Mac Book offer.

    People PC gives you a hard sell before you can cancel. I told them I was cancelling to get cable internet and they said they’d transfer me to their tech department to solve my speed issues! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Talk about blindly reading your script and not even listening to the customer.
    Columbia House is a pill, had to sign up twice because I never had any inidication that my first sign up even went through. The second sign up gave me an instant confirmation. Now I have two boxes to return….

  349. Adam says:

    Sally G,

    I had to sign up twice. The confirmation was from the second sign-up. The first attempt does not appear to have officially gone through to either NT or Columbiahouse.

    Matt also had to “sign up twice because [he] never had andy indication that [his] first sign up even went through,” which is what happened to me.

    Make sure they don’t charge you twice, though, as well as send you two packages of DVDS.

    I’m waiting for Verification to go through (worried about my early cancellation of Video Professor though), it’s been 2.5 hours so still plenty of time.

  350. dennis says:

    how is the ebay toolkit?
    legit? instantaneous? easy to cancel?

  351. dennis says:

    its some guy named alan dunn trying to get you to get the kit for 39.95 a month….anyone?

  352. dennis says:

    so its called the FAST AUCTION TOOLKIT

  353. Anna says:

    The fast auction thing was only 1.97 shipping for me. I cancelled it is as soon as it went thru in the morning so I wasn’t charged the membership fee… I don’t know if thats what you’re talking about.

  354. Sally G says:

    Guess what? I finally got confirmation from Columbia House via email, but no credit has banked in my NT account.

  355. Clint says:


    FINALLY! Thanks to the Fast Auction Toolkit offer appearing, I was able to get my 18th and final offer taken care of.

    I never got credit from John Anderson, PayDayOK or SunRocket.

    Now comes the agonizing wait of the verification process…whee!

    Thanks to everyone who was so very helpful throughout this ordeal!

  356. Adam says:

    Congratulations Clint!

    I’m in the verification process as well, but am planning on re-ordering the Video Professor set through a customer service representative tomorrow morning. There was never a charge to my CC so I think NT will dislike that…

  357. dennis says:

    so what is the deal with fast auction toolkit? is there a 30 day trial?

  358. Matt S says:

    Anna: You were able to cancel the Alan Dunn deal w/o paying the $40? IF so that would be great for me.
    Adam: I really think you would have been fine without re-ordering video prof., but still, here’s hoping that all works out for you.

  359. dennis says:

    ok jumped on the alan dunn deal so I dont have to activate my discover card.
    just waiting for NY Times to credit me!!!

    I wish they’d hurry.

  360. Anna says:

    Oh nevermind, the fast auction thing is something different. I did the make money on ebay offer on the 2nd page or whatever and that was the $1.97 one. sorry guys!

    im still waiting on NYtimes and columbia, both of which I did 1/29. hard to be patient! :)

  361. Sally G says:

    So did the Alan Dunn, Fast Auction toolkit, credit fast?

  362. Clint says:

    Sally -

    The auction toolkit credited me immediately

  363. dennis says:

    same here. auction toolkit was fast.
    immediate credit.

    NY TIMES!!! Please Hurry!

  364. Troy says:

    Do any of the offers, experienced thus far, not allow P.O. boxes?

  365. Sally G says:

    I’m waiting on Sunrocket and Columbia. Both of which I’ve received email confirmation of membership from them, but no credit has been given at NT. Argh…

    As soon as I get one of those, I may just do the Auction toolkit to be done with this process.

    Is the Auction thing non refundable $40 or do I understand it to be free for 30 days THEN they charge your card?

  366. dennis says:

    man. i did Sirius just now, its a no credit card required offer, and I just got instant credit for my 18th offer.

    i can cancel NY Times!

    Do you guys know if they verify overnight? Or do they do it during business day

  367. Sally G says:


    I’m looking at the Sirius offer now… the first page asks for my shipping address and then it takes me to a page and asks for my credit card info.?? I’m confused… you didn’t have to do that?

  368. dennis says:

    mine is something and it asks for my name, phone, and email. thats it. when you get to the second page, i already got credit.

    under the offer it says something like TJZ Sirius $50 radio.

    but i entered no radio nothing.

  369. dennis says:

    last line ‘radio’ = ‘credit card’.

  370. Sally G says:

    That was CRAZY! I originally was using Safari and it was showing me a completely different page that required my credit card. So I switched to Firefox and wa-la…just like you said. No cc and I didn’t sign in and got credit instantly. AWESOME. Thanks Dennis!!

  371. Sally G says:

    ******** Hey EVERYBODY>>> you must do the above offer on PAGE 3 from Sirius. MAKE SURE YOU AREN’T using Safari!!!

  372. dennis says:

    yay for sirius!

    btw, sally, my sunrocket took 1 day. i signed up tuesday early morning (2am) and got credit today (wednesday) at around 9am.

  373. Sally G says:

    OMG! I did it… I was waiting for Columbia and Sunrocket, but I decided to just go for and did the Sirius thing and the Ebay thing on page 3 and the credits were immediate. Total cost = 0

    I am in verification process BABY!

    Clint and Dennis RULE!
    Thanks guys!

  374. Sally G says:

    Strange… I signed up for Sunrocket on Sunday and still no credit. I got their package today. So I’ll just send it back with their prepaid UPS label and be done with them. ;)

  375. Trev says:

    That Sirius Offer was a GREAT call!
    Thanks Dennis!!
    Just waitin on the two wines
    which are supposedly shipping
    tomorrow, so there should be
    verification in my near future!

  376. Sally G says:

    Congrats Trev…keep us posted!

  377. Andrew says:

    started last wed, went into verification today…what what

  378. Sally G says:

    Guide to Easy MacBookPro: Total Cost (if all goes according to plan): $20.90 + cost to ship crap back.

    I thought I would list the FAST(almost immediate) credit companies:
    Please add your insight if you have it for newbies!

    Sign up for them in this page order: 3,2,1

    Page 3)
    * Video Professor: $6.95, will get full refund, but must pay to ship it back
    * Pitney Bowes: $30, think I can get full refund, but must pay to ship back
    * Sirius Radio Offer: (do not use Safari browser when you click through it will require a ccard. For some reason, Firefox did not require and gave credit immediately.)
    * Onlingo x2 $6.95×2 : sign up for 2 different languages. Will have to pay to ship product back, but will get full refund.
    *Advantage Language: $6.95 – will get full refund, but paid $2.30 to send back.
    *Ebay Fast Auction Toolkit – $39.95 – will get full refund.
    * Blockbuster – $9.95 non refund.
    * PeoplePC – $6.94 I downloaded software to my desktop. Promptly threw it away. Signed into their webmail and logged into my web account using Firefox. I got credit immediately. Then I called and canceled telling them that I couldn’t use it because I had a Mac and they refunded all of my money.

    Total cost: 9.95, plus shipping costs to send all the crap back. :)

    Page 2)
    SimplyYou $1
    GreatFun $1
    DisneyBooks $3.99 (canceled mine before it shipped. Got total refund)
    BMG $19.53 (will write “refused. return to sender when I receive it. Don’t know if I will get refund or not)
    ValueMax $1
    Cosmetique (will receive and have to send back package) 5.95 plus s&H to send back.

    Total: 8.95 (plus 19.53 from BMG if not refunded)

    Page 1) $1
    EverydayValuesClub $1

    Total cost: $2

  379. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the tip on the SIRIUS credit. that worked really well Sally!

    Has Anyone done the printer Ink offer? What’s required to get credit?

  380. Clint says:

    Is anyone else panicking that the main page is all of a sudden blank?

    It would be one thing if it were down, or getting a 404, but it’s blank.

    Oh please don’t tell me I’m going to get screwed after all this work :(

  381. dennis says:

    i’m getting that too…
    oh man that would suck.
    i’m going to try to call them when to open at 8.30am est.

  382. dennis says:

    blah they said the developers blew something out when they were uploading some info…should be up in 24 hours.

    i also had him check my account, and he still said my offers were still there intact.

  383. Matt S says:

    8:30 now, still having problems opening the page. Sucks, I wanna go do the sirius deal. I hope they don’t take that stuff down.

  384. Matt S says:

    24 hours?! That sucks.

  385. Jay says:

    what’s the phone number?

  386. Matt S says:

    Website now says “Our site is temporarily down for maintanence.”

  387. Sally G says:

    ahhh… I’m scared.

  388. dennis says:

    number is 561-674-9700

  389. paul says:

    PeoplePC is telling me that I have to continue my membership for 3 months before they’ll give me the credit. This is bogus; I’m cancelling and doing a different offer.

  390. Trev says:

    It’s back up and running!

  391. dennis says:

    site is back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  392. Tim says:

    site’s up

  393. Chris says:

    So I have credit for 17 out of 18 offers (why is SunRocket so slow?)….can I go ahead and start cancelling a bunch of these already?

    Even if I cancel during the free trial period and get some refunds will my credit still stand or will they revoke credit?

  394. Levi says:

    Everybody Say it. Site is up.

  395. Chanelle says:

    is anyone else still able to do the no radio sirius offer? I’m trying to do that, and it still makes me choose a radio! Is anyone using a pc, or should i just switch over to my mac and use firefox to get that choice?

  396. JC says:

    I went ahead and canceled some of the ones I have credit for and nothing has been revoked.

    Good call on the Sirius offer. They changed that from the other day. Good for us! I’m waiting on columbia house to credit me and then I get a free mac!!

  397. Levi says:

    If anybody tries to sign up for Payday OK be aware that if you do not get approved for a loan they might, just might, try to find you someone else to give you a loan. You might even get a phone call 30 seconds after you exited out of the website without signing up for anything, from a different company who is asking if you still want the loan. And if you are one of the lucky people Secret Credit Card will send an echeck from your bank account to them for $49.95, the best part is you don’t even have to ask them. They will gladly do it without your permission. And they will not reply to any e-mails.

    But the good thing is anytime I want to pay for things online without anybody knowing (Secretly) I will have already paid the one time fee. Thanks Secret Credit Card your the best!

    I apologize if I sound angry. Just a heads up.

  398. Matt S says:

    Chanelle: I just compelted it on my PC at work. So I don’t know what to tell you.

  399. Emily says:

    Is anyone else having trouble contacting I cancelled a couple of weeks ago and still haven’t received any confirmation or response regarding a refund.

  400. Steve says:

    All, quick question: where are you checking your status – through or I’ve been using for offer status. Out of curiosity, checked and not registered.

    Should I be concerned or is this an issue?

    I have 17 out of 18, and obviously would be upset if this worked against me.

    Thanks in advance.

  401. Chanelle says:

    Yeah Matt.. I seem to have been having bad luck with this whole entire offer thing.. but i’m NOT giving up.. perhaps I need to meditate or something.. lol.. Alright, i’m trying it elsewhere….

  402. Matt S says:

    Was anyone able to cancel the Web-site pro builder thing before it charged your card?

  403. Elias says:

    About Sirius:

    There are two different Sirius sites, it seems.

    One makes you buy with a credit card, the other only wants name/number (and are pre-populated by computer-offer). The latter is the one that gives you instant credit.

    So try clicking on the Sirius link until you get the correct site.

  404. sally says:

    Hey Chanelle,
    I had luck with the Sirius thing on my mac using Firefox. When I used Safari on my mac it made me choose a radio.

    Good luck!

  405. Ryan says:

    Verification. Awesome! Thanks for everyone’s help! I hope this works out.

    Also, I’m wondering what the cancellation or return/refund method is with Onlingo?

  406. jeff says:

    Just finished doing the 18 today. I started yesterday. So far all but 3 have not been “completed”. Those are Columbia House DVD, PeoplePC and NetFlix. Anyone have troubles with NetFlix?
    I had one kinda strange thing happen, when I signed up with Todays Escapes I got an error that it couldn’t go through, but got “CREDITED/COMPLETED” on offer page. Should I be worried? This is one of the $1.00 offers I think.

  407. Paul says:

    Hey guys,

    For those who did the Columbia House thing, how did it ship? Was it regular post, FedEx, UPS? Regardless, I live in a condo complex and have no idea how to “reject” the package…any support or recommendations would be appreciated!

  408. JC says:

    Columbia House will ship regular post. It’ll show up in your mailbox. all you do when you get it is write “Refused-return to sender” with a sharpie and leave it in your box or place it in the mail.

  409. Sue says:

    Sally, that’s great info on how to save, but just for your future reference, you dont have to pay for return shipping for any of those offers. If you do not open your boxes, you can call, get a return authorization number, write the number on the front of your box and write RETURN TO SENDER on the front and put back in your mailbox. MAKE SURE YOU DO GET A RMA number though or they will charge you for just returning it (exception is Colombia House). For fedex or UPS packages, you can call them and schedule a pick up at your house for a refused shipment. They come the next day and pick up. I did not pay for one return. Just FYI to all of you out there working toward your MACs. Don’t pay or spend time shipping returns. :) For reference, the things I returned and returned for free were: Advantage Language, Onlingo, Sunrocket, Belisi Ties, Seattle Coffee, Pitney Bowes, Video Professor, and Columbia House.

  410. dennis says:

    sally, thru with verification yet?
    i’m still on verification.
    man and its been at that since midnight!

  411. Sue says:

    Paul, you just put it back in your mailbox. Write Refused: Return to Sender on the front. It came USPS. I was not home for 3 shipments that came UPS, FedEx and DHL. I called and scheduled a pick up for FedEx. I dropped the UPS package and DHL package off at a close UPS Store. I wrote Refused: Return to sender on both of these too, but I got Return Authorization Numbers for both of these as well as for all other of my USPS shipments.

  412. Jay says:

    i’ve been in verification since yesterday morning, i’ve seen on other sites that some people recently have gotten through it in a day. does anyone know if i can go ahead and cancel items during the verification?

  413. Trev says:

    May I just suggest that folks
    avoid PeoplePC. Not only do they
    take forever and a day to credit
    (I actually did a different offer
    becuase they never did) but they
    are also extremely laborious to cancel.
    They will talk circles around you.
    I had to raise my voice and talk over the rep to get cancelled.

  414. Andrew says:

    What are the cancellation and return criteria for Cafe Belmundo…do you get to keep the coffee and the mug or do you have to ship it back. thanks

  415. Levi says:

    You can cancel items as soon as they have cleared if you want. It will not effect your verification. Most of mine were cancelled before I went into verification. It went through in about 2 days.

  416. Paul says:

    Thanks a bunch Sue. Since I live next door to a post office, I just shipped the meter back that way. It was only 15-16 bucks or so. Should that be ok?

    Also, Columbia House has charged my card and taken out the charge for shipping, but it still says Not Confirmed for me on the site. Will I end up needing to fax Niutech stuff or will it credit in a few more days?

    Thanks for the info everyone!

  417. Jay says:

    Thanks Levi, I’ll probably cancel all of my stuff tomorrow. How long ago did you do your verification

  418. sally says:

    Thanks for that awesome insight into shipping stuff back! I will definitely do that.

    Trev and all of you PeoplePC folks,
    I told them I had a mac and didn’t realize that they weren’t compatible when I signed up and I had NO PROBLEM canceling. Maybe that excuse will save you the run around. I hate these people, BUT… it will all be worth it when I’m in front of my new MacBook PRo. ;)

  419. Trev says:

    Amen, Sue!

    I was trying to make the point
    that PeoplePC, relative to the other offers I did, was the most hassle to cancel.

    They insisted on keeping the account open, blah, blah blah. I just kept repeating, No thank you – I would like to cancel today.

    Mac Book, here we come!

  420. dennis says:

    man in verification since midnight. good 16 hours already. can’t wait!!!

  421. Sally G says:

    Hey Trev,
    I hear ya and totally agree. Have you gotten the “We’re running a special and now you can get the whole year for only $19.95 (instead of 19.95 each month)” line from other people I’ve called. It’s so ridiculous. This is all such a hilarious and interesting commentary on American commerce. Ridiculous. But I’m lovin’ it. ha!

    You and me both. Can’t wait! It’s so hard to sign and check every hour!

  422. Adam says:

    Update: Still in verification–has been 24hours more or less.

    I still need to return Advantage, Onlingo, and video professor (when it arrives, I ordered again in case I need a charge on the credit card), and blockbuster, but I may keep that one for a while since movies are all good.

    Anyways, who else is in verification and how long has it been for you, so far? Josh’s “after a verification process of a few hours” has me thinking the worst. ;)

    So, one must call and get RMA numbers for Video Professor, Onlingo and Advantage, but not for Colombia House?

  423. matt says:

    “Pitney Bowes: $30, think I can get full refund, but must pay to ship back.”

    Wrong – they ship a pre paid label to you when you call to cancel.

    People PC was an immediate credit for me and I didn’t log into my account with them either.

    —In fulfillment status.

  424. Emily says:

    I think they have forgotten about me. I have been waiting on 5 offers to be reported since the first day I signed up for all 18.;; peoplepc; vonage and discover card.

    I’ve been waiting since 1/13. Ahhh!!!

  425. Chanelle says:

    Ok, I don’t feel so bad, I am STILL waiting for 6 offers, and i have one more to complete but i’m scared to do so in the case that i won’t get my credit.. *sigh*.. my friend did it and he did it without a hassle and was able to get his verification QUICK… is something wrong with me?!?! I don’t get instant credit for anything, I’m waiting on Vonage, People PC, John Alexander and others… UGH!

  426. Mike says:

    Hey, was anyone able to get credit from great fun? I signed up for them but still haven’t gotten credit.

  427. Sue says:

    Adam, for me, I got RMA numbers for Video Professor, Onlingo and Advantage and put it right back in the mail, however, I did not open them.

    For Pitney Bowes, I called for a pick up from fed ex. I left it on the door step, they came to my house and picked up because I wrote “refused: return to sender” on the box. it was soooo easy!!

  428. Tim says:

    Anyone try and Cancel Sirius yet? I got my reciever and want to send it back, but I’ve been on hold with them forever. any thoughts?

  429. Nathan says:

    How does the Sirius site that doesn’t require a credit card differ in appearance from the one that does require one. It would help alot to know so that I could check faster again and again until I get the right one. Thanks.

  430. Nathan says:

    Also, has anyone gotten the good Sirius offer using internet explorere? Or is it only with firefox?

  431. Clint says:


    I sent my sirius receiver back today. No problems. The only catch is that you have to get a tracking number when you ship it back, then call Sirius back and give them that tracking number. They use that to track it back and issue the refund.

  432. Tim says:

    Thanks Clint.

    Anyone know how long the wine takes? I’ve had one sitting in the queue for a week now, and I have confirmation of the purchase sitting in my inbox already.

  433. Sally G says:

    I read on the other blog pages from Josh’s site that some folks were in verfication for up to 10 days! So don’t sweat it too much… it may be a while before we hear anything. Big sigh…..

  434. dennis says:

    10 days!!! oh dear!

  435. kb says:

    it seems as if everyone is getting different offers. I’m not seeing the pitney bowes offer on page 3 and for sirius they keep requiring me to use a credit card. I haven’t did any offers and I was trying to do the sirius offer on page 3 first. Would completing previous offer first make a difference?

  436. Matt S says:

    KB- Keep checking back, the offers tend to change periodically. Also, on the forums mentioned at the beginning of Josh’s post, they discovered that you got different offers based on your age and sex.

  437. Tim says:

    Screw It I went and picked up to freebie offers (find a home and Ebay$) and I am now in verification. Woo- f***ing-hoo

  438. Chris says:

    Question –

    I’m in verification (and have been for about a day), but my 3 day term is up today for John Alexander.

    If I call and cancel this offer today, will that blow up my verfication? Or is it somewhat of a crapshoot with no hard and fast rules?

  439. John says:

    Has anyone considered waiting to send in their shipping request until the new OS X Leapord is out (due Spring 07)?

    By the way, I had my 18 offers credited across three different accounts. I called Nuitech and they said it was no problem to combine them but it would take 24-48 hours. After that I would go into verification. Just thought I’d add that in case anyone else is in the same situation.

  440. Tim says:


    New Mac OSes are easy to install on top of the old ones.

    The only thing worth waiting for is 801.11n wireless protocol

  441. Emily says:

    i think is screwing me. They won’t respond to my emails and that is the only way they can be reached. that’s 60 bucks!

  442. Matt S says:

    Tim, the N series wireless is already installed. You may have to pay 1.99 for apple to set it up, but thats it.
    John: If you wait for Leopard to ship, you’ll be right around the corner from a MPB line upgrade, so you gotta jump the gun at some point in time, might as well start enjoying your new computer now. (BTW- You’re shipping request form must be sent in w/in 30 days, so unless Apple releases on the rumored Feb 20th date, you’re pretty much not gonna make be able to get it).
    Chris: As stated above, you do not need to have an active account with all the offers to get verified. You are free to cancel as soon as you order if you want. The only thing that you will need (in a worst case scenario) is fax in a bank statement showing your CC was billed.

  443. Adam says:


    Qualification! Going to do the voucher thing today, maybe, if I can find a ride (being at college and all..).

    That was what, a 2 day wait? yay!

  444. Chris says:

    I qualified today as well. It took almost exactly 24 hours.

  445. dennis says:

    i got the forms!!!

    36 hours total!

  446. Andrew says:

    how long do you have to cancel people pc?

  447. Logi says:

    I was in verification for about two days and I just received an email saying that they need “valid identification” before they can proceed, and asked me to fax over a copy of a government issued identification.

  448. Nathan says:

    I have a question. While you are waiting to be ‘completed’ for various things, they still show up on your list of choices for offers. Does anyone know if you can do an offer more than once and have it count? I mean, other than the 2nd language thing for onlingo or the mysterious double columbia house. I’d just rather sign up for double the cheap ones rather than risking on Sunrocket or Vonage or Sirius. Just wondering. Also, has anybody tried cancelling Columbia house prior to them shipping the DVD’s and, if so, did you still get completion? Thanks.

  449. Matt S says:

    Andrew: 1 month, beware, they try to make it as hard on you as possible when you call in to cancel.
    Nathan: You can try that, but you run the risk of being DQed. If you read the terms and conditions, you see it’s pretty much a no-no. Plus, even if you do try it, I don’t know if it will give you two credits.

  450. Nathan says:

    Thanks Matt. Have you or anyone else tried a discover card offer? And if so, how long did it take to get completed? How about payday OK? Anybody tried that? And if so, how long did it take to get ‘completed’?

  451. Tim says:


    You can cancel columbia house by just writing “Refused – Return to Sender” on the CH box when it gets to you, then tossing it into the USPS mailbox. nice and simple.

  452. Jordan says:

    Does anyone know what I have to do for Columbia house to credit me? And Netflix? They’re both taking forever, I’m wondering if I did something wrong.

    And 4 seasons wine, they’ve shipped and charged me…isn’t that what it takes to be credited?

  453. Matt S says:

    Jordan- Columbia house and Netflix are both reported to take a while. I got credit for columbia house s&h after about a week, but got to impatient to wait for the other columbia house to credit.
    Nathan: I believe you get next day credit when you complete the requirements. Those being that you use the card for a purchase or balance transfer. As far as payday ok, I had thought someone said earlier they had a problem with that, but I don’t know for sure.

  454. Scott says:

    I just got the shipping request form, do I have to do anything else or just wait for the macbook? Also, how long has it usually taken people to get their macbook once received the shipping request.

  455. Chris says:

    Has anyone cancelled the “no credit card” Sirius offer?

    I know it’s supposedly a 7 day trial offer, but I couldn’t find terms and conditions to save my life. Anyone know the phone number to cancel?

  456. John says:

    Nathan: I completed both the Discover and PayDay OK loan. The Discover offer credited about 2 days after I made my first purchase (about $6…shipping another item back). The PayDay OK is another story. It has been almost three weeks since I completed the offer and accepted the loan and it still has not credited. Since it was my last one I went ahead and did the Fast Auction offer to finish out my 18. Fast Auction credited immediately.

    Thanks all for the advice on my decision to wait for the new OS or not.

  457. Steve says:

    Ok, just received verification -started Saturday, 1/27, so less than 7 days. Here are the offers I did with some notes:

    Page 3:
    1. Blockbuster – immediate credit, canceled online next day; cost: $10.59
    2. Onlingo Spanish – immediate credit, cancelled by phone 1/29; wrote “refused – return to sender”, cost: $0.00 (supposedly a full refund)
    3. Onlingo French – immediate credit; no issue cancelling both; cost: $6.95 but told I would be refunded for both, maybe getting package back is trigger?
    4. Advantage Language – immediate credit, cancelled by phone 1/29; rep said to write “refuse – return to sender”; cost: $6.95.
    5. Video Prof – immediate credit; cancelled 1/29; rep said when box arrives, call for RMA; cost: $6.95.
    6. Sirius – immediate credit (used IE from wintel laptop) without credit card; nothing to cancel; cost: $0.00.
    7. SunRocket – immediate credit; received box before emails said they were shipping box; rep said either refuse or open and use prepaid label; cost: $0.00.
    8. Columbia House S&H – immediate credit; cancelled by phone, rep said to refuse package and get full credit; cost $0.00.
    9. FastWebAuction/Alan Dunn – immediate credit after buying the $39.95 package; this one worries me; cost: supposedly after cancelling within 30 days and returning package, $0.00.

    Page 3 Total Cost: $24.49 – 31.44 depending upon refunds.

    Page 2:
    1. NY Times – credit was 5 days later; received newspapers before credit and credit card charge; will need to cancel; cost: $4.00.
    2. SimplyYou – immediate credit; cancelled by phone next day; cost: $2.00. IMPORTANT: take a look at this one, it says you’re also signing up for a SavingSmart account, make sure to cancel this.
    3. Today’s Escape – immediate credit; cancelled by phone next day; cost: $1.00.
    4. ValueMax – immediate credit; cancelled by phone next day; cost: $2.00.
    5. Phonics – immediate credit; cancelled by phone next day; cost: $0.00.
    6. BargainNetworkHomes – immediate credit; cancelled by phone next day; cost: $2.00.

    Page 2 Total Cost: $11.00

    Page 1:
    1. eMusic – immediate credit; cancelled online same day; cost: $0.00.
    2. Everyday Values – immediate credit; cancelled by phone next day; cost: $1.00.
    3. CompleteHome – immediate credit; cancelled online next day; cost: $1.00.

    Page 1 Total Cost: $2.00

    Total Cost: $37.49 – $44.44 depending upon refunds.

    * Cancelling via phone appears to be rep based. Several people identified that some companies wouldn’t cancel easily, and that wasn’t the case for me.
    * Cancelling before verification appears to have no affect on verification.
    * Get cancellation ID/#’s for everything.
    * The regular Columbia House hasn’t credited, fortunately, I don’t need it.
    * When cancelling, apparently saying “I had very recent life change and need to take care of a lot of things” prevents the hard sell to stay on, try different options, etc.

    After telling my wife I might try for the Panasonic Plasma, she rolled her eyes.

    Josh, when my MacBook Pro is in my hands, I’ll make a donation to you.


    … and good luck …

  458. Jason From Tulsa says:

    I’m in, forms filled out and sent in. The mac is on the way!!

    Just be patient everyone, it really does work.

  459. Paul says:

    Hey all,

    For those who did the Columbia House offer, I just received the S&H credit today but have not received the DVD club credit. How long does it take for the club to credit, or is there a problem with my account?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  460. Chris says:

    I got an email confirmation about 2 weeks after I signed up. When you sign up, you are essentially submitting an application for club membership. Once they approve you they will ship it out. I can’t tell you if I got credited ro not since I got tired of waiting and submitted another offer.

  461. Jay says:

    just received my voucher today, verification took about 2 or 3 days for me

  462. Jltswim says:

    The 4 seasons wine will credit when they have confirmation that you have recieved your wine.

  463. Sally G says:

    Yeeehaaw!!! I’m verified. Got my voucher right here! It took about 2 days.

    I’ll let you guys know when I have computer in hand. :)

    Good luck to all.

  464. Anna says:

    hmm. I use Windows and Firefox and I can’t get that sirius offer, the one w/out a credit card, to show up! I’m going to the third page, clicking the sirius offer, it goes to or whatever and on the 2nd page asks me for my CC. any tips?

  465. Paul says:

    Anyone know what the deal is with They’ve charged my card but not credited my offer sheet. I called them today to cancel and they seemed oblivious when I brought up the rewards offer. Looks like I’ll be faxing stuff to Niutech?

  466. William Adams says:

    I just wanted to say I also know 2 people who have completed this offer and gotten their free laptop! I have 9 credits to do still, and am excited! Also, I remember checking my friend’s computer’s specs and it had 1gp ram stock from Nuitech. He got it recently so maybe they now send the newer versions of the Pro.

  467. Sally G says:

    Hey Paul, it took a solid 4-5 days for to show up for me.

  468. Sally G says:

    Hey Anna,
    I used FIrefox on a mac and it worked. Maybe you could try and find a mac and see if it works. If not, I’d be willing to try it for you. You’d have to give me your sign in and your address though and I would understand if that’s too scary to give someone on the web. ;)

  469. Paul says:


    Did you cancel before the 4-5 days? I have already cancelled and am a little bit worried that I cancelled too soon!

  470. jeff says:

    just go to the page 3 offers page, in Firefox, and click the sirius link, if it’s not the right one close it, then refresh/reload the page 3, click on sirius again.
    Does this over and over till it shows up. I did. But it took me only maybe 3 times.

  471. Anna says:

    ah well, thank you guys for the help, but it just isn’t showing up for me. I guess I’ll just wait for Columbia to go through, it’s the last one I’m waiting for, since I got credit for NYTimes today! Patience just isn’t one of my virtues, I suppose :)

    SallyG, keep us updated on how things are going! Hearing good news from others makes it even more exciting.

  472. jeff says:

    I actually signed up for more than I was supposed to, 4 for page 1, but the 4th was an accident, but I guess it’s a nice back-up. I signed up for 10 offers on page 2, yeah I know i’m nuts, but i’m way too impatient, anyways, that finally pushed me more ahead. Now all i’m waiting for is Columbia House DVD to go through and i’ll have all 18 “completed”. I’m soooo tempted to sign up for Vonage or one of the others to try and get this done quicker.

  473. dennis says:

    sent my voucher off just now!

    keep you guys posted on my progress.

  474. Sally G says:

    I didn’t send a cancelation email until after I got credit and I haven’t received anything from them confirming my cancelation. Do you have any pointers on canceling? Sending an email doesn’t seem to do the trick…or at least hasn’t yet for me.

  475. Sally G says:

    Hey Jeff,
    I’ve heard Vonage took awhile for some folks and they charge a $40 restocking fee when you send the stuff back…so beware. ;)

  476. Paul says:

    Hey Sally,

    I called their 800 number almost once an hour. I also sent an email every time I called. Its 1-800-784-2080. Hit 1 and 99% of the time you will be kicked to a voicemail but just leave your name and say you want to cancel. I signed up two days ago, called a lot yesterday and sent a ton of emails and they called me at 10am today and sent an email saying they canceled my account and would refund $65.

    I suppose I’ll have to send Niutech my statement or welcome email showing that I signed up for it. Oh well. As long as this works!

  477. Ray says:

    How did you guys cancel Disney? I don’t see a contact listed nor terms and conditions on their site.

  478. Nathan says:

    Hey Sally G. Would you email me at It’d really help if I could ask you a few questions. Thanks

  479. Sally G says:


    Disney (800)353-3140

  480. Sally G says:

    Also Ray… I called before they shipped out my package so they stopped shipment and I didn’t have to fuss with that. It was awesome.

  481. matt says:

    “Also Ray… I called before they shipped out my package so they stopped shipment and I didn’t have to fuss with that. It was awesome.”

    It is behavior like this that if repeated long enough will end offers like the ones we are all trying to complete.

    You could at least PRETEND to be interested in the product and return it AFTER receiving it, NOT BEFORE! Cancel the trial the day before it ends, not the second after you sign up for it. Sheesh people, you have some nerve.

  482. Sally G says:

    It’s all good. This is a happy site.

    If I thought for second I was making this harder for other people I wouldn’t have done it.

  483. Andrew says:

    What does the columbia house box look like? I recieved a package that just says something about enjoying your dvd’s tonight and there is no indication as to what company sent the package. If its columbia house then I dont want to open it. Any info would be appreciated.

  484. Matt S says:

    Yeah CH hides the fact that the box is from them. Don’t open it, just go ahead and refuse return to sender it. They know that you are curiuos and will open the box, and once you do that they have your money.

  485. jeff says:

    Man, I got all excited. I just got my first email from Columbia House welcoming me as a member, so I thought maybe my last credit (aka “completed”) went through, it didn’t. :(
    Oh well. I guess I have to learn patience.

    One thing i’m wondering, how the heck am I going to print my voucher stuff without a printer? LOL :)

  486. Matt S says:

    Kinkos, ups store, all those good places.

  487. Ray says:

    Does anyone know if there are limitations to the number of people per address that can try this?

    I live with a roommate in an apartment, and he wants to try this. I don’t want him to have to go through the whole thing if he won’t get the laptop at the end.

    Thanks. :)

  488. jeff says:

    Matt S,
    I’ll probably have to do that. How do vouchers come? In email? Like “click here for your voucher” and then it opens a webpage with it?

    Did anyone download their free 25 songs with eMusic? Just curious.

  489. Andrew says:

    Once you complete the macbook offer…can you still use onlinegiftrewards to do the apple iphone offer?

  490. Paul says:


    I canceled my offers within hours of signing up for them. I don’t want to get into a debate with you, but this offer isn’t for the companies, its for us. If you want to throw caution into the wind, be my guest but some of these companies are shady with when you can cancel or not (i.e. John Alexander) so whatever we as customers have to do to get the voucher, I say do it.

    That being said, how long was it for people to get the DVD club credit after you received credit for the S&H?

  491. Matt S says:

    Ray: I believe its on MBP per address.
    Jeff: Once you are verified, a link is posted on the status check site.
    Andrew: Yes you can, though it’s recommended you use a different e-mail address, other wise you’ll encounter a problem wher less ofers are displayed.

  492. Josh says:

    Each person can do one of each gift site that NuiTech has, so yes, you can do a MBP and then an iPhone or something else.

    However, you should not just use another email address. Yes, offers you’ve already done before would show up, but a) you can’t sign up for most offers a second time without a different credit card, and b) NuiTech won’t allow it. From their Terms & Conditions page:

    Any attempt by an existing Member to register for another Membership with a different e-mail address in combination with a telephone number and postal address already in our database shall be null and void and shall not qualify for Program Membership consideration.

  493. dennis says:

    does anyone have a charge on their credit card statement saying “DAY HOSTING” for 39.95?

    i did both john alexander and fast auction profit toolkit that night and both are 39.95

    however, i only have one charge on my cc for 39.95, and want to figure out which one charges under the name DAY HOSTING.

  494. dennis says:

    well i think its John Alexander, because i got a refund for that DAY HOSTING charge, but was charged another 39.95 for something called i’m thinking that must be fast auction profit toolkit

  495. Nathan says:

    So Josh, you’re saying that if you want to do another gift, you have to use the same email address, and just hope that you can get through the offers by finding ones that you haven’t done for previous gifts? That might be pretty hard.

  496. Chris says:

    In regards to having to use the same credit card for other Niutech offers, you may get lucky if you have a “shopsafe” system offered for your card that offers one-time use credit card numbers.

    I haven’t tried it, and not sure if I will, but there it is.

  497. Josh says:

    Yes, Nathan, that’s what I’m saying. But what did you expect? They aren’t going to make it easy on you.

    If you wait a while your chances get better at being able to do another gift, because new offers show up. There are several that you all are doing now that weren’t available when I did it in October, and there are several that aren’t available to you now that I used.

  498. jeff says:

    Day 5, still no “completed” for Columbia House. I wish some new offers would show up on page 3 so I can get this done.

    Hmmm, maybe I should just go out and smell the flowers and get a life?

    Hitting a webpages refresh button over and over again cant be healthy for me.

  499. Jltswim says:

    1 more to go through!!! Hopefully I’ll get my wine sometime this week…

  500. Matt S says:

    Anyone else get double charged for John Alexander?

  501. Ashley says:

    I did video Professor and I’ve been charged for it and I have already recieved it but it still hasn’t gone through for me. It says to ship it within ten days so I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or if I should just send it back and cancel it and try something else. Thanks to anyone who can help!

  502. JC says:

    I went into verification today!! I’m so pumped!!!

  503. Anna says:

    JC… I did too! Congrats! And now the waiting begins!

  504. jeff says:

    JC and Anna, how long did Columbia House take for you to get a “completed”?
    That is, if you did Columbia House.

  505. Anna says:

    hey jeff, I did all my offers (except disney which I did the next day) on January 29th. Columbia was my final offer and I went into verification today, so that makes it about six days.

  506. Sally G says:

    Congrats of verification guys! Can’t wait to send my voucher in tomorrow!

  507. Nina says:

    hey guys….i made a dumb mistake by starting the survey over and over again each time i went back to filling out offers, instead of going to the gift status part of the page (which i obviously didn’t notice for a while). If there happened to be even one or two people out there that may have done the same thing, ending up with like 8 MBP gift status lines….Don’t Worry! I called this morning, and they said that once all 18 were in, they would combine them all so I can get the gift. That was a great relief! hope that helps if anyone else did the same thing. cheers!

  508. DJM says:

    I have been in verification since last Friday afternoon.

    How much longer can I expect? I have heard a rumor that verification only comes through on Friday. Has any one else received verification on another day of the week?

  509. Chris says:

    Does anyone know the number to cancel the Sirius offer?

  510. Anna says:

    DJM – you haven’t been verified since friday because nobody is at work on the weekend to verify you! it probably won’t be much longer.

  511. jeff says:

    OMG, I’m finally being verified! I guess it’s not surprising since I just got an email saying my Columbia House order has shipped.
    I’m in day 6 now of this whole thing. Hope all goes well.

  512. Mike says:

    How long did it take people to get NYTimes credit? I’ve been waiting for 4 days.

  513. jeff says:

    NYTimes never credited for me. I think people say that can take a week. Try and do an extra offer like one of those $1.00 ones if you are anxious (aren’t we all).

  514. kb says:

    Siruis return
    1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474)

  515. Paul says:

    I’m in the home-stretch! I was confirmed for Columbia House’s S and H on Friday and am awaiting the confirmation of the DVD club offer. Anyone with experience know when the turnaround is? I figure that I’ll get confirmed when CH can confirm the delivery of my DVDs…but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  516. jeff says:

    I signed up with CH 6 days ago, they where the first offer I did. On the 3rd of this month (2 days ago) i got my first emails from them welcoming me to the club. Today (the 5th) I got an email saying my movies have shipped AND it finally credited (showed as complete). I guess they wait until they ship the movies before you get the “complete”. At least for me.

  517. Tim says:

    I got my forms mailed in, woohoo!

    One thing that worries me is this, however: In the fine print, they say that they can change the gift that you recieve basedo n their available supplies. Has anyone here gotten somethign besides the MacBook? I really, really don’t want a Toshiba laptop or an HP. that’s what’s being offered on the front page of their site, for the record. Anyone else have any input on this?

  518. Anna says:

    AHH! I QUALIFIED! Printing out the voucher… yayyy

  519. jeff says:

    Anna, congrats!! ;)
    I’m nervously checking mine every 5 minutes, LOL. Hope hope hope.

  520. JC says:

    I just qualified…wahoo!! Printing Vouchers now!!

  521. Nathan says:

    Is there anybody out there who had People PC never go through? I know ones like Columbia take pretty long but usually complete. Just wondering about PPC. Thanks.

  522. Heather Robinson says:

    can i cancel my membership as soon as i get credit? blockbuster showed up immediately and i was wondering if i could go ahead and cancel it?

  523. Nina says:

    I signed up for PPC last night with cable modem and no phone line. I got credit this morning,and cancelled it right away.

    And the John Alexander realestate thing took forever on phone. i was on hold over an hour when i finally decided to leave a message. And sure enough they called at about 5:30pm and I cancelled my order right then.

  524. Emily says:

    I’m starting to get very frustrated and impatient!! I have been waiting for the same 5 companies to report since day one, which was 1/13!!! Everything has already been charged, sent back and cancelled…and still no reports!

    Do I HAVE to wait exactly 30 days before they will manually credit me? And how can you prove to them that you did a credit card offer?

  525. Nathan says:

    Anybody get instant credit or next day credit for the New York Times offer?

  526. matt says:

    @emily I’d sign up for other offers. Why not tell us what offers are deadbeats so others can avoid them?

    @nathan NY Times takes about 5 days to credit.

  527. matt says:

    @ heather – cancel blockbuster as soon as you get credit, cause you ain’t getting your money back, you just paid for 1 month access.

  528. Emily says:

    why sign up for more offers if i can call in a week and get them manually credited? The ones I have been wating for for so long are:

    1. PeoplePC – I logged into my account
    2. signed up for the premium account
    3. received 1st cd
    4. Discover Card-approved and got a balance transfer over a week ago
    5. vonage- received and cancelled

    It’s been 21 days since I completed all of my offers.

  529. Emily says:

    oh and heather… you might as well take advantage of your blockbuster membership for the month you’ve paid for. i’ve watched SO many movies this month!!

  530. Nathan says:

    Anybody know what’s involved in cancelling the NYT offer? Can you get all your money back? Can you cancel right after signing up? Thanks everybody for the help

  531. Paul says:


    The membership only took me a week or so to credit. I signed up last Monday and it credited this morning.

  532. Chris says:

    Question about Pitney Bowes:

    So they charge tyou $30 in pre-paid postage…when you get the machine can you use up the $30 in postage during the first month and still cancel and send the machine back free of charge (less the $30 in postage you used)?

  533. gavin says:

    Has anyone had any success with waiting the 30 days, faxing the receipts for any of the “slow ones” specifically people pc, sunrocket?

  534. gavin says:

    Sirus Question: Are they not going to send you a sirus radio and a bill for $50 even if you don’t enter your credit card?

  535. Josh says:

    Hey Gavin,
    I helped a friend of mine fax some stuff to NuiTech after 30 days (he didn’t have a fax machine). It was not for those specific offers, but I understand from others that the process is the same. After 30 days, you can call NuiTech and tell them the situation. They’ll send you an email that you have to print out and sign, and fax that along with a copy of your credit card statement showing the offer’s charge and a copy of an offer completion page or email. I have also had a few friends say they had to fax a copy of their driver’s license, or just some form of ID. They’ll tell you what to do.
    After faxing stuff in, my friend’s verification went through in only a few days.

    Yes, you can use the postage if you like, but you can also just leave the meter in the box and ship it back without using any of the postage. You don’t have to use any postage at all. I didn’t, and got my full $30 back.

  536. gavin says:


    one more thing… since you are somewhat of a legend these days,and a cultural icon, you should come up with a T-shirt design that you could give in exhange for “donations” Maybe they could say something like:
    *”If i go to jail, it is Josh Clark’s fault”
    *”Josh Clark…because he had a ‘set’ on him, i’ve got a mac on me”
    *”If i were gay, i would marry Josh Clark”

    Those would be my top three

    You should seriously consider this…

  537. matt says:

    @nathan to cancel NY Times you call the phone number that comes on the plastic bag that your paper is delivered in. Or go their website. You don’t get anything back, it was only a $4.13 charge I believe. I wouldn’t cancel anything until it was listed as completed or you can prove with a credit card that you were charged for it.

  538. matt says:

    @emily, you have a lot of patience. I went from initially signing up for my first offer to fulfillment status in 13 days. I don’t like wasting time. Offers are easy to cancel.

    To each their own.

  539. LGB says:

    I completed everything and sent in my verification voucher notarized and everything on the 31st of January. I was wondering if it shows up on the “help desk” page (where I printed the voucher) that they recieved the voucher. BTW I am going for the 1k visa gift card.

  540. matt says:

    @LGB it will show up that you are in fulfillment status when they have recieved your voucher.

  541. Nathan says:

    Thanks matt. Appreciate the help

  542. Matt S says:

    About NYT: I called to cancell, and I was told that I would receive a credit for the remaining days, granted it only worked out to be a dollar, but I did get money back.

  543. JC says:

    has anyone shipped back vonage? how did you go about doing it? I got my RA#, do i just write that on the box and return to sender?

  544. Heather Robinson says:


  545. Heather Robinson says:


  546. jeff says:

    Got my voucher like 20 minutes ago! Woohoo!

  547. Chris says:

    FYI – I signed up for the Sirius 7 day trial offer that didn’t require a credit card and called today to cancel.

    Per the customer service rep, they had no record of my account anywhere and she told me it simply ends at 7 days. You have to then sign up for additional service if you want to.

    Your mileage may vary, but it looks like this was a completely clean offer. No cancellation required.

  548. Tim says:

    1) easy with the capslock there, no need to shout.
    2) When you call to cancel your offer jsut say “I want to cancel.” repeat it over and over. They’ll try to keep you enrolled, the smart ones will even try to sell you more stuff. don’t fall for it. Just say “I want to cancel”.

  549. Heather Robinson says:

    sorry about the shouting…i don’t like to type! anyway has anyone tried mailing their requests in. on most of these offers they have the option to mail in your request to cancel. i am only asking because family members have asked me to do the “hard” work for them since i am a stay at home mom!

  550. Nathan says:

    Has anyone who used Onlingo twice gotten verified/shipped/gotten their mac? Also, has anyone signed up for How soon did it credit?

  551. Mike says:

    I’m being verified now. Damn this waiting.

  552. Nathan says:

    Mike, are you saying you did Onlingo twice and are getting verified? And Steve, if you’re out there, did you get verified/get your computer?

  553. Paul says:

    How long has the verification process taken for everyone?

  554. Jordan says:

    I’m in the verfication process now! How long does it take anyway?

  555. Jltswim says:

    WooHoo! verification!!

  556. Trev says:


  557. mike shelton says:


    Our records indicate that you have qualified for a

    Apple® MacBook™ Pro

    We have received and processed your Gift Redemption Voucher, and a Shipping Request has been issued.

    Your gift will be shipped to you via Federal Express or UPS, however it can take up to 30 days for the Fulfillment Center to assemble, package, and ship a gift after your voucher has been received.

    We appreciate your patience. Your gift should arrive in the next few weeks.

  558. John says:

    Mike, my circumstances are similar to yours and I received the same message. I’m curious as well what that means. Any thoughts anyone?

  559. Chris says:

    Anyone know how long it takes them to pcocess vouchers?

    I expressed mailed it on Friday and know that they received it on Saturday.

    Does it usually take a while?

  560. Andrew says:

    Telling people pc you have a mac computer is genius…my cancellation took about 20 seconds. thanks for the help

  561. jeff says:

    Mike and John, you guys are lucky.
    I just had my voucher notarized and mailed it off. I can’t believe you all didn’t have to do that.
    BTW, mailed back my first return today, TriClear. Had to pay the postage back because they said “no returns accepted that aren’t opened and/or marked return to sender”. Cost me $3.27.

  562. Andrew says:

    Did anyone have to ship back smilepro…the agent said that since I was in my free trial period and paid for the shipping that the package was mine. He says he canceled my account but I was just making sure thanks.

  563. I started yesterday morning, and have 17 of 18 completed! Does anyone have an estimate of how long Columbia House S&H takes to confirm? I’ve seen anywhere form instant (post #459), to weeks. Is it worth waiting on, or should I sign up for something else to get that MacBook Pro ASAP!?

  564. mike shelton says:

    Daniel john ott,
    If it were me, i would do something else, like ebay or something. that is really really fast dude to get 17. wow.
    Andrew, I kept smilepro too, no worries.

  565. Joanna says:

    Has anyone received credit for Sunrocket? I’ve read through all of the comments but no one has mentioned receiving credit- people just mentioned waiting. Let me know…

  566. Sally G says:

    Does anyone have a phone number for Onlingo?

  567. Sean says:

    The number for onling is


  568. Joanna says:

    Sue’s advice(#411) about getting the RMA #s for free returns was great, but it hasn’t worked for me. I asked for one at Advantage and was told they don’t do that. So any tips, Sue, on how to phrase it?

  569. jeff says:

    You can cancel Onlingo online and just follow the instructions.

  570. jeff says:

    you don’t need an RMA for Advantage. Just cancel your account over the phone and write “return to sender” on the package and mail it back free. They said I could do that no problem AND that my money would be refunded.

  571. JC says:

    I did sunrocket and got credit the next day after signing up…i’ll be canceling and shipping back today.

  572. Sue says:

    Joanna, I did what Jeff said. I did write the cancellation number on the front so there was no question about it.

  573. Paul says:

    So how long does verification take? I completed my 18th offer at noon today.

  574. Brett M. says:

    Joanna: I’ve recieved credit for Sunrocket, but I got it the next day.

    Has anyone gotten a call from the Alan Dunn people after you cancelled?

  575. jeff says:

    Paul, it took 24 hours for me. Was in verification yesterday morning and this morning got my voucher.

  576. Chris says:

    Both Alan Dunn and John Alexander will give you a follow-up call to try and rope you into additional promotions. Both calls come from an 801 area code.

    The calls will come regardless of whether you have already cancelled or not.

    These reps are pretty aggressive but aren’t outlandish. I just brushed them off (although the Alan Dunn guy sounded offended).

  577. Brett M. says:

    Thanks Chris. I was worried that I hadn’t truly cancelled.

    Oh yeah, I started the 31st of January and am now waiting for the shipping confirmation. I still haven’t recieved anything from triclear or Video Professor. Any idea on how long those usually take to ship out?

  578. Zach says:

    Hi, I have been following this for a while now (about a week) and i was wondering if it was ok to cancel after they credit, but before you recieve anything in the mail

  579. Chris says:

    Quick Question. I sent in my voucher Tuesday of last week.

    Will my status ever change from Congratulations! You have qualified!?

    Does that happen as soon as they recieve the voucher?

    The reason I ask is because I forgot to get delivery confirmation on the voucher.


  580. Heather Robinson says:

    has anyone canceled via mail?

  581. matt says:


    Sunrocket is great. I called to cancel late Sunday night and have the money confirmed by my credit card company as being fully refunded this morning (Tuesday). It doesn’t go any smoother than this.

  582. LGB says:

    I am thinking about resending the voucher in because I had mine notarized and sent in on the 31st of january and my status has not changed on the website. I called them this morning and the man said that there might be a problem because my TAX information is different then my contact information. No big deal, I will call them tomorrow and see if I can send in another notarized voucher. I hate this whole waiting thing. It is so awesome that everyone is getting verifications at the same time, I wonder if that will affect wait times on receiving the MacBook pro. I am going to do the MacBook Pro offer when I get my 1k visa gift card.

  583. Brett says:

    I just got my MBP in the mail today. What a great day it is! I started on January 7th and recieved it on February 6th, so thats a pretty quick turn around. Thanks for everyones’ input and help on here. What a great resource. Goodluck to those who are still in progress…

  584. James says:

    Alan Dunn did call me. I just told them I wasn’t that ambitious enough. I thought it would take less time. I too received my voucher and have sent it off. If anyone has more questions you can email me at

  585. mike shelton says:

    How long did it take from when you got notice of shipping request to when you got the computer? thanks!

  586. Chuck says:


    I had a lot of page 2 offers not go through when signing up saying “error, we’re sorry you are not eligible for this offer at this time.” or some stating that my credit card number was wrong, when it isn’t. These are mostly on the $1.00 offers..

    Does this mean my bank is refusing these? or is something else going on?

  587. Duncan says:

    Do you have to wait for everything to be completed & notarized before you can cancel any of some of these offers? It seems the $1 offers can be canceled immediately, but what about things such as Columbia House DVD, Advantage Spanish Language, Onlingo, John Alexander, etc.?

  588. James says:


    Make sure you check to see if you got credit even if it did not go through. Also I had some issues using safari. I had to use firefox for some of my offers because they wouldn’t go through. There were others that said they didn’t go through, but when I checked my credit they did.

  589. mike shelton says:

    Chuck, there may be a hold on your credit card

  590. Corey says:

    Hey guys, this is my first day tying out this offer, can any one tell me where to go to view my account and whats been credited?

  591. On a whim I tried to get to the “no credit card” sirius page. I got to the page, in safari!! I filled it out, but there was no instant credit :( Maybe because it’s not business hours or something… I really hope so!

  592. Brett says:

    It took 13 days after I had shipping verification to get the computer. So about two weeks is all it took. I hope that helps give you hope. I know how long the waiting game can feel.

  593. Jordan says:

    Hey, I just wondered about the verification process….

    it says they contact their advertisers and might ask proof of purchase and whatnot. I did everything correctly, I just canceled some of the offers. Will this be a problem?

  594. Joanna says:

    Corey, go to the page Josh linked to and in the bottom left corner it says, ‘check gift status.’ Click on that and enter your email address.

    Jordan, cancelling offers is not a problem, according to everyone who’s gotten their computers and in the verification process.

  595. Chris says:

    Anyone want to share their experiences with how long it took them to process their voucher and get something other than the “You’ve Qualified!” message on the status page?

    It sounds like about 2 weeks for shipping once they’ve acknowledged receipt of your voucher….but how long does it take them to acknowledge receipt of your voucher?

  596. Paul says:

    Qualified! Now to send this business in…

  597. dennis says:

    So I sent my voucher in on Saturday morning, and USPS says it was delivered yesterday morning around 10am.

    I wasn’t in fulfillment this morning, so I call them.
    CS guy says that it takes up to 2-3 weeks to receive and process the vouchers. He wouldn’t tell me if they got my voucher yet, all he said is that he could have gotten it, but he doesn’t know cause its at a different address.

    This is so dumb. I hope I get this fast. Scam dot com people are saying that it’s been taking some of them since 1/27 mailing and still no fulfillment.


  598. Adam says:

    Hi again everyone,

    I stupidly sent in my voucher via normal post-stamp mail — idiot — and am now doubting what is otherwise a reliable mail system. There’s no reason for it to not arrive, but those who sent theres in and had their status change from “send in voucher” to “voucher received,” how long did it take?

  599. Anna says:

    adam.. what’s so bad about sending normal post-stamp mail? thats what I did…

  600. Tim says:

    Adam, I sent it two-day priority mail. The $4.05 stamp was most certainly worth it. they hardly ever lose those big envelopes.

  601. Kyle T says:

    Well, I started today. Did 4 offers on page 3 (out of 9) and credit showed up instantly for the two language deals (Onlingo and Advantage). Nothing has shown up for Columbia House or NY Times just yet.

    I’m jazzed man.

  602. dennis says:

    its 20 offers now!

    glad i finished.

    but i hope they send out my mbp soon!

  603. Adam says:

    Anna, I’m just impatient and paranoid.

    Does anyone know if the offer is still valid? The link, that is? Could someone begin today and still be okay?

  604. Matt S says:

    I signed up under a new e-mail addy to see if this had changed to a 20 offer deal, and it shows that it is still 18 offers.

  605. Chris says:

    Went into fulfillment today! Mailed Tuesday of last week.

  606. Brett M. says:

    Hey Chris, did you send your voucher by priority or through regular cheap old snail mail?

  607. dennis says: which is essentially the same thing by NT, which is also the same like that shows up when you search “free macbook pro” is now 20 offers.

    when i started I did computer-offer because it had a copyright date of 2007

  608. matt says:

    @chris I went from “you’ve qualified” to “in fulfillment” in less than 24 hours.

  609. Zach says:

    How long does it take for, John Alexander, Great Fun, and Time Mug to credit

  610. mike shelton says:

    this whole thing about 20 offers has gotten me thinking. more and more of us are doing this, i wonder what this whole offer thing will look like in a few months. whether it be a mbp, or a tv, it seems like nuitech is going to have to make some changes with everyone figuring out how to get everything done relatively quickly. or do they want to change it? it could be they don’t care how many of us do it, since they are getting paid by the companies, they could maybe charge more for their ads if there’s more people signing up? is anyone else thinking this much about this or am i just weird?
    i would love to tour nuitech’s offices!

  611. brandon says:

    I accidentally set up two gift offers accounts on the same email address and now my offers are spread out two different sets?

    Has anyone been credited by onlinegiftrewards on the same email address but different set of 18 offers…? I have one showing 12 to go and another showing 14 to go….the 4 from the 14 should go on 12 on? Yea a little confusing…you think if contact onlinegiftoffers they can clear it up?

  612. Adam says:


    I’m unsure if they allow you to do multiple sites/gifts. I have read you need at the least a different address and a different credit card (billing address?). I wonder?

  613. Paul says:

    Do all banks notorize? Or do I have to find a notary somewhere other than a bank?

  614. Josh says:

    See Mike’s comment #560 above.

    I think most banks notarize, but you’d just have to call your local bank to find out. Also, I’m pretty sure most UPS stores have a notary.

    Regarding whether you can do multiple gifts, or any of several other questions:
    Check my Frequently Asked Questions page for many of those answers.

  615. I gave up on waiting for Columbia House. Did, instant credit, and now I am waiting for the completion of the verification process!

  616. Patrick says:

    I had been waiting for the wine for awhile, and I just did the stamps and it was instant credit. Yahoo!!! Just waiting for verification now.

  617. Scott says:

    How long have people been waiting to get the MBP, once they got the Shipping Request? Also, did you get the tracking number soon after you got the shipping request? Thanks…

  618. Steve says:

    my bank actually wouldn’t notarize the form because it wasn’t for bank purposes. i went to the UPS in the same plaza and they did it though for 10 dollars.

    as for when people are getting the MBPs, it seems like most people get them around 2 weeks from “fulfillment.” i just went into fulfillment today as well and i can’t wait to have the thing show up at my doorstep.

  619. Chris says:

    Someone in the forum is claiming he mailed his voucher in on 2/2 and already is in fulfillment.

    Lucky bastage.

  620. Steve says:

    that would be me. i sent it in last friday. well. i definitely consider myself lucky with how easily everything has been. i read the forum’s thread on the macbook pro from beginning to end to pick out which offers to do and to do everything the right way as well as quickly. it’s my first niutech thing i’ve done and probably my last since of all the things i’ve heard about checks bouncing for those $2000 dollar offers and about people getting auditted for doing other niutech programs repeatedly.

  621. Ryan says:

    Some notes about my process. I started on Feb. 5th, and today on the 8th I have 2 offers left. Here’s what I noticed-
    - The longest to take to credit was the Columbia House, but that credited today. I actually logged into the website, i don’t know if that sped up the process or not.
    - I tried to do the wine offer, but they don’t ship to PA! Not even just PA, but DE and NJ and all the surrounding states, so that I couldn’t even get it sent to a friends house!
    - Cancelling was easy enough. Luckily I had a day off work so that I could cancel them all at once. It seems that they all have a cancellation speech, and it doesn’t help to try to cut them off, so just be patient and let them say their piece, and respond with ‘no thank you’ when they’re done. I found that having a hands free headset and video games helped alot.
    - Phonics was the most difficult to cancel only because I was waiting for someone to answer for almost an hour. Thats when the handsfree and video games came into play.
    - Some of these offers are even adventagaeous to keep. Like the blockbuster one, i got a ton of movies to watch for this trial month. And i think one of them includes a 20 dollar gas card with the 1 dollar fee, i gotta make sure using the card doesn’t force me into some kind of deal with them
    - I’d advise to watch the 3rd page for a few days before even attemping the 2nd or 1st page. An offer from page 2 showed up on page 3 a few days into the process, and it was one that i had already completed.
    - I think i’m gonna try to see if it gives me instant credit. The description makes it look like it would take 30 days, but some people are reporting instant credit. Worth a shot.

  622. Chris says:


    Did you send your voucher express mail or regular mail?

    I overnighted mine on 2/2 (confirmed receipt on 2/3) and am still sitting in “Qualified” status.

    I hope there isn’t some strange problem…like the R JACKSON that signed for it didn’t leave it on his desk or something.

  623. Steve says:

    i sent it off at the post office.. i asked how much next day mailing was and they said that it was 14 dollars so i just decided not to do that so i suppose they just sent it regularly.

  624. Brandi says:

    Did anyone do the Bargain offer on page 3. If so, how long did it take to show as complete?

  625. Adam says:

    ONLINGO: Has anyone received an RMA number when they call customer service? The email they sent when you sign up states “return to sender” is bad but a customer service representative has told me twice that I don’t need an RMA #…

    Anyone get one when they called up?

  626. Sean says: was instant credit for me and I was able to cancel the same day. No money. Best page 3 offer.

  627. Adam S. says:

    Hello, my gift status page has not updated since I completed 8 offers on my first day (1/28/07). It isn’t showing that I’ve started any other offers eventhough I’ve completed all of them. Should I call Nuitech, if so, what’s the number. I found one on the “Useful” site, is that the right one? Any help is appreciated, thanks

  628. Josh says:

    If you’re talking about Bargain Network Homes, yes, I did do it – not for my Mac, but for offers my Dad was doing for a TV. It’s only $1 and was pretty easy to cancel, if I remember.

    Adam S.,
    I’d call NuiTech. I haven’t heard of anyone having that problem before. Did you use the link I gave above, or go through another one on Google?
    NuiTech’s phone # is (561) 674-9700.

  629. Lisa says:


    Regarding ONLINGO – when I called to cancel and return the product I didn’t get an RMA # but in the confirmation e-mail they sent me, there was a case number in the e-mail header. I was sure to include it both inside the package and on the address label. Hope this helps.

  630. Stephen says:

    Hello everyone. I have been waiting over a week for Discover card and PayDay OK. Does anyone have any idea how long these take. I have paid the loan off and have done a balance transfer plus 2 purchases with the Discover. Any advice would help, thanks!

  631. Sally G says:

    Hey Chris,
    R JACKSON signed for me too on 2/7. I’m still in “Qualified” status, but I’ll give an update if things change.

    Good luck!

  632. Nokx says:

    i’ve signed up for a few that seem to be taking forever…

    walmart gift card
    lowes gift card
    new york times
    vonage, etc…

    i even have the vonage box in my kitchen as i type this and no credit. :/

  633. dennis says:

    Sally, we both went into verification together.

    The received my voucher on 2/6 but no word on fulfillment yet.

    This is killing me.

  634. Chuck says:


    I just cancelled with Onlingo, and this is what I got in the email that Cust. Serv. told me i would get..

    Hello Chuck,

    Thank you for ordering Onlingo, the most educational and comprehensive language learning program available.

    You have cancelled during your free trial period. As specified in the Terms and Conditions to which you agreed, we now ask that you please return the Interactive CD-ROM to:

    Onlingo Returns
    P.O. Box 1566
    Suisun City, CA 94585

    along with a bunch of “but, please keep it for $$$$$$$$$” stuff on the bottom..

  635. Adam says:

    Thanks for the onlingo response. I ended up including the case number and doing a “return to sender.” Likewise with Advantage Language — they may not like that — and Columbia House. Ah well, can mess with it later.

    I just want fulfillment to happen ;)

  636. matt says:

    Some of you need to wake up out there.

    Adam, if the customer service rep told you you don’t need an RMA to return the merchandise then why are you posting and asking us about it? Hello? You don’t need an RMA. If you would bother to READ the TOS you’d know exactly how to cancel and exactly how to send the product back.

  637. Andrew says:

    Has anyone received the email about the Alienware computer? I was wondering if this is legit…it claims to be form nuitech

  638. James says:

    I went into verification mode after two weeks, but I never got credit from Peoplepc, paydayok, however I did get credit for both onlingo and sirius no credit card.

  639. Adam says:


    If you read the TOS for onlingo they state they dislike “online scams” and furthermore: “We do not accept packages marked “Return to sender” as a way of canceling. You will be charged. Refunds may be subject to a restocking fee.”

    Are you really going to pick my post amongst the many other worthy candidates as an example where the post’s author needs to “wake up?”

  640. Omar says:

    Started sunday night february 3rd and got all my credits except netflix. Columbia house gave me credit today. Not too bad. Now i gotta start makin phone calls!

    How long does netflix take for most people? I got my first trial rental in the mail yesterday.

    I hope i get my macbook soon!!! YAY!

  641. steve says:

    i did netflix but i’m not sure if i ever got credited for that. if you read how it works, you have a free trial for 2 weeks, then they charge you for first fee. but then again, emuusic was instant credit even though it’s a free trial so i can’t say i’m totally sure. so you might not get credited until you’re actually charged. i actually ended up doing about 8 tier 2 offers because i got tired of waiting. good luck.

  642. Omar says:

    so i have to wait two weeks get charged and then get credit? Hmm Not sure if its worth waitn for. Maybe i’ll get they skin cream… haha

  643. Omar says:

    steve which tier 2 credits did you get instantly?

  644. steve says:

    those 1 dollar offers are instant BUT be super careful because when you sign up for let’s say Shopping Essentials+, you’re also signing up for Saving Smart which is also a 1 dollar charge so if you cancel SE+ but didn’t know about Saving Smart, you’re gonna get hit with a 20-30 dollar charge. i did Zooba books which was 2 credits. 1 credit for the membership fee and 1 credit for the book i bought. you can return the first book to zooba and they will refund your membership and book charge but make sure you don’t open the package. i also did which took a few days to get credit. i did the ebay toolkit which i think was my final credit. i had netflix but i didn’t ever see it give me credit.

  645. steve says:

    i also did the people magazine which was instant or fairly quick. really easy to cancel as well.

  646. Nathan says:

    Steve, do you have a contact number for shopping essentials and saving smart? I’d appreciate it if you do. Thanks.

  647. steve says:

    shopping essentials is 1-888-999-0564. saving smart is 1-800-316-8774. they’re all the same company. if you get a nice person on the phone ask them to do a deep search by name, telephone number, address, and e-mail to look up ALL your accounts.

  648. Omar says:

    steve you rock!!! I did Ent Weekly Magazine!INSTANT CREDIT! I’m done! YESSS!!!!!! THANK YOU!

  649. steve says:

    you’re very welcome. i hope you get your MBP soon! i’m guessing i should be getting it about 2 weeks from now. i can’t wait.

  650. Jltswim says:

    In regards to Onlingo: If you cancel over the phone they will tell you that it is ok to return it by writing “return to sender”. They can do this because your membership has already been canceled. If you return to sender to cancel your membership then they have all kinds of problems trying to figure out what to do with it.

    Sent in my voucher yesterday after one day of verification!!!

  651. Levi says:


    Yesterday in the mail, they rang the doorbell and left the box on the porch. I called Online Gift rewards yesterday and they said that it was ordered on January 31st. So it took a week from the time they ordered it to show up at my house. All together I spent less than $200 and in less than a month got my reward in full. Thanks everybody, this is great.

  652. Elden says:

    Do you have to do something for I signed up and downloaded the software and they haven’t verified. Either has Columbia House but it looks like they are always slow.

    Any help would be great. Thanks!

  653. David says:

    Has anybody who received their MBP during the calendar year of 2006 done their taxes yet? (Maybe Josh since he was the first one) There was some speculation about the cost, but I’m curious if anyone has an actual number. Thanks

  654. Scott says:


    Did you ever get a tracking number or did it just show up? Also, when did you get your shipping request? I got mine on the 31st, so I was just wondering about the timeframe and what to expect. Thanks and congrats.

  655. Adam says:

    Congratulations Levi! what are the specs on yours?

    I didn’t see this in an earlier post of yours, but how long did it take the site to update you from verified (send in voucher) to fulfillment?

    sorry if this is redundant :(

  656. Matt S says:

    David- Periodically check Josh’s FAQ section, he said he would update the tax cost as soon as he knew.

  657. Josh says:

    Hey David,
    I haven’t done my taxes yet but I did email NuiTech about it and they said I should be receiving a 1099 in the mail any day. I’ll let everyone know whatever I find out.

    Also, Scott, I’m gonna go ahead and guess that Levi didn’t get a tracking number (correct me if I’m wrong, Levi). The vast majority of people do not, and the very, very few people who do, for whatever reason, always seem to get that email the same day their gift shows up on their doorstep.

    Just a reminder for everyone to check the Frequently Asked Questions page, as a lot of questions I see people asking are already answered there. Just trying to save you some time. :-)

  658. Josh says:

    Lol. Thanks Matt. I was typing my post before yours had been submitted.

  659. mike shelton says:

    Levi, what are the specs on your mac?

  660. Tom says:

    Hello everybody. I am about to start completing offers for the MacBook Pro. I have been told to start on the third page of offers and I was wondering if anyone could recommend any offers that seemed easier and/or cheaper. Thanks.

  661. Chris says:

    Went into fulfillment today. They received my voucher last Saturday, for those curious about timeframes.


  662. Matt S says:

    Tom: Steves post (I can view the numbers fully because I have a crappy work computer) I beleive its #359 details his processs. You can follow that one, it seems to be pretty cheap and fast.
    If you want to find it you can CMND (on an apple) or ALT (on a PC) F and type in:
    Steve Says:
    February 2nd, 2007 at 2:40 pm

  663. dennis says:

    Just went into Fulfillment!!!

    Timeline so far…
    Timeline so far:
    1/29 started offers
    2/1 verification
    2/2 voucher printed
    2/3 mailed voucher
    2/6 voucher was received
    2/9 fulfillment!

  664. steve says:

    i think i responded to your question in but i’ll post it again for people reading josh’s blog.

    my recommendations:

    1. blockbuster (easy and cheap)
    2. sunrocket (i did the 199 offer because you’ll get a full refund when you cancel, easy to cancel and they credit you back before they even received the package back. nice customer service when i called. you can choose to do the lesser expensive plans but you won’t get a full refund.)
    3. active periodicals (simply e-mail them to cancel your subscription. i received a 49 dollar refund which is what i paid to sign up.)
    4. columbia house (i haven’t received the package yet but i’ll do a return to sender to get credit back. you can always actually go with the plan and you’ll be getting about 10 DVDs for a little over 100 dollars. not a bad deal.)
    5. video professor (just make sure you cancel during the trial period.)
    6. people pc (cheap. i received credit in about 1 day. easy to cancel as long as you can handle being put on hold for about 10-20 minutes. some people had a hard time getting credit though. ymmv.)
    7. onlingo (cheap and easy to cancel. like video professor, make sure you cancel before the trial period.)
    8. advantage (just like the rest of the language offers, cancel before trial is over.)

    i had pitney bowes which was easy to do but it’s been taken off. the offers that i chose to do were based off reading the forum from beginning to end (research!) to make sure i picked the best offers to do in of pricing and quickness. i really can’t recommend that 9th offer you should do but from the choices that are left, i’d probably go with sirius. AVOID i’ve read nothing but bad things about cancelling.

  665. dennis says:


    I did the cheapest SunRocket plan, ~50 bucks, and I had no problem getting a full refund.

  666. steve says:

    oh? from how i interpreted their terms of service, i thought you had to pay for their launch kit. if not, definitely go for the lower priced plan. regardless, they’re really easy to deal with and even have a prepaid return stamp in their box you receive.

  667. David says:

    I was fully aware of the previous posts about tax stuff and Josh’s FAQs. I was curious if anybody had actual information from their taxes. I guess I need to have patience until people do their taxes.

  668. Anna says:

    Onlingo told me they DO NOT accept “return to sender” packages, even if they’re unopened. you have to pay for shipping to send at least one back.

  669. Matt S says:

    Anna: You are correct, they will not accept “return to sender.” FYI- Shipped mine today through my companies UPS acct (We get a discount) and it was 5.97 from GA. Advantage though- you can refuse return to sender that one. I did, and I got credit for it.
    David- I got a rough estimate from my father in law (he’s a CPA). 2,000 prize on a 30,000/yr taxable income will cost you about $300 federal tax (you pay 15%). Obviously though, it will vary by your tax bracket and such, but hope that gives you a rough idea.

  670. Chris says:

    Does anyone have the Alan Dunn customer service number?

  671. steve says:

    looks like i can expect to pay 300 dollars for mine. still not bad.

  672. Tom says:

    Thanks for the repsonse Steve. I appreciate your advice and I have about 15 offers to go haha. But I cannot wait until I get the MacBook Pro I love macs theyre the best. I have another question. About how long can it take to get credited on the gift status after completing an offer? Out of the few I have done so far, two were instantly credited but one has not (even though I really have given it no time considering I did it today).

  673. steve says:

    about 15/18 credited within the first couple of days. the rest took about 5-6 days.

  674. Joanna says:

    I just wanted to say that I had the complete opposite experience with than that of most of the people on this board. I sent them one email with the title ‘Cancel Account’ and the text, “I cannot afford to maintain this service. Because this cancellation request is within 31 days of the trial period, I expect to be refunded $65, as per the user agreement.” I expected to have to email and call aggressively, but after 2 days i received an email saying they would cancel my account, and my credit card has already been refunded the money. So good luck with all your cancellations. It really is a crap shoot as far as which ones complete immediately, which ones are difficult to cancel, etc. There’s no rhyme or reason apart from some general patterns, which I know can be frustrating! (For instance, I am still waiting on Sunrocket – it’s been 10 days and is the only one I have left…)

  675. J says:

    My experience with was similar. I got through the first time I tried to call, and the rep was very friendly. I just said I didn’t want the service and she said I’d be refunded all except the 19.95. I received an e-mail verification that I was cancelled and would receive a refund 5 minutes after I hung up. They were probably the easiest for me to cancel with, along with PeoplePC. There’s always some variance when it comes to customer service.
    One question, I’ve received e-mail confirmation from Columbia House for both order and shipment, but have received neither credit. Anyone else have this experience?

  676. Matt S says:

    J- Yeah thats normal. I got an e-mail from Columbia House two days after I signed up, but did not get credit for a week. (Actually, the credit I got was for S & H, I Never got credit for the other Columbia House).

  677. Tom says:

    Hey Steve can I get the number to contact SunRocket?

  678. the full figured youth guy says:

    Has anyone signed up through Great Fun? All my other offers have responded via email, shown up on my credit card charges, or both. There also was no confirmation page at the end of the offer.

    Does anyone have a number for them, or even a website or email?

    BTW, SunRocket was my favorite offer. I signed up on 2/6. I was credited DOUBLE on 2/7. The package arrived 2/8. I cancelled 2/8 (talked to a really sweet rep, with no pressure to stay on). I shipped 2/9 with prepaid UPS label (inside box). My $50.53 was refunded 2/9. The most expensive up front, but certainly the best all-around experience!

    Thanks Josh!

  679. the full figured youth guy says:

    SunRocket: (800) 786-0132

  680. Josh says:

    Great Fun’s number is:

  681. Ryan says:

    I think I just went through the fastest verification in history! I completed all of my offers last night around 7pm and went into verification, and today around 3:30pm it was verified! I was planning on it taking weeks!! How lucky am I!

    Maybe its had something to do with how impatient I was and I signed up for about 21 offers instead of 18, but i doubt it. The Mac gods are on my side!

  682. Sean says:

    When I click on the Sirius radio link I do not see where I can sign up with out a credit card. Can someone help me find the way to do it without a credit card. Thanks.

  683. Lauren says:

    I think I am starting to get a bit bitter, especially after that last comment! I completed all 18 offers on Dec. 15, and am still waiting. I have to get manual credit for 4 of them (the maximum amount, they told me). Therefore, I had to do one more level 3 offer, so i did PeoplePC on Monday night……I am still waiting. I am so frustrated, and ready for my stinking computer! Any tips on peoplepc besides logging in, checking my e-mail and fiddling with my settings?? I’ve done it all! Thanks, and congrats to those who are getting verified super-quick!

  684. James says:

    If you can avoid doing and bargain home on the first two pages it will show up on page three a couple of days after you begin. It did for my brother. He started the process during the superbowl and was verified at 2:00 today. Fast!!!!

  685. Tanaka says:

    Hey…I am waiting for 2. One is the wine and the other is Netflix. Do I have to sign on to Netflix order a movie and then I’ll get credited? and the wine…do I have to get it and then send something back to them to get credit? Also, what is this bank notorizing thing…i’m a bit unfamiliar…Thanks for your help guys!

  686. Tanaka says:

    Sorry one more thing. Did anyone do Reward Depot? I did it thinking I could just cancel…and it said it was only going to be like 10 bucks but I checked my credit statement and it said it was like 67 bucks! ok thanks again.

  687. brandon says:

    any one have trouble with john alexander site…i got charged three times becasues i was told my order didnt go through it finally did…but now i have been charged three times…i know they have good money back policy…

  688. Ronald says:

    1. What does the friend need to do for you to get credit for a referral?

    2. Has anyone else been asked to only complete 1 offer and given only one page? I cant get past the first page.


  689. Sue says:

    FYI- when I went to cancel PeoplePC, I told them I didn’t need the service because I use a MAC at home. They proceeded to ask me if I wanted a refund for my first month of service????? I said sure! So if this scenario is also true for you, you might want to ask for refund. It isn’t much, but I wasn’t expecting to get $5.47 back from them.

  690. Josh says:

    1. You don’t have to get referrals, you just do all the offers yourself – that’s what’s so great about this offer.

    2. When you first put in your email and info, it will take you through a “survey” several pages long. These aren’t the offers you have to complete to get your Mac (or whatever you’re working for). Just keep selecting “No” on all those or if the page has a “Skip” button hit that. It will tell you you’re at something like “Top Offers Page 1″ when you get to the first of the three pages of offers.

  691. Tom says:

    any offer reccomendations for the 1st and 2nd page???

  692. Josh says:

    Steve’s comment # 459 above would probably be helpful to you. He has composed a good list of recommendations.

  693. Matthew says:


    Suppose I do the Mac offer. Can my wife subsequently do another offer (say, one of the television or game console offers)?

    If so, we should be able to sign up for some of the same offers I signed up for? Or is something like that frowned upon.

    She’d have the same address as I would, but different email and phone numbers.

  694. Jay says:

    Has anyone done the Sirius satellite radio deal on the third page? Not the no credit-card one but the regular one where they charge you 50 dollars for just the radio.

    How long does that take to credit? I need one more offer on page 3!!

    Thanks for all your help everybody. I hope to be finishing this thing this coming week!


  695. Tom says:

    Hey Jay. I did the Sirius offer on the third page. I did it yesterday but I did not recieve credit for it yet.

  696. kh says:

    the sirius one takes longer than CH.. I’d say probably like a week or so…at least for me it did.

  697. Tom says:

    thanks josh

  698. matt says:

    Has anyone who’s completed this noticed any increase junk mail or telemarketing phone calls from any of the companies they signed up in trials for?

  699. Donovan says:

    Yes. I setup a separate email address just for this promotion. Right away, before I even signed up for any offers I had 17+ messages in my spam box at my yahoo address.

  700. Maria says:

    I have a question about the Sirius radio offer- it’s only free if I sign up for 6 months of the service, so can I just return the radio and get a refund, tell them I changed my mind about the service?

    Also wondering, if I did the MBP deal, can my husband do it too? He is at the same address but would be using a different email and credit card. The terms at the onlinegiftrewards site seem to say just 1 per person, not one per household.

    Thanks! (I’m in verification right now- yea, MacBook Pro, yea Josh!)

  701. Josh says:

    Matthew and Maria,
    I’m fairly certain that each person (even if they live at the same address) can do a gift offer from NuiTech. I have heard of roommates and spouses who have each done gifts and I’m pretty sure they didn’t have any problems.
    There are some other companies besides NuiTech who do stuff like this, and some of them will only allow one account per address. You just have to read the terms of service.

    Yes, you will get some junk mail and telemarketers, but not an overwhelming amount.
    Since October when I did the offers myself, I have gotten a handful of telemarketing calls from various companies (probably not even 10). Most of these calls came within a month/month-and-a-half of doing all the offers and stuff. I haven’t gotten any calls in a long time. Also, you will probably start getting a little junk mail, but also not an overwhelming amount. I get a credit card offer or something every once in a while, but it’s really not a big deal.
    Of course, you’re going to get spam in your email inbox (and lots of it), but that’s why we create a separate email account for the offers.

  702. chris says:

    I’ve been waiting on my last offer, People PC since 1/26… i’ve logged in, logged into my email, etc… nothing. So I tried signing up for a different language of Onlingo… and that didn’t work either. It just charged me for another video i’m going to have to return :( . So now I am trying NY Times and hoping it will go through.

    Seems like that last offer just takes a long long time no matter which one it is, because my Columbia House and others went right away… makes me think the gift reward place is just making you wait so you’ll do more offers, or maybe i’m just unlucky. Anyway, just wanted to share my experience. Thanks Josh for this site, I couldn’t possibly have done it without you. I’m gettin my mac for my daughter in college who is taking graphic design, and this is such a blessing because otherwise there is no way i could have afforded one. thanks!

  703. Tom says:

    Has anyone done the Scholastic offer?

  704. steve says:

    1/27 – started
    2/1 – 18th offer completed
    2/2 – verified
    2/11 – fulfillment in progress, shipping request has been issued.

  705. Tom says:

    Can someone give me contact information for Phonics and Columbia House please?

  706. Andrew says:

    Has anyone done any other gifts beside the macbook? If so what are the url addresses for these gifts, thanks.

  707. Tom says:

    Has anyone had to wait a bit for obtaining credit from People PC, SunRocket, or Columbia House????

  708. dennis says:

    on the forum, none of the people who went into fulfillment on 1/31 got their MBPs yet. But Levi mentioned they ordered his on 1/31, which probably means they ordered a bunch on 1/31.

    If this is the case, and seeing so many SUNDAY fulfillments today, they are probably ready to order a bunch tomorrow (to meet a quota for a discount).

    This could be good news.

  709. Brett M. says:

    1/31-Completed All 18 Offers


    2/3-Mailed Voucher


    Thanks Josh for the blog and thank you everyone for sharing all of your advice!!!

  710. Jordan says:

    hey Brett M. what do you mean by fulfillment? Do you mean you already got the computer…or a tracking number? 8 days is all it took?

  711. Ryan says:


    I don’t know if it makes a difference, but People PC didn’t credit for me until I sent an email from the account after I logged in. I logged in once and didn’t send an email, and it didn’t credit. Maybe it was coincidence, but not too long after i logged back in and sent the email, it was credited.

  712. steve says:

    Jordan, after completing 18 offers, you wait for to put you into the verification state. Once there, you print our the voucher, fill it out, notarize it, then mail it in. You remain in the verification state until reviews and approves, then you move to the fulfillment state. According to Josh and others, tracking information is received seconds before the box arrives.

    So no tracking number or box yet. Apparently, getting either could take 1 day or 3 weeks. It’ll happen when it happens.

  713. Sally G says:

    Officially in “fullfillment!”

  714. dennis says:

    Boy, I hope my MBP comes soon.
    I wish they emailed us with tracking numbers when we go into fulfillment.

  715. Erik K says:

    I just took the plunge and started this process yesterday — so far I have 16 of 18 offers credited (not bad!). Obviously Columbia House hasn’t credited yet, so I’ll wait a week or so before panicking on that one. My question is about Onlingo, I’ve tried to sign up for it several times but I get an error page when I click ‘Submit’ — has anyone else had this problem? I called Onlingo and they dont have a record of my submission, so it’s obviously not going through.

  716. dennis says:

    I called NT this morning, asking if I could get a tracking number.
    A friendly lady picked up and took my info and told me that she will email me when there will be a tracking number.

    However, she said that my MBP was NOT ORDERED YET.
    I went into fulfillment on Friday 2/9.

  717. gigathlete says:

    Does anyone know how much time it takes for them to ship it once it is ordered? They said mine was ordered on the 6th.

  718. Brett M. says:

    Jordan, I was just told that my voucher has been recieved and that they have placed an order for my computer. I wish it was already here, but alas it is not.

  719. Matt S says:

    Hey, I’m trying to see if I can get some average times before you’re “qualified” after you send in your voucher. Josh had four days, my best friend has five, it’s been six for me and no word.

  720. dennis says:


    you mean they ordered it?
    i went into fulfillment 2/9, called at 11am this morning, and they said it hasnt been ordered.

  721. dennis says:

    i’m still on the shipping queue, and which means it hasnt been ordered.

  722. Sally G says:

    Matt S.,

    I sent my voucher in last Tuesday. They technically received it on Wednesday (R.Jackson? signed for it) then I checked the gift status page this morning, Monday, and it said “Current Status: Fullfillment In Progress” “We have received and processed your Gift Redemption Voucher, and a Shipping Request has been issued.”

  723. Sally G says:

    I can’t wait either! Keep us posted when you get it!

  724. Adam says:

    I’m right there with you, Sally, fulfillment as of 11:00am today.

    I still need to cancel a few things, but for those who want to know I sent in my voucher on the 5th (monday) or the 2nd (friday). I honestly can’t remember. I sent it via normal post-stamp mail and it probably arrived in 2 or 3 days (MO to FL). I’ll guess it arrived on the 7th or 8th, which makes the voucher-processing wait only 3 or 4 days.

    I hope we get the good models, Sally, and quickly too.

  725. Brett M. says:

    Sorry Dennis. I guess I am a little confusing. I just got the page that said “Current Status: Fullfillment In Progress” “We have received and processed your Gift Redemption Voucher, and a Shipping Request has been issued.” I don’t know if they’ve ordered it or not.

  726. Brett M. says:

    Hey Dennis, when you called, did they say anything to you about when they were going to order the Macbook Pros?

  727. dennis says:

    Brett, they said they don’t know.
    I know they’ve ordered on 1/31 and 2/6 now. So thats Wednesday and then Tuesday. So hopefully they will order tomorrow or Wed.

    the guys on this forum,,17798382~days=9999~start=280
    have said it takes about a week after fulfillment to order. then again another guy got it 8 days after he went into fulfillment. So I have no idea.

  728. James says:


    Which offers did you do?

  729. Chadwick says:

    I have ready pretty much every post on this page, and have thrown my hat into the ring for a new MBP.

    Here is a list of the offers I completed. If anyone has a comment about one of them (which may be a pain to cancel, or any tips) please post it. All the help I can get will be appreciated.

    Complete Home (Vertue at Home).
    Everyday Value
    At Home Rewards

    Entertainment Weekly
    Today’s Escapes
    Shopping Essentials
    Scholastic Phonics
    Scholastic Disney
    Simply You

    Columbia House
    John Alexander
    People PC
    Advantage Language
    Video Professor

    total spent before refunds $172.66

    Wish me luck

  730. Chadwick says:

    A nice little side note.

    The email address I created is

  731. Zach says:

    I’m wondering how you all got People PC to credit so fast. I completed the offer, downloaded the software, even recieved some cds in the mail today and still no credit

  732. Stephen says:

    Hello everyone. My question regards verification and the voucher. Do you recieve an e-mail from them to print the voucher or when you log in to check your status does it pop up then? Any help would be great, thanks!

  733. James says:

    When you log in you will find your voucher.

    I didn’t get credit for people pc. Took a few days for columbia house. There are 2 columbia house offers. I recommend doing them both. They will only charge you for one. Keep watching and check your status after each time you click on a link/offer. Many times you wll get a different offer even though it is the same company. The offer status will look different. It will say, onlingo or onlingo 2 . Blockbuster or blockbuster-page 1. You can do each of these offers because even though on paper they are the same, as far as NT they are different.

  734. Samantha says:

    I am interested in doing this but I have already filed my taxes, do this mean it will come out of my refund or that I will owe the IRS or do I just do it in 2007?

  735. Samantha says:

    I mean do i do it when I file taxes for 2007 in 2008?

  736. Josh says:

    a link to the voucher and instructions will appear on your gift status page.

    As far as I understand taxes, you will file/report the gift in your 2007 taxes next year (early 2008). Everyone should keep this in mind, so they aren’t surprised when a few hundred dollars of taxes is due a year from now and they’ve forgotten about it.
    And no, I haven’t gotten any tax info from NuiTech yet, but hopefully soon. I’m going to call again to inquire about it.

  737. Jud says:

    Hey guys, I read above that sometimes if you try Onlingo for a different language, then you get credited…I tried it twice with 2 different languages and I didn’t get credit and it didn’t show up that I looked it up on my Gift Status page…but I did get a confirmation email on both…can I cancel before they send it out? I don’t want to have 3 of these things and have to send them back…what do you guys think?

  738. steve says:

    i wouldn’t cancel before they’re sent out because if you’re not properly charged on your credit card, niutech can audit you. from what i’ve read in various forums, they’ve been auditting a lot of people lately.

  739. Levi says:



    Yesterday in the mail, they rang the doorbell and left the box on the porch. I called Online Gift rewards yesterday and they said that it was ordered on January 31st. So it took a week from the time they ordered it to show up at my house. All together I spent less than $200 and in less than a month got my reward in full. Thanks everybody, this is great.

    I started filling out offers on Jan. 10th and received my Macbook Pro on Feb. 8th.

    The Specs on this machine are:
    -120gb Hard Drive
    -1 GB Ram
    -2.16 ghz Core 2 Duo Processor
    -Dual Layer Super Drive
    -ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 128MB of GDDR3 SDRAM
    -iLife (itunes, iphoto, safari, garage band, ichat)
    -Built in isight
    -Airport (Wireless Internet)

    Well worth the time and money.

  740. kb says:

    Hey everyone! I’ve completed all of my offers but alas, the only one not to credit so far is columbia house. I didn’t want to do this as a 3rd page offer but I didn’t want to do a sunrocket or nytimes either. So I took the plunge on Friday. I’ve still not received my confirmation email from them, a package or my credit. I understand that it takes a few days for them to credit but I would think that they would at least send my confirmation email within a day or two. Even if I wanted to keep the service this type of communication would force me not to! I need them so I can go into verification!!!!

  741. JC says:

    As far as the tax question goes, You’ll be issued a 1099-MISC (kind of like your W-2 from work that reports your income) from NT around January or February of 2008. You’ll then report this as income on your personal tax return. Don’t try and not report it, because NT sends the exact same information to the IRS. Trust me, you don’t want the IRS auditing you. I’m a tax accountant working on my CPA…so if you have any more specific tax questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  742. steve says:

    how long did it take everyone to get their package from Columbia House?

  743. steve says:

    woo! i just called and they said the computer was ordered today. from what i’ve read i should be getting it in a week.

  744. Omar says:

    EVERYONE BE CAREFULL WITH JOHN ALEXANDER. I got charged 5 times because i thought it wasn’t going throug but everytime i tried i got charged. When i called their customer service they only had record of one charge. Thank god for capital one credit cards.

  745. Omar says:

    oh also in better news i got verified friday the 9th but didn’t get around to sending in the voucher till yesterday the 12th. I sent it usps prioity with delivery confermation for like $5.

    i started late feb 4th early feb 5th.

    One week aint too bad for getting completed and verified. hopefully i ony have 2 more weeks of waiting!

    Remember be careful with john alexander.

  746. Adam says:


    Congrats–I hope mine is a similar model (gig of ram, 2.16, etc).

  747. Chris says:

    An observation and a question:

    When you call to cancel John Alexander you have to specifically request a refund. Unless you do, you won’t get one.

    Is Alan Dunn (Fast Auction Toolkit) supposed to offer a refund? I called customer service and they said they don’t handle those requests and transfered me to another number, but I didn’t have the time to sit in the queue.

  748. McBronson says:

    I was just wondering if there has ever been a case where someone’s status for an offer ever went from “Complete” back to “**Not Completed” becase of cancellation, etc. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  749. dennis says:


    I just called them and they told me they ordered mine too!!! Now its just about a week’s wait.

    My timeline to refresh others:
    1/29 started
    1/31 completed + verification
    2/2 qualifed + got voucher
    2/3 mailed voucher
    2/6 NT received voucher
    2/9 fulfillment
    2/13 NT ordered MBP

  750. Erik says:

    I’ve signed up for probably 9 offers that also included the Saving Smart trial. Does anyone know if I just need to cancel that once? I’m assuming so since there is only one number for them.

  751. Nina says:

    About returning Onlingo for you all. when I called, they told me I could not send it back “refused, return to sender”, and that I would have to pay shipping to return it. When I went to the post office, the woman told me it had been shipped first class, which means it is free to send it back to Onlingo Returns. I asked her why they would have told me otherwise. She only guessed that perhaps they are trying to get you to keep the program. Just a thought for you all.

  752. Matt S says:

    I called nuitech today to see what the deal was, and they said it takes up to two weeks to receive and process the voucher. This really blows, because everyone else I know has been able to take care of theirs w/in a week.

  753. Jordan says:

    Well I had my ipod stolen today, a 60 gig video gone. Someone broke into a locker and stole it.

    I get a new computer, lose my ipod…has anyone had good luck selling the macbooks on ebay?

  754. Jay says:

    matt, i thought the same thing happened to me, but i had an issue with my address and did not see the email they sent me to correct that. so you should check through your email to see what’s going on

  755. Matt S says:

    Jay- I checked my email right before I called. When I called she told me that she could not even confirm it had been received yet. Curse me for not sending it UPS!

  756. Mark D. says:

    So I signed up for a ton of $1 offers last night and all but two of them said they processed my transaction, while the others said my card had been declined. I got a call from the fraud department on my CC and authorized all the charges. What I’m wondering is, now that these merchants are getting their money, (even the ones who initially said my CC was declined) will they inform NT to credit me or SOL? Anyone have any experience with this, because none of these offers are showing credits?

  757. Erik K says:

    Here’s a tip for anyone working on the offers right now. All of the offers that involve the $1 processing fee and also sign you up for the Saving Smart trial are through the same company. You are only signed up for one Saving Smart account despite it being listed as part of all the $1 offers. These offers are really great because (a) the credit posts to your NT account instantly [or the next day] and (b) you can cancel without having to talk to anyone. When you do cancel, make sure to have the automated system look up your account with the credit card number you signed up with — this is the only way you can cancel without speaking to a rep. It’s much faster than having to talk to a not-so-smart rep who usually takes 5 minutes just to pronounce your name, much less look up your account and cancel it. However, most reps will probably cancel all of your accounts for you if you just tell them you have several accounts with them and you’d like to cancel them all. Just some tips! I got my entire 1st and 2nd page done with these offers alone!

  758. Jud says:

    So, I am waiting for 1 more offer on page 3. It’s either Columbia House or the wine…and both seem like a pain…so Advantage language is still available but everytime I try to register, it says: error…and that i am “ineligable.” Do you think if I used my friend’s credit card…it would work and get me credit and not disqualify me? Thanks guys…

  759. heather robinson says:

    Eric K:
    Where do you go to cancel these accounts?

  760. Matt S says:

    Heather- Information on cancelling accounts is listed on the terms and conditions page of each of the “vendors.” You can go to each “vendors” website and Terms and Conditions should be on the bottom. Though, I must say, you probably should have looked at those BEFORE you signed up…

  761. Matt S says:

    Jud- another credit card shouldn’t be a problem. My question is, where do you live, that may have something to do with your eligibilty (Say you live in Canada or Europe or something like that).

  762. Matt says:

    Has anyone done the Sirius offer on the last page that requires you getting the $49 radio. I tried all those tricks of getting the page without the CC info but it doesn’t work. Can you just send the radio back for a refund?

  763. kb says:

    Matt, I did the sirius radio. Sirius credited instantly and its not a problem cancelling. All you have to do is send it back and call them back witha tracking #. Once they receive it they will credit your return.

  764. Chadwick says:

    Just tried to check status through the link in the blog and it redirected me to a site with a $50 Gift Card offer.
    I tried putting in my email address to check status, but it was not found.
    Can anyone confirm?

  765. Joanna says:

    question about CH – all you have to do to cancel is write ‘refused- return to sender’ is that correct? i don’t have to call and discontinue my membership with them? If I do have to do that, does anyone have the number?

  766. Sean says:

    It is closed down. Good job Josh you did it you ran them out of Mac’s. I am proud of you and you should be proud of yourself.

    For new ones to the mac offer this is another site for it, however, it is 20 offers now rather than 18. Still worth the trouble and the time.

  767. J says:

    It looks as though the offer has ended..

    Greatt….I saw this yesterday and decided I’d start today. Of course this happens.

  768. matt says:

    I don’t know I went to this page:
    and put in my info on the check gift status link at the bottom and it showed up on that one.

  769. steve says:

    Looks like they’ve stopped the offer and redirected traffic to another offer. Use this link to see if you can check your status:

  770. Powell says:

    Im starting tonight wish me luck!!

  771. heather robinson says:

    MATT S:


  772. Caleb says:

    I am most of the way through my process but the link does not go to the MacBook offer. Does anyone know how to get back there if the process is mostly finished?

  773. Sean says:

    I think you will just have to call them and see what they say.

    (561) 674-9700

  774. Caleb, check out:

    That should get you to where you need to be.

  775. mike shelton says:

    i just happened to go to the offer today and the bumped it up to 24 offers. holy crap!

  776. heather robinson says:

    is there a new link for the mac?

  777. Chadwick says:

    I went to and click on gift status page, put in my email, and was able to get to the checklist.

    I have 2 offers yet to confirm, so I don’t know about getting to the rest of the pages for the offer.

  778. gary says:

    I’m still waiting for, PeoplePC, and Columbia House. Been waiting 3 days now for the credit! I know columbia house can take a couple weeks, though. I’m so impatient!

  779. Matt S says:

    I found out what the problem was with my verification form, the lady that I got to notarize it had the same last name as me. Even though she wasn’t a family member, that is apparently still a no-no, why could I have a weird last name like Zambrovich or something? Anyways, got a new form notarized (this time by a Ms. Long) and UPS’d it down today.

  780. Tom says:

    What happened to the free macbook pro site???? It changed!

  781. Cass says:

    Is this offer still valid? The link now takes you to another offer for a $50 gift card. I’m still able to access my ‘account,’ but I’m wondering if anyone else will be able to apply.

  782. Cass says:

    Well, I didn’t read the comments above. Whoops. This is for Caleb: If you go to and click on Check Gift Status you should be able to get into your account. Then just click on the link to go to whatever page of offers you still need to complete. Good luck!

  783. Danny Boy says:

    Yea it is now a $50 gift card or something…I was halfway through the offers and now it doesnt even recognize my email address!! this is not good!!!

  784. Danny Boy says:

    yea my bad CASS is correct just go to to navigate to your current status. Thanks, I was scared there for a second.

  785. Caleb says:

    Thanks Cass! Thanks Sean!
    The phone number and advice worked wonders! I was totally in a tizzy…

  786. Don says:

    The link I originally used was “” and that seems to still work fine. It does show 20 offers needed now, though (5-6-9).

  787. Matt says:

    has anyone recently gotten the double credit for Columbia House? I noticed that Josh got it in the initial write up but that was a while ago.

    Also has anyone done the Advantage periodical offer? It says on the page: “You have to accept the first monthly subscription fee for your gift credit.” It seems confusing does that mean you can’t cancel it?

  788. Jesse says:

    Does anyone know what’s going on with the gift rewards website? Is it at a new address, or did they cancel the offer?

  789. Matt says:

    oops i meant “Active periodicals” in the above post sorry….my brain is fried.

  790. john black says:

    uh oh…

    no more macbook pros.

    according to the terms and conditions on nuitech’s website, if you’ve already started an offer for a gift, you’re locked in to receive it even if they decide not to offer it to the rest of the mac-wanting masses.

    glad i started one for my dad yesterday. whew. :)

    (i got mine last wednesday! thanks josh!!!)

  791. Stephanie says:

    Okay, so the link on this page for the offer is now directed to a new page… and my e-mail address wouldn’t even show up as registered. So I had to call, and they told me to just now always type in So I did that, and the offer has changed. I called again. My offer is still the macbook pro. Fortunately. I was freaking out.

  792. Josh says:

    Everybody calm down.
    If you started work on your Mac, you’re still going to get it, according to NuiTech’s Terms & Conditions page.

    For those who have already started working on their Mac using the link in my blog post, simply go to to check your gift status and finish completing your offers.

    I have updated the link in my post to direct to the new, 20-offer Mac page from NuiTech.

    Note: I’m going to disable comments on this post for the next 24 hours or so just so this information doesn’t get buried in a million other comments, and to keep others from freaking out.

    If you have a question, do a Ctrl+F or Command+F (on a Mac) to search this page for keywords, and also check the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you can’t find an answer to your question, post it tomorrow evening after I re-enable comments.

  793. Josh says:

    Comments have (obviously) been re-enabled.

    With the outbreak of panic that ensued after the old 18-offer Mac site expired yesterday, I thought I’d give everyone a helpful hint:

    If you visit a NuiTech site and think that at some point in the future you may possibly, seriously consider doing offers for that particular gift, go ahead and register for the gift – even if there aren’t enough offers to complete it at the time. This locks you into getting the gift and getting it for the current number of offers (even if the site expires).
    For example, my girlfriend will soon begin doing offers for her own MBP. She created an account about a week ago through the old 18-offer site, but hasn’t completed any offers yet. Now, even though it has “expired,” she can still login and complete the offers and do it for only 18.

    The bottom line: if you see something you might want go ahead and register for it, then bookmark that gift status page. Better safe than sorry.

    Eventually, new sponsors will come along and you’ll be able to do another gift. I did my Mac offers back in October, but now there are enough new ones that I can complete another 18-offer gift if I want – once another paycheck or two come in, perhaps. :)

    Also, when signing up for multiple NuiTech gifts, use the same email, name, address, etc. You can do sponsor offers again with a different email and credit card if you’re doing it for a gift through another company besides NuiTech, but if NuiTech catches you with multiple accounts across several email addresses or other info, they’ll cancel your account and you will have wasted money.

  794. Cindy says:

    Hey, thank u so much for making this site, ur great.. i have a quick question tho…How do i know that i get credit for filling out an offer? do i have to subscribe to nuitech?

  795. Josh says:

    Hey Cindy,
    Just check the Gift Status page to see all your offers and which ones have completed. Get there by clicking on the “Gift Status” link at the bottom of NuiTech’s page.

  796. Anna says:

    Hey guys – in fulfillment! Hopefully it’ll just be another couple of weeks! This is amazing :)

  797. matt says:

    Well I didn’t do this the right way and now am stuck with a lot of crappy offers on the last page. Did anyone notice if they waited for a while that maybe some of the offers changed once you went back to that page?

  798. Matt S says:

    Matt- jump up two posts. The offers change, you just have to wait a few days. And btw, some of the offers may seem crappy, but consider that you are getting a 2000 dollar computer for maybe doing another 40 dollar offer (Which you will get your money back from) its not a bad deal.

  799. Cindy says:

    ok… so the word “completed” on the site means the same thing as credited?… i just want to make sure before i cancel my memberships

  800. Josh says:

    Yes, “completed” means credited.
    Check the Frequently Asked Questions page for related questions.

    As the other Matt has already said, you might just have to wait a little while. Depending on how many new offers you need, though, it will probably take more than just a few days for several new offers to show up. Also, try refreshing the page a few times and one or two might change.

  801. Cindy says:

    i guess what im trying to ask is, when is says “offer completed”, does that mean that the specific offer gave me credit and is it ok for me to cancel?

  802. Matt S says:

    Cindy- yes, when it says completed you have received credit for it.
    Side note you do not have to wait for something to credit before you cancel it. As long as you have been charged for it, you are safe.

  803. Rebecca says:

    My husband just started the 20-offer Mac, after I had completed my 18-offer Mac last week. When looking through the new site, everything seems to be the same. Instead of Page1 being 3 offers, it is 5 (which doesn’t seem like a big deal because those are the easy ones anyway.) From what I can tell, this isn’t much of a change.

  804. Matt S says:

    My new (and improved) voucher has arrived at Nuitech. Signed for by a Joeseph. Here’s hoping they speed it on through.

  805. Tom says:

    SunRocket is the only credit I need! I signed up for it a week ago and I’m sending back the package today hopefully I’ll be credited by the end of the weekend. What happens when you are credited for all 18 offers? What “step” are you in then?

  806. omar g says:

    i sent in my voucher via priority on monday. It arrived yesterday (feb 15) at dawn. Still nothing. I hope they process it soon.

  807. JM says:

    I just went into validation. NT had to combine 2 offers, but I am almost there.
    I was able to do all the offers (actually got 21 done, just in case and I was impatient) and spent a total of $8.99!!
    I was able to get ALL the offers on page 3 credited back to me.

  808. Josh says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only person who’d like to hear which offers you did so that you ended up spending so little. :)
    Can you give us a quick list?

  809. Matt S says:

    Tom- You are in the “validation” step, at which point Nuitech checks to see if you really did purchase the said products. After that you will be given a voucher to print and get notarized.

  810. JM says:

    Page 3 – Total of $0.00
    Blockbuster – canceled right away, was not charged
    SunRocket – returned for full
    Onlingo – returned for full
    Advantage Spanish – returned for full
    Columbia House DVD – return for full
    Video Professor – return for full
    PeoplePC – I have a mac, no charge to cancel
    Sirius – return for full
    NY Times – canceled before any paper was sent out (used on page 2, but was a different offer)

    Page 2 – Total of $6 (all $1)
    Bargain Network Homes
    Today’s Escape
    Great Fun
    Simply You
    Shopping Essentials

    Page 1 – Total of $2.99
    eMusic $0.99
    Complete Home Care $1
    Passport to fun $1

  811. powell says:

    I have a question about the new 20 offer page. Do you still do the last page or platinum page first. Basically im wondering if everything is the same or if there is some sort of new trick to not get stuck with credit cards.

  812. Matt S says:

    Powell- yes, start with the final page first.

  813. kb says:

    Went into verification on Weds. Just waiting for the voucher. i did my offers for $30.15. Only because I actually kept the inkjet offer.

  814. Cass says:

    Does anybody know anything about Saving Smart? Three of the little $1 offers I signed up for say that I also signed up for Saving Smart, and I’m wondering if I need to cancel it 3 separate times or if once will suffice.

  815. Complete7 says:

    What does NUITECH’S verification email look like??? What’s the subject title? I think it might be going to my junkmail perhaps…i’ve been waiting since Wednesday to get the email for the voucher.

  816. kb says:

    You need to cancel saving smart once. If you look at all the offers that have saving smart they give you the same phone #. It’s real easy. Everything is automated.

  817. Matt S says:

    Complete: What do you mean by verification email? Nuitech normally e-mails you if there is a problem, not to confirm something.

  818. Complete7 says:

    I’m talking about the email they send you that you print out with the voucher… My “gift status” page says “You’re almost there…” and i’m wondering if the email they send me to print out the voucher is getting sent to my yahoo “Bulk Folder”.

    Does the gift status page just suddenly turn to “Fulfillment” when they get done with everything?

  819. Tom says:

    Matt S- What happens if when they check to see u actually bought merchandiase they don’t see too much money spent because you were refunded a good sum of money???

  820. Erik K says:

    Did anyone NOT have their NY (New York) Times credit go through on a Monday? I’m just trying to gauge when it will go through for me. It’s now Friday and I signed up on Monday, so I’m thinking that based on the a few comments above that my credit will come in on this coming Monday??? It’s my last one… :)

  821. Martin says:

    Ok I can’t find the new 20 offer MAC page. Josh’s link takes me to a “computer offer” page that has a $50 gift card as the reward….what am i missing?
    I am doing the 18 offer but I’d like to start my 20 offer project asap before they get greedy and want 30!! :)
    By the way Josh, your site rocks…
    Marty (drummer out at Southland)

  822. Josh says:

    JM, how quickly did you cancel Blockbuster to not get charged? I’ve never heard of anyone doing that.

    Complete7, like Matt said, you won’t get any emails from NuiTech unless something is wrong. The link to print out your voucher will appear on the gift status page. Just keep checking it.

    Tom, they will look at your credit card statement to see the original charges by the sponsors.

  823. Erik K says:

    I also wanted to share that when I called Vonage to cancel, I made sure to tell them that I hadn’t even opened the package yet and that I wanted to cancel (despite their attempts to retain me). So their initial charge was like $42 and now they’re charging me another $42 to disconnect but he said that upon receiving the equipment back that I’d be refunded for both at a total of $80-something. That’s great, I was planning on just taking a loss for the $39 disconnect fee as mentioned above in several places, but it sounds like I’m getting it all back!

  824. Erik K says:

    Sorry forgot to mention for reference that when I told the Vonage rep I hadn’t opened the package yet, he said to just write/attach the RA# and new return address on the package and bring it in to DHL and tell them that you are refusing the package. So I don’t have to pay shipping either! I didn’t know you could refuse a package and have it sent to a different address…

  825. Josh says:

    Uh oh.
    Um, it looks like NuiTech has expired the newer 20-offer MBP too…

    Google isn’t finding a new one from NuiTech, either…


  826. Jay says:

    I just wanted to thank Josh and everyone participating in this blog entry. They finally gave me a gift voucher after waiting 3 days.

    Did exactly 18 offers, didn’t go over and did it patiently. I have 2-3 deals to cancel and I am all done. I will have spent less than $100 bucks which includes the fees I paid to ship a few items back to the services.

    Thanks again everybody for all your help.

  827. JM says:

    I canceled Blockbuster literally immediately after I signed up. As soon as I hit the submit button, I checked the status and it showed completed right away. I went back to the blockbuster site and canceled my account. Signed up and canceled all within 5 minutes.

    I was verified this morning and now I see shipment was submitted. Very quick! I didn’t have to do the voucher because they had to combine offers from 2 different and complete it manually. That seemed to shave a few days off.

  828. GeorgeG says:

    Wow, things change quickly (google search results are different for me too). I hope everyone registered in time, follows the well documented (and repeated) directions, recommendations and gets their gift(s). You might even keep/enjoy some of the sponsor offers, I’m keeping some myself.

    Since my voucher was received, I hope I get the MacBook Pro. BIG THANKS to Josh Clark for your time, info and bandwidth.

  829. tim says:

    Has anyone had problems with the sirius radio offer. Im looking at the terms and conditions and it says that you may be charged 75.00 if you cancel? is that true? how do i get around that? Thanks

  830. Tom says:

    thanks josh.
    tim- i did the sirius offer and i had no problem canceling and i did not receive any fees like that. they actually refunded me. i cancelled before they sent my radio out but im sure as long as u cancel within the trial period they wont give u crap. luckily their customer service isn’t too bad. they also credited within a day or to.

  831. Sean says:

    For anyone out there who is needing a Mac Book Pro I started an account under a false name and just some made up e-mail address (from Hotmail), however, when I completed my offers I did it under a different account. I was not able to contact the offices of Nuietech yet, but if it is possible for me or someone else to change the name on the account then maybe I can help someone out. I will contact them on Monday to find out. Feel free to e-mail me if you want to find out what I discover and about getting this account from me…
    Hope this is okay Josh… you can expect some money from me for your help with my mac book pro. I am very excited to receive it, they just ordered it today.

  832. tim says:

    Tom – I just did the sirius radio and got credit right away, I called them a cancelled before they sent out the radio. I noticed that i was charged the 52 bucks on my credit card. How long did it take for them to credit you back?

  833. ZP says:


    Right when I got started on the whole deal, I hit backspace during the survey. Now on my giftstatus page it shows two hyperlinks for the Mac offer, but only one has been recording my offers (I think a good thing). Has anyone experienced this? Will this be a problem?
    JM, when you said ‘they had to combine offers from 2 different’ is this what you meant?

  834. JM says:

    What I mean by combining is that I had started, by accident, 2 Macbook pro accounts. I didn’t realized until I had signed up for everything that the missing completions were on another account. NT has to manually combine the accounts. When they do this, they do not need the voucher to be signed and sent back in order to go into shipment request. Rather, I just had to notarize a W9 substitution form (did that today).

  835. Paul R. says:

    Cancelled my Sunrocket today. The dude on the phone asked if I had opened the package yet, and I said no. Then he asked why I was returning, and I said, “just don’t need it.” He didn’t try to give me a hard sell or anything – just put me on hold. When he came back and gave me my cancellation #, he then said, “i just have one question – what did you get?” I asked, “what?” and he said, “was it a free laptop, ipod, xbox.. what did you get?” He was chuckling and I ashamedly said, “laptop…” He said, “yeah, I get a lot of those.” It was probably the most pleasant cancellation out of them all, unlike PeoplePC which was by far the worst.

  836. Paul R. says:

    Also – it appears that even the updated 20 offer mac site redirects to a 50 dollar gift card. Is there any way to do a search and find other macbook pros from a reputable site?

  837. Derek Floster says:

    Ahoy dudes,

    My gift status page has been on “verification” for a few days now, no follow-up Emails from Nuitech yet. Is this cause for alarm based on anyone’s prior experience? Anybody gotten a raw deal at this point in the game, i.e. getting denied credit on deals previously listed as “complete” on status page? I’ve cancelled quite a bit already, can they get me on that?

    Thanx amigos,



  838. j. says:

    derek – just registering that my situation is the same as yours. I’ve even noticed that I canceled a few before a credit card charge even showed up — but i did receive notice that I had ‘completed’ the offer on the website. I’m just hoping that I haven’t paid a $30.00 stupidity tax by doing this. :\

  839. Connor says:

    Wow, just got my macbook pro a few days ago.

    Its a bummer that they seem to have discontinued the mac offer. Glad I finished :)

    Good luck to all in finding another one!

  840. Derek Floster says:

    j – holler back if you hear something from them, i’ll do the same. solidarity, amigo.

    if the bottom drops out on me, i might be using that generous intro APR from Discover to by a mac at retail. (or using the John Alexander inverse purchase method to get rich).

  841. Erik K says:

    Just went into verification, sweet!

  842. Chadwick says:

    Also just went into verification. Got tired of waiting for Discover, so did Bargain Homes on the 3rd page. Immediate credit.

    Fingers crossed, seat back and tray table in full upright position.

  843. mike shelton says:

    has anyone taken up sean on his macbook offer? it’s a good way to get a mac since the offer is no longer good to new people!

  844. jake says:

    just went into verification…hopefully I won’t have to wait long.

  845. Tom says:

    tim- i called sirius customer service 1-800-422-7142 and i spoke to someone and i told them to refund me and i was refunded withing about 4 days. i did experience being charged the $50.53 twice from them but i was refunded that as was the first $50.53 that i paid. so i was fully refunded and i got credit pretty quick. good offer!

  846. Tom says:

    whoops tim i meant “$53.13″ (not $50.53, that was sunrocket who happened to double charge me too, actually triple charge now that i think of it)

  847. J says:

    Just finished verification this morning…have my voucher to print out and send in Monday. Just so all know, I had cancelled all of mine prior to entering verification and was approved 3 days after I went into verification…so cancel away once you’re credited!

  848. tim says:

    Does anyone know the number to call NY times and cancel, I tried calling 1800NYTIMES and they told me i dont have an account. Which is weird cause ive be nuitech gave me credit for the offer?

  849. Derek Floster says:

    yo J, just out of curiosity, what day did you start filling out offers? if you don’t wish to disclose the info, that’s cool, i’m just trying to see if maybe they’re processing the verifications chronologically by start date. Still high and dry on verification, day 4 or 5 with no follow-up requests from Ntech. every email status request I send is answered with the same message on the “gift status” page. I’ll call monday but am thinking I’ll get the same response. too bad none of the offers were for anxiety meds.


    d-floss 3K

  850. Lauren says:

    I have been waiting on my People PC to get credited for about 2 weeks now. I have signed in, fiddled with my staus, checked e-mails, sent e-mails….all to no avail. Any tips? How long do I have to wait to get manual credit for this? It’s my last one, and I started in December. Please help, I am ready for my computer! -Lauren

  851. Marty says:

    I’ve emailed Sean about picking up the remainder of one of his offers – Sean if you’re out there, I can take over.
    Also, does Nuitech have a website?? (might be a silly question), but when I google it there’s nothing?
    Guess it’s time to do a plasma or something else!

  852. Chris says:

    I’m not sure you’ll be able to do a plasma offer, as it looks like all of the Nuitech offers have disappeared entirely from Google.

    My guess is they’re either (A) shutting down or (B) completely reworking their offer system.

    Let’s hope it’s the latter and not the former.

  853. Josh says:

    I’m still finding their ads on Google searches, no problem. I looked for a Plasma TV and an iPhone and found both. They are changing the look of many of their sites; maybe you thought they were something else.

  854. Josh says:

    You have to wait 30 days from the day you signed up for an offer before calling NuiTech for directions on how to get them to manually credit you.

  855. Brad says:

    Okay, so I’m new to all this, but starting to understand how it works. I know that you (or your household) cannot receive the same promo/gift. My question is this: Assume I get the plasma from one website (say, Does that mean I can’t try for OTHER NT offers, like Is there like a main database for all of the NT promos?

  856. Chris says:


    I wasn’t trying to sound alarmist, so thanks for following up.

    Nevertheless, I’m still not able to find a Niutech free plasma site through Google, although I did find the iPhone one.

    What was the URL for the plasma site you found?

  857. Josh says:

    I found this one through Google:

    but I know that I’ve seen others too. Also, the links on the forum I linked to in my post still work.

    You can’t do more than one of the same gift site, but you can do one of each that NT has. Read more on my Frequently Asked Questions page.

  858. Chris says:

    Are those links in the thread still active?

    In other words, if you can still sign up, will Nuitech still honor the offer and the gift?

  859. tim says:

    Josh, Im looking at my third page and I see that i started a “blockbuster” offer which shows complete and a “blockbuster online DVD rental -1 page” which shows not complete. My question is by doing the second blockbuster offer will nuitech honor that offer or will i have to do another one?

  860. Josh says:

    I’ve talked about this some further up in the comments, but here’s what I understand about links:
    If you visit a link and it is not good, the page will either say it is invalid, or it will show a nameless $50 gift card (as the MBP links have now done). It won’t let you sign up for anything. Those links still appear to be good.
    Now just to be safe, I’ll say that this is just what I understand, and if you sign up through one of those links and something goes wrong, I can’t be held responsible. Personally, however, I wouldn’t hesitate to use one of them.

    The only offer I’ve heard of that you can sign up for twice is Onlingo. I’ve never heard of Blockbuster showing up twice, so it’s really up to you. However, Blockbuster might only let you sign up a second time with a different email and credit card, and I’m not sure how that would work in relation to getting credit.

  861. powell says:

    Im still confused a little bit. I didnt get registered for the 18 offer computer but got registered for the 20 offer page. the 20 offer set up is page one 5 offer page two 6 offers and page three 9 offers. With the 18 offer site the third page was the hardest and you did that first but you only had to do 3 offers. So im confused as to what page to start on. I dont wanna get stuck with only credit card offers. IS there anyone who has done the 20 offer site that can give me some verification.

  862. Chris says:

    Thanks for the response regarding the active/inactive links.

    I’ll call customer service and inquire about “old links”, and let everyone know what they say.

  863. Rebecca says:

    I started the 20-offer mac (by that I mean that I just signed up with my email but didnt start any offers.) Does this mean I am locked into getting a mac? If so, how do I access the redemption page? Thanks!

  864. Josh says:

    See my comments #795 & 796 above.

  865. Andrew says:

    How do you cancel the membership?

  866. Paul R. says:

    I’ve been waiting for a few days for verification. Some of the charges are still “pending” on my credit card, so I wonder if they have to actually go through before I’ll be verified.

    What’s the longest anyone has waited for verification?

  867. powell says:

    Do you still start on page three for the 20 offer page.

  868. tim says:

    Josh, when you did it, you said that columbia house gave you two credits, one for shipping and one for the actual deal, Did nuitech honor both of those during the verification part? I did the sirius offer and they gave me two credits, one for just “sirius” and another for “Tranzact SIRIUS $50 Free Radio” I wonder if i got lucky – thanks

  869. Cindy says:

    i was just wondering what to do in order to cancel the membership and the N.Y. times… and did anyone do the payday ok offer? how long did it take to confirm?

  870. Cindy says:

    also does anyone know how long it usually takes People PC to confirm?

  871. Josh says:

    Andrew and Cindy,
    You can cancel by calling 877.782.6736.

    I don’t know about NY times.

    nearly every step along the way varies greatly for each individual. I have heard of people taking a few months from doing offers to getting their Macs, and just last week I met a guy who did all his offers and got his Mac two weeks later. The key to this whole thing is patience. Everything will go through eventually.

    Yes, I’d recommend doing the third page first. The offers on the first page might have gone up by two, but the third page is typically still going to be the hardest – more offers to complete, less to choose from.

    You may have gotten lucky. If they both show up as credited on your gift status page, it will probably go through in the final steps.

    As I said to Paul above, nearly every step along the way varies in the time it takes to complete, just like nearly every offer varies in the time they take to credit. Everything will go through eventually, but until then, there’s really nothing you can do about it.
    PeoplePC does usually seem to take a while, though.

  872. Matt S says:

    Powell- on top of what Josh just said. You should use his spreadsheet (and add two rows for page 1), to pre-plan which offers you are going to work with. You can jump from page to page with no problem, so I really think that doing that will be your easiest route.

  873. Cass says:

    I just cancelled my SmilePro, and they said I don’t have to return the stuff they sent…did anybody have a problem by doing that? I noticed somebody said that you had to return the stuff to not get charged further.

  874. heather robinson says:

    i am starting to get impatient waiting on verification. i have been in verification since wednesday. how long does it typically take in verfication stage?

  875. kb says:

    - I also was in verification since wednesday and I just qualified this morning. So hopefully you will be qualified today also!

  876. J. says:

    (i’m j. from February 16th, 2007 at 8:37 pm)

    I was finally verified! received my voucher about 5 mins ago.

    Timeline so far…
    2/11/07 pm – began offers
    2/15/07 am – went into validation
    2/16/07 pm – all offers cancelled
    2/19/07 am – Qualified!

  877. Martin says:

    So on the PLASMA deal (link above), Josh, probably yet another answered question, but will I be able to do it with the same address,visa,home number?
    Offers look exactly the same…18 in all just like the MAC.
    I am almost done with my MAC but watned to start something else.

  878. powell says:

    How long does it take for the packages you need to send back to get to your house. I mean this in general b/c i realize that every company will take different amount of time. Im just wondering if i can fill out my offers and send everything back in time for my spring break trip. i dont want a bunch of stuff coming while im not here.

  879. JP says:


    My offers came between 5 and 10 days after I completed them.

    (still waiting on either PeoplePC or Discover Card before validation process…) dum de dum…

  880. Chadwick says:

    JP, People PC came after 2 days for me. Discover made me impatient. If there are any $1.00 offers on that page for you, I say do them. Will get you there faster.

  881. Don says:

    JP – Did you make a purchase with the Discover card? It took me about 10 days to get the card, and then I got credited within about 2-3 days after I made a purchase with it. I also find the PeoplePC problems that people are having very odd. I got credited instantly on that one. Never even downloaded their software. And cancelling it was pretty easy too.

  882. Complete7 says:


    started- 2/7
    completed all offers- 2/14
    verification- 2/15
    received voucher- 2/19

    i’m mailing this ASAP

  883. Cass says:

    J – were you verified BEFORE you cancelled everything or were you still in verification when you cancelled?

  884. Cass says:

    Me again. I just found this link for a free Mac Book Pro – thought some might want to check it out.

  885. Matt says:

    Did anyone find that on the 3rd page they had offers that they already completed on other pages? I refreshed my third page today and noticed another blockbuster offer that appears to be the same thing as on the 2nd page but the offer page looks different. Plus it posted Onlingo on there again. Has anyone recently signed up for two Onlingo languages and got both to credit?

  886. J. says:

    Cass – some of my things had been canceled before i went into verification. I cancelled the rest during verification. After I get my mac I plan to do a more through timeline.

  887. Chadwick says:

    Congratulations! You’ve Qualified.

    Damn skippy! Started Monday night (2/12). Verification started on Saturday morning (2/17) Ready to print and mail voucher tomorrow.
    Anyone have thoughts on shipping methods?
    Also, can you pick which color MBP by maybe enclosing a note?

  888. Matt S says:

    Cass: If you are worried about cancelling and not getting verified- Don’t. There is no problem with doing that.
    Chadwick- MBP’s do not come in different colors, you are thinking, most likely, of macbooks. Macbook Pro’s come in an aluminum (or some sort of mettalic) shell.

    Matt- You are the second person who has said something about a second blockbuster offer. Just to check- has your first blockbuster offer been credited? If it has, then I’d say go ahead and sign up for this one as well. It may be another onlingo type thing, though I can’t quite see how.

  889. JP says:

    I made a purchase (Discover Card) Friday Feb 16th (2 tix to Ghost Rider >-D) and haven’t seen it go through yet. I wonder if they don’t process on weekends or something. I have looked…my impatience is…well…impatient and I’ve already done 11 offers on the 3rd page. Has anybody had troubles with John Alexander not refunding?

  890. Josh says:

    I saw that link too. It’s with a different company and since I don’t have experience with them, I didn’t want to just change the link. I’m probably going to make a new post or two soon to address it. I wouldn’t mind doing it again for the cash since it’s with a different company.

  891. Chadwick says:

    You’re right Matt S. I was looking at the regular MacBooks. This will be go at an Apple. I hope I like it, but if not, there’s always eBay.

  892. Cass says:

    Josh – I was just informed that in their fine print it says you have to refer another family that also completes the requirements…hmmm.

  893. Heather Robinson says:

    i just got verified!!!!!!!!!!

  894. Heather Robinson says:

    is there anything wrong with mailing my voucher in by regular mail or do i need to send it a different way?

  895. Matt S says:

    Heather- you can send it regular mail. My first go, thats what I did, and it took them a week to process it. On my second go (read my post about a hundred back) I sent it 2nd day air. They processed it the day they received it. So, it’s up to you, they are fast about processing, so its just a cost thing.

    Chadwick- Give it about a week and you will love your mac. It’s a better built machine then any pc you have worked on (I can almost gaurantee it).

  896. Josh says:

    In the “fine print” on the front page it says something about that. I went ahead and created an account and looked on the Terms and Conditions page and can’t find anything at all about that. Weird.

    I sent my voucher by regular mail. Regular mail will probably take a few business days (3 or 4) to get to them. If you pay extra you can get it there a littlefaster, but I didn’t really think it was worth the extra money.

    Think about whether you want the MacBook Pro (in silver) or a MacBook (black or white) before you get it in the mail. If you decide you want a regular Macbook, don’t open your MBP when you get it. A “new, sealed in box” MBP would go for more on eBay than “new, but opened.”

  897. Erik K says:

    timeline update!

    2/11 — started offers
    2/17 — verfication begins
    2/19 — voucher available, used notary at fedex and shipped the sucker! now it’s time to sit back and… check my status every five minutes.

  898. jake says:

    Printed the voucher, had the tax form notarized, and mailed it! Can’t wait to receive my MBP. Used the $5 free postage on my account to sent the voucher priority mail with delivery confirmation. So postage didn’t cost me a dime.