Counting The Macs

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There are SO many people doing the free* Mac offer now that it’s beyond my counting. I would love to have some idea of how many are doing it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
So, if you’ve gone through this site and have gotten a Mac or are working towards one (or any other “prize”), just leave a comment on this post with your name and location (city/state) so we can get some kind of count. Thanks!

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138 Responses to Counting The Macs

  1. Ben says:

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    Josh, a friend and I started a few weeks ago. Our vouchers came in last week. Thanks for the advice and guidance! Several of my friends will be doing it over the break so i’m directing them to your site!

  2. Josh Clark, you are Superhuman.

    I’m working on the first of my offers today, and I have confidence that a new MacBookPro will soon be on its way.

    Nice new layout; you’re stylin’ J. I appreciate the wood siding from an architecture point of view.

    J.T. Pennington
    Ashland, KY

  3. Glen says:

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    i started doing offers on november 17th, got my voucher on december 4th, and have been waiting ever since to send it in. with your most recent post saying you know someone who got a new model, i’m sending it TODAY!

    Central New Jersey

    oh and josh – if i wasn’t a poor college student as well, i would definitely send u a few bucks. this site was such a great help to me!

  4. Scott says:

    This poor USC Trojan is on the verge of sending his vouchers in because he wants a Core 2 Duo model!

  5. Karl says:

    I’ve got my 18 offers completed and have been waiting (for 24hours!) for validation.

    How long does it usually take?

    By the way, thanks Josh, for the spreadsheet.

  6. Lauren Crane says:

    I’ve sent in my 18 offers and am waiting on credit! -Lauren Crane, Maryville/Jackson, TN

  7. aaron treesh says:

    I started at the beginning of december and had my voucher in about 9 days. I am waiting for it to come in. Thanks Josh.

    FYI – my verification process took about 4 or 5 full days, so if you are waiting on that, don’t be concerned – it will come.

  8. Joshua says:

    Finished the process quickly and sent in my noterized voucher Thursday, December 14th for my Macbook Pro! Thanks everyone, and Merry Christmas!

  9. Julie says:

    I’m working towards the Macbook pro as well, but it will probably take time since I screwed up the order of doing the offers.

  10. Austin Abney says:

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    I’m working on my macbook… I’ve sent my voucher and waiting for fulfillment…. you’re the man. I have another buddy who’s in fulfillment and used your stuff to walk through the process too… thanx man!

  11. Austin Abney says:

    P.S. – I see Aaron Treesh is on here… I married ashley… hi!

  12. jaron johns says:

    Yup, got home yesterday and my sweet new mac pro was waiting on the ol doorstep. Hooray for me.

  13. Brian Bacelieri says:

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    Hey Josh…just wanted to say thanks for the info on the free mac. A buddy and I both did the promotion about a month ago and we got our macs this week. It’s crazy because it seems too good to be true. Thanks man!

  14. After my $2000 plasma tv gift card arrives, I think I’m going to start working on a free PSP.

  15. Ryan says:

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    As I was whizzing through the offers I noticed my 5/3 credit card got shut off, and within less than a minute I got a phone call from the bank’s fraud division checking to see if I was aware of the numerous $1 purchases being put on my card. I verified (of course) and they lifted the block on the card…then I proceeded to tell the lady how she can get her own Macbook Pro!

  16. Joey says:

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    No way would I use my actual card on this stuff. Kroger has pre-paid MasterCards that work quite nicely. They also have American Express cards, but don’t get those…for some reason some of the offers won’t take them.

  17. peter says:

    just started today, immediately got called from my credit card’s fraud dept. I know they’ve got my back, which is nice.

    This is a nice tidbit of info and hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have mine. Couple of my things got verified immediately, sweet.

  18. gavin says:

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    Josh…have you gotten any feedback on the amount being paid out on taxes? I know this will largely depend on ones tax bracket but i’m just curious about that because i know you do have to pay income tax on the 2000 (gift).

  19. Scott says:

    Does anyone know to get to credit for the Vonage and SunRocket Phone service Offers?

  20. Josh says:

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    Hey Gavin,
    I haven’t gotten any tax info yet. I’m estimating that because of my low (college-student) income I’ll probably have to pay around 10% of a “gift’s” worth, thus being about $200. I will definitely post info when I find out come tax time.
    Search on Google and you can find tons of charts to help you figure out this kind of thing.

  21. J.T. Pennington says:

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    I finished all of my offers and I’m waiting on OnlineGiftRewards to verfiy everything; I expect to go through the last few steps of getting the voutcher by next week, then work on the tax form, notary, and sending it off to get my future Mac.

    A note for my above comment – I didn’t start until the day after Christmas, the 26th – and I finished my last offer last night. I didn’t actualy start buying the trial offers on the 16th when I said I did.

    Thanks Josh. You’ve really helped me along.

  22. mike says:

    I’ve finished all my offers, but was kicked off of my internet twice while doing it. so i just logged back on assuming it would remember who i was. well after doing all pages, i go to the check offer status thing, and it has three different records of me, but they all add up to my 18. has anyone else had this happen? i am wondering if i am going to have to start over???

  23. mike says:

    I have signed up for vonage and rocket too. let’s keep each other in the loop so we can figure this out together…

  24. Bethany says:

    Hey Josh! We’ve already emailed a bit about the free $2K gift card from NuiTech, but I just wanted to let you know that mine came in December, less than a month after I started the whole thing. Awesome, huh? I went through finance-offer and am going to start another NT site soon. Thanks again for the spreadsheet–it’s helped so much!

  25. Ryan says:

    Bethany (or Josh),

    Can you provide the link to the NT offer for the free 2K gift card?

  26. Arron says:

    10 offers done… I think…
    Jackson, TN
    (Union University student

  27. Kevin H. says:

    Every $2k giftcard I’ve found for nuitech is 18 offers. I just went into verification 2 days ago. How long does it usually take until I’m able to print off my voucher. I’m so eager to get this laptop

  28. Nava says:

    I started 12/21 and just got my shipping request 1/11! Words can’t even describe how ready I am to get this computer! I dont know you but thanks for all the info Josh Clark.

  29. Brad Warning says:

    Calvert City, KY

  30. Matt R. says:

    I started my offers on 12/25 and still waiting on a shipping request. I have a feeling it will go through sometime this week (1/14). I still can’t believe how cheap I am getting a brand new Macbook for! I was actually a member on and after signing up for most of my offers, then discovered Josh Clark’s blog. It has been helpful reading what people have to say! Thanks Josh!

    Des Moines, IA

  31. Rob M says:

    Marietta, GA

  32. Will Thompson says:

    im planing on getting one on wensday

  33. Aaron G. says:

    I started last night. I’ve received credit for 15 offers so far and I’m waiting for the last 3 to go through. Thanks in advance!

    Atlanta, GA

  34. Emily V. says:

    I started on 1/13 and am waiting for 6 offers to be reported. What if I have to cancel an offer before it posts as completed?

  35. peter says:

    just in the verification process now. word.

  36. Dan says:

    My sister told me about this website and i’m going to get my MBP for college next year, thanks Josh

  37. Arron says:

    thanks again. All trials completed… How long did your verification take?

  38. bubba w says:

    I got my macbook pro!!

  39. Joshua says:

    Hey Josh & Freebee community!
    I have been searching out all the other NuiTech offers online and have found some pretty cool ones. I have them linked here

    Is it possible to complete more than one NuiTech offer? I would really like an iPhone! Let me know what you know..Peace!

  40. Ryan says:

    I received my MBP on Friday!


  41. Dan says:

    I just got my shipping request, has any one gotten the new Core 2 Duo MacBookPro

  42. Josh says:

    I am waiting on my final offer to complete. Has anyone got credit for signing up with Vonage? I have been waiting 2 weeks now for that one to complete.

  43. Susannah says:

    I am waiting for three offers to be credited, but other than that I am done. Hopefully all will go through ok…thanks for all your helpful info! God bless!

  44. chris says:

    emily i cancelled a offer before it was posted ”completed” and then it posted 2 days later “completed”

  45. Phil S says:

    I am in the process! Waiting on 2 more to show up as completed…started Sunday, 1/21.

    Mesa, Arizona
    (UK Alumni…Josh…I don’t know you…but I think you’re awesome.)

  46. Treavor says:

    Waiting for a couple more completions and then its Mac time!!

    Thanks for all the info.

    New York, New York

  47. Mark says:

    Just got my mac book pro today! My friend Joe McVicker told me all about this and how he got his so I figgured I’d give it a try! Thanks so much for your website. If your skeptical, this is for real!

  48. Karl says:

    Just got my MBP in the mail, the same day as my tracking info came.

    Hooray! Thanks, Josh!

  49. chris says:

    I sent my voucher in wed. and have cancelled all my orders for the exception of They have yet to reply to the dozens of emails i have sent them and no one will return phone call from customer service as they prompt you to leave a message and they will return phone call. They were also slow to report completed, about 1 week.

  50. chris says: cancelled my membership.

  51. dan says:

    I started this whole process on Thursday. I did 9 from the last page, but it has still only credited me for 3. I understand that I can fax the company proof that I have done these offers, but I not continued to the other offers (6,3) because so many other people have been getting credited immediately. Anyone else experience widespread lack of confirmation?

  52. Andrew says:

    I started working on the 18 offers last week, and now im just waiting to get credited for the last 4 offers.
    Thanks so much for the spreadsheet!

  53. jaron says:

    dude, had the mac for about a month now, and its glorious. Waiting till later this year and I’m gonna get an Iphone. Macs rule. windows sucks. Long live Steve Jobs…

  54. Bonnie says:

    I began this process on Dec 30, 2006 in Athens, GA. I have already received my voucher and mailed it off. They have received it and I should be getting my new Mac Book Pro in a couple of weeks. Thanks so much for your very helpful, detailed website. I definitely wouldn’t have done this if I hadn’t read it first. Believe it or not, but I think when all is said and done I will have only spent about $40 for my computer…YEAH! I’ll send you a few bucks :) I’ve also referred quite a few friends to your site.

  55. Elizabeth says:

    I just did all my offers on Saturday and 15 out of 18 have already completed. Now for the annoying process of cancelling offers…

    Your donation’s a cool idea, but I found your site after doing all the hard stuff alone. :) I’m pointing some others here, though, so maybe they’ll feel generous! I live in Newport News, VA and after 2 days I’m already telling about 5 people how to do this. What I want to know is how much money you’ve made from this blog! Looks like beyond free you’ve probably MADE money off your laptop. SWEET.

  56. Josh says:

    Thanks for the referrals, Elizabeth.

    The donation idea wasn’t mine, but I added the button at a friend’s suggestion.
    Actually, I haven’t received hardly anything through it, even though thousands of people from all over have visited my site over the past few months. I originally posted all of this information because I am a detailed person anyway and knew a few friends would want to read more about my endeavor. If people feel generous and want to send me a few bucks, great, if not, that’s okay too.

  57. Brett says:

    I have confirmation that they recieved my voucher, and now after all the hard work, it’s time to cruise until I get the goods in the mail! What kind of time frame am I looking at as far as delivery goes?

    Thanks for a great resource for getting such a sweet deal on a great computer!

  58. dennis says:

    I finshed all my offers today for the Macbook Pro. I am in verification right now! I’m in Baltimore, Md. Keep you guys posted.

  59. Michael Nava says:

    I just got my Macbook Pro yesterday and it was well worth the wait. Took me about 5 weeks and $60. Thanks for everything Josh.

  60. dennis says:


    What are the specs?
    2.16ghz, 1gb ram, 120gb hd?

    thanks in advance.

  61. Sean says:

    How long has it taken for everyone to get Columbia House DVD to complete? Have other people besides Josh canceled CH DVD by just sending it back? No offense Josh just trying to check everyone and everything… Really could use this to work out… my wife thinks I am crazy.


  62. Steve says:

    Started 1/27, completion 2/1, verification 2/2; notarized 2/2, mailed 2/2 – 6 days!! Looking forward to the new MBP!!!!!

    Good luck everyone.

  63. Michael Nava says:

    It is the new model. 2.16ghz 1gb and 120 gb hd

  64. Jeremy says:

    Chicago, IL

    I began on 1/18, and am still waiting for credit on three offers (Ebay Kit, Affnio-Great Fun, and Discover Card.) Can’t believe so many people received credit so quickly! I’m jealous.

  65. Duncan says:

    Do you have to wait for everything to be completed & notarized before you can cancel the things?

  66. Paul Shippy says:

    I started on Jan. 12 and my MacBook Pro just arrived and it works. :) I should end up spending about $116 + taxes, of course, if I ever get the last refund ($30) from Pitney Bowes.

  67. Paul R. says:

    I just began selecting my offers today. I noticed that many of the 1 dollar offers (ValueMax, At Home Rewards, etc.) also automatically register, and charge your card, 1 dollar for a separate service called Saving Smart. This means you’re actually getting charged 2 dollars for each of these 1 dollar offers, and there’s a second number to call and cancel. Has anyone else noticed this, and if so, have you had any complications due to it?

  68. peter says:

    got my macbook today, started on like jan 4 or something. Sweet!

    yeah I saw thats saving smart thing too, they dont charge you another dollar usually, but I did call the seperate number for them and cancel. Still waitin on my Columbia House and PItney Bowes but I’ve got the comp now. Spent me like 160 or so, but got a nice case of wine in the process.

  69. Jake says:

    I’m waiting on credit for four more offers, wondering if anyone has info on how long it takes for the Sunrocket offer?

  70. Aaron G. says:

    I got my MBP on Thursday!

    Atlanta, GA

  71. Paul says:

    I got mine, and sold it for $1700. Thats a good chunk towards my tuition at Fuller! Thanks for sharing with the world Josh.

  72. craig says:

    done with mine..waiting for it in mail

  73. Josh says:

    How long did the credit for vonage take to come through for anyone? I only did it about a week ago, so I know I still have a few weeks left in my 30-day trial period, but I’d like to return it as soon as I can. I just want to make sure I still get credit for the offer. Thanks!

  74. Levi says:

    Got my Macbook Pro a few Days ago. It took just under a month from start to finish. It came to my door 1 week after they ordered it.

    2.16 ghz Core 2 Duo
    120gb hd
    1 gb Ram
    iSight Camera
    Same as Apples website.

  75. Nathan says:

    I am working on one right now. Cincinnati OH

  76. Kyle Geiger says:

    So I’m completing this survey after all the offers are finished…and it is making me sign up for a credit card that charges you upwards of $100 for simply having the card issued to you. Anyone else run into this problem? Any resolve?

  77. Levi says:

    hey Nathan where in Cincinnati are you? Is it bens brother nathan.

  78. JP says:

    Thank you Josh, I never would have considered this before I read your info. I finished signing up for the offers, just waiting on the last 4 to be confirmed.

    Anybody know how long it takes for NYTimes, PeoplePC, Yourmusic, and Discover Card (once you make a purchase)?

    Also, as Sean said…do we just have to return CH DVD to sender or is there a phone number to call as well?

    Thanks for your help and I’m so glad its a Core 2!

  79. Josh says:

    Hi JP- Discovercard credit came through within 2 days of making a purchase for me. I am still waiting on People PC (it’s been about 10 days) and didn’t do any of the others you mentioned.

  80. Jeremy says:

    Just mailed in proof of my last two offers that didn’t credit automatically(Ebay Kit, International Wine Cellers)in one month, so now playing the waiting game for the confirmation step.

    Chicago, IL

  81. BJ says:

    I started filling out Offers on the 11th and am now waiting for the last 3 credits from NYTimes, NetFlix and Columbia House. I’m a little nervous that they discontinued the Mac Pro I am applying for do you know how I can retrieve my gift status since you changed the link on your site to the new Mac offer?

  82. Josh says:

    Comment #794 on “How I Got a Mac…”

  83. Arron says:

    It has come! And I am using it to type this message! And I sold my regular MacBook for $500.00, so I’ve broken even!

  84. Got all my offers filled out.. and im still waiting for the last 2 to be approved.. been waitng for around 2 and a half weeks

  85. Paul says:

    i think i screwed up, i cancelled before getting credit and i am still waiting. i did the same thing with peoplepc and did not get credit….i think that might screw things up. might have to do 2 more offers instead. Did it take a long time for 4 seasons wine for anyone else? Any advice?

  86. JP says:

    don’t know about 4 seasons wine, but if anybody has questions, the forum on “The Free Mac” page has some pretty good advice. I’m not sure why there are 2 different forums. Do a CTRL “F” and search for whatever offer and read up on them.
    good luck

  87. Paully C. says:

    FINALLY! At the verification stage, working on cqancelling everything. Things are working out, I am ready for my mac book!
    Thanks Josh

    Des Moines, IA

  88. Tom Boogie says:

    Completed all the offers 14 days ago but waiting for these last few offers to complete. Any idea on how long to expect SunRocket, People PC, Columbia House to post? Any way to expidite?

  89. Martin says:

    No kidding….Columbia house is BRINGING ME DOWN. First time I used a Visa ‘Gift Card’ (which works with about 80% of our promos, and leaves no trail) however Columbia wasn’t bitin’. So I emailed them my real Visa to which they said “Great, we’re on it”, and that was 5 days ago.
    They’ve yet to even charge me $12.40. I am practically BEGGING these people to take my money and they can’t see me for all the red tape.

  90. Duncan says:

    at fullfillment w00t

  91. Jason in Tulsa says:

    Hey Josh thanks for the help,

    My mac should be here any day now. I’m a youth minister in Tulsa OK and there are a few other guys here in my network that are working on the Mac.

    I also did some research on Nuitech and just finished up a 2,000 gift card from them (searxch in google, “kitchen makeover $2000,” click on the sponsored link with “reward path” in the name) so you and your site have been super beneficial to us.

    Paypal to you when the gifts get to us.


    Oh, I know your trying to count the macs, buut if you count the gift cards plus macs just from my corner of the world, there’s 8 people working on nuitech stuff.

  92. Jason in Tulsa says:

    Edit to the last post:

    My wife called not 5 minutes after I posted and informed me that our mac is here!! I’m so stoked about this.

    It’s the same specs that everyone else is mentioning.

    Sweet sweet machine.

  93. chris says:

    My mac just arrived UPS.Thats crazy, so cool!! Thanks T.D and Josh

  94. Brett M. says:

    Got my MBP today. Woohoo!!!

  95. Bill Guppy says:

    I’m from Seattle. I’ve been waiting for the last offer to credit for a long, long week. Time seems to have slowed. One day my mac will come. Thanks for the spreadsheet. Thanks also to Jessica for the referral. If I post another comment, it will be on a brand new MacBook Pro!

  96. Jordan Bley says:

    Waiting on my verification! Chicago, IL…..Thanks Josh!!

  97. Melanie says:

    I am sending in my voucher tomorrow. Thanks for all the tips.

  98. J.T. Pennington says:

    I got my Mac today, 2/23/2007 (Yes, I know its 1:52 on Saturday morning). I’m using it now to view your webpage and write this comment!

    Thanks Josh.

  99. Derek P. says:

    Got mine yesterday, after 3 1/2 weeks. It’s the 15/4″ 2.16 ghz model, is that the new model or the old model?

  100. Evan Morris says:

    Got my macbook pro in on Thursday. It’s amazing. Thanks for the help on getting this done Josh.

  101. Kevin B. says:

    My journey…

    I was visiting our church office and saw the new intern with a new Macbook Pro box. I said, “Wow, they really set you guys up here at church!” He motioned for me to look on into his office where a 6 year old PC barely churned away. He then said, “NO, this is my new one I just received in the mail for free! He added, “check out this Josh Clark website…”

    If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes…?

    Signed up Tues, Feb 13 was validated by the 21st and all mailed (and all offers canceled) by the 23rd. Thanks Josh for your help and tips. Would have definitely not tried without you. Traded 10 hours of my life and a few bucks for the MacBook Pro–well worth it!

    FYI–Columbia House was my longest wait…

  102. lisa says:

    just wanted to say thanks! “thanks!!!” i got my MBP mid Feb. and started the process for it Jan. 3rd.

  103. Devin D says:

    Received my MBP today. Started on 1/27. Thanks Josh

  104. Received my mac today. Started February 6th. A 20 day process total! Awesome.

  105. Dennis says:

    i forgot to post here.
    Got macbook pro 2/20.
    amazing thing.

  106. Jason says:

    John Ott…Formerly of Mankin?

  107. Kristine says:

    Applied for everything last night. By this morning I have 17 out of 20 completed.

    instant or next morning credits:
    page 3
    video professor
    Advantage Italian
    Active Periodicals
    Simply You
    Shopping Essentials
    Today’s Escapes
    Great Fun
    Everyday Values
    Passport to Fun
    At Home Rewards
    GE – Critics Choice

    Still waiting on page 3 (someone post updated wait times on these please?):
    John Alexander
    Columbia House DVDs

    Note: if you do the $1 offers, a lot of them are tied to another program SavingSmart which is another $1. Don’t forget to cancel both.

  108. Brett G says:

    Sunrocket and John Alexander credit in about a day. Columbia House can take a week or two.

  109. Kellie says:

    I got my Mac in exactly 1 month from when I started the offers…


  110. Christian G says:

    Just got all 18 confirmed this morning… waiting for the voucher. Thanks in advance Josh.

    Bowling Green, Ky

  111. Tim says:

    Started the Process on Jan 25th, got my Macbook on Feb 22nd. Thanks for all the help on here, spread the word. Although apparently the offer isn’t working anymore?

  112. Morgan says:

    Phoenix, AZ – When I came home from work yesterday, my macbook was waiting by my front door. Thanks so much for all of your great tips!

  113. Frank says:

    Hi there. Stumbled across this website great work. Just a quick question, do you have to fill out the surveys before the offers to get the MacBook. Thanks.

  114. Frank says:

    Also is the offer valid in Canada?

  115. Todd Thomas says:

    I am 4 offers away from finishing… Thank God I started in February!

    Lexington, KY

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  117. jake says:

    Hi Josh,
    Received my Mac today…I’m from Grand Rapids, MI. Thanks for all of your help! Timeline is as follows:

    2/7 – started offers
    2/17 – went into verification
    2/19 – verified
    2/20 – mailed voucher
    2/23 – niutech received voucher
    2/28 – fulfilled
    3/7 – received Mac

  118. Erik K says:


    do you know when your mac was ‘ordered’? Usually that comes after fulfillment, but you’d only know if you happened to call them, just curious, thanks…

  119. jake says:

    Erik K –
    It was ordered on 3/2.

  120. Unkown says:

    Went into fulfillment 8 days ago. Got my mac today, typing this message on it. Yeah!

  121. J says:

    Just had my MacBook Pro dropped off this morning…SWEET!!! I started Jan 31, but sat on my voucher a little over a week. Too bad this isn’t possible any more. My friends who were waiting to see if it’s for real are sad now.

  122. J. says:

    Started 2/11, received the mac today 3/9. Oh happy day.

    - the other j.

  123. michigan mac says:

    Got my MBP today! Josh, you rock- thanks, and thanks everyone for all the tips!

  124. Chadwick says:

    Started on 2/12. Received MBP on 3/9. Around $70 spent ($20 on overnighting my voucher).

  125. Du from Canton, Ohio says:

    I started my journey to a mostly free MacBook Pro on February 3, 2007. On March 8, 2007, 33 days later, I was dancing a jig in my kitchen in front of my mostly free new MacBook Pro. I say mostly free because I ended up paying approximately 6% of the MSRP, ($120.67) for the MacBook Pro. That includes all of my return shipping of products and the postage I had to pay to send the voucher. And yes, that does mean I did not pay 94%. It was a wonderful opportunity to get in on and am very thankful for Josh Clark and my friends that told me about it. By the way there are about 5 people in Grand Rapids Michigan that have or are about to receive their MacBook Pros. And my friend in Akron should receive his the beginning of next week.

  126. Goob says:

    I signed up for NT’s Macbook Pro site back in June of 06 and finally got around to doing the offers in Jan 07. I got my laptop in late February, right before NT started to take a nosedive for the worse!

  127. Matt says:

    I got my Macbook Pro today. Thank you Josh and everyone else who has done this before and helped us all along. It was definitely worth all the stress. In the end i think I totalled up at about $90….which is money well spent

  128. chase2 says:

    Hey matt,

    when did you go into fulfillment?

  129. Donovan says:

    I got mine. Thank you so much for your help.

  130. Josh says:

    Thanks so much for your very generous donation!! Enjoy the Mac!

  131. Courtney V says:

    Got my Mac today!! I only spent $15… sweet!! The whole process took exactly 6 weeks for me! Thank you immensely, Josh!

  132. Chris says:

    Got my Mac April 3rd, took about 5 weeks. Spent 20$ total, thanks Josh

  133. Bobby says:

    Got Mine… Fayetteville, AR.
    About 5 wks, and $80 out of pocket.

  134. Amber says:

    Got my free Macbook last week! Thanks for your advice – I found your blog after I started, but it still helped. I am so glad I started this on Feb 27!!

  135. catherine anne says:

    add me to the count! i started on jan. 31 and finally, this week a shipping request has been issued and i should receive mine in a week or two!

  136. joey says:

    i started Feb. 25 got my MBP 5/4/07

  137. Joanna says:

    I started January 31 and received my mac on April 30. I had to have them manually verify one of my offers, which is why it took longer, but I wasn’t in a big hurry.

  138. Slackie Jackie says:

    A few months back, two of my fellow co-workers and I were referred to the “Free Mac” process by a friend, and we decided to give it a shot just to see if it would actually work. To our surprise, all three of us successfully completed the offers and each received a Mac Book. We’ve since referred others to the site where one has received a pretty pricy camera, and the other has received a PS3 system.

    Baltimore, Maryland

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