Mel Gibson’s The Passion

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I was able to see an early showing of The Passion late Tuesday night. The movie is rated R for graphic violence, and every review that tells you that the movie is very violent really cannot describe it. They show you everything, all the physical suffering Christ Jesus endured, and this is what struck me the most.

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I went in expecting to walk out with a better understanding of Christ’s suffering and thus, His love for me, by seeing more clearly than ever the torture He endured. While this is partially the case, moreover I now understand that nothing will ever be able to show or describe the measure of pain He endured physically, let alone spiritually.

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I will never fully understand the measure of love God has for me. My sins flogged Him, my lips mocked Him, my fists beat Him, and my hand was the one that hammered the nails into His wrists. Yet it was His love that held Him on the Cross.
How great is His mercy. How amazing His love. How precious His grace.

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.
Luke 23:34

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I would strongly encourage everyone I know to see this film. No review will describe it for you.
Go, and behold the vastness of love God holds in His heart for you.


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