The Virtual NES

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If any of you grew up playing Nintendo (like me), then hop on over to vNES. It’s an online virtual emulator that allows you to play old Nintendo games. As of this posting there are 403 games available to play, and more are constantly being added. I enjoy the Super Mario Brothers series, myself.

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The controls are a bit odd, but Jamie Sanders, the programmer behind it all, just posted yesterday on the site that lots of people are complaining about it so he’s going to change them. Also, he’s working on adding support for USB game controllers.

Check it out soon. I would imagine it’s in violation of some sort of copyright laws, so who can tell how long it’ll be online.

The vNES:

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    If you’re interested, my friend James Myer burned me a CD of over 700 ROMs of video games for a few systems (I know there is NES, SNES) and if you’re not getting enough video game time before Fable2, I’ve got the sweet hookup.

    P.S. – Lunch is the full 2 hours, my meeting with my architecture academic advisor was rescheduled to 10:30am.

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