Thoughts On Living With Passion

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This is a portion of an e-mail to my friend J.T. from June of this year. It was in response to some things that had been on his mind, and they somewhat corresponded to things that had been on mine.

I have often thought that some of my best writing is found in e-mails to close friends. I think I am correct.

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Some interesting thoughts in your “Current Thoughts” entry. They grace my mind often as well.
How do we become the men God intended?
How do we overcome our weaknesses and fortify our strengths?
How can we be good stewards of the abilities and relationships God has given us?

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I was just writing yesterday about how sick I am of living as something other than the man God intends me to be. Of being imperfect. Of messing up, and seeing the ones I love mess up. I yearn to be these same things as you, J.T. I yearn to have these questions answered. It’s not always easy, is it? But I suppose that’s why God wants us to depend on Him. We can’t do it alone.

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Saturday I spent the afternoon with one of my best friends in the world in Louisville. He and I connect and know each other so well we can get right to the depth of things in each other’s lives and often, a depth most others do not.

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Anyway, he and I were doing what we do, digging into deep conversation. As we were talking about my calling and desire to become an author, and about his life’s plans, to get me thinking he asked me this: “What is unique, truly unique about your life that would make someone want to read your autobiography?”

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Earlier that day I had been talking to God about passion. I am 21 years old. I have lived a third to a fourth of my life already, if God blesses me with that much life at all. And I sometimes feel that it has passed me by so quickly I did not even take the time to really enjoy it. And I started thinking, “How do we really, really live with PASSION?? How do we squeeze every OUNCE out of life and enjoy every moment and take in everything? How do we live with no regrets, with no fears, with no desires left unquenched (good desires, that is)?

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Unfortunately, very, very few ever truly live like this. We try. We enjoy some days more than others. Sometimes we notice the sunshine, and others we don’t. Sometimes we truly cherish the time we spend with someone we love, and others it comes and goes with hardly a thought.
Very, very few.

I questioned, with fear, if I had let this much of my life slip through my fingers without REALLY living it.

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And I thought over my experiences, my relationships, my past. The trips I have been on, the places I have seen, the people I have known.
And I answered, “I think that’s what I’m afraid of, Daniel. I think that I will have nothing to say. I think that there isn’t really anything SO unique in my life that someone would want to read my autobiography if they didn’t already know and care about me.”

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Because this is how it goes. I’ve done lots of things. I run the website for CSF, by george! And does that matter?!
No. No it doesn’t.
But, but I’ve been to Ghana. I spent a month there! I went on trips in high school, I helped people. I cared for others.
How many others at my age have already been to Ghana?

Dust to dust.

And this is what I think I’m slowly figuring out, J.T:
It isn’t what you do. It’s how you live.

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So how do we live with passion? How does our love for Christ (which reflects to become love for others) become so great as to turn heads? Not for our own attention’s sake, of course; just a figure of speech.
How do we live life to the fullest?
We know the guy who promised it to us. So how do we get it, and hold onto it?

What is truly unique about your life that would make a stranger pick your autobiography off a shelf and read it?

How do we live with passion?

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10 Responses to Thoughts On Living With Passion

  1. Sarah says:

    I love this new theme, sweetie! The Mac thing looks much better too!

  2. Matt R. says:

    Very interesting Stuff. I agree it’s very hard to live each day COMPLETELY for God. In everything we do, we need to have a Christ-centered life. I have a very hard time with this…

  3. Arron says:

    Hmmm… Wow… Unexpected content. I was referred here for the free mac, and found this post.

    Yay for unexpected and good content.

  4. Arron says:

    Something else: If you haven’t, read _Don’t Waste Your Life_ by John Piper. You can download the text from his website for free (and I’m assuming you can google to find the website).

  5. Josh says:

    Hey Arron,
    Thanks for the comments and book recommendation. I’ve heard of Don’t Waste Your Life – my dad has it, I believe – but have never read it. I am a bit of a “book junkie” and now that I’ve had it recommended to me I’ll have to look into it.
    I did find the online book, and was pleased to see that there are TONS of books on there free for the reading – good ones, too! The link is:

  6. Matt R. says:

    Hey I have heard that the book “Don’t Waste Your Life” was good as well… Hmmm that’s a few people that have recommended it. Gonna have to check er out! Oh yeah Josh, I was looking through some of your stuff on your blog and you mentioned Tony Campolo… Well I downloaded a few of his Podcasts and they are awesome! He has really good sermons! Thanks a lot for the recommendations!

  7. Carley says:

    One of my friends on LiveJournal pointed me here after she got a free Gateway (before the change in policy)…and I was surprised, pleasantly, to see this content. :) I can easily add my voice to the chorus of recommendations of “Don’t Waste Your Life”…and actually, any of John Piper’s books are tremendous.

  8. Jordan Barth says:


    I’m a fan of your site, but I’m a bigger fan of this I decided.

    Piper is a great guy. I would recommend any of his books. And if you are into thinking along Piper’s lines, Ravi Zacharius has a great podcast and books. I strongly recommend his podcast. Its great for thinkers and he has an amazing accent that could convince anyone that JC is the way…

    PS. I’m doing the plasma screen deal with my friends. Wish me luck!

  9. Drew says:

    Wow! Haha…like quite a few others on here…I came to this site to find out about a free Mac and stumbled upon this post. Piper is awesome! I’ve been a fan of his for 10 years now…if you like “Don’t Waste Your Life” I’d recommend listening to the sermon where he got the idea for the book. Its under “Essential Piper” on his website…the title of the message is “Boasting Only in the Cross”…AMAZING SERMON.

  10. Leah says:

    hey Josh,
    I was searching brandarama and i got to your website. A lot of interesting stuff you got here, but one thing caught my attention; I nearly cried when i read what you wrote “thoughts on living with passion”. I am also a Christian and everyday i struggle on how to live to the fullest. GOD bless you!!!

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