A Little Known Google Feature That You Should Know About

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Google MobilEver been out somewhere and needed yellow page listings, the weather forecast, or movie listings? How about a definition, driving directions, or random trivia item?

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Well, Google has made it possible to find out such information and more from your cell phone using text messaging. The free service is called Google SMS. It’s extremely convenient and easy to use. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it to look up a definition or business’ phone number.

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You don’t have to have Internet service on your phone (although they do have other services available if you do). The only cost will be for the text messages with your cell carrier, unless, of course, you have a text messaging plan of some sort with them.

Just text “help” to 46645 (GOOGL) for more details and instructions. Or visit the site at http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/mobile/sms/.

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3 Responses to A Little Known Google Feature That You Should Know About

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    That’s cool, except I don’t have a text message plan so I spend a dime each time I send a text message. I don’t know if it costs me money to recieve them, but I’m not a text message fiend. That’s pretty cool though Josh.

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    I think I skipped over this post when you made it, or I didn’t read it fully? As an architecture student, Google Earth can actually be used to make presentations for architecture projects if you know the absolute value of the site you’re working with. Not only can it be used in the initial stages of design to familiarize yourself with angles to such places as exterior nearby locations, but you can also use a free program called Sketchup to come up with a 3D block design for your design intentions. It’s not advanced 3D modeling technology, but get this – you can IMPLANT it into Google Earth at where you would propose building it. And then you can see how it would look in comparison to the landscape.

  2. Kayla Combs says:

    I absolutely love this texting feature with google…i can ask anything and they respond in about 3 seconds.

  3. Kayla Combs says:

    I love this google feature i use it all the time now…..they respond to your questions in about 4 seconds…it’s sooo helpful

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