Even More Free Stuff

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There’s a lot more out there than just Macs that you can get for free. A lot more. Just about anything you want really, especially when it comes to electronics.

At this point, I’ve gotten:

  • MacBook Pro (obviously) – cost: $98.69 (could have spent much less knowing what I know now)
  • iPod Shuffle (inseparable from my pocket) – cost: $2.00
  • iPod Nano (to sell on eBay for near its retail price) – cost: $11.95 (one of the offers was Blockbuster…$9.95)
  • A book valued at $9.95 for only 1 offer (not the greatest as far as return value, but I wanted the book) – cost: $1.87
  • $20 at Exxon gas station and $10 at Barnes & Nobles, as a result of doing some of the offers

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These things are on the way:

  • Xbox 360 (will get here in April…went through a slower company) – cost $25.77

  • Apple AirPort Express with AirTunes – cost: $5.87
  • $50 Visa – cost: $1.95
  • $25 Applebee’s gift card and $25 Blockbuster gift card, as a result of doing some of the offers

Where can you get more free stuff like this?

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Since NuiTech has changed their terms and conditions, making it basically impossible to get free stuff from them from now on, we’ll have to go through other companies. Unfortunately, there currently isn’t another (legit) company that offers gifts in the $2,000 range, but there is still a lot out there you can get (the only thing in my list above that came from NuiTech was the MacBook Pro).

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I’ll be adding posts frequently of new sites, each time focusing on just one or two with notes on my own experience. For now, here is one I highly recommend. And yes, they have Macs.

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Introducing ShopFreePay.com
ShopFreePay has tons of stuff to choose from (books, music, DVDs, video games, electronics, computers), and is by far the best looking and most organized of the free stuff sites. My iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and book listed above all came from them. The Apple AirPort Express on the way is also from them.

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ShopFreePay is a sort of sister-site to the referral-based www.freepay.com. They are both run by Gratis Internet, probably the most well-known “free stuff” company, which has been featured in the media many times over the years.
The site is still in beta, and over the past several weeks they’ve been continually making it look and work a little bit better, as well as add to the list of sponsored offers to choose from.


  • They are FAST. If you do offers that credit instantly, you’ll likely have the product in your hand only a few days later. Each of the three things I’ve received from them so far were dropped off by UPS within 3-5 business days of completing the offers. Yes, wow.

  • The site is extremely organized. After you add an item to “My Stuff,” you can see how many offers it requires – on which pages – and easily get back to it later. No confusion here.
  • Tons of stuff to choose from.


  • Customer support is a little shady. In other words, they haven’t answered my handful of emails over the past month. I received the products I mentioned above without the slightest hassle, but I completed SunRocket as the third-page offer for my AirPort Express, and now just over a month later, haven’t received credit. After several unanswered emails, I finally sent them a snail-mail yesterday, hoping for manual credit. I’ll let you know how that goes. I am assuming that perhaps while in beta, they’re just a bit too busy (or unorganized) to answer support questions quite yet.

  • More expensive gifts are a little difficult to find enough offers for. Not impossible, just difficult. If you need 12 offers for a MacBook, you can do it, but you might have to pay a bit more up front for some of the offers. I’m assuming that as they add more offers, this will become easier.
  • Only one account allowed per address. This means that if your roommate or spouse wants something free too, they’ll have to use a different address.

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I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to offer as they move out of beta, but currently they have become my favorite among free stuff sites.


3.13.07 Update:
I finally received a reply from ShopFreepay, over a month after sending my first email. This was their message:

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Note: We recently learned that some of our customers may not have received our emails. Therefore, we are resending all email from February, 2007. We apologize for the confusion that this may have caused. —
The SunRocket offer requires that you fulfill the one month membership with their service before they report offer completions to us. If you could please provide us the date that you first started using their service and your current status with SunRocket, we will be glad to look into this matter for you to ensure proper crediting for your account. Please note, that if this service is canceled before the end of the one month membership, SunRocket will not provide offer credit. Please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

The ShopFreePay Team

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I sent a reply telling them that it would have been extremely helpful to have known this information before I canceled on the last day of the month, or better yet, before I signed up.

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Update October 2007:
For the past few months, ShopFreePay seems to have been going downhill. Their customer service is lacking, offers don’t credit, and many people have become locked out of their accounts because of technical problems with the site. I no longer recommend using ShopFreePay to earn free stuff. If these problems are solved, they are a great and easy-to-use site, but as long as they continue, I recommend you try out other freebie sites first.

Update December 2007
ShopFreePay is closing its doors.

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1,665 Responses to Even More Free Stuff

  1. Kyle T. says:

    Thanks Josh.

    With the recent success of the MacBook Pro, I’m going to give this site a shot for the HD-DVD player for the XBox 360. I only need to do one offer from each page it looks like. Great deal.


  2. whitetyce says:

    Hey Josh this is a great site. I was wondering can you only sign up for an offer one time or can you cancel and signup again?? You prolly can’t but just wondered if you had tried that yet? Also do all the offers that say instant credit really give you instant credit? Another site I was wondering about was http://www.freexboxzone.com it looks legit was curiouse if you have looked into it.

  3. Josh says:

    Once you do an offer, it disappears from any pages on any item in your account, just like with NuiTech.

    I saw a commercial on TV for freexboxzone.com also. Looks legit, but I haven’t done it myself. Just read the terms & conditions and you should be okay.

  4. Josh says:

    Also, when an offer says “instant credit,” it might not actually mean instant. Usually they’ll go through within 1-3 days, but SunRocket said it was instant, and here I am a month later. So who knows. Might get better as they develop the site.

  5. Doug says:

    Um.. I might be interested in doing a Free Wii offer.. Does it work much like the previous site?

  6. MacGuy says:

    Hey guys i started this site for a plasma screen tv and it has great reviews on http://www.scam.com. By the way that’s where I heard about the Nuitech changes when they happened. Any the site is http://www.pokerprizes.com and they have a ton of offers on it. You don’t have to get refferals but you can get 5% credit of the people who sign up below you…again you don’t have to refer. They have macbook pro’s too. Needless to say I posted the regular link but if you wouldn’t mind helping a fellow minister out heres my refferal link


  7. Tom M. says:

    This is a cool site but is it just me or is it relly slow?

  8. Josh says:

    I noticed that it was slow today also. It’s usually faster than this. Weird.

    Yep, it works pretty much the same way.

  9. MacGuy says:

    which site is slow?

  10. Billy says:

    Increased site traffic=lower available bandwidth per customer=slower load times. So here’s the cue: If you want free stuff, hit up ShopFreePay ASAP before they figure out all the traffic is coming from this sit and change their TOS (i.e., NiuTech). I’ve already started mine, but a question about SunRocket, Josh. Anybody else you know have any problems with them? Beyond credit cards, that is the only affordable offer on the “C” page, so I was looking into that one, but didn’t want to get hung up for a month + with ShopFreePay trying to do manual credit. In addition, what’s the story on applying for two credit cards on the “C” page? Is that possible? What does that do to your credit? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  11. MelG says:


    Can you cancel your membership offers after one month on the shopfreepay.com?

  12. Josh says:


    You can cancel as soon as you receive credit.
    I don’t know if you can cancel before receiving credit.

  13. MelG says:

    Would you recommend going after multiple objects at once or just filling offers for one object at a time?

  14. Josh says:

    It probably wouldn’t hurt anything. Just don’t try to do an offer more than once for multiple items. Probably not a good idea.

    My advice would be this: do only as many as you are comfortable with having going at one time, and take good notes.

  15. Craig says:

    Has anyone been successful with Shopfreepay.com? And if so, how much has it costed them in the end? Can you cancel right after you receive credit and still maintain credit?

  16. Josh says:

    I listed the total cost of the iPods, the book, and the AirPort Express from ShopFreePay near the top of my post.

    If you’re wondering whether anyone else has been successful with them, we probably only need wait a week or so to find out. People will be receiving items that quickly.

    As far as canceling immediately after credit is given, I’m not sure, but I will find out and let you know.

  17. Josh says:

    Don’t know anything about the credit card offers, as I try to avoid them.
    Also, there should be other offers showing up on the third page, maybe try refreshing it? Or maybe they just rotate them every few days. I know I’ve seen or done at least three others there, including wine, web hosting, and diet food.

    I have a feeling that it isn’t SunRocket causing the problem, considering when going through NuiTech they were fairly quick to credit, and I never really heard complaints. I almost wonder if I did something wrong.
    My dad just earlier tonight signed up for SunRocket as an offer for an iPod Nano through ShopFreePay. If his experience differs from mine I will be sure to let everyone know.

  18. MacGuy says:

    Josh, I just want clear up something about the site that I mintioned earlier. It’s not a poker site…one of the prizes they give away is a spot in a poker tournament.

  19. Daniel says:

    Does this mean that every item you have completed, you have chosen new offers? Like once you did Blockbuster (even though you canceled it) you weren’t able to use that offer again?

    (i) Users may only receive credit for first time offer completions. If the user has previously signed up for an offer elsewhere, he/she cannot receive credit for completing that offer on our network. For example, a user who is already a member of eBay® may not sign up for the eBay® offer through our website.

  20. Daniel says:

    Sorry, I didn’t ask this before, but are the T & C the same for every free gift on shopfreepay?

  21. its me says:

    Josh or anyone else out there in the land of the “free”

    Do you know if you apply for the loan if you have to get approved for it or if it is just a “valid app” like it says on the website. Due to poor decisions in my past I know that I would not be approved for a house loan, but thought if I could do it and still get credit for it, I am up for it. Thanks for all of your help.

  22. Josh says:

    Sorry, the comment went into a moderation queue because it contained a few links. It’s up now.

    The Terms and Conditions typically remain the same over the entire site.

    It’s Me,
    Not sure about the loan offers, as I haven’t done one before. If it says “Valid App” I would think that means you just have to submit a valid application, but maybe you have to get the loan too. Not sure. If you try just applying let us know what happens.

  23. heather says:

    just a question about the apple airport express. do you like it? was it what you expected?

  24. D-Dude says:

    Ya, I had a question about not using the same offers too, Daniel. So if I sign up for Blockbuster on one gift and then cancel it, can I used blockbuster again on another offer? A little confused about that.


  25. PAQMAN says:

    Hello all!
    Just writing to let you know about another legit FREE junk spot! I found it yesterday. It’s called GadgetCity.com
    It takes 45 days to get verified but it has different offers than ShopFreePay.com and Nuitech. I’m working on an XBOX 360 (4 offers) through them right now, while working on a Nintendo Wii (5 offers) through ShopFreePay.com. Have fun!

  26. Josh says:

    As I said in my post, I haven’t received the AirPort Express yet.

    Once you complete an offer, it will disappear from all the pages on all of your gifts, so you can’t do it again.

    GadgetCity is where I completed offers for the Xbox 360 also. It will be one next sites I post about. In two weeks is my 45-day mark, so I’ll be contacting them and finding out how things go from there.

  27. Tom M. says:

    I did the Blockbuster Offer for the MacBook Pro offers (NuiTech).I’m using the same email and I’m about to go for an 80GB iPod through ShopFreeStuff I want to pick the Blockbuster offer. Can I do this? Should I make a new e-mail just to be sure? Cuz I’m gonna give Blockbuster my information again, will that affect my trial with them?

  28. whitetyce says:

    So do you do the gadgetcity offers just like you do the other offers, just sign up and cancel as soon as you get credit?

  29. whitetyce says:

    When you do the wine offer can you cancel before they send it out to you, or do you have to get it shipped to you and then send it back.

  30. Josh says:

    If you use the same information to sign up a second time, I’m not sure what will happen. Let us know.

    With GadgetCity, after completing offers you have to wait 45 days before they will be credited, or before you can contact GC for manual credit. If you complete an offer and it changes from “Pending” to “In Progress,” I’ve heard that it’s okay to cancel then- that’s what I did. However, if it never changes from “Pending,” I’ve heard to just keep the service until the 45 day mark. That’s what I did. I figured it would be better to pay an extra $9.95 than to cancel an offer and not get my Xbox.
    If you try to cancel anyway, let us know how things turn out.

    I would not recommend trying to cancel any offer before you get their package. I think that is exactly the kind of stuff that contributed to NuiTech going downhill.
    Considering you can just refuse packages and not have to pay anything to ship them back, you might as well do that.
    Some of the offers actually say in their terms of service that you are not allowed to cancel before receiving the product.

  31. PAQMAN says:

    Josh, what offers did you do on ShopFreePay, and GadgetCity. I read that you did SunRocket again, How is this possible? I’m getting ready to start this thing and I want to choose the best offers! Later!

  32. Matt says:

    I’ve had nothing but problems with gadgetcity.com and freegameconsoles.net (same company).

    Every time I’ve tried signing up for the sites – register with email address, fill out the survey, click around on the offers, they never send me an email about how to set up a password for my account. And I’ve tried doing it many times.

  33. pacmantech says:

    One possible thing to do that might aid some of you in helping to get these offers, especially if you have an unreliable mail carrier or PO Box, is to go to the UPS Store in your home town (formerly Mailboxes Etc) and open a mailbox. I have one for eBay purposes (paid $120 for 15 months, YMMV) because the nearest post office is only open when I’m at work. The store provides a street address, and I’ve used it to genuinely fulfill offers in programs like these.

  34. Bungee says:

    I guess I don’t understand when to cancel the offers. When you receive the package? When it says credited or what? I don’t want to be sucked in to things. I do wanted to complete the offers right to get the credit, I just don’t know when that perfect time is. Anyone can help?

  35. Tom M. says:

    I’m gonna wait until I get my Macbook Pro, then I’ll try out for an iPod or something. I think it may be worth making another e-mail for this site because just in case your information gets mixed up from before (assuming you’ve done the same offer for NuiTech/Macbook Pro).

  36. Casey says:

    I have a question about NuiTech or NiuTech…whatever…I am currently in verification and I’m remembering now that the stamps.com offer said something about signing up for 30 days to receive credit. Well, I received credit almost immediately, so I cancelled it soon after. Now I’m worried that it’s going to end up being a problem when they verify. It would stink to get this far and then be ineligible. Does anybody know??

  37. john black says:

    just an fyi for potential shopfreepay-ers.

    i started doing offers for their other gifts several months ago (december) after receiving an ipod shuffle two days after i started working toward it.


    i’ve subsequently signed up for several “bigger” gifts (canon powershot digicam, nikon d80, etc.) and have not seen a single one of them go through the verification stage into fulfillment. they have been notoriously terrible in crediting offers i’ve completed, and i’m not sure i’ll ever see another gift from them. furthermore, the offers on their pages haven’t refreshed much at all in the 4 months i’ve been tracking them.

    i’m not saying you shouldn’t use shopfreepay to work toward fun free stuff, i’d just advise everyone to proceed with caution, especially if you’re going for big-ticket items. they might be handing ipod shuffles out like crazy to get everyone trafficking their site, only to leave us all hanging when we want our macbooks.

    just my $0.02. good luck to everyone!

  38. MelG says:

    FYI, you can go back and check your previous verified offers on shopfreepay.com by clicking on the progress shapes and then the separate column tabs at the top of the offers page. Got a call from my friend Debra at my credit card company…nice to know they’ve got your back.

  39. Kirk says:

    I started working on a Canon Rebel XTi DSLR with shopfreepay and John’s comments have me nervous now. Can anyone confirm that they’ve received a big ticket item from SFP?

    Also, I signed up for a New York Times trial offer and while it was “pending verification” the offer disappeared from the site. I’ve emailed customer service asking if I’ll still get credit, but I’d love to know if anyone else has an answer already.

  40. PAQMAN says:

    So what are some offers that you all are gravitating toward, on Shopfreepay?

  41. Nancy says:

    On the Advantage Language package – can I just say “Refused – Return to Sender” like I did with Columbia House DVDs , or do I need to pay the postage for return myself?

  42. steve visc says:

    Im also VERY curious to see if anyone has gotten anything BIG from shopfreepay like a plasma. I have a feeling there also reeling us in with the Shuffles and wont be receiving credit for the big ones.

  43. Craig says:

    So, how much is SunRocket going to cost you in the end, Josh, if it’s still a month later and you haven’t been able to cancel yet?

  44. Josh says:

    I’ve only ever signed up for SunRocket once. Not sure where you read that.

    You should be able to cancel after receiving credit, although I’m not 100% sure. Maybe someone else can let us know?

    Thanks for the words of warning concerning bigger items on SFP.

    Yes, you can refuse the Advantage Language package, though on the phone they’ll likely tell you otherwise. You may have to add “Attn: Returns Dept” or something above the return address, depending on what address they say to send it back to.

    I canceled SunRocket just a few days ago on the last day of the trial, and have already received a full refund for it. I’m not hopeful that my snail-mail to SFP will move anything along, so at this point I don’t think SunRocket is going to credit. I’ll probably wait another two weeks and then perhaps try doing another offer in its place.

  45. Craig says:

    So, which one are you going to do you think? (Cheapest, that is…)

  46. Josh says:

    Probably the wine. It is $119.95 up front, but I’m fairly certain you can just cancel, refuse the package when you get it, and get a full refund.
    Also, it says “Instant Credit,” and though that didn’t mean anything for SunRocket, I’d still feel better about it than doing a non-instant one.

    The Lunarpages web host looks interesting, but I feel like it’d be simpler to just get some wine and send it back.

  47. Cathy says:

    hmmmm so earlier today I completed all my offers for the Canon Digital Rebel XT. I have 2 of my square offers already verified, but currently I’m a little concerned because 1) someone said they haven’t not seen successful at getting the bigger items. 2) apparently there are some SunRocket issues. I can keep you updated, but I won’t be a happy cathy if it doesn’t pan out.

  48. Daniel John Ott says:

    I did a premium pack Xbox 360 from shopfreepay.com for $5.86. Once all my offers were complete, they shipped the xbox overnight from amazon.com! I like it.

  49. Josh says:

    Which offers did you complete?

  50. Brian says:

    Josh, how do you go about sending shipments back? Do you have to be there when they deliver it to refuse it, do you have to take it back to the post office yourself and tell them to return to sender? I am wondering how easy it is going to be to send back the wine.


  51. pacmantech says:

    I’m thinking about doing the Lunar Pages one myself…I have several domains scattered all over the place that use minimal resources, so it might be nice to be able to control them all from one place…I don’t know if GoDaddy would give hosting refunds though.

    Thanks, Josh, for your site. Very well done work so far. You’re the only site around who has decided to discuss these matters and it’s well appreciated to see an intelligent discussion outside of a typical forum.

  52. whitetyce says:

    Daniel John Ott, which offers did you do to get the 360. I was going to do the Wii offer but I decided to do the 360 due to the fact that the Wii is 250 and the xbox is 400 and there the same ammount of offers.

  53. Mike says:

    Just wanted to say Hi

  54. CC says:

    what offers did u do on the last page…
    has anyone recieved credit for their 3rd page offers yet?

  55. Josh says:

    You don’t have to be home. When you’re ready to ship back the package, you can just write “Refused” and “Return to Sender” on it where it’s noticeable. Then just drop them off at the post office or UPS or wherever it came from before. Won’t cost a penny.

    Thanks for the compliment. I’m working on ideas for more content, and ways to organize all the information on this site and others.

    When I did the iPod Nano through SFP, it required a third page offer, and everything went through fine, so don’t worry, that third page isn’t impossible. It just seems like something with SunRocket.

  56. CC says:

    what offer did u do on the 3rd page for ur ipod nano, how long did it take to credit?

  57. Brian says:

    Thanks Josh, I am trying to get a nano and can’t decide between the wine or Sunrocket for the 3rd page offer.

  58. Josh says:

    On the third page for my Nano I did a diet program called Nutrisystem. It was around $300 for the package of food, but I get it all back. It disappeared from the third page sometime last week.

  59. Chris says:

    What sucks is that I live in PA and cant do the wine offer. Has anyone gotten instant credit for Sun Rocket? And how do the credit cards work because it says Sun ROcket is not available to me.

  60. JP says:

    Josh, or anybody who has done multiple gifts…

    Are you using a different credit card and email and your same name, address, phone number etc?

    I am married and I was able to do the MBP and I’m about half way through offers for the $2K mastercard (which I parked before March) using my wife’s info.

    But I wonder if its possible to get another credit card (low limit) and do offers multiple times. Any thoughts? It seems like your info would stay in the systems of these companies and they would report you or something. I already had a somewhat sketch situation with Video Prof. using my wife’s name and the same address I used for the MBP.

    Any thoughts on this?

  61. CB says:

    What is the process like after you do the offers from free pay? Voucher? Verification? Form to fill out?

    Can anyone help?

  62. PAQMAN says:

    You did the 4 seasons wine right? On their website it says that you will not get credit unless you receive, accept, and pay for the wine. How are planning on canceling and sending it back?

  63. Josh says:

    I haven’t signed up for the wine yet. I would think that if I paid for the wine and it was shipped to me, the credit would go through within a few days (like most of the other “instant” offers). And since the wine membership won’t send me another case for 3 months, I would just wait until I got my AirPort Express a few days later and then cancel.
    At least, I think that’s how everything would work. Worst case scenario I just ship it back and don’t get credit, and end up exactly where I am now, no worse for the wear. But it’s a chance.

    I sent my letter to SFP about SunRocket on Monday, so I figure if by late next week I still haven’t heard from them, I’ll try it out unless a better offer shows up.

  64. Josh says:

    After you’ve received credit for the offers the status on your “My Stuff” page changes, saying that your order is ready to ship and you just have to click on there, put in your shipping info, and that’s it. A few days later you get your gift.

  65. Josh says:

    I used one credit card when I originally did offers for my MBP, and I have another Discover card. I used it a few times to do some offers like BlockBuster a second time. Basically all you need to sign up for an account with an offer a second time is a different email address and credit card. Some of the forms will reject you, but many won’t. You just have to try and see if it takes it. If it goes through, you should still get credit.

    I’m sure they aren’t thrilled with this, but I figure they’re still getting my money, even if I’m not “new.”

  66. chan says:

    just noticed concerning shop.freepay.com’s macbook (not macbook pro); at least for the offers i was assigned on pages b and c, i would be forced to apply for atleast 1 credit card offer, regardless of the order in which i procede through my 3 pages of offers…which unfortunately, based on the research i’ve done at http://www.scam.com and http://forum.freeipodguide.com , applying for the credit card offers will 1.) take far too long to get approved and 2.) affect your credit score negatively…maybe others will have a better “luck of the draw” in terms of offers.

  67. PAQMAN says:

    Has anyone dealt with Lunar web hosting? Is there a specific plan that you have to choose? Do you get a full refund? Is it hard to cancel?

  68. Craig says:

    On the SunRocket deal, did you have to pay the $39.95 equipment fee to get the phone and whatnot, or could you cancel before you got that?

  69. PAQMAN says:

    I have done SunRocket twice, once for the Macbook under my name and once for a 42″ Plasma HDTV under my wife’s. You have to pay for the equipment and signup for their monthly offer. The equipment will come in the mail and inside of the box is prepaid UPS postage for return. Just return the product using the UPS shipping label they’ve provided and they should reimburse you for the devise.

  70. Kyle T. says:

    I’m 2 (out of 3) orders into the XBox 360 HD-DVD player on shopfreepay and all seems to be going pretty good. I am trying to figure out what to do on the third page and only sunrocket seems feasible as I refuse to sign up for credit cards.

    I finished the offers for the first two pages today (FU T-shirts on page 1 and Overnight Genius on page 2) and I’ll keep you updated on what happens.


  71. PAQMAN says:

    Josh, you should RSS your blog to your facebook notes so that everyone on your friends list can view them. Later!

  72. Brad says:

    Pacman – I did the Lunarpages offer, but havent been credited for any of the three offers (for the Nano). I just did them yesterday, but was hoping the “instant” really meant instant. So far, nothing.

    I signed up for the 12-mo plan at 6.99 per month. The annual plan and the bi-annual plan required no setup fee. You can cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

  73. Brian says:

    I’m trying for the 4Gb nano and have completed these offers:

    Today’s Escapes-yesterday

    So far I have gotten credit for Today’s Escapes.

  74. israel says:

    hey all in free land
    2 days ago i completed all of my offers for a Wii from Shopfreepay. All of them have verified. Sunrocket, Lunarpages, Overnight Genius, ValueMax, and t shirts. The Wii is on backorder with no time frame for getting them. Does anyone know if you can switch your credits to a different product? I have contacted SFP to find out and if I hear something I will let all know.

  75. Josh says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I did it.

    Let us know when you get credit for Lunarpages, and what your experience is with them. Thanks!

  76. Kirk says:

    Hey Israel, did you sign up for just 1 month with SunRocket? I did the full year deal and I’m not sure if I’ll still get credit. SunRocket customer service has been unable to give me any information at all and as far as I know nobody here has gotten any responses from SFP customer service.

  77. Brad says:

    Okay, all three of my offers for the Nano just went through. I did all three offers yesterday afternoon. Today I verified my address and the ipod is on its way. I havent cancelled any orders. After the Nuitech stuff, I’m willing to wait a little longer. The lunarpages gives me 30-days free. The T & C is clear, so I’m not worried. Obviously there’s nothing physical to ship back, so I dont expect any problems. By the way, the YourMusic.com is a GREAT deal! 6.99 each for unlimited CD’s – no shipping! There’s a 6.99 minimum charge per month, but you can cancel anytime. I ordered John Mayer’s new CD, and I’ll either keep the service or cancel next month.

  78. israel says:

    Hey Kirk,
    I signed up for just a month. I received credit the next day. I don’t know about signing up for a year. I did that for the MBP offer and cancelled right after I received credit and got a full refund.

  79. whitetyce says:

    I just got my free ipod shuffel, it is sweet, I completed and verified my shipping address on the 8th at 730am and got it today (the 9th) at noon. This site is awesome and FAST. Also mailed in my slip for my free computer.

  80. Kyle T. says:

    Two of my orders (out of 3) verified today on shopfreepay. The T-shirts and Overnight Genius verified in one day then. Just waiting on Sunrocket to verify and my XBox 360 HD-DVD player is en route.


  81. Cathy says:

    For the canon rebel I signed up for
    T-shirt offer and it credited the next day
    Blockbuster credited the next day too
    Advantage Language and Video Professor both credited the same day.
    I’m waiting on SunRocket, E-loan, Overnight Genius, and Netflix to credit.

  82. Steve says:

    I’m working on the 4GB ipod and Great Fun and Overnight Genius have credited for me. I’m just waiting on SunRocket. This will be a great way to get video games for cheap as well. Zelda: Twilight Princess for one tier 1 and tier 2 offer? Nice.

  83. Billy says:

    Brad and any-one else:
    I noticed you said that you only signed up for a month with the lunarpages offer, but on the fulfillment form via shopfreepay.com, it notes you have to complete “one year membership”. I wasn’t sure if this is just a logistical error via shopfreepay.com or if the credit can be issued solely with a one month commitment to lunarpages. Any feedback would be great.

    Also, would it be possible for people to post their credit times (i.e., how long it took to receive credit) for SUNROCKET? The TOS seem self-explanatory, but as per Josh’s situation, I’m hesitant to not get issued credit within a reasonable amount of time.

    Thanks for all your help!

  84. it's me says:


    You said you have done LunerPages (correct?) did you receive credit for it already. The TOS on that pages is very obscure and I am worried about getting stuck with the setup fee if I cancel early. Anyway, I was just wondering what your experience was with it. As always anyone else is encouraged to answer this query as well. Thanks for your help everyone.

  85. MacGuy says:

    A couple things. As far as Nuitech goes I just got my voucher for a MBP! I signed up a three weeks before the changes went through and verification went fine. We signed for for the 2k gift card about a week before the TOS change is it wise to still do the offers? Next, a buddy of mine off of scam.com got a giftcard from http://www.pokerprizes.com. They also have a 42″ inch plasma and MBP too. If you want to hook a bro up heres my link:


  86. whitetyce says:

    It’s me, if you sign up for the 12 mo. or 24 mo. there is now set up fee, its waived. They say in the ToC that if you are not satisified in the first 30 day you can cancel for a full refund, looks pretty straight forward to me. I have not done the offer yet, but am planning to very soon. Who ever has done it so far please tell how long it takes to credit

  87. frank says:

    if u guys used the same credit card to do the offres for the macbookpro via nuitech… are we still allowed to use that same credit card for like Today’s Escapes and Great Fun…?

  88. CC says:

    hey brad, ur saying that u were not charged at all for the lunarpage offer?

  89. Big Daddy P says:

    Hey Josh,
    Did you make up an excel spreadsheet for shopfreepay.com? If so, could you post a link to it for others to see?
    Big Daddy P

  90. chan says:

    anyone else tried getting a product requiring 2 offers on page c, 6 offers on page b and 4 offers on page a? maybe i’m missing something, but the way my offers are arranged on each page, i’d be forced to apply for atleast 1 credit card. that is a huge flashing red light for me and would rather not impact my credit score and potentially complicate the process by having to wait on a credit card approval to have the offer credit applied to my account. any ideas or feedback? the object im working towards is a macbook

  91. Brad says:

    its me –

    yes, if you do the 12 mo or 24 mo plan for lunarpages, there’s no setup fee. and the rest is refundable within 30 days.

    cc – no, i was charged $98-ish for lunarpages. thats the cost of the 12-mo subscription. i have 30 days to cancel, or im stuck with the charge. lunarpages credited within 12 hrs.

  92. frank says:

    I did the shure e2c headphones and am still waiting crediting for Overnight Genius and Today’s Escapes. Did anybody else wait a long time for these? I finished them 3/09 at around 4pm. I did Today’s Escapes for the macbook before and it never took this long… any reason to be worried? I used a different credit card but same address though.

  93. whitetyce says:

    Frank, I think that SFP has some offers that credit by themselves, they just do it automaticaly. Other offers like overnight genius, need to be creditied by one of there employees. So if you try to get credit for one of those offers over the weekend they wont credit till someone comes in monday morning and punches them in.
    Ex.- I did the shuffle offer on a wed. and recieved the shuffle on a friday. My friend at work wanted to get a free shuffle too. I helped him fill out his offers and he did the same ones as me. Overnight genius still has not credited, and mine credited within 24 hours. I hope I’m right because I’m waiting on Lunarpages to credit for me.

  94. Nate says:

    Has anyone received a macbook from shopfreepay? I see that a lot of people have received smaller items, but didn’t here about anyone getting a macbook yet. Any help you can give me would be great.

  95. Kemosabe says:

    Hey Josh, how are you planning to do the wine? Because I tried it and they dont ship to Kentucky. Are you going to have it shipped somewhere else?

  96. frenchy says:

    has any one done the xboxfreezone website? i did it and completed all the offers, now i am waiting. it was really easy there are alot of offers on all the pages so i’ll let you know when it works. So far it was the best site, even better than nuitech, every page is basically like the first page at nuitech.

  97. whitetyce says:

    Frenchy, good job gettin that done, make sure to tell us how it goes and what offers were the easiest. Also just wanted to say that in addition to my shuffle I have also recieved a nano from SFP. I did lunar pages on the third page and they credited fast and was very easy to complete. Has anyone done any other offers on the third page and had success yet?

  98. Kirk says:

    I did SunRocket (1 year) and LunarPages (1 year) for my third page on SFP on March 7th and neither one has credited yet.

  99. Brian says:

    I am trying to get a nano but have only gotten credit for 1 of my offers so far.

    Page 1 – Todays Escapes completed on 3/8; credited on 3/8.

    Page 2 – Blockbuster completed 3/8; no credit yet.

    Page 3 – Sunrocket completed 3/9; no credit yet.

    Has anyone else had any success with Blockbuster or Sunrocket lately?


  100. Steve says:

    i’m still waiting on SunRocket. i started it last friday so it SHOULD be credited today or a couple days later.

  101. frank says:

    Good geebus, I did Today’s Escape Friday on 3/9 and still have not receive credit yet…

  102. CB says:

    has anyone been able to get credit for sunrocket and how long did it take and what plan did u select?

  103. john says:

    I’m currently doing an offer for an iHome and I completed an offer with Funk Unlimited t-shirts, but the offer disappered from the offer page. Has anyone else has this happen? It doesn’t even say “pending,” it just disappeared. Do i just need to wait a couple of days? thanks.

  104. Mystery Shopper says:

    I checked my account and I got credit from Sunrocket this morning. I completed the offer on Friday 3/9. Now I am just waiting on Blockbuster, which I completed on 3/8.

  105. Andy says:

    I had the samething happen with a credit card application and netflix. Neither has credited yet and im not sure if they will. Keep me posted if Funk Unlimited credits. BTW my funk unlimited purchase credited the next day.

  106. PAQMAN says:

    So is everyone having trouble getting Blockbuster and the Credit cards to verify on SFP? I’ve waited 4 business days now.

  107. CB says:

    brian let us know ur progress on the sunrocket

  108. Kirk says:

    I’m still waiting on SunRocket, LunarPages, Blockbuster, NYTimes, and Citi Credit Monitoring. I signed up for all of them last Wednesday and the last two disappeared from my offer pages shortly after they changed to “Pending Verification”

  109. frenchy says:

    if you did ny times with nuitech i have a feeling that it wont work with sfp. i did it and it still has not gone through.

  110. frank says:

    In addition to what frenchy said, I thinK Today’s Escapes might be the same.

  111. Brian says:

    Sunrocket approved for me yesterday morning. Now I am waiting on Blockbuster. I have 3 movies being shipped to me so I’m not sure what the reason is for the delay in getting credit from them.


  112. Ann Elizabeth says:

    MSN just posted this story on their site about freebies from pop-up ads.

    Link here

    Every person quoted says they got scammed and it’s a ripoff. I replied with my experience (vague on the details and I did not mention this site) – thought someone else might enjoy reading it and having a laugh as they enjoy their mac ( or whatever you got)

  113. Kyle says:

    Still waiting on Sunrocket myself. Stinks as both of the first two page offers credited instantly.

    I emailed them (shopfreepay) through the site today asking how to expedite the process as the package is already on the way and I have an email to prove it.

    Doubt I’ll get any response from what I understand of their CS though.

    Later guys.

  114. D-Dude says:

    Is it just me or are offers disappearing from shopfreepay.com. I haven’t even signed up for anything yet, but everytime I go back to check to see if the offers are any different, some of them disappear. I only have 4 available offers on the 3rd page now, it used to be like 6 or 7. Why’s that?

    Also, anybody having luck with sunrocket?

  115. Josh says:

    I finally received a reply from ShopFreePay.
    Everyone check out my update at the bottom of the blog entry above.

  116. Brian says:

    Thanks for the update, Josh. However what SFP told you doesn’t jive with what happened in my situation. I signed up for Sunrocket 3/9 and got credit 3/12.

  117. CB says:


    On the sunrocket offer, what did you do, like plan wise and did you have it for a month? Please give as much detail as you can just to help everyone out. I dont know about having to do sunrocket for a month, is it easy to cancel the wine? I am very skeptical that sunrocket credited for Brian after just a few days and whatever plan you did that we should use. Thanks,

  118. Josh says:

    I know it doesn’t make sense, I just thought I’d pass along the message. Since the majority of people who have signed up for SunRocket did not get credit as fast as you did (if at all, yet), I thought it wise to caution them with SFP’s message.
    Also in my reply, I asked if there were any “special conditions” to LunarPages, which I signed up for to replace SunRocket. I know there are some who have gotten credit fast from them, but I thought I’d ask.

  119. CB says:

    I went with sunrocket and the lunarpages for the shop free pay and the 80 gig video ipod…

    On the sunrocket i did the unlimited monthly plan – it was like $200 and the lunar was the 12 month for 95 i think… Hopefully this will go through and I can get it! Ill keep informed. Brad, hope I can get as lucky as you did with sunrocket. Josh did your dad ever get credit for sunrocket?

  120. CB says:

    I meant to say Brian – not brad

  121. Brian says:

    CB-The sunrocket plan that I did was the cheapest one. I believe it was $9.99 per month. My total order, including the equipment, came to $50.53. I placed the order on 3/9 and got credit on 3/12 so I have only had it for a few days. I actually just got the equipment package in the mail yesterday, 3/13.

    Josh-Thanks for letting us know what SFP said. My comment was just to let you know that what they told you doesn’t pass the sniff test.

    Although I got lucky with sunrocket I have not had any luck with Blockbuster. I signed up 3/8 and received a months worth of movies in the mail yesterday. But so far no credit from them.


  122. Billy says:


    Has anybody yet to receive a large (expensive, premium) item from shopfreepay (i.e., camera, macbook, etc.)? I’m tempted to start on all the offers for the Canon Digital Rebel, but the way the offers are set-up, you have to apply for at least two credit cards…silly. I have a theory. I think that as soon as you sign-up for the site, there are numerous offers on each page, but with each day, they dwindle…in direct correlation with how long you’ve been a member of the site. So, if someone was to sign-up today, they’d have numerous offers on each page (even page 3), but whilst being a member for a day or two or so, the number of offers takes a nosedive, and you’re left with the bottom of the barrel when it comes to deals.

    Has anybody else had this phenomenon happen to them?


  123. whitetyce says:

    Frenchy, how is the freexboxzone comming along. Have you gotten credit for your offers yet? Keep us informed on how it goes. If I can get a 360 from freexboxzone I’ll prolly try to get a Wii from here on SFP.

  124. Kyle says:

    Great on that SunRocket news. So, do I have to wait a full month and then do I get credit back for the equipment when I ship it back???

  125. SatisfiedFreeSansaGuy says:

    Well, I was pointed to the shopfreepay site by a poster on another site, and since my Zen Xtra recently died, I figured I could give it a shot. 3 offers, 3 credited already. Including Sunrocket. Not sure why others had issues with that, but mine is done and in fulfillment. Now, Just gotta cancel it all ;)

  126. whitetyce says:

    Who has done the wine offer and gotten credit for it?

  127. Josh says:

    Thanks for your theory, but I don’t think that’s quite it. I’ve been a member with SFP for a month and a half now, and only in the past week or so have any offers been removed. It probably has something to do with the increased traffic to their site. :)

    Yes, if you do SunRocket expect to wait at least a month, and pay for a second month of service. Don’t cancel until after you get credit, which should supposedly be after the end of the first month.

    I completed Lunarpages yesterday to replace SunRocket for my Apple AirPort Express, it credited today and I’m finally ready to order!

  128. Kirk says:

    I completed LunarPages a full week ago (signed up for 1 full year) and I still haven’t received credit. Neither LunarPages nor SFP customer service has replied to my queries.

  129. D-Dude says:


    That’s exactly what I was saying was happening to me in a post earlier. Just about everyday that I have been signed up for this gift some offers have disappeared. It’s almost not worth it anymore especially if I have to wait for sunrocket. Anyways, just letting your know it has happened to me also.

  130. CC says:

    hey Josh did u sign up for a year with LunarPages?

  131. CC says:

    has anyone done the wine offer? how long does it generally take to credit?

  132. Mark says:

    I did the Wine offer and LunarPages last night and they both credited today. I am now waiting on SunRocket and Blockbuster to get my Canon Digital Rebel.

  133. Erik says:

    How are you all doing all of these offers? After chasing the MacBook Pro I’ve already done most of these offers. Is there a way around it by signing up again with a different email address/home address or do you use friends and family or something? Just curious.


  134. Kirk says:

    did you do a full year with LunarPages? I did (cost 95.40) 7 days ago and I still haven’t received credit.

  135. Mark says:

    Kirk: Yes, I did a full year. Seems like there is no rhyme or reason to verification however.

  136. CC says:

    do u get refunded after doing the wine offer?

  137. Titus says:

    i guess many people are having trouble with blockbuster

  138. CB says:

    Is the wine cancellation a possibility to avoid any costs? Anyone know, josh? I didnt see the TOS on the page for Shop Free pay – and I am doing the 80 gig ipod and have only one offer on page three left. I signed up for sunrocket, but I am going to give it a couple of days and hope to get some credit. I will let you guys know how its going, but would like some information on the wine!

  139. Billy says:

    As for the wine offer, I’m here in Kentucky, and we are not eligible to complete the offer. Kind of a gip, as I would totally do it….and keep the wine! A small price to pay for so much to enjoy. Either way, I have a question of everyone: I want to try and do the Canon Digital Rebel, but Sunrocket has completely disappeared from my offers pages. I’m not sure if this is only for me, or others as well. SOOO, here’s the request. Could everyone, or those who care to, list their offers on their “3″ page, please. I just want to get a feel for what I could potentially wait around for, or what is available to other people. Thanks guys/gals!

  140. Mark says:

    My assumption is that I would have to keep the wine since it would be a hassle to refuse and send back. There are worse things than having to buy wine that I will drink, I guess.

    C Offers:
    Citi Platinum
    Wine (3 Months)
    Citi Diamond

  141. frank says:

    ^ Everything he’s got, I got. Verbatim

  142. ninjastyle says:

    Completed 5 offers for the Canon SD800 on Friday: Great Fun, Advantage Language, Overnight Genius, Lunar Pages, and SunRocket. Cancelled them all on 3/12. Camera shipped 3/13, arrived today. Lunar Pages does not refund your entire fee, about $20 of it is for domain name registration and what not that you cannot get back after cancelling your membership. SunRocket has already refunded my fee, although I still need to refuse their equipment when it arrives in the mail.

  143. CB says:

    ninja, what sunrocket did you use?

  144. CB says:


    Were you able to cancel the wine and be charged little to nothing?

  145. Brian says:

    Well, I ran out of patience with Blockbuster. I decided to do another B offer instead of waiting forever for Blockbuster to give credit, so I signed up for Advantage Language. I got credit for it about 5 minutes after I completed my order and now my nano has been ordered. In the end my lack of patience cost me another $6.95 but I figure thats better than waiting forever on Blockbuster. On the positive side I got 3 movie rentals from Blockbuster for the $9.99 it cost me. Still a great deal for a $200 nano.


  146. Mark says:

    I would be too concerned with it screwing something up so I figured I would keep the wine. We have family coming to stay soon so I see it as stocking up early.

  147. CB says:

    I will goto bed tonight praying that the sunrocket unlimited monthly – will credit within 3 days! PLEASE!!!!

  148. PAQMAN says:

    Does anyone know how long it takes the credit card offers on page 3 to go through? I did one of the Citi Cards on March 8, was approved, and still haven’t been varified.

    What’s the refund status for the page 3 wine offer. I live in KY is it possible for me to complete this offer and recieve a full refund?

  149. CB says:

    paqman, I think on the page it says that it doesnt ship to KY, but if you have a friend in Indiana I guess you could get it shipped to them…I am thinking about that and cancelling before they verify and ship it out becaues people are reporting credit close to instantly.

  150. Nate says:

    Anyone received any of the large items like the Macbook? I missed out on the MacBook Pro and was thinking about doing this offer. Let me know if you’ve received anything this big. I am a little concerned that all people are getting are the smaller items.

  151. STEVE says:

    do i even have a realistic shot at completing the 12 offers for the plasma TV?
    4 on page A
    6 on page B
    2 on page C
    It looks Do-able but im skeptical. advice?

  152. frenchy says:

    i would be a little skeptical,
    thats alot of offers and from what i can tell no one has received a big gift yet. but if you want to give a shot let us know how it goes.

  153. Mark says:

    I just got credit for SunRocket for a turnaround of 2 Days between signup and verification. Now just waiting for Blockbuster which I emailed ShopFreePay about. I would have thought Blockbuster would have went through smoother than this.

  154. Robert says:

    I completed my offers Tuesday night around 11 PM, and my Shure E2C’s are out for delivery today. Hooah.

  155. whitetyce says:

    FRENCHY, hows the freexboxzone going???? Would love to know.

  156. CB says:


    What sunrocket offer did you do?

  157. Mark says:

    I believe it was the month to month. It was the only one for 9.95/month.

  158. CB says:

    I am sorry to get off on a tangent for sunrocket, but I just am one offer away from the 80 gig ipod and I am trying to be patient for sunrocket to go thorugh.. I think i may wait until next monday to cancel it, but I just want credit so I can get my darn ipod!

    Thanks Mark – apparently i chose the wrong one, josh which one of those did not work for you? And did the one for your dad ever go through?

  159. CB says:

    Did anyone do the wine and get credit and then cancel? And if you did, what costs did you encounter?

  160. Robert says:

    Anybody done the Disney offers? Are they easy? Can you just return to sender the stuff?

  161. whitetyce says:

    I have done both of the disney offers. They are very easy and I have not recieved and products from them.

  162. Josh says:

    I think it’s definitely possible to do 12 offers for a MacBook, just difficult, as you’d have to sign up for nearly every offer, including, probably, a credit card. However, as SFP seems to be answering emails now, perhaps getting manual credit would be easier, should you run into problems in that area.

    As I said in my update in the post, you apparently are supposed to wait the full first month before getting credit for SunRocket. Yes, it has gone through quicker for some, but I’m just going by what SFP told me.
    I’d advise just being patient and waiting until after the first month to get credit for SunRocket. Do not cancel, or you will definitely NOT receive credit. If you do another offer, you’re still not ensured that you’ll get credit any quicker, and you’ll have one less offer available for something in the future (and they are sparse right now).

    I did Disney Movies and in the terms & conditions it says if you’re not satisfied just send it back with a written notice that you’d like to cancel your account. I plan on writing “Please cancel my account” on the box and returning to sender.

  163. Bob says:

    I’m working on completing the offers for an xbox 360 from SFP. I only need to do one more offer on the second page. However, I already did overnight genius, I can’t do the wine offer since I am in Ky and I’m 20, and the rest of the offers I already did when getting the macbook from nuitech. As for the credit cards, I completed one of them for the 3rd page, and I already have the other credit card. What can I do? Do they update the page often? They haven’t in the past 4 days I have been looking at it. Thanks.

  164. Robert says:

    Now I’m trying for a Nano. Did Video Professor (credited in 15 minutes), Stamps, and Lunarpages. How long did Stamps and Lunarpages take to credit for you guys?

  165. PAQMAN says:

    Lunarpages credited me in 2 days.

  166. PAQMAN says:

    For those of you like me, stuck with taking a credit card on the “C Page” then this info is important for you. I e-mailed SFP about the length of the credit card verification and this was their reply.

    “Credit card offers can take up to 4 weeks to credit as they require credit approval, activation, and first use.”

    So, it’s not just getting approved for a card like the add leads you to believe.

  167. frank says:

    Besides ninjastyles sd800… has anybody else received anything large in value? Has anyone succesfully received an xbox yet?

  168. Kirk says:

    I got an email from LunarPages saying they credit within a week, usually sooner. SFP replied to my email and told me to wait 15 days then send them proof of completion so they can research it for me.

    Still waiting on SunRocket, LunarPages, and Blockbuster. All completed March 7th.

  169. mistersirus says:

    On page B they just added a date.com offer. The strange thing about it is that the offer for a free 3 day trial and $9.99 a month after that is advertised on shopfreepay.com is not listed anywhere on the website for date.com!

  170. mistersirus says:


    I received my verification for Blockbuster the day after I signed up. I would e-mail SFP about it.

  171. CB says:

    Is anyone having any luck on doing the wine offer and then cancelling and not even ending up getting the wine, but getting credit? I guess cancelling after credit.

  172. Matt says:

    I received my PSP last week from SFP.

    3 offers, about 5 days from start to the receipt of my gift.


  173. Bill says:

    What’s up with the retail prices on the GPS devices?? Their site has the retail price for a Garmin c330 at over $950! At wal-mart its only $329! I can understand it being somewhat inflated, but that’s a bit much….

  174. frenchy says:

    i completed all the offers for the x box 360 at xboxfreezone.com. but since they only update the gift status page once a week on sunday nights i’m not sure how much credit i have received as of yet. i will let you know. but the offers were easy, only 3 a page and there are alot of them. nothing was more than like $9.99 for whart i signed up for.
    how many people have received gifts from nuitech recently? If you have accounts that were started before March 1st i would recommend that you do them because there are more offers and they are much faster now.

  175. gavin says:

    Is there anyway to know the number of offers you will need to complete for items prior to giving them your email?

  176. Josh says:

    No, you have to create an account, login and add the item to your “My Stuff” list.

  177. James says:

    Does anyone know an offer for a Mac Book Pro that’s not a scam? Does anyone have any knowledge about poker prizes?

  178. verses says:

    I did 5 offers for an 80BG iPod on Saturday and they have beend verified today (Monday)!

    Order is placed. Gooda looking out!

  179. CB says:

    verses, what offers did you do?

  180. frank says:

    Anybody gotten anything big like one of those expensive 800 Canon cameras?

  181. john says:

    I completed and verified all of my offers last week for an ipod nano. The screen now says that they are verified and ordered…how long does it take for them to ship usually?

  182. frank says:

    They do overnight shipping via UPS.

  183. verses says:

    let’s see, i did Disney Video, Advantage Language, Overnight Genius, Lunarpages and SunRocket.

    Should be getting shipping info soon.

  184. David says:

    Just a caution for shopfree users. I filled out my five offers for an iPod on Friday. On Monday, I had four additional companies charging me for their trials. Two of the companies (advantage language and video professor) I thought I had just attempted to fill out their offers but received an error page after hitting submit. It must have gone through.
    But I never even looked at the Boca Java page and was charged $18.90 for the trial.
    I was able to cancel them all with only a $4.50 shipping charge not refunded, but I’m still at a loss for how Boca Java claimed that I signed up. The lady I talked to said, “it looks like you filled out an online trial, that’s all I can tell you.”

  185. CB says:

    I just played dumb with the people at 4 seasons wine and they said its a 60 day trial thing, but if you dont like your wine, just call and cancel and you can send it back. THey dont list that in the TOS, but that was from the lady i talked to today on the phone. I dont trust sunrocket and the wine is the last feasible option.

  186. Geoff says:

    I am just starting my shopfreepay.com mission to get a canon (Digital Rebel XT 8MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm)… do I have any chance of getting this 700 dollar camera for cheap if I play my cards right, that is, is it still possible with shopfreepay.com?

  187. Jack says:

    I did five offers on SFP, four of the offers verified but I’m still waiting on one. Can I cancel the four that verified already while I wait for the fifth one?

  188. frank says:

    Geoff I am not sure if others have done such a high priced item such as that one. But be sure to tell us if it does come through. I have received from then a pair of Shure e2c’s but they retail for only like a 100.

  189. Mark says:

    I am working on the Digital Rebel as well. I only have Blockbuster left for complete verification. I have sent SFP a confirmation email to hopefully get a manual credit. I will let everyone know when I complete.

  190. Brian says:

    I received my nano last Friday after completing Today’s Escapes, Advantage Language, and Sunrocket. Yesterday I decided that I needed new earphones for it so I completed Disney Book Club, Video Professor, and Lunarpages during my lunch. I just received credit for the last offer and completed the order for the Shure E3C earphones. They should be arriving tomorrow or Wednesday.


  191. DC says:

    I would like to try to get the MacBook on SFP. I would be required to do the 4seasons wine offer due to the available offers. I live in KY…it’s already noted that they won’t ship to KY. Can you have the wine sent to another state as a gift and complete the offer for credit? (i.e. send the wine to relatives in LA, but pay from KY.)

  192. frank says:

    Mark did you do the 800 dollar Canon Rebel? Tell us how that goes because I wanted to do that one as well. Thanks.

  193. Mark says:

    Yes. It is the 700 dollar Digital Rebel XT 8MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm that you mentioned above.

    I just received an email from SFP that said their accounts department is looking into my Blockbuster verification and to wait 5 days before contacting them again while they work on it. So at least they seem to be responding to emails fairly quickly now.

  194. Tim Eaton says:

    Thanks for the tip on ShopFreePay! I applied for an iPod Nano with Funk Unlimited on the first page, Overnight Genius for the second, and LunarPages for the third – all on Friday. On Monday I got credit and today (Tuesday) my iPod arrived, before I even finished cancelling my orders. Hell yeah!

  195. CB says:

    anyone see that page C is down from SFP? I cant get any offers to come up at all.

  196. frank says:

    I hope you get your camera Mark! Crossing my fingers for you. Hopefully it will work for me as well.

  197. Danny Boy says:

    Tim Eaton,

    For lunarpages.com did you just sign up for the one year offer and then cancel after getting credit?

  198. Danny Boy says:


  199. Josh says:

    I’m not having any problems with page 3. Also, I noticed you said that Lunarpages was gone on your page 3 the other day. This also was not the case for me.

    For everyone wondering about Lunarpages: just sign up for the 12-month plan. It’s $95-something total, but after you cancel they should refund you pretty quick (got mine refund today – signed up last Weds – canceled on Friday).

  200. frenchy says:

    has anyone done the date.com offer on page B? did you have to pay anything to get credit or did you get credit for just opening a profile?
    Also how long did it take to credit.

  201. CB says:


    I think I have figured it out, because they take away the offers that you did in order so you dont repeat them and that probably affects your other offers. I simply used another e-mail address and will just use it like that and use my home address for something else. However, I did see that the Canon Rebel is very easy to do and someone should do that and get those im gonna try later on.

  202. Bonnie says:

    Hello all! I just completed all my offers a gift, so I’ll let you know what pans out. I had to complete the date.com offer, as well. I think the stipulations are that you have to become a “gold” member outside of the three-day trial, but I’m not definite yet. Correspondences with SFP might yield that answer soon. Either way, you can cancel all paid subscriptions within 72 hours for a full refund (or so it says on the TOS) so it seems easy enough. Any info with date.com, as previously noted, would be greatly appreciated!


  203. MelG says:

    I’m throwing in the towel with shopfreepay.com and wondering how many hackers could possibly get all my information, including my shoe size in fourth grade from me trying to stick it to the man, cheat the systerm, and get a free computer. Maybe I’ll have better luck with gadgetcity.com…Thanks for all the help!

  204. Bob says:

    I am interested in the requirements of the Date.com offer as well. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

  205. matt says:

    i am currently trying to win a macbook and for some reason was charged multiple times on my credit card after completing the blockbuster offer. i would have never thought that would happen, because i never had any trouble w/ blockbuster when completing offers to win free ipods a long time ago. anyway, i was charged approx. 9 times, when i was supposed to be charged $9.99 one time for a monthly membership.

    either blockbuster is screwed up or shopfreepay.com is ripping me off right now. my money is on shopfreepay.com as the more likely culprit. dangit, i was hoping this would work smoothly. so much for this. i may have to abort soon?

  206. Josh says:

    I don’t think anyone is trying to rip you off. I’ve heard of this happening to others on other sites, with different offers (besides BlockBuster). Usually it’s a glitch, or the person clicked to submit the order multiple times. Just contact BlockBuster and I’m sure they can straighten everything out.

  207. CB says:

    i just got the 80 gb ipod video from SFP and I love it!!! Josh as soon as my tax check comes in your gettin a little donation from CB. Thanks man for all the help.

    My offers I did
    Page A – Stamps – 0.00
    Page B – Overnight Genius – 4.95
    – Video Prof – 6.95
    Page C – Lunarpages (12 month) 95.40, but it was all refunded
    -Wine – was having it shipped to a friend in Indiana and they hadn’t charged me two days after I ordered and credit was the next morning after ordering it. Would have gotten full refund, so the 80 gb black video ipod cost me about $12 Not bad for a $350 piece of apple lust! Thanks for the help all.

  208. bluewyvern says:

    This thread is very helpful — I’d been having trouble finding anyone actually discussing Shop FreePay!

    I am working on a PS3. I did Stamps.com (signed up Fri 03/16, credit 03/20), 4 Seasons (the smaller B offer, 03/16, credit 03/20), Advantage Language (03/19, same day), Video Professor (03/19, same day), SunRocket (03/19, 03/20), and both of the MasterCards (03/19, still awaiting credit).

    I decided to keep the wine — it’s a deal and I badly need a corkscrew anyway. I got the SunRocket unlimited monthly plan for $24.95, received credit next-day, and the equipment arrived today. If there is indeed a UPS return label inside, I’ll use that to return it in the next few days, and I expect a full refund. Both the Advantage Language and Video Professor TOS’s indicated that I had to receive the packages before canceling to receive credit. Video Professor indicated that I could receive a full refund including S&H “upon request”, but I may still have to pay for the return postage. I think I just have to eat the S&H charges on Advantage Language, but I should be able to get a refund on the product. (I might be able to use my free $5 at Stamps.com towards any extra shipping costs incurred.)

    I am still waiting for credit on the credit cards, which it sounds like might take a while. But if I have 90 days, a max. four-week wait shouldn’t pose too many problems.

    I use the Spam Motel service (disposable e-mail addresses) for all my online registrations, and I used one with FreePay and all the offers. Blockbuster wouldn’t accept it — when I filled in the form, it said “E-mail incorrect.”

    The Date.com offer doesn’t seem to be set up correctly. The link doesn’t go to a special offer page, just the sign-up for the free account. Even if I then subscribed for the premium membership, I’m not sure it would be correctly tracked to SFP, and I found no mention of the 3-day free trial mentioned.

    I tried to sign up for both 4 Seasons offers, but then realized they probably wouldn’t allow both (since they’re both introductory offers to the same subscription), and a call confirmed this. They had automatically accepted the first offer completed and discarded the second.

    Once credit has been “Verified” for an offer, can it still be rescinded, or is it final? I was particularly troubled by the clause in SFP’s TOS saying that you could lose credit based on “negative feedback” from an offering company about “signing up and canceling immediately”. Can a verified credit be canceled, or is it safe to cancel offers (such as the cds that haven’t been shipped yet) for which I’ve already received credit? I just want to save some postage hassle here.

    And about the credit cards: 1. Before you get credit you have to be approved, issued a card, and make a first purchase, is that correct? 2. Is it possible to receive two different cards from the same issuer (Citi), or will they deny one (or both)?

    Is there any difference between using the “contact us” web form or the shopfreepay.com@my-account-info.com e-mail? Is there any better contact method (surely not a telephone number)?

    When I checked back on Tues 03/20, the offers page had changed since I signed up for my offers, most notably that half of the C offers were gone, including the Diamond Rewards Mastercard, which was my second C offer and now only shows on the A and B pages. I thought it was some kind of technical problem and sent off an anxious e-mail to support, but it sounds like this has happened to others and is just part of the routine offer rotation — but it *shouldn’t happen in the middle of completing offers*! Does anyone else find this completely unacceptable? After completing all the offers in the correct category, they moved them around while I was waiting for credit, and as it is now I would have to do an extra C offer to complete that category. Has anyone else dealt with this? Will they honor the original configuration from when you started the process, or will they force you to do extra offers?

    I really don’t want to do Lunarpages (my only other C option since I can’t do the other wine offer) — they don’t mention any free trial. Have people successfully received refunds? Which plan should I choose? What is the total set-up cost and expense after refunds?

  209. CB says:


    Lunar pages is a 30 day trial period, after crediting just cancel it. I got my money back like 2 days later! No prob.

  210. Josh says:

    First of all, congratulations on the longest comment in the history of this blog. You win!

    Next, to answer some questions.

    For Advantage Language, you can in fact use “return to sender” to ship the package back, although they’ll tell you otherwise.

    Date.com (and other offers I’ve seen) many times do show only a regular sign-up page. This isn’t important; you can still sign up for credit.

    As far as canceling offers, I always try to wait for a while (unless the trial is about to run out), and always at least until the product is shipped – most of the time until I receive it. Canceling before a product ships is the sort of thing that will probably stir up that “negative feedback” among the companies.

    You can use “return to sender” on pretty much every package, so it’s not really costing you anything.

    I don’t know about the credit cards. Usually they only allow one application at a time per person.

    I’m fairly certain the form and email address go to the same place.
    Nope, no telephone number.

    As far as offers changing pages and what’s “acceptable” – we’re at the mercy of these companies. We don’t have much say in what is “acceptable” and what isn’t. Just keep watching. Pages change occasionally with seemingly no pattern at all.

    Lunarpages is a great offer to do. No, it’s not a free trial. You have to sign up for the 12-month plan and pay $95-something, but they typically (in my experience at least) credit fast, and they give you a full refund within a few business days of canceling as well.

  211. CB says:

    I meant it was a 30 day window that allowed you to cancel.

  212. frank says:

    Mark, any update on your Canon Rebel?

  213. Bonnie says:

    I’ve got a little bit of an update, and still looking for “answers”, too. I’m working towards the digital rebel and still need 3 things to credit: Netflix, Citi Card, and Blockbuster. I’ve been reading blockbuster can be a pain, so I’ll just wait that one out. As for Netflix, I’ve read in other posts that you may have to wait the entire 2 week trial period before receiving credit (i.e., after they charge you $9.99), which is fine. Anybody have any experience with Netflix, that might prove otherwise? Josh…any thoughts?

    Also, still waiting on a Citi card (as I’m not 21 and can’t do the wine offer). I’ve heard you have to wait for nearly 2-3 weeks before those credit, as you don’t only have to get approved for credit to receive credit (from shopfreepay), even though that is what the thing says. either way, I’m a patient woman…it should work out.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated on Netflix, or about Date.com, as well.


  214. whitney says:

    I was directed to this website by some friends, which by the way Josh is fantastic, and I have a question. I am attempting to get an 80G ipod from SFP (just waiting on Netflix) and I signed up for yourmusic.com. Problem is I can’t get on the website because it keeps telling me to enable cookies, which I have done to the best of my abilities. Does anyone have a phone number for their customer service or a customer service specific email I could use? I didn’t even use their service to complete my offers because I couldn’t get on the website but now I need to cancel my membership and can’t.

    Alternatively, is there something I am missing about enabling cookies on my computer? I can’t find any program specific ones and I enabled them on the Tools section of my Internet Explorer.

    Appreciate the help…

  215. Josh says:

    Here’s YourMusic’s email:

    Also, switch to Firefox. It’s a better, faster, much more secure browser. This website and many others will work better, look better, and you won’t get all the popups and junk that comes along with IE.
    Plus, then you’ll be able to visit the YourMusic site. :)

  216. matt says:

    thanks josh for your quick reply to my comment # 205.

    you are probably correct, because i called blockbuster and they did not show any extra charges yet like my credit card, so maybe it was a glitch and the charges will magically disappear? i will keep you posted. i now have 8 of 12 offers completed.


    does anyone know how to cancel the entertainment weekly magazine? is that something you have to do by phone once you get the magazine? i could not find a place for unsubscribing on their website.

  217. matt says:

    in response to my previous comment #205:

    come to think of it, i believe i did click on the ‘submit button’ or whatever several times (for the blockbuster offer) due to blockbuster not excepting my physical address and having to change the address to a p.o. box (usually it is the other way around i think for shipping and you have to change your p.o. to a physical, but not in this case). so that is probably what it was. i probably am the culprit. probably NOT a glitch. sorry about that!

  218. Josh says:

    Hey Matt,
    You can cancel your Entertainment Weekly service at this link:

    I got back $9.12, not the full $9.99. Not sure how they figured that up, but whatever.

  219. Bob says:

    I am down to just needing 1 offer on page C in order to get an XBox 360 from SFP. I’ve already done lunarpages, the wine is not available in Ky (and I’m only 20), I got denied on signing up for a credit card, and I’ve already signed up and cancelled Sunrocket with nuitech. What can I do? These are the only four appearing on page C for me. Can I do sunrocket again?

  220. cb says:

    you could do wine and have it shipped to IN. and maybe use a parents name or something?

  221. serendipity says:

    I’m working towards a MacBook and things seem to be working pretty smoothly except for a few concerns. Just some comments on a few offers that people have brought up:
    1) Date.com: You have to sign up for the Gold Membership, which I did and they credit the next day. The Terms of Service state that you can cancel for a full refund within 72 hours of that upgrade.

    2) Lunar Pages was a little expensive upfront, but the cancellation process was painless, their Customer Service was nice, and I got my refund the day after I canceled.

    3) I canceled by Entertainment Weekly online, but I also called their Customer Service to confirm. That was quite easy too.

    4) I also just canceled my Advantage Language account and they’ll ask you to write “Return to Sender” across the package and just send it back to them.

    5) I’m just waiting on SunRocket and a credit card which I expect to take at least a month. I’ve already received the SunRocket package but based on Josh’s experience, I’m going to have to wait for after the trial to get my credit right?

    6) My only problem now is the changing of the offers on each page. When I signed up for the Blockbuster offer, it was on BOTH Page A and Page B. After I got my credit, it disappeared from Page B and so now I have a credit but it’s not reflected because that offer is no longer on the right page!!! I’m not sure how to get round this. I’ve already written to SFP but no answer from them. Because I’m working towards the MacBook, I’ve pretty much exhausted all the offers, and no way am I going to sign up for another credit card. Maybe Netflix, but that would be totally OTT-ing on the video…

    Hope this helps some of you… :)

  222. serendipity says:

    Also, for those of you concerned about the wine from 4Seasons, I spoke to their Customer Service, and they said that if you refuse it when it’s delivered (alcohol delivery requires an adult signature so you have to be present), once they get the wine back, they’ll refund you your money minus the shipping cost of $16.95.

  223. John says:

    Today I tried SFP. The advantage lanuage failed to go thru numerous times w/ a bogus error message about my address being invalid. I think I’m about to be bitten like the poster above. Buyer (scammer) beware.

  224. Bonnie says:

    FINALLY, some answers with Date.com. Thanks serendipity for your help. I figured that was the case (that is, signing up for the Gold Membership) so that’d be my fall-back plan. Any received gifts from anybody from SFP?


  225. bluewyvern says:

    (Woo, I win! That’s how glad I was to find you — see all the stuff I had to get out?)

    Thanks for all the answers and comments.

    I’m went ahead and signed up for Lunarpages, it looks like I don’t have any other choice…I guess it’s not that bad, since I probably wouldn’t be able to get both credit cards (I should call Citi and cancel one of the apps). Still, I’m not happy about offers pending verification being moved, it seems pretty sneaky.

    Anyway, I feel much closer now…if only I had some power over flatscreens.freepay, too! I don’t think I’m ever going to see that tv.

  226. Mark says:

    Frank: No ,I haven’t gotten any word back about Blockbuster so I am still waiting.

    If I remember correctly from when I did the freebie sites before you have to really keep your cookies cleaned up. Here is a link to a guide from a freebie forum that might stop some of the issues that are keeping us from
    getting credit from our offers:


    And here is a link where offers have been ranked to help in choosing between offers:


    When I did Blockbuster the pop up window hung for 20 minutes before I closed it. Then I checked my email and it showed the order going through. Probably just a site design issue but who knows.

  227. Nate says:


    I am want to do the Macbook offer as well. Will you let us know when you complete everything and receive it? Thanks in advance

  228. Danny Boy says:

    So…all in all for sunrocket…if you stay with them past the trial period and cancel on the 31st day for example…how much will you have paid out after returning and cancelling…thanks

  229. matt says:

    happened to me too! i was on the B offers 4 of 6 completed, and all of sudden they take me back to the A offers page and tell me to complete one there? not sure why? i did the gamefly offer for supposed “instant verification”.

    my current status: 8 of 12 offers completed and verified

    Blockbuster, Entertain. Weekly Mag., funk unlimited, disney books, advantage language, overnight genius, video professor, 4 seasons wine

    3 not verified includes:

    date.com, sunrocket, citibank CC

    offers available now:


  230. matt says:

    what do you think? should i up my date.com membership to gold for $29.99 / 3 months or whatever, or just sign up for netflix.

    should i sign up for lunar or just wait for sunrocket?

  231. matt says:

    i change my date.com membership to gold member status. goldmember :) (thinking of james bond type theme song.) so hopefully that will credit.

    Question: if i understand correctly from above, as long as you have received credit for completing offer, you can cancel, is that correct?

  232. matt says:

    why does it say:

    “Now, complete 3 of the sponsored offers below”, when i should only have 2 more green boxes to fill on the B offers?

    i probably should only have 1 more B offer to do since i just did the Gamefly offer? Hmm..

  233. whitney says:

    I’m not sure what your process has been, but I had to click the “i did this” box before it ever said verification pending. I got credit for everything but Netflix within a day (mind you I’m trying for an ipod and only had to do 5 offers).

    Thanks for your help. Firefox was a great suggestiong…I had been thinking of downloading it before and just never had. Thanks for the help and for the site!

  234. Danny Boy says:

    4gb nano came within 4 days from starting. Arrived before my offers did. Sweet.

    Going for the 360 HD DVD. Josh Clark you are the man…my macbook is still in fulfillment.

    I also received my Xbox 360 premium from everyfreegift.com which is also mentioned on this site, yesterday.

  235. Curious says:

    Josh Im sure you have seen this website but I was wondering what you thought of their MBP offer.
    - link deleted -
    It looks like its down falls are that you have to be asked by the company to do the offers(which I dont even really know what that means) and you have to complete 21 offers. Let us know your thoughts and make sure to update us if you find a MBP offer that is legit… i need a new comp!

  236. Curious says:

    also found this site… any insight? is it legit?

  237. frank says:

    matt, what is it that your trying to get? Also, has anyone had any luck receiving credit from Netflix or Blockbuster?

  238. frank says:

    Mark, any luck with the digital rebel?

  239. Bonnie says:

    Blockbuster credited for me about 2 days later, or so. As for Netflix, I’m assuming you have to wait until the 2 week trial elapses, then you’ll receive credit. Again, this is an ASSUMPTION. As for Date.com, I upgraded to “gold” membership, and have yet to get any verification 2 days later. I’ve only got 1 more day until I have to cancel (within 72 hours, and no use of the ‘features’ of the site) for a full refund…or so the TOS says. I’ll keep you posted.

  240. Erik says:

    Alright, I’m aiming high and going for the Samsung LNS3241D 32″ Wide LCD HDTV with Integrated ATSC Tuner retailed at $1399. I figured if I was going to go for it I was going to go big. It’s only one more offer than the Rebel camera.
    I just did them all today, March 24th and did the following:

    Offers Page 1:
    Entertainment Weekly (Immediate)
    Disney 1st
    Gamefly (Immediate)

    Offers Page 2:
    Overnight Genius
    Video Professor (Immediate)
    Sun Rocket

    Offers Page 3:
    Lunar Pages

    Total Cost as of now ~ $335.03

    We’ll see how it goes, wish me luck. I’ll keep it updated


  241. Josh says:

    That first link is from NuiTech, so it’s not do-able.
    There will definitely be a new post on my site the minute I find a new, do-able, legit free MacBook Pro link. :)
    I’m not sure about the other site. I have seen it, but haven’t done any research on it yet. Give me a bit of time and if it’s good I’ll add it to the list of free stuff companies I’ll be writing about.

  242. Josh says:

    Quick update: the free4me network of sites is referral-based, which means you do one offer and have a bunch of friends do offers too, as opposed to doing them all yourself. These sites are difficult to complete, because of the referrals.

  243. Mark says:

    You can make the referral based sites easier to do by trading referrals with others on sites such as anything4free.com and referralswapper.com. Essentially you trade a referral at a site you need for a referral at a site they need. You end up doing only enough offers as the item you are going for requires. You are just doing them at other sites.

    Positives: A lot more offers to choose from.
    Good support on forums to help with trades and bad traders.
    Opens up a lot more freebies.

    Cons: Having to rely on others to accomplish your goal. ReferrralSwapper has a one time fee (use the word: swap to get a membership discount)

    I used these sites such as these 3 years ago to get a PSP and Xbox and now thanks to your great Blog my interest has been re-kindled.

    Thanks for the great blog !

  244. Josh says:

    Thanks for the tips and links. I’ve seen other sites like ReferralSwapper, but have had too many other offers going lately to try out other stuff yet.
    I have one or two more sites (as of today) that I will write about where people can get free stuff by doing offers themselves, and then I plan to review some referal-based ones in conjunction with the referral-swapper sites. Thanks again!

  245. freeboy says:

    Just wanted to warn everyone to be careful with using the Date.com offer. I signed up for the gold membership and sent a cancellation email yesterday withing the 72 hour free trial period.

    This is without getting credit. They replied saying that my account was cancelled, but that I still could use it for a year since I payed for a year. I was clear in my email that I should get a full refund.

    Since then I have sent another email, but have not heard back from them.

  246. freeboy says:

    Sorry I have a update on Date.com. I was credited for a full refund, but did not recieve credit. I will try to obtain it manually, but I am not expecting credit. Has anyone else recieve?

  247. matt says:

    i just cancelled date.com, hopefully within the 72 hour period. i even upgraded to gold and still got no credit. oh great! it appears i probably will not get credit from date.com either?

    still waiting for

    citibank credit card,
    and lunar.

    i am losing hope. probably should have gone for a cheaper item?

    any suggestions for getting credit on the 3 above?

  248. mike says:

    hey im trying to get the toshiba tablet pc with 12 offers. so far i got credit for only 3 (video prof, advantage language, and overnight genius). waiting on blockbuster and netflix. i also signed up for a credit card on page 3. this is supposed to take the longest, so im holding off some other offers till i get the cc which i will use to pay for them.

    i just got off the phone with citibank. they called to ask some questions in order to approve me. they said ill get my card in about 2 weeks once i get approved.

    what i want to know is while i wait for the cc offer will the credits i received for those 3 software companies disappear if i cancel them within the trial period? i think i saw somewhere in the t&c of advantage language that credit might be disqualified if i canceled within the 10 day trial. can anyone confirm?

  249. mistersirus says:

    In talking with Overnight Genius the agent told me that if I cancel the 10 day free trial and return product for a full refund that would make me inelligable for any 3rd party offers. Is this true? If I am already verified for Overnight Genius on shopfreepay, will they take that verification away from me?

  250. CB says:

    Tell overnight genius to stick it, dont even tell them what your doing, its none of their business. Just tell them you got it as a potential gift and someone else got it for the person. Dont tell them the offers that you are doing because it may screw it up for everyone else. Get the software and then call and cancel.

    On the other hand, they shouldnt take it from you, but make up a sap story and dont even mention shop free pay.

  251. Bill says:

    has anyone got a gift recently? A friend of mine received his ipod shuffle 2 days after qualifying. I qualifed for a portable dvd player on march 15 ($299) and it still hasn’t shipped. page is still showing that my order has been placed and they will update shipping info shortly. I emailed CS abotu 3 days ago, but nothing yet.

  252. other mark says:

    I’m trying to get the PS3 (5 outta 7 verified) I’m still waiting on credit from blockbuster and lunarpages (no response from shopfreepay’s email.) Did these over a week ago! My Sunrocket verified the next day though =/ It seems like a crapshoot but, I know 2 other people who have received their Playstation 3′s so far though.

    After the products I arrived, I canceled Overnight Genius, Video Prof, and Advantage Language. All took on average about 4 minutes of phone time to cancel, only the video professor CSR asked why and did some other sales pitch for another product while waiting.

  253. Bonnie says:

    Shopfreepay.com has us all on a short string when it comes to the big gifts. not one person has listed they received or been verified for all offers for any of the larger gifts, and I attribute this to shopfreepay and their tactics to lead people on. If you note in everyone’s posts, there isn’t one single offer that takes forever to fulfill for everyone. Some people get credited with Blockbuster the next day, some take a month to get credited for it. Some people never get credited with SunRocket because of SFP’s unlisted stipulation of having to keep the service for a month, but then some people are credited within hours. This inconsistency has me very wary of the service they are supplying. Call me crazy, but I think this could be listed as a SCAM. I still have hope that within the 72 days still left for me to fulfill my offers, they’ll credit, but SFP, and their inability to respond to any CS inquiries, is annoying. They deal out nano’s and shuffles like it’s their job, but none of the big items have been doled out. Shame.


  254. CB says:

    I did the 80 gb video ipod and had no real problems on it.

  255. matt says:

    perhaps there is hope afterall?

    i am now 10 of 12 towards a macbook.

    lunar just verified
    date.com just verified

    even though i just cancelled date.com (hopefully within the 72 hour period) it still verified. who knows, i may still lose that one? hope i don’t get negative feedback or something? hope i don’t have to pay the $30 bucks for the upgrade to gold with date.com?

    now i have to figure out what to do with advantage language deal? return to sender? i guess i have to make a phone call?

  256. serendipity says:

    with regards to the Advantage Language, they’re really easy-going. just call their customer service, cancel and write “return to sender” on the envelope you got the discs in. no extra postage necessary. it was painless.

    call me optimistic (or just plain cheap) but i’m trying to be patient with my MacBook. i’m still waiting for Sun Rocket, Netflix and a credit card- all the “waiting” ones.

    i guess since the 3 offers i have left seem to typically take at least a month to credit, i’ll start worrying once i hit 55 days and still haven’t gotten all the credits. till then, i’m just going to continue canceling whatever offers i can, and making those trips to the post-office…

    good luck everyone!

  257. Josh says:

    Thanks everyone for the helpful notes you’re providing with regard to specific experiences with offers. It’s really helpful to others out there doing the same stuff.

    SunRocket apparently requires you wait past the first full month to receive credit, so you’ll have to pay for two months in the long run.
    You have to call Advantage Language to get a hold of them, and yes, you can use “Return to Sender” to return the package.
    Thanks for the updates towards your MacBook. Many others are considering that particular item.

    Many of the trial offers say something along the lines of “don’t cancel or you won’t get credit” in their terms and conditions. This is, in my experience, a scare tactic. I’ve never had this happen (and I’ve done quite a few offers by now), nor have I heard of a single instance in which credit was taken away or not given because you canceled within the trial. No worries.

  258. serendipity says:

    one note of caution though- and many people seem to have had the same experience which is of offers disappearing from particular pages, both before and after getting credit.

    has anyone managed to get around this? either getting a credit eventually on the right page, or getting SFP to give a manual credit for an offer that was credited but no longer on the original age?

  259. mike says:


    i had overnight genius disappear from page 2 but it was verified. video prof and adv. language verified too but did not disappear. they are still on page 2 with the “verified” stamp.

    the credit for overnight genius shows up in the box on the bottom left. i think its called recent activity.

  260. PAQMAN says:

    Hey Everyone!
    So I’ve been reading of many of your LARGE gift issues through SFP. I have done small offers (Wii controler, Wii Points ect.) and have had no trouble and the gifts were sent to me fast (2-3 days). What if you did a bunch of video games (2 offers each) and sold them on e-bay for full price? Most of these games go for around $60. It wouldn’t take much time to earn the money you need to get the prize you really want.
    I don’t know..Just thinking!

  261. Bill says:

    Update: My Portable DVD player shipped today!!! Not sure if that qualifies as a large gift, but it was $299 retail.

  262. CB says:

    I had problems with stuff dissapearing as well, but I re discovered them after I did the ipod that after you do them they go away and you cant do them again on that e-mail address which led me to create a new e-mail address for SFP and the offers and more offers come up.

  263. frank says:

    Question… for those that received their free ipods, whether it be shuffles or nanos… were they new? And when I say new I mean was it brand new factory sealed, buy from Apple store type new or refurbished kind of new? Thanks.

  264. freeboy says:

    I have received all 5 credits for the xbox360 and should be recieving it in the next few days

  265. bluewyvern says:

    I’m still waiting for credit on the Diamond Rewards card. I also had to call Citi to provide “additional information” (I think they wanted the chance to pitch me a business rewards card instead), but as soon as I did that they approved the application. I’m hoping credit follows soon. I also got the (no longer appearing on the offer pages) Platinum Select card in the mail today, not that it does me any good. Well, I am getting $15 and a free credit report for signing up for extra services, but I’d rather not have taken the hit to my credit score in vain.

    It was very easy to call up and cancel Advantage Language, they were very pleasant and no questions asked. Question — when you write “return to sender” on an envelope, can you just drop it in a mailbox, or do you have to bring it to the post office for them to accept it? I don’t want to get stuck because the product gets lost in the mail or not returned properly…

  266. Josh says:

    Yeah, just drop the Advantage Language package in a mailbox. Make sure “refused” and/or “return to sender” are clearly visible on the package.

    As far as I could tell the iPods I received were sealed and shiny, brand new.
    How would you be able to tell if they were refurbished?

  267. Brian says:

    Apple does not ship refurbished ipods in the original ipod packaging. If the ipod was refurbished by Apple it would not come in the original case, so unless it was refurbished by someone else, they are new ipods.


  268. Bonnie says:

    g’day. Has anybody received credit for their Date.com transaction yet? I remember serendipity mentioned he/she received it the next day, but was curious as to other people’s experience with that verification. any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  269. Bill says:

    I signed up for date.com about 4 or 5 days ago and have yet to receive anything. I went ahead and canceled yesterday so I wouldn’t have any charges. I’m gonna give it a couple more days and then probably do another offer ( i only need one!)

  270. Rob says:

    Hey, nice site, I am still trying to get my nerve up to actually do some offers. I plan on starting out small just to get the hang of things. I was doing the 4 gig nano and had a few questions. I have three offers. On the first page I did the t-shirt. The second and third pages are where I am in doubt. I have the choice of doing overnight genius, or video professor. Well thats the two I would rather do. How will I be charged for either of those? I assume I have to send something back correct? On the third page the only one I would prefer to do is with lunar web hosting. What is the up fron charge doing that offer? How easy is it to cancel? I’ll stop here since I have already asked so many questions. Thanx.

  271. Bonnie says:

    ditto for me. I’m not sure as to SFP’s stipulations on their verifying that offer, so we’ll wait and see. out of curiosity: what item are you trying to get?

    And for all: when someone says “big ticket” item, they mean something on the $600+ scale where you have to get the tax form notarized to receive the gift. People have mentioned they’ve got 80 gig Ipods and portable DVD players at the $299 price, but that isn’t what were talking about. my theory involves SFP stringing us along for those really expensive items (at the 600+ range). still, no one has received such an item, so that’s a legit tactic for them to use…any thoughts?


  272. serendipity says:

    hi bonnie and bill,
    did you sign up for the gold membership? it looks like you won’t get credited unless you do that. i waited for 5 days after i had initially signed up for the free trial and got nothing. the next day, i registered for the gold membership and got credited the day after. i then used the web-form on their Contact Us page to cancel the membership. but i also reminded them in that form that i was canceling within the 72 hours stipulated in their Terms of Use, so i should get may money back. two days later, they sent me a cancelation confirmation email and a refund notice too.

    i hope it works out for you both!

  273. Steve says:

    what offers did you guys complete for the 80gb ipods? your help would be GREATLY appreciated

  274. CB says:


    I did on the first page – stamps.com

    Second page – overnight genius and video prof.

    3rd – Lunar and wine (cancelled the wine before it shipped to IN) even though i live in KY

  275. matt says:

    well, i put “return to sender” on the advantage language package, and will make a call tomorrow. i just got 1. overnight genius and 2. video prof. in the mail. i guess i will send those back the same way?

    for overnight genius it states, “If Customer orders the Product through a third party incentive website that qualifies Customer for a free gift and Customer cancels Customer’s subscription before the Free Trial Period has expired, Customer will be disqualified from receiving the free gift.”

    i am hoping this is a scare tactic and will try and send it back and cancel by phone and hope for the best.

    there is a 5 day free trial period for the video professor, so hopefully i am still within that period to cancel? better do that pronto. i may have waited too long?

  276. Blaise says:

    I have a question about Shop Free Pay in general:
    Can you do the same offers more than once? Isn’t there a blockbuster offer for the iPod and the same one for (say) an Xbox 360?

    How does the companies allow you to keep trying and canceling? I would think that they would catch on…

  277. freeboy says:


    A company will not allow someone with the same credit card information and email address sign up for their services more than once.

  278. Josh says:

    Yes, for either Overnight Genius or Video Professor you will get a package that you’ll need to return.
    They are both fairly easy to cancel.
    Lunarpages will charge you $95-something up front (pick the 12-month plan), but you will get it all back. Just be sure to cancel before the first month is up.

    Definitely a scare tactic. Read my comment above if you haven’t already.

    Like freeboy said, you can’t use the same credit card & email to sign up a second time. After you are verified for an offer, it will disappear from every page of every item on SFP’s site in your account.

    If you created a second account, have you used it to receive any other items yet? They say that there is only one account allowed per household, so I’m wondering if you pulled that off or not.

  279. Blaise says:

    Wow, so i guess you’re limited to the number of free stuff you can get…that kinda stinks. But how did you get all of that stuff? (the Xbox, iPod shuffle and nano, the book and the apple airport express) Did you just do different offers, or did you use different credit cards? Is there a unofficial limit for the amount of stuff you can get for free?


  280. John says:

    update on my previous. Advantage Language’s order form requires the street address be spelled just right. I had abbreviated lane. Once the word was spelled out, it worked. As for returning: Advantage Language was helpful and said that SFP should have credited me immediately on signing up. He also said he would tell his supervisor that they hadn’t. Doubt it will matter, but who knows.

  281. matt says:

    i just received overnight genius and vid.prof. in the mail yesterday. i just talked to agents to cancel overnight genius and video professor and both agents suggested that i have to pay for shipping and to put a number on the package to return it.

    so i guess i can’t just put ‘return to sender’ on these packages? plus, the cds come in a fairly small box that doesn’t make it easy to write ‘return to sender’ on it. so, i guess i will go ahead and ship it back first class mail or whatever is cheap and still fast enough to get back in time before paying for the product. my deadline for both was april 10 i think. so, they do give you a little time to return. so for those interested in these offers, you just have to call and cancel and send the package back, and not be afraid of scare tactic of being disqualified like josh says. i will let you know if anything weird happens.

  282. Eric says:

    Does any one know when the New Xbox 360 might be available. I want to do the xbox, but no point in doing it now with a new version coming out late april.

  283. matt says:

    referring to post number 281 above.

    maybe i was wrong. i went to the post office and the guy said to just mark it ‘refused’ and not to pay for return shipping on the overnight genius and video prof. packages. so i took his advice. hopefully that’s good enough. he wrote the ‘rma numbers’ that i received over the phone when cancelling on the packages and we left it at that. so, i guess you don’t have to pay for return shipping after all on those offers. i guess you can refuse/return to sender for any package?

  284. matt says:

    hey josh,

    i am wondering if i should go ahead and cancel these before they even ship the product since they already verified.

    4 seasons wine,
    disney books,
    entertainment weekly,

    can you talk about how to cancel these, unless you already have above?

  285. Mark says:

    Here is the Registration info for ShopFreePay in case anyone needs it. If I don’t get a response on my Blockbuster verification (I have waited my 5 days) I guess the next step is to try one of the listed numbers or get some company leaders email addresses and go from there.
    Rob Jewell
    Rob Jewell
    Ben Franklin Station P.O. Box 14461
    Washington, DC 20044-4461
    Email: domains@gratisinternet.com

    Registrar Name….: REGISTER.COM, INC.
    Registrar Whois…: whois.register.com
    Registrar Homepage: http://www.register.com

    Domain Name: shopfreepay.com

    Created on…………..: Wed, Oct 19, 2005
    Expires on…………..: Sun, Oct 19, 2008
    Record last updated on..: Thu, Nov 30, 2006

    Administrative Contact:
    Gratis Internet
    Domain Administrator
    Ben Franklin Station P.O. Box 14461
    Washington, DC 20044-4461
    Phone: 202-350-9900
    Email: domains@gratisinternet.com

    Technical Contact:
    Gratis Internet
    Domain Administrator
    Ben Franklin Station, P.O. Box 14461
    Washington, DC 20044-4461
    Phone: 202.350.9900
    Email: domains@gratisinternet.com

    DNS Servers:


  286. Sean says:

    Hey all,

    I’ve been reading this site for a few days and decided to give shopfreepay a go. I’m trying for the macbook. Currently have 7 offers verified. Only 5 more to go! I have a question though as it appears I am stuck. I have 2 of the 6 offers for page B. Only 4 remain, one is Blockbuster which i already have signed up for previously. Even if i did the other 3 it would leave me 1 short for page b, but 3 of the remaining 4 offers on page b also appear on page c, it looks impossible to complete the offers. How often do they rotate the offers? There are atleast 4 or 5 offers from page A that I could complete though. do page A offfers ever make their way over to page B or C? Anyways this site is a great resource! i will let you know how things turn out one way or another.

  287. whitetyce says:

    Good lucky Sean, no one has been able to get a big item yet from SFP. But I did get my MBP from nuitech today. So far I have gotten my MacBook Pro for Nuitech, a shuffle and a 4Gb Nano from Shop Free Pay, and a orange shuffle from ipodsweepstakes.com. My next venture is to get a 360.

  288. Nic says:

    What the Crap!!! I did 3 offers 2 days ago for a PSP. Everything verified today and I placed my order. Now a couple of hours later the site says “Uh OH, Sorry this item has been put on hold by Customer Service” Please tell me someone else has seen this and its no big deal.

  289. PAQMAN says:

    So is 202.350.9900 the number for SFP? I have my CitiBank Diamond Perferred members card and have made a purchase, but still no credit. it has been 3 days since my purchase. Should I call?

  290. Mark says:

    I am assuming it has to be a valid business phone number. I am getting very frustrated myself since this is the 3rd day in a row with no response. (plus the 5 they said not to contact them while they research the verification) I am starting to feel scammed myself, so I may call if I get off work early tomorrow.

  291. who's your daddy? says:

    Two weeks ago when I signed up for the 4gb nano, everything went through the next day and I had the nano in two days. I just told my brother about it. He signed up for his offers yesterday and they still haven’t credited yet, even the instant verification ones. I think people are starting to catch on. My friend called Video Professor to cancel and the guy asked him if he only signed up to get a free ipod. My friend acted clueless.

  292. CB says:


    The best thing to do on these is not tell them what your doing. The reason I say this, they will catch on and even though it doesnt cost them $7 for shipping and handling, make up a sob story about it and go from there. Also…cancel after you get the product. I can understand cancelling the wine because it wont ship for many people, but vid prof, overnight genius and other things, just go ahead and get the package and then send it back. You are getting an expensive piece of equipment, spend 2 extra dollars to send it back.

  293. Josh says:

    Don’t cancel any offers until after you’ve received their product (where applicable). Doing so is looked down upon by the sites like ShopFreePay and the advertising companies themselves. That kind of stuff is what would make a sponsor consider pulling their offer from a site.

    Also, you can refuse (write “Return to sender”) pretty much ANY package, even if the company tells you it’s not possible. Just don’t open the package.
    This way, there’s really no reason to cancel before receiving the product, as it isn’t costing you anything to return.

  294. israel says:

    I have been waiting for 3 weeks now for a Nintendo Wii from SFP. It says that the product is on back order. I have tried to contact them by email several times but have had no response. Is there a phone number that anyone may have for them. This is getting frustrating. Please help. Thanks.

  295. Bill says:

    If it makes you feel better they typically ship through Amazon and if you go to Amazon’s web site they don’t have any (except the ones from personal people) I wouldn’t worry about it, but I know thats tough….

  296. Bill says:

    By the way how did you find out it was backorder? Did the status say backordered or that customer service put it on hold?

  297. letterandfriends says:

    My Blockbuster membership hasn’t credited in 2+ weeks. No way to get any kind of responce: I used snail mail and numerous emails. I think the company is not going to get great publicity until they have some sort of customer service.

  298. israel says:

    hey bill,
    when i completed my offers it showed then that the status was on backorder. thanks for the encouragement. i will keep waiting.

  299. Rob says:

    Question, if I wanted to do the same offer more than once, what would I have to do? Different account with SFP? Different emails with offers I have already done? Anyone done this before?

  300. CB says:

    i would sign up with a different account.

  301. Josh says:

    Seeing as how SFP’s terms say there is only one account allowed per household, I would not sign up with a separate account.
    Even if you did and for some reason SFP didn’t disqualify you, the offers that you already did would only allow you to sign up a second time if you had a different email address, credit card, and sometimes other info (address or phone).

    However, if you just want to get two of one item, you just have to search for it and add it to your “My Stuff” box again. You can have more than one of something, and just do different offers for it each time.

    If you signed up for a second account, did you actually get something from that second account? Or did you use another address?

  302. whitetyce says:

    Has anyone had any problems with having there credit card info stolen from using shopfreepay? My friend had a 500+ charge on her card from Cali after she had been using the shopfreepay site. She was going for a mac and tried to complete alot of offers. Was wondering if anyone has heard about problems like this or if it was just an isolated occurance?

  303. Josh says:

    I’ve never heard of any instance where someone’s info was stolen/compromised after using any of the free stuff sites I review on here…and I’ve read every comment ever posted.

    Could be a coincidence. Last summer, before I had ever heard of getting things free online, I had the info from an old card stolen. It does happen.

    If the charge on your friend’s card wasn’t posted by any of the same companies she was completing offers with, she should probably call the company her CC is with to get to the bottom of it.

  304. matt says:

    i am being charged for the date.com upgrade to gold membership even though i cancelled before the 72 hours. how can i get my money back? i already tried to contact them by filling out the email form.

  305. matt says:

    how do i cancel Gamefly?

  306. Bonnie says:


    quick question. For those of you who have done the Lunarpages 12 month offer, how much did you get refunded. I’ve been in a constant debate with them about why I was only refunded $87.45, out of the $95.40 I paid for the service. Apparently they say the domain registration is $7.95, and that is non-refundable, but it clearly states that the domain registration, for the 12 month plan is “FREE” and therefore not associated with the cost of the bandwidth you pay for the site. Either way, just wanting to know how much you all got back. If it is anything different than mine, I’m raising hell with their support.

  307. matt says:

    i’m thinking about going for an 80 gig ipod as a second prize, but i noticed the last offer available is the wine and i have already completed that offer once with my current prize i am still working on – the macbook.

    i am currently 10 of 12 on the macbook i am still waiting for citibank CC and sunrocket to verify. slowpokes!

    this wine offer seems to be slightly different though because it says something about a 3 month membership? can i complete this wine offer again and try to win a second prize or will it even verify a second time? i haven’t even received my first wine package in the mail.

  308. matt says:

    i just got this email from gamefly. i guess i need to cancel now? just need to figure out how first.

    “You set up your GameFly account a week ago, and as of 03/29/2007, your GameQ is still empty. You will not start receiving any games until you add titles to your GameQ. Please add at least 5 titles to your GameQ today.”

  309. matt says:

    nevermind, i figured out how to cancel gamefly. sorry, i should not have asked. that was easy. all i had to do was sign in to my gamefly account and click the ‘cancel’ link instead of freak out about it.

  310. mistersirius says:

    whitetyce and Josh,

    I also had an issue with my CC information being stolen right after using shopfreepay. I was trying to pay for my lunar pages and it just would not go through. After several attempts of going back and forth between my cc company and lunar eventually I was transferred over to the fraud department at my cc company because there was a hold on my card. Someone was trying to make $1500+ purchases with my cc info online! I have never had an issue with this before and it was immediately after signing up for offers at shopfreepay.

    My guess is that it is not that one of the vendors is fraudulent itself, but rather that their systems are compromised.

  311. Jason says:

    Hey I had a quick question. I’m trying to get a PSP and I did my level A offer with Grant Mentor but after I got verification I can’t get back to the website where I signed up for it. It said I should be getting something in the mail. Has anyone done this offer and what do you need to do to cancel it? Thanks.

  312. Roger says:

    Actually, I’ve read that people are getting small items. I’ve gone through completed everything for a sony vaio, The order was placed over 2 weeks ago and the page still reads verification takes 3-5 business days.

    Yet I’ve received an email stating I’ll have my product in 7 – 10 business days.

    No computer, No contact, Despite some of you getting small items, I’m coming to the conclusion this site may still yet be a scam. There communication alone says that loud and clear.

    Hope I’m wrong, will update with any change I get.

  313. Bill says:

    Wow, I created a new email address when I started all these offers (started with the 2K Visa). Between Friday morning and this moment my spam folder has increased from 0 items to 830!!! I’m so glad I set up a new email!

  314. Sucker says:

    YIP!! It’s a scam. I don’t think anybody has received any of the big ticket items. Just dangle a nice shinny laptop in front of their noses and they’ll bite. Drop a couple hundred on crappy products. I went for the Toshiba laptop. I signed up for a bunch of offers the first day (mistake). The next day, they switched all the (B) offers to the (A) side and erased a lot of stuff. And the stuff that got verified had been erased so it didn’t count. SCAM!!. Next, if an offer is listed on more than one tier, they credit you on the lowest tier (even if the tier was completed or wasn’t the original tier). SCAM. Also, No customer support. SCAM If these artists would only play fair I’d actually keep and use a lot of these products, but as it stands, everything is getting sent back. Hopefully the good sponsors will relay the message back to the criminals. I see a major class action suit in the future against this company.
    My advice to anyone thinking about vesting time and money into getting something big and expensive from ShopFree is DON’T DO IT!!!! Run…and don’t look back. Glad I got that off my chest.

  315. mistersirius says:

    Scams and flams. I only have one offer left to be verified to get a laptop and have completed the offer weeks ago. I have contacted the vendor and they have confirmed that they have credited shopfreepay already. I have e-mailed shopfreepay multiple times and have not received a single response. This is absolutely ridiculous!

  316. matt says:

    please tell me these guys are wrong! i’m so close, and yet apparently so far away, and i have to admit i am skeptical, especially after reading these comments. i guess i should have just gone for the ipod and not the macbook? sigh.

  317. STEVE says:

    it does not look good for any of you BIG ITEM guys. :(

  318. frank says:

    Josh, I have a question. In the beginning of your post you stated that there could only be one address per household, meaning one account. I helped my roomate sign up for something on a different account but mistakenly put down the address I already used…it says the item is being “ordered” but it has not shipped yet. Do you know what is goign to happen Josh?

  319. Mark says:

    As some of you know I have been working toward one the “Big Items”, the Canon Digital Rebel ($699). The one manual verification holding me up has been the Blockbuster offer. I sent another email today informing Shopfreepay that I was about to send a certified letter to the CEO, President, and VP of Marketing to assist in the matter. Long story short, I may not have to send the letter. I logged on to Shopfreepay and was told I had been approved. I put in my information and got this order confirmation:

    Order code:
    Ordered on: 4/2/2007 3:51:16 PM
    Order Status: Ordered
    Your order has been placed with Shop FreePay.
    What happens next?
    Our fulfillment team will validate your account and process your order. This normally takes 3-5 business days


    So (keep your fingers crossed) maybe the jam is clearing some. I will let everyone know what happens next.

  320. other mark says:

    still no verification for blockbustr or lunarpages for me , so i’m still short my ps3.

    Right now i have 1 A , 3 B, 1 C.
    Can you just quit out of the current item you are attempting to get, and have it apply towards something else?

  321. Adam says:

    Those of you who have had credit card info stolen and fraudulent charges placed, did the charge look something like this?

    OEM/PARTSBIN 310-719-8666 CA

    I just had $754 charged to my credit card . . .

  322. Josh says:

    Everyone having fraudulent charges on their credit cards:
    Which offers are you doing? I’ve gotten several items through SFP already and haven’t had any problems. My only guess is that one of the offer companies is either illegitimate or they’ve had hackers.
    Let’s try to figure out which it might be.

    I have no idea what will happen. Maybe you’ll be lucky and it’ll still go through?

  323. Robert says:

    So, I did Stamps and Lunarpages on March 15th, no credit yet. I’ve contacted them three times since, through their contact form and listed email address, no response yet. I even tried calling the number from their WHOIS, couldn’t get anybody to pick up.

    Any ideas on how to get them to credit my offers so I can get my Nano? Any ideas on how to get in touch with them even?

  324. Adam says:

    I used two different cards for my offers which leaves these options:

    Auction Monster
    and Funk Unlimited

  325. Roger says:


    I’ve had the same message, as far as the 3-5 days for verification, What’s supposed to happen, are they supposed to contact you or will you just receive your item.
    Order code:
    Ordered on: 3/19/2007 12:23:14 PM
    Order Status: Ordered
    Your order has been placed with Shop FreePay.
    What happens next?
    Our fulfillment team will validate your account and process your order. This normally takes 3-5 business days.

    Josh maybe you can fillus in since you’ve received items from them, do you receive any other messages after this, or once you get here, do you receive your item then start working for your next one.

  326. Brad says:

    I wonder if SFP is having server issues. I cant login with my password, and the “temporary password” theyve emailed doesnt let me in. Of course, no response from their customer service. Anyone else having login issues?

  327. Mark says:

    I had the same issue a few weeks ago. Try to clear out your cookies and re-try.

  328. Brad says:

    Mark – Ive tried that, but will try again.

  329. Brad says:

    No luck with clearing the cookies.

  330. Mark says:

    Hmm. Maybe it actually is the website, with all of the other issues it would not be surprising.

  331. Josh says:

    Everyone (esp. Roger):
    After you “order” your item and it says the item will be ordered by the verification team, you are done. It will change to “Your item has shipped,” and sometimes the same day will appear on your doorstep. If not, you can view the item for a link to track it via UPS.

    Which offers did you put on the card that had the fraudulent charge? Those are the suspicious companies, not the others, and not SFP (they don’t even have your CC info).

  332. Adam says:

    The six companies I listed in the previous post are the ones on the card that showed fraudulent charges.

  333. mistersirus says:

    I only know about the charge because I was forced to contact the fraud department at my card’s company to figure out why a hold was placed on my card. They infomred me someone was trying to make purchases with it at Coach.com for insanley overpriced purses.

    I can tell you that the only offers that I signed up for that match what Adam signed up for are SunRocket and LunarPages. I did not do any other offers that he did.
    I have signed up for
    Disney Book Club
    Disney Movie Club
    All Funny Tees
    Entertainment Weekly

  334. Josh says:

    Thanks Adam, I misunderstood what you said earlier.

  335. mistersirus says:


    I need to ammend my previous post. I also signed up for Funk Unlimited.

  336. mistersirus says:

    Hrm, seems my first post did not post properly.

    Out of Adam’s list I signed up for Funk Unlimited, LunarPages, and SunRocket.

  337. Jeff says:

    So I signed up for SFP over two weeks ago for the mac book, I am waiting for lunar pages, sun rocket and the credit card (back up) on page C and the wine and netflix (which disappeared) on page B. I payed for them all, have the sun rocket in my hand but none of them have been credited from SFP. How long does this take? Is this a scam and should I keep waiting? I also noticed some fraudulent charges on my account. I don’t know if I should wait it out because I only have less then a month to go before I have to return sun rocket and cancel the lunar pages. I need some help.

  338. Robert says:

    For the record, my Nano offers credited at about 6:00 PM EST today, so it should be shipping tomorrow (Wednesday). Hoorah.

    How’s Overnight Genius?

  339. matt says:

    if this does turn out to be legit ??? i need 2 more offers total to get my 12 for 12 complete. so i am waiting on 1.sunrocket and 2.citibank credit card to verify or credit. However, it still says,”Now, complete 3 of the sponsored offers below” under my B offers section, even though i only have one square box to fill (5 of 6 complete in B section).

    my question then is, will i actually have to complete 2 more offers on the B section (even if all 6 of 6 are completely filled/done), or will i be done as long as the last box under the B section is filled?

    also, i am assuming i can send the wine back using the same ‘return to sender’ or ‘refuse’ when it does arrive?

  340. Bonnie says:


    for all of you who have had “fraudulent” charges on your account, here’s my theory: are you using a seperate e-mail account for all of these offers from your main account? In addition, your user name and password combinations for each site should be different. My theory is that you all might be using the same information as a main account (i.e., e-mail account, bank account, etc.) and therefore hackers, fishers, etc., are more likely to be able to break into your personal information and exploit it. If you use a different combo for each site, they have no way of breaking into any of your personal accounts. just a thought….and with credit card companies, those fraudulent charges should be able to be voided/cleared up. good luck.

    anybody else been credited with Date.com, Sunrocket, Citi Credit, or Blockbuster? I saw mark’s post above that noted he his camera had been ordered, but what about the macbooks? any luck.


  341. Tom M says:

    Hi i got a Macbook Pro and now I want to try to get an iPod from this site. It seems to only be five offers. Just wondering has anyone had any luck specifically with apple products from this site? Thanks.

  342. PAQMAN says:

    I called CitiBank today and they don’t even know who ShopFreePay is.

  343. mistersirius says:

    I am going to keep my fingers crossed, but I may have some good news for everyone. I finally received a response from shopfreepay and have just placed my order for my macbook! I will let you know how things turn out.

  344. matt says:

    dangit, i completely forgot that i never actually ordered sunrocket because sunrocket does not have service out where i live, so of course that offer will not be verified since i never completed the order.

    what can i do now? the only offer available to complete under the C section is the wine, and i have already done that once. what should i do josh? am i out of luck here?

  345. CB says:


    They probably dont, but I can guarantee that in a few weeks u will have credit. One blue day about 2 or 3 weeks after i signed up for one…it verified. I never got the card, but I called and cancelled it before it ever came out.

  346. PAQMAN says:

    CB, I’ve already got the card and used it. It still hasn’t credited. I’ve been continually e-mailing SFP without any response. What do I do? I can’t take sunRocket I’ve done it twice before, I can’t do the wine offer because I live in KY. WHAT DO I DO?

  347. letterandfriends says:

    Mistersirius, I wonder how did you contact them. I wrote them multiple emails, website feebacks, and snail mails, and have not received any reply in over 4 weeks!

  348. mistersirius says:

    I sent them a barrage of e-mails using their online form that they have on their “Contact Us” page, messages from my registered shopfreepay e-mail address, and messages from an alternative e-mail account as there was some mention that they were having issues sending messages to some e-mail providers.

    I think the trouble people are experiencing is a combination of technical issues and an increase volume at shopfreepay due to sites and blogs like this that are now highliting their services.

    It may also be that it is just an incredibly elaborate game of roulette…

    It just does not make sense to me that I had no issue with SunRocket crediting. It was verified within 48 hours of purchase. However, other people go through month long delays to have it verified.

    Well see though. I still have to wait for the macbook to arrive on my doorstep. You all will be the first to know when it does.

    If you are going to do this, I would suggest that you start with the C offers first. Make sure they verify before you spend your time doing the smaller offers.

  349. Jason says:

    Hey I just wanted to give an update. I finished all 3 of my offers (Grant Mentor, Computer Learning, Lunarpages) for my PSP on 4/3. I received my PSP from Amazon on 4/4. I was in shock that they overnighted it to me.

    Btw, many of the level C offers have changed. There are significantly more options and many which are cheaper than the 4 usual ones. Other items have had they requirements reduced.

  350. Scotty says:

    Was wondering if anyone has finished all of the offers from Nuitech for a MBP and got it, or if they make you wait for 3 full months. I signed up after the March 1st change and have 16/18 of the offers done and have cancelled all of them, would it be worth doing two more and being finished and see if they approve it?

  351. TJ says:

    Hey guys,

    Has anyone tried the efax offer on shopfreepay? How long does it take to typically get confirmed for this offer?

    Also, are there any that you guys would recommend doing (cheap/free w/ quick confirmation?)

    We should put together a database of the offers to help each out!

  352. Roger says:

    Anyone using Sunrocket, I’ve spoken with them directly. I used them for an attempt at getting credit for a sony vaio. About 4 or 5 days had passed and no credit so when I contacted them, They had informed me that they don’t verify to third parties.

    By the way when I signed this offer on the SFP site, the offer was for a free phone as well. Never received that from them.

    Stay away from sunrocket if you are going for credit.

  353. Bonnie says:

    G’day mates. Here are some questions:

    To anybody who has been recently fully verified for a “big-ticket [+$600] item”:
    what’s the scoop? have you all received your items yet; got a shipping notice; had to fill out any W-9′s….any news would be great for the rest of us still waiting all this out.

    you signed up for the MBP offer post March 1st and are still going strong with your offers? I’m confused…is this some unwritten thing you can do…are we not supposed to talk about it in fear that NiuTech will change their policies once again.

    concerning the above post to Scotty…could this just be another scare tactic from Niutech? what are your thoughts?


  354. Blake says:

    I did the eFax deal on SFP, and about 30 seconds after I filled out all the forms and got an account started they credited me. I am going to call and cancel today or tomorrow.


    How long does it take the 4 Seasons Wine to credit you? What about Lunar Pages?

  355. mistersirius says:


    4 Seasons credited for me within 48 hours. Many people receive credit for Lunar within 24-48 hours.

    However, there is a little bit of prayer worked involved here as it appears that not everyone receives credit so quickly.

  356. mistersirius says:

    Excuse me Blake and Bonnie. I meant to address Blake in my message.

  357. mistersirius says:


    Anyone can complete offers with Nuitech. However, you will have to wait a set period of time before they will ship the item to you. It may be with Nuitech that if you cancel your free trials in the trial period that you would loose your verification. I hope it is just a scare tatic, but I will deffinetely let others be the first to test that theory out.

  358. Doug says:

    Nuitech? I thought someone said they’re pretty much out the window now. Are they still ok to use and you can still get free stuff from them?

  359. Doug says:

    ok did a little more research since my last post. So with Nuitech, do they wait the full 90 days before shipping your item?

  360. zgjd says:

    FYI- There seems to be a lot of talk about SFP and big ticket items. My wife and I just finished the offers for the macbook. All were verified and we put in for it today. I don’t check here often (although Josh’s site is great!) but I will report back when/if we receive the notebook. We are quite excited.

    I will list the page 3 and 4 offers we did that I can remember right now:

    page B
    overnight genius
    video prof

    Page C
    lunar pages
    citirewards card

    I may be missing one or two. I did all of the offers as described and all verified in reasonable time. Citi groups offers took a bit longer.

    Overall, the experience was smooth. Except date.com who charged me even though their terms say you can cancel in 3 days. They said I “used their services.” I think they counted sending them an email as using services. If you want to get away with not being charged, stay away form them. But $10 is not so bad…

    Good luck to all and I will let you know if we get a shiny new Mac Daddy!

  361. whitney says:

    Has anyone received credit from Netflix? My 2-week trial ended a couple of days ago, and per their terms you had to wait through the free period to be credited. Is it just a matter of them getting their first month’s payment before they credit?

    I noticed their offer isn’t even on any of my pages anymore…but I haven’t cleared my history in awhile.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. BTW, i’m trying for the 80G ipod.

  362. Sean says:

    Hey all. I’ve been checking SFP routinely to see if there offers have changed at all and to my surpise they put a new offer on page b: Stamps.com. I tried this offer on another site and never recieved credit for it. Has any one done this offer on SFP? How long does it take to credit. Should I try this offer or do you think they would ban me since I tried signing up for this elsewhere even though I never recieved credit?

  363. israel says:

    just a word of warning. i was going for the Nintendo Wii from SFP. It is on backorder. So I am waiting. Anyway, I had cancelled Overnight Genius and sent back there product. Today I was charged another $80.00 by them. When I called OG they said that they had never recieved my package and that they would not reverse the charge. If they do happen to get my package they would send it back to me. Lame. I will try to dispute with my CC company. But look out for Overnight Genius.

  364. TJ says:

    Hmmm… well, I did efax yesterday, and it’s still pending, but checking: http://www.anything4free.com/navigate.php?page=ratetheoffers&action=view&set=all&sort=&cursort=&navlink=true&pagenum=2
    makes it seem like it takes about 8 days for it to go through. I guess I’ll just sit tight!

  365. Robert says:

    Does Gamefly refund the $9.95 if you cancel the trial, or is it gone?

  366. frank says:

    Hey Josh have you heard of a site called yourgiftcards.com? Is it legit?

  367. bluewyvern says:

    Some of these stories are getting pretty discouraging, but perhaps my success will provide some hope — I am the proud new owner of a PS3!

    I jumped through all the hoops (still jumping through a few), and perhaps I was lucky, but both my credit cards credited pretty quickly (about 2 weeks), and my order went into fulfillment, shipped about three or four days later, and arrived at my door yesterday. So they DO give out the big ticket items — at least one!

    I was surprised that I didn’t have to pay anything…I saw a list of shipping fees somewhere on the site (either $35 or $50, depending on whether $599.99 is considered over or under $600), and I thought I would be responsible for sales tax, but I wasn’t charged anything. I guess the shipping costs were just for people who pay the retail prices, although that seems outrageous. I think I also dodged a bullet, because I didn’t hear any mention of the tax form they’re supposed to send for items (again, over $600 I think) that you have to report as gifts on your tax return. So this was really more free than I thought.

    They stop sending e-mail notices after the last offer is credited, so you have to stay on top of it and keep going to the site to check your status. I was away for a couple days, so I don’t know exactly how long each step took, but it was pretty quick.

    The PS3 came from Circuit City, if you’re curious, shipped Fed Ex, well-packaged and in great condition, with no invoice other than a small sticker stuck on the inside bottom (?) of the box with the order number, item listing, and contact phone. It’s like they wanted to hide it or something, but I peeled it off just in case.

    Just out of paranoia, there’s no chance that a company will quarrel with any of my credits at this point and SFP will rescind it and charge me for the item, is there? It’s shipped so it’s mine free and clear, I hope? (I’m just worried about some of those scarier companies like SunRocket and Video Professor.)

    As for the follow-up, I’m working on canceling the last of my offers. I’m having the same Lunarpages problem someone mentioned above — I took the 24-month plan for $166.80, and was only refunded $150.90 with no explanation. I e-mailed them back — I expect they’re trying to stick me with a domain registration fee, too (two years in my case, so double), even though it clearly said it was free on the invoice. However, it also said it was non-refundable in the T&C, but refund of something you presumably didn’t pay isn’t an issue, right? I expect this to be something of a problem, though. I think it’s routine sales practice to fudge offers/invoice charges while you’re “really” paying for something else — 4 Seasons, for example, was careful to clarify that even though the offer mentions “free” bottles of wine, what you’re really getting is a “discount” on all of them, because it’s illegal to give away free alcohol. Likewise, the “free” domain registration probably just means you’re getting a discount on the service package, while actually paying for the registration (which is actually ultimately payable to whatever authority registers domains, so it’s lost money to Lunarpages — I can see that they wouldn’t want to give it back. My domain doesn’t expire now until 2009, so it’s a done deal). So beware.

    One last thing — DON’T go for a Wii. This isn’t a Freepay thing, it’s a Nintendo thing. They ARE on backorder, and it’s really hard to get one anywhere. They just haven’t been able to manufacture enough to keep up with demand, and they still sell out at stores within hours or less of new shipments arriving. I only got mine by waiting in line outside the Nintendo store at Rockefeller Plaza an hour before it opened, and nobody who didn’t get there at least half an hour before opening got one that day. Just wait on the Wii, and try to get something else that’s actually in stock and being distributed freely.

    Thanks for all the help, and good luck, everybody!

  368. matt says:

    i’m sending out an SOS…

    should i send the 4 seasons wine back? reason i am asking is because i may need to do another wine offer, since that is the only offer i have available on under the C section. can i do two wine offers though? i would think that wouldn’t work? should i use a different credit card and email and complete the wine offer again?

  369. Bonnie says:


    thank you so much for your cohesive, coherent, and very thorough post. Finally, something has come through with SFP, and we can all rest a bit easier…just maybe. Consider yourself a groundbreaking customer, as you might be the first for a “big ticket” item….at least that post on this site.

    I was the one stuck with the LunarPages domain registration deal-io. Apparently (and this is only after many scathing e-mails to support) the domain fee is a non-refundable $7.95…listed in what I will call the “fine, fine, fine print of the TOS”. They sent me a copy of a form that was no-where to be found on the original site where I agreed to the TOS, but this form does mention you have the domain for a year after registration, and that fee, “FOR AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN A MEMBER”, is free. once you cancel, though, you forfeit that amount. so not so FREE, lunarpages…get a new attorney. i was pissed.

    either way, I gave up as Sharon, Todd, Alex, and whoever else is a member of that support team really weren’t giving me the time of day to talk to upper management. so I was stiffed, there, but not to much to price a pay for a verified offer via SFP. now, if only they’d hurry up with the rest.


  370. matt says:

    i’m assuming that since i do not qualify for sunrocket service and can’t complete that offer, which may be a good thing, i will have to go ahead and complete my last available option for the C section offers and do the 4 seasons wine again (only this time a 3 month membership).

    has anyone done the wine offer twice? should i use a different credit card and email? should i keep my current wine package that i just received or send it back?

  371. Roger says:

    The only way you get credit is through the registered Email. so I would think you will have to use that same Email.

    I’ve done the wine 2, I can’t see how they cant credit for you for that, I know the TOS does stipulate you can’t complete the same offer more than once, but these are in fact 2 different offers. By there own TOS I think they would be obligated to recognize that. My opinion anyway.

    Also an Update for everyone. I finally got communication back from SFP requesting the W-9 I was going for a sony Vaio a high ticket item.

    I’ve been pesimistic for the last few days as you’ll see by my previous postings. But I’ll keep you all informed as to when I get the Vaio. Hopefully I’ll be able to change for Pesemist to Optomist.

    Good luck to everyone.

  372. Robert says:

    frank, yourgiftcards.com is YF Direct, which is the same as GadgetCity, which Josh blogged about a couple weeks ago.

    Also, are the new items showing up with different offers for you guys? Items I added 3 weeks ago only have Sunrocket and Wine on C, but new items have similar (if not the exact same) offers on A B and C. Specifically a PSP and DS Lite.

  373. frank says:

    What is YF Direct? Could you please explain more?

  374. Robert says:

    frank, Josh blogged about them a couple weeks ago:


  375. other mark says:

    i misplaced the address to return Video Professor. Anyone have it on hand?

  376. STEVE says:

    please please please help us out and let us no which offers you completed. your post is awesome and i am being to get optimistic. thanks alot!

  377. matt says:

    i just took the video professor to the post office and the fella working there told me to just ‘refuse’ it, so i did it that way and just wrote the rma number/or return number (that i got by canceling over the phone) on the package and called it done.

  378. matt says:

    in an attempt to speed things along, i just completed an offer under section B called zoomba, and when i clicked the image that says,”i did this” nothing happened. i clicked again, and nothing the second time. then, i signed out and signed back in and the offer was gone. it just disappeared! this is very concerning.

    things like this make it seem like they really are just dangling the carrot in front you for the big ticket items.

  379. letterandfriends says:

    Finally got credited, and ordered the 80GB Ipod, I will update you if I actually receive one.

  380. Robert says:

    I just did eFax, Pricestore, and Overnight Genius for an iHome. They all verified today and it’s now ordered. Third item from SFP.

  381. ballin' says:

    I did lunar pages on tuesday to try get an ipod, but it still hasnt credited. My other two credited within a day. Should I be worried?

  382. TJ says:

    Robert –

    Your efax posted the same day? Crap, what am I doing wrong. This is really frustrating (although it has only been 2 days).

  383. bluewyvern says:

    Bonnie – I had no luck with Lunarpages either, but I’m not going to push it. Yes, they could have been a little clearer in their T&C, but I feel like I should have known better. I knew that the domain registration fee was being paid to someone else, but I thought that by doing two years instead of one I could get by it. Now I wish I’d at least registered the domain I wanted instead of a “throwaway” one.

    On the other hand, I’m getting a free $15 from each credit card for signing up for (and then canceling) Credit Protector, so overall I’m up on C offers.

    Steve – I had one long post earlier where I described my process up to that point, but I’ll summarize here:

    A offer:

    - Stamps.com. Easy choice. Doesn’t even charge until after the 30-day trial.

    B offers:

    - Sunrocket. I picked the unlimited monthly plan (I think it was the one specified in the offer, but I remember others here saying they picked cheaper plans…). I received the equipment, and the box (I’m told) includes a prepaid UPS label for returns. I haven’t actually opened it yet.

    - Advantage Language and Video Professor. Both instant verification, not too expensive. Short (10 day) trial periods, though. Advantage Language has a non-refundable $6.95 S&H charge, and you can write “Return to Sender” on the envelope to return it. Cancellation is easy with no questions asked. Video Professor specifies that you must receive the product before canceling, so I wouldn’t try anything with them. They refund S&H, but ONLY if you ask for it, so don’t forget to mention it when you call. I ended up opening the package and paying return postage, because it comes wrapped in plastic that’s really hard to write on with just a tiny postage label, and I didn’t want to have any mail problems.

    - 4 Seasons. I completed the cheaper B offer, which is for the case of wine and corkscrew set. I am old enough and live in an approved state, so I don’t have the unfortunate disadvantages that many hopefuls experience. I also wanted to keep the wine, which removed some more hassles. (It’s a good thing, because the UPS carrier left the case by the door and didn’t bother carrying the heavy thing up four floors to me to obtain my legally required signature, so if I hadn’t wanted it I wouldn’t have had the chance to refuse — but that’s a matter for UPS’s complaints department to deal with now.) I did, however, run into a problem when I tried to do both wine offers — you CANNOT do both. Realizing it might not work, I called their customer service and they confirmed that you were only allowed one offer per household (they’re both introductory offers to the same subscription, after all), and that my second order (the C order for the larger case) had been automatically discarded. The other went through with no problems.

    C offers:

    - Lunarpages. I chose the two-year plan, erroneously believing that the registration was free. As we’ve just seen, it’s not. Pick the year plan if you do this, but you WILL be paying for domain registration. Customer service is carried out entirely through e-mail — I was directed to the website when I tried to call to cancel — but their response is prompt, although you will be answered by a different person each time.

    - Citi Platinum Select card. I also applied for, and received, the Citi Diamond Rewards card, but it was removed from the offers page before being credited. I was approved for both, though, and I got credit for the Platinum card in about two weeks (it can take up to four). I didn’t need to make any purchases to get credit for the offer. Call a day or two after applying, though, because they will send a request for you to call them to provide “additional information” before finalizing your application for the Platinum card (they approved me at the end of the call). I think it’s just a chance to pitch a different business rewards card. If you don’t wait to receive the request and just call on your own it’ll go through faster. As a bonus, when you call to activate these cards, they will make you two offers on each: a free credit report for enrolling in Credit Monitor, and a $15 certificate for enrolling in Credit Protector. Both programs can be canceled upon receipt of the introductory materials, and you won’t be charged until 30 days after receiving the materials if you don’t cancel. The $15 was not a check, like I’m used to receiving as an inducement to sign up for these programs, though — it’s a certificate you have to submit for reimbursement along with a receipt for any purchase made with your card. Still not too bad, and a nice way to recoup some of the costs you may have incurred.

    A note about applying for credit cards — most of you are probably justifiably wary about signing up for unnecessary cards to get offers and rewards. It’s not a great thing to do, but in moderation it doesn’t hurt too much — just stay on top of it, don’t sign up for cards and then lose them or forget what they are or enroll in extra programs you never cancel. Applying for credit of any kind sets your credit score back about 5 points, but I believe these recover fairly quickly. Be careful, because canceling credit cards *also* hurts your credit, so if you sign up for them, hold on to them.

    That, of course, wasn’t really a summary. But I hope it’s helpful.

    Again, good luck.

  384. bluewyvern says:

    Other Mark – Video Professor’s address is 2590 W. 2nd Ave, Unit 15, Denver, CO 80217.

    Don’t forget to write your return authorization on the outside of the package.

  385. matt says:

    does anyone know how to get a $30 dollar refund after upgrading to gold membership status? i have filled out several email forms at date.com , but they always give me the same old rigmarole. is there a phone number i can call or some way i can actually get my money back or should i just tell my credit card company to refuse to pay date.com? i’m feeling ripped off now. i should not have upgraded to gold to get credit. they should call them datejerks.com

  386. CB says:


    Lunar takes a few days…if its not done by next week, i would maybe cancel and try again.

  387. Andy says:


    I had the same problem with date.com, however two days later they credited my credit card for 30 dollars. I filled out two emails both stating i wanted a refund since i cancelled withing 72 hours and they gave me the same emails im sure they sent you. However they eventually credited me without any other emails or even a phone call so just be patient i guess.


    I am in fullfillment for my Macbook from shopfreepay so i will let you all know if i actually get it. It should be shipped in 3-5 days or so the website says.

  388. mistersirius says:


    How long did it take them to e-mail you about the W-9 after you “ordered” your item?

    What are they now instructing you to do before they actually send you the item?

  389. Roger says:


    According to my records, I ordered it on 3/19 and finally got an Email from them on 4/5 so that is roughly 17 days.

  390. Josh says:

    Thanks everyone for the great discussion. This week of school was heck for me and I just didn’t have the time to answer questions. I appreciate others’ willingness to help out.

    After looking through, it doesn’t actually look like at the minute there are any recent unanswered questions.
    If you do have any questions, post them this weekend and I should be able to get to them in a timely manner.

    More free time for me also means trying out other free sites to review for you all. I’ve got a few more on the radar. :)

  391. mistersirius says:

    Thanks Roger!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I ordered only 3 days ago, so I may still have a couple of weeks left before I move on the next step.

    How does the W-9 work? Do you get it notorized and then mail it back to them or do you fax it?

  392. Robert says:

    What’s the cheapest Funk Unlimited shirt?

  393. Doug says:

    There’s a shirt called “Funk Unlimited” that’s only $4.99. I found it by almost ordering another shirt and they “suggested” adding this other cheaper shirt, so I added it and removed the first (more expensive) one. Shipping was only a dollar! Cheap and hassle-free with no cancellations to worry about. Quick verification. (although it sounds like verification speed varies for different people even with the same company)

  394. James says:

    I think Doug nailed it. Depending on the order your offers are submitted and the item your attempting to obtain. Verification speeds vary, kinda like “verifications are closer than they appear”

  395. Roger says:

    The W-9 just downloaded it from the link they provided fill out the portion that pertains to you, and fax it back to them. No notary required.

  396. Bill says:

    Well I’ve been waiting for my DVD player for over 2 weeks now to no avail. The website updated on march 15th and said my item was shipped. About 5 days later they updated my tracking #, but all it said was USPS without a number. I still haven’t received it. Anyone had anything similar?

  397. ballin' says:

    for anybody that wants to know, efax seems to be instant, even on a sunday.. I just did their offer for guitar hero 360 and it went verified as soon as I did it. I didn’t even have to press the I DID THIS button.

  398. TJ says:

    Ballin’ –

    I did my efax offer on the 3rd, and it still hasn’t gone through. I think they hate me though.

  399. matt says:

    so, if i complete the stamps offer under the B section will it disappear like the zoomba did? i think i may try the STAMPS offer and then call CITI about the credit card offer i completed (a couple weeks ago or more) that has not yet been credited. maybe that will help speed things along?

    Will the CITI credit card be credited under the B or C section? it appears on both tabs.

  400. Franklin T Diggs says:

    TJ -

    I’m in your boat, i tried efax on 4/4, still nothing. Perhaps they have ironed out their kinks so people are getting credit fast now. I hope we early birds aren’t out of luck. Incidentally, nothing from disney movies either. However i did get credit for overnight genius.

  401. Josh G says:

    Question: when I signed up for a CITI card rather than using my “junk email” and SFP email address I used the one that I have on my other CITI card, which is different than the one I use for SFP. Is this going to cause a problem in an attempt to get credit from the offer? Is there anything I can do to insure I get credit for completing the offer despite using a different email in the CC app?

  402. Mark says:

    My Canon Digital Rebel shows shipped with a UPS tracking number. But since everything with ShopFreePay has a little weird twist, it shows the delivery location being in Utah. This would be great except that I am in Texas. But it does show it being delivered tommorow, so I got that going for me : )

    Anyone else have this happen ?

  403. ballin' says:

    Anybody know how long stamps.com takes to verify? Shopfreepay also has a new page 2 offer for posters.

  404. Sam says:

    I signed up for overnight genius on the 5th. It is now the 8th and I still have no credit. FU shirts took 2 days to credit and lunar pages took 1 day. Does anyone have any insight. I talked to overnight genius and they said it wont credit until i wait till after my trial period. Has anyone waited this long for credit from them?

  405. ballin' says:

    I signed up for Overnight Genius on the 3rd and they credited the next day. When I called and cancelled, they said I wouldn’t be eligible for any free offers if I cancelled before the trial period was over but it was already verified so I cancelled anyways. I signed up for lunar pages on the 3rd as well and they still havent credited.

  406. Franklin T Diggs says:

    looks like the efax offer has disappeared, looks like that was a waste of time. nuts.

  407. Doug says:

    I am also waiting for Overnight Genius to credit. Signed up on 4/03…

  408. Gary says:

    watch out for the posters on page b. $31 shipping charge

  409. Sam says:

    You know Doug, even though there are a lot of posts about people saying that they will not give you credit unless you stay past the trial, it could be true now. They could have finally fixed it. Anyways when I called they told me the same thing, that I would not get credit until i kept it past the trial period. He did also hint me in that if you ask, they will bump the price of the software from $80 to $20 if you keep it. Just to let you know.

  410. Sam says:

    Oh, they also could be busy due to the easter holiday, but it just seems like so many people are getting credit for this offer fast. I WANT CREDIT!!!

  411. matt says:

    FYI, i called CITI about my credit card status, and they said i need to send the following info:

    1.) A copy of a paycheck stub
    2.) Copy of Utility bill
    3.) A Bank Statement

    CITI address:

    PO Box 6020
    Hagerstown, MD 21747

  412. Sean says:

    For anyone who tried the Citibank offer: When you completed the form, did they tell that you were approved or did they say they would contact you? I already had a Citibank card and the application I used to apply was the same and when it told me i was approved, they just sent the card. No one called or anything, just wondering if this time would be the same? On a side note, they put a true.com offer on the site, it credits instantly. As soon as I left the site, it said I was verified. i didn’t even have to click “I did this.” later everyone. If all goes well with the Citibank card I will 10 of 12 for the macbook. Later everyone.

  413. whitetyce says:

    Well this isin’t an update about SFP but I’ll post it here anyway. I just recieved my new orange shuffle from ipodsweepstakes.com today. This is a site where you don’t need to put in any CC info. I found that the trick to doing this site it to “reffer friends” for every 5 frieds you get to join and do an offer you get 100 pionts. What I did is just make up a bunch of fake email adresses and join under my name. You need 1000 points for a shuffle 2000 for a nano and 3000 for a 30gig vid.
    I just did the shuffle because I did this while i was bored at work. Takes some time, but if you have some time to kill might as well get an ipod. Maybe i’ll sell my ipod to get guitar hero II, sweet game

  414. frank says:

    whitetyce, I’ve tried the refer friends thing but it never shows up? Is there some kind of trick?

  415. TJ says:

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to give a quick update that hopefully will help some people out.

    Firstly, the efax offer I did disappeared before it verified. So that’s cool.

    Secondly, I did the true.com offer on page b, and like Sean (#412) said, it verified instantly. It’s free, and you just have to cancel (by phone) within 7 days.

    Next, I did the funkunlimited deal and got the “funk unlimited” bonus offer t-shirt for $4.99 plus $1 shipping. So $5.99 total (duh).

    Finally, I did the video professor offer, which cost $3.69 in shipping, and it verified in about 15 minutes.

    It now says that my guitar hero 2 bundle is ordered and will take 3-5 days to verify.

    Just a heads up! Hope this helps!

  416. Robert says:

    Has anybody tried Grant Mentor or Live Psychics?

  417. matt says:

    i just completed the true.com offer under the B section and (sigh of relief) it did not disappear (this time) much to my satisfaction like my previous zoomba offer did. true.com did NOT instantly verify for me however, and i did actually have to click the “i did this” and wait for the website to reload. i signed out and signed back in to see if it would be verified, and it is not verified yet. we shall see.

  418. Mark says:

    Woo Hoo!
    I received my Canon Digital Rebel. Shopfreepay must have put the wrong tracking number link on my page since the box was on the front porch this morning when I went to get the paper (and not in Utah). UPS never rang the doorbell last night I guess.

    Thanks for all the great information on here Josh. On to GadgetCity.

  419. FreeKid says:

    Does anyone know if you can go ahead and cancel the offers that are only 7 day trial periods once they have been verified even though the rest of the offers have not yet been completed?

  420. matt says:

    still no verification on the true.com Sean (comment #412). for some reason mine did not credit instantly if at all.

  421. serendipity2907 says:

    I got verified instantly for true.com as well. Now I’m waiting for stamps.com to credit and then I’ll be able to cancel Sun Rocket on my Offer B page and get my money back!!!

  422. matt says:

    so, will i get a CITI credit card application in the mailbox soon? i think i would rather wait to get the application than have to provide all of this information:

    1.)A copy of a paycheck stub
    2.)Copy of Utility Bill
    3.)A Bank Statement

    has anyone else received credit for the CITI diamond rewards CC yet? if so, what did you do?

    it has probably been at least 3 weeks now though, and i have yet to receive any credit card application.

    i think i will call them and see if they have sent an application yet.

  423. James says:

    Can someone tell me, if an offer disappears from an page, that was verified, do I have to complete another offer?

  424. matt says:

    i was wondering the same thing James. my guess is, you probably have to complete another offer? who knows?

  425. Gary says:

    no you don’t have to complete another offer, matt. as long as your triangles, squares and circles are filled in on the left side

  426. matt says:

    that’s good to hear. thanks gary!

  427. FreeKid says:

    why not cancel citi and apply for another page three option that is faster?

  428. matt says:

    that’s a great idea, except there is no other offer in the C section for me to do since apparently you can’t do the wine offer twice (i am assuming that is correct based on one of the posts above).

    the wine is the only other option for me right now and i can’t do that since i already have, so i guess i have to do the CITI credit card option. back later.

  429. Doug says:

    Just got some info from Overnight Genius. I called them and pointed out that their terms and conditions state that you cannot receive 3rd party incentive credit if you cancel before the 10 day trial is up. And… if you *don’t* cancel, then you’re automatically signed up to pay $80. So my question was, does this essentially mean the ONLY way to get credit is to pay $80? She said “yes”, however they have a special going right now where you can cancel during the 10-day, keep the software, pay $20 (as someone mentioned earlier), and *get credit*.

    In summary, for Overnight Genius, the ONLY way to get credit is to pay $5 shipping and then $20. This credit costs a total of $25 non-refundable. Keep this in mind when choosing companies to sign up with.

  430. FreeKid says:

    Anyone know how long yourmusic,and lunar take to verify?

  431. Sean says:

    I tried the overnight genius offer and canceled within the 10 days but had already received credit for doing the offer. SFP still tells me that I have credit for the offer. Any ideas of what will happen when I complete the remaining offers to get a gift? I remember looking at overnight genius’s terms and conditions and didn’t notice anything that mentioned 3rd party incentive, is this a new addition to their T & C possibly?

  432. FreeKid says:

    Doug, Are you sure those arent the terms and conditions of Video Prof? I read the Overnightgenius T&C and didnt see that fact…good to know

  433. Doug says:

    Yeah it might be a recent change. Or maybe some of their employees are crediting instantly because they don’t know the procedure. How long did it take for you to receive credit?

  434. Doug says:

    From Overnight Genius terms & conditions:

    “If Customer orders the Product through a third party incentive website that qualifies Customer for a free gift and Customer cancels Customer’s subscription before the Free Trial Period has expired, Customer will be disqualified from receiving the free gift. Any questions concerning incentive websites and/or associated free gifts should be directed to the website owner where the free gift offer was made.”

  435. Sean says:


    I signed up on the 28th and recieved credit the next day. When I cancelled the rep made no mention about thrid party incentives or gifts. He didn’t even offer me the $20 deal. maybe he didn’t know the policy and i got lucky. i guess i’ll find out soon enough though.

  436. FreeKid says:

    Doug, I got my verification from Overnightgenius within a day. So do I keep the credit towards my gift if I cancel it?

  437. Matthew says:

    I did overnight genius for gadgetcity and got the same story from customer service at overnight genius. They try to get you to pay 20 or so for the final disc and say that you will get credit for the offer. I talked to gadget city and they told me i had completed the requirments and would have to get manual credit. I would say try the same with shopfreepay.

    Can anyone tell me how many offers are needed for 59.99 games such as the ones for xbox 360 and PS3. What tiers are they on?


  438. Jim says:

    Any such site for UK residents that doesn’t require referrals and things? Thanks!

  439. Doug says:

    Hey Matthew

    What do you mean by having to get “manual credit”?

  440. Blake says:

    Hey I just did the “True” (Who are you going to kiss when the clock strikes 12?) offer, and immediately got credited. They still haven’t sent me the email saying that I got th credit, but the box is filled on the site. So True should be a good easy one to do.

  441. FreeKid says:

    can you cancel it right away?

  442. Blake says:

    You probably could, but I would wait.

  443. matt says:

    so, what’s the deal? everybody gets instant credit for true.com except me! is it because i already have 10 of 12 and SFP doesn’t want me to win?

  444. Matthew says:


    Im not sure what shopfreepay does as I am working on gc right now, but for gc manual credit is when you call them, or in shopfreepay’s case i guess you would email them, and show them that you did do the service. You have to give them an email with something like the confirmation email from the company or a credit card or bank statement. Not sure if this site works the same, but Im pretty sure overnight genius is the same scam on all the sites. If shopfreepay only asked you to sign up and recieve the package then I would think that you should be able to get credit for it.

  445. John says:

    To anyone who has completed Especially a big ticket item. How do they contact you to order and for the w-9? My email that I used was a forwarding service and I can no longer receive the emails. Everything is progressing, just no more emails.

    re: manual credit. Either I’ve done it 2 times w/sfp or it’s a major coincidence. I used their web email form and emailed them (both) a copy of the proof of having met the requirements of the offer and asked for manual credit. I also contacted the vendor of the offer asking them to credit me with SFP. I have never received an answer to any of the emails I have sent to SFP. I have sent them many trying to resolve the email issue. NO response.

  446. Bonnie says:

    READ THIS, as it will clear up loads of frequently reposted questions, as Josh has previously noted on this site:

    (1) Telling companies (i.e., Blockbuster, CitiCredit, Overnight Genius, etc.) to “credit your SFP” account is like asking them to do two-back flips over the phone, and then prove it. SFP is a third-party company, and I’m sure they have NO direct relations with those companies beyond their affiliate department, which is probably completely electronic anyway. SO, don’t annoy the CS people for those companies with requests/demands to credit your SFP account, as I’m sure they have no clue, nor care the least bit, if you get credit or not. SFP is the only people to issue you credit, and it is up to their CS on when to do that.

    AS IS EVIDENT IN A FEW BIG TICKET ITEMS HAVING BEEN RECEIVED RECENTLY, you will most likely get credit for all your offers…JUST BE PATIENT! Keep on the daily CS e-mails, to both the online form and the actual SFP account e-mail, and keep hounding them. That’s the best bet. AGAIN, be patient. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a response for nearly 1 month. I wiated for 18 days to get a response, but I finally did.

    (2) DO NOT, believe those scare tactics of not giving you credit if you cancel within the Trial Period. Those CS people are playing onto your impatience and victimizing you into paying out for the service you never wanted in the first place. The agreement you make with SFP is up to their discretion (as it notes in their TOS), so again, you are using this site at your own risk. I’d say they are trust-worthy enough, but again USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Nothing is guaranteed with these free sites, but you can bet people starting to get their big-ticket items is a good sign as to the legitimacy of the company.

    (3) READ PREVIOUS POSTS for an answer to your question, as it is MOST LIKELY already answered. If not, then post. But you are plaguing the rest of us with silly questions that have been answered nearly 50 times before.

    (4) BE PATIENT!

    Hope this helps.

  447. Josh says:

    Thank you for each of your points (especially number 3). You just saved me like 15 minutes by summarizing everything there. :)

  448. mike says:

    im trying to get a toshiba r25 tablet. seems that if SFP orders from amazon and amazon does not have that tablet, i might be shit out of luck. this makes me very nervous…

  449. whitetyce says:

    There is a trick to it Frank. You have to go to a diffrent computer everytime you sign in with another name. So what you need to do is go to a place with a lot of computers (EX libr. college) and keep signing on with diffrent computers. Like I said a bit of work, but if you want to do it you can get one.

  450. Josh says:

    Thanks for the tip. How many email addresses did you have to create to do that?

  451. frank says:

    Wait so you send out the offers from your primary email address and then accept on a DIFFERENT computer and from that different address start signing up for offers?

  452. Ash says:


    I am a little confused on how many referrals you have to send to get the 100pts, is it 100 pts per email referral that joins or 8 or 5 emails addresses get you 100 pts?

  453. TJ says:

    Ballin’ –

    Any luck on the lunar pages crediting?

    Also, I received my guitar hero 2 package this morning. I can’t believe they overnight this stuff. Talk about craziness!

  454. mistersirius says:

    To those of you who have had to fax in a W-9 to Shopfreepay, what is their fax number?

  455. mistersirius says:

    To those of you who have had to fax a W-9 to Shopfreepay, what is their fax number?


  456. ballin' says:


    nope still no luck with lunar pages. its been 8 days now.

  457. matt says:

    for some reason i had no problems with lunar. sorry, i know that doesn’t help.

    update: i now have 11 of 12. i am trying to win a macbook. all of the sudden zoomba credited and reappeared, so i guess i did the true.com for nothing? initially my zoomba offer disappeared from the B offers, but then it reappeared. perhaps because i showed proof of purchase by emailing an attached pdf file of the confirmation page using the ‘Cute PDF’ that Josh in his wisdom recommended. So, i am happy about that and still hopeful i can actually complete this. now, all i need is credit for the CITI diamond rewards card in the C offers section.

    any help would be greatly appreciated for how to get credit for the CITI credit card. i will try to re-read previous comments before i start asking questions again though.

  458. matt says:

    hey josh,

    i’m sure you have already thought about this, or someone has mentioned something, but what do you think about creating a bulletin/message board to help organize this long list of comments? maybe phpbb or vbulletin? i don’t know? it seems like a good idea, but maybe that would be too much hassle for you? i’m sure this is not on your priority list? either way, i appreciate all your help.

  459. whitetyce says:

    Josh, I created 15 email addresses to get 300 points. The other 500 points I got for completing the suggested offers on ipodsweepstakes. For every 5 “friends” you get to join you get 100 points. This is a much faster way of getting points than doing a lot of offers. If you have access to a whole lab of computers you could easily get the 3000 points to get a 30gb Vid. I think my brother is trying to do this up at Ohio U.

    Frank, you can create all the dummy email addresses from your own personal computer but you must go to a diffrent computer to recieve the email(which will be in your bulk folder)and complete an offer. I found that it takes me about 2-3 mins to sign on and complete an offer.

    Having 2 shuffles is very nice, I keep one plugged into my car and the other is used when I go to work out or an working. Hope this helps.

  460. Bonnie says:

    And the sky opened up and delighted my front porch with free gifts from SHOPFREEPAY!

    Another success story here, kids. I checked my status on SFP this morning, as I always do, and noticed my “big ticket item” now had a shipment status and a tracking number. Went to check my front porch and had TWO, not one, items waiting for my eager hands. In the midst of waiting for my “big ticket item”, which will remain nameless* but it isn’t a macbook (apparently overnighted from an unnamed* electronics superstore), I decided to do more offers for the Shure E3c sound isolating headphones (overnighted from Amazon), which I am currently using with my iPod and I must say they are pretty fantastic. I’m dumbfounded! I fully expected everything to pan out, but I was surprised to get both gifts in one morning, and even without the other one having a shipping status on my SFP account page. neat.

    So here’s the scoop, though. My name isn’t Bonnie, it is Ben*. (Notice the asterisks…read below) I decided to post under a false identity to “protect” myself from potential lurkers from SFP and prevent them from closing my account. Just something I thought might behove me since I figured they might be out there.

    And here’s the second scoop. On my “big ticket item” I made $15.72 on the entire transaction. And on the Shure headphones, I made $8.27. That’s right, I actually made money during these transactions. Here’s the down-low:

    (1) “Big Ticket Item”: Did all the offers (including Citi Credit [mine credited within 15 days, before I even got the card, more on that later] and which I am expecting a $50 gift card once I cash in my accumulated rewards points via Citi. Also, I am transacted to receive refunds for both Advantage Language and Video Professor (received e-mails), but we’ll see if those go through. Anyways, paid out about $140, I suppose, refunded $106, and adding in the Gift Card via Citi, I will have actually made money with this item. I think that is funny.

    (2) Shure E3c headphones: Did 3 instant verification offers, credited within 7 minutes for all, and item was verified and shipped within 24 hours. Spent out $22 or so, and am getting about $9.25 back in refunds, and I get a $20 Exxon Mobile gift card for one of the offers, making my total cost about $11.–, and therefore when adding that amount in, I made about $9, as mentioned above. Again, that is funny.

    About the Citi Credit Card offer. I have immaculate credit so I’m not sure if that helped me to get credit or not. For all those waiting, I do advocate bi-daily e-mails with both the SFP contact form on the site, and their actual e-mail address. I think that helped me speed up that process.

    In the short of it, THANKS JOSH, for your expert advice. I was really hoping to jump on the MBP bandwagon, but missed that opportunity by just a week. Either way, I am a firm believer in the power of organization, and you’ve helped us all out.

    Now, for the asterisks: I’m not going to disclose the information about my “big ticket item”, where it came from, etc., as I may still want to do more offers with SFP and I have a feeling they’ll catch on soon enough.

    I’ll keep browsing the board to help out where I can, but I’ve got some free gifts to enjoy. Good luck, everyone!

  461. Josh says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have thought about some type of forum for discussion, and other ideas. As I’ve said before, I am working on a new site that will hopefully make this “free stuff” process easier on everyone, and it may very well include a forum. Unfortunately, these last few weeks of school are keeping me busy. Only three weeks left, and then I’m hoping to have time to really pour into it and get stuff up quickly.

    Thanks for the info. Might have to try that myself.

  462. Sean says:


    Your post is very encouraging. I have one offer left to verify for my big ticket item and it is the citibank rewards card offer. I have pretty strong credit so hopefully it will verify as fast as yours. I guess now I play the waiting game. :)

  463. TJ says:

    Hey, does anyone have a link to the grant mentor website? They didn’t send an email, and the link disappeared from SFP because I already did the deal. I need to cancel that offer, but I don’t know where to get the phone number from. Doing a quick google reveals several websites offering the grant mentor software, but I don’t remember which exactly I did. THanks!

  464. matt says:

    i have received multiple charges on my credit card from video professor:

    VIDPROF 6.95S&P1STPMT – 800-5257763, CO $4.95
    VIDPROF 6.95S&P2NDPMT – 800-5257763, CO $1.00
    VIDPROF 6.95S&P3RDPMT – 800-5257763, CO $1.00
    VIDPROF 2NDPMT PHOTOSH – 800-5257763, CO $2.00
    VIDPROF 3RDPMT PHOTOSH – 800-5257763, CO – $1.00

    is this normal? should i call the provided number and refute these charges. i will have to look at the t & c again, but was wonderin’ if anyone else experienced this?

    overnight genius did this too:

    ONGENIUS 866-475-5733 – 866-475-5733, CO $1.00
    ONGENIUS 866-475-5733 – 866-475-5733, CO $3.87

    - i still have not received any refund from date.com

  465. Kirk says:

    Did I’m sorry if these questions are redundant, but I’ve read all your comments in this thread and I’m wondering two things: How long did you wait to get your items after your offers all verified and you went into “ordered” status, and did you ever have to fill out a tax form? I’ve been in ordered status for over a week now and haven’t heard anything.


  466. matt says:

    sorry if this has been asked already, but can i send the wine back if i have had it for several days? i was thinking that i might have to keep it because of the time elapsed, but then i read a previous comment that suggests otherwise.

  467. TJ says:

    Brandon –

    Thank you. I got them all cancelled, and I really recommend Grant Mentor to anyone looking to get an offer.

    Matt –

    Were all the video professor charges on the same day? I know that the offer states that S&H is $6.95, but it’s weird that they split that up over the first three charges. I’m not sure what the next couple are for either. More than likely it’s just some weird way that they handle charging. Incredibly, after looking at my credit card statement, they only charged me $1.69. Don’t ask me why.

    This does bring up an interesting point though. Are you guys actually using your credit cards? I’m too afraid to give out my actual information, so I use a visa allaccess gift card. They are accepted anywhere regular credit cards are, and can be purchased in $25, $50, $100, etc. amounts with a small fee ($4 for $25, $5 for $50, etc.) Sure it costs an extra $5, but it gives you the security of knowing that your actual credit card information isn’t floating around. This way you don’t have to worry about fraudulent charges, or about being charged some huge amount by a website that is difficult to cancel. You can get the cards at any grocery store, and you can check out the website at http://www.allaccessgift.com. Hope this helps!

  468. Chester McChesterton says:

    Matt – I had the same two charges from Overnight Genius. I didn’t worry, because the total is correct.

    TJ -That is freakin’ brilliant. Thank you for that suggestion. If it does work, it might be a good idea to load the card *only* for the amount they say they will charge you (with maybe $5 over) that way they can’t get away with charging you an extra $80 like some companies might try to do. If they do, oops, hey. No available balance.

  469. ballin' says:


    Did you ever get credit for NY Times and Lunar Pages? If you did how long did it take?

  470. TJ says:

    Chester –

    You can’t preload those cards, you have just buy them for the amount they have on them (typically $25, $50, $100). I just made sure to have spent the entire amount on them before the monthly charge comes around.

    One word of warning – I’m not sure if they can be refunded to. Just a heads up.

  471. Bonnie says:


    I think i know what happened with you. Those first three charges were also listed on my online statement. As was previously mentioned, they add up to $6.95, so the total is all the same, so no worries on that(same with the Video Professor ones..they add up to the $4.87 total, so no worries). The other two:
    VIDPROF 2NDPMT PHOTOSH – 800-5257763, CO $2.00
    VIDPROF 3RDPMT PHOTOSH – 800-5257763, CO – $1.00
    I’m assuming are your fault. I noticed this when doing Video Professor as well, but you have to “uncheck” a box on the payment page that notes you don’t want any extra software that they suggest. They offered me frontpage for an extra $3.00 charge, but I declined by “unchecking” that box that had been “checked” by default. My assumption is that you overlooked this detail (easy to do, as this seems like a sneaky ploy to get people to pay out more for software they don’t even want), and are therefore dishing out more money. Either way, just make sure that when you call and cancel for Video Professor, you cancel ALL software packages…both the one you first received the the extra Photoshop one they charged you for, too. hope that helps.


    After I “ordered” my big ticket item, it took about 4 days to go into “processed”. After that, I waited about another 3 days for it to say “shipped” with a tracking number, and it was on my porch that same morning. I’d say the week timeframe is pretty standard. As for the W-9 tax form, that’s beyond me. They never contacted with with that form. My guess is because the camera wasn’t actually over $600. I have a feeling SFP gets a killer deal on these items, so when the total isn’t +$600, they don’t bother with the tax hassel. However, if you’re going for a MacBook, i’d say you’ll have to fill out that form just because i don’t think Apple does wholesale prices. Either way, I didn’t have to do one. I’d say be patient for another day or two, then send out those scathing e-mails (via the contact form and SFP’s account e-mail) and hurry them along with unkind words. The contacting the CEO threat as suggested in a prior post helped me…i think. Hope this helps, as well.


  472. Sam says:

    Hey, I was wondering as well if anyone did receive credit for the New York Times offer as well. If so how long did it take? Thanks for taking the time to read.

  473. John says:

    If I use a different address, credit card, and email, but same name and possibly IP, would it work?

  474. oreo says:

    I am interested in going for a “big ticket” item. Is it possible to complete an offer for lets say, a macbook pro, without having to sign up for a credit card? thanks in advance. great thread btw.

  475. oreo says:

    sorry I meant a macbook, not a MBP

  476. john says:

    Bonnie-Ben or anyone that has completed:

    Your posts did not address my question or concern. I cannot receive emails at my registered email address. How do you order the big ticket item? How were you notified? How did you order,Did you do it on the website or by email?


  477. Josh says:

    Sometimes the offers available to different people for different items varies.
    Here’s what you do: Add the item you want to your “My Stuff” basket. Then look at each of the three offers pages and count up how many unique offers are available that you’d be willing to complete. Start on page 3 and work backwards. Also, if you do an offer on one page, you cannot do it on the others. So, if you want to do a certain offer on page three, you can’t also count it on page two or one. You should be able to look and see if it’s possible to avoid the credit cards.

    First off, it’s probably a good idea to have an email account where you can receive emails for stuff like this. You’ll be receiving confirmation emails and customer service messages (if necessary) and if you ever needed manual credit, you’d have to have those things. Hotmail makes it pretty simple to sign up for free accounts.
    In any case, you order the item on SFP’s site, not by email. The status will change when it is ready to be ordered, then you just click on it, enter your name and shipping info, and submit the form. The status will update again when the “verification team” has ordered the product, and again when it has shipping. After it says it has shipped, you can click on it to see a tracking number for UPS.

  478. Bonnie says:

    I think you might be SOL. I’m assuming the only way that SFP can verify offers is if you use the e-mail to register for those offers that you did to register for SFP. Here’s my logic: I’m thinking they wouldn’t use your name or IP (as you suggested above) because somebody else could potentially have the same names as you, and it is much easier to decipher between John X’s by their e-mail addresses. The IP might be feasible, BUT, I’d venture to say that not every offer company gather’s an IP when you register. AND, I’d venture to say that information is probably not reported back to SFP for verification, but I’m not sure. Again, it seems the most logical way for them to track that information is by the e-mail address. In addition, I do seem to recall that the TOS for SFP did not something about using the same address to register for those offers as you did for the site. I’m pretty sure it did…anybody else?

    I’m thinking your next plan of action depends on how you want to proceed. “Safely”=drop the program OR attempt to contact SFP and get them to change your registration information (that might be farfetched as they respond to your registered e-mail). “With Balls”=proceed as you were, and just wait it out. All of those verification e-mails are going to that e-mail address, even though you aren’t able to check them. Therefore, all cancellation notices will as well, so, you won’t have a record of that and if a fraudulent charge shows up, you might not have record of it. It’s all in what you think karma has laid out for you. Out of curiosity, why can’t you get your e-mails from your forwarded address?

    You order the big ticket item, right on SFP. Once all offers have verified, they send you to an address confirmation page, you confirm, and your item is then “ordered”. They say wait 5 days for it to be “processed” and then it gets “shipped”. You are notified with all of this on the SFP site…i got no e-mails once I entered this process.
    hope this helps.

  479. jk007 says:

    Josh, your site is very helpful, along with everyone else who contributes. I am working on the PS3 right now. I’m still waiting on the Great Fun offer, anyone had any experience with this one? I did try the Citi card offer, but it didn’t say if I was approved or denied. It said I would receive a mailing within 30 days. Should I assume that I was denied, and complete another offer?

  480. Kirk says:

    ballin’ -
    NYTimes credited on its own after about 10 days, but I had to email SFP and get manual credit for LunarPages.

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been waiting since the 4th and haven’t gone into “processed” yet. I’m going for a Rebel XTi (body only) which doesn’t retail
    for under $600 except from grey-market dealers. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, and keep emailing SFP every other day.


  481. frank says:

    I called to cancel Lunarpages today and they told me they handle canncelations through email. Did everybody else do this too because from what I read people didn’t seem to do that… or you guys just didnt mention it? How did you guys cancel? By talking to a reprsentative or by emailing their billing account?

  482. Roger says:

    Just to let everyone know I received my Sony Vaio today from SFP.

    Got a call last night from a rep from Amazon.com asking me if I wanted to upgrade at no additional cost. (Not much of a decision) After talking with him he informed me they would be sending it out last night which they did and I received it about a half hour ago.

    I’m pleasantly surprised after at one point nearly writing it off as a scam. Had to wait longer than advertised at the site. But it is worth the wait.

    From the time I signed up at the site to today in all it has been roughly 1 month.

  483. John says:


    I realize all about the “must use same email” yada yada. The problem is that I first discovered sfp here on this blog – kudos to you Josh.

    As for my email; I had setup a forwarding email in case it was a scam or source of spam. It’s spambob.net. I’ve used it many times w/ success in the past. But, alas, it seems dead now. I even setup two new addresses just to test — no good.

    I have now set up an email at gmail for this.

    Since the ordering is online I think I’ll try to complete byutilizing “instant verification” and the most inexpensive offers.


  484. mistersirius says:


    I am so glad that you were able to get you laptop! That makes me very excited as all I need to do is fax in my W-9 to get mine.

    Do you have the fax number that they had you fax your W-9 to? They forgot to provide it to me and I do not want to wait another 5 days before they respond to me via e-mail.

  485. Romphaia says:

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for all the great tips and tricks of this free stuff game. I was wondering if you had any reccommendations for free airline tickets? Or is this just another unicorn to chase? Thanks!

  486. Johnnie says:

    Has anyone received a macbook yet? If so, is it the model described on the site or is it the Core 2 Duo w/ the 80 GB harddrive? I ask because apple isn’t making them with the core duo now.

  487. Al says:

    I been have some issues with shopfree pay.com. I sign up to get a 360 but I complete all the requirement and lunarpages moved over to column B and sunrocket won’t be remove from pending. What should i do? I have email a couple of time but got no answer back.

  488. serendipity says:

    I’ve just been notified that I’ve fulfilled all my credits and have put it in the order for a MacBook!!! I’m not sure if anyone has come so far yet and how long more I have to wait from now to delivery but I’m crossing my fingers that all will go smoothly from here.

    Can anyone tell me what it means when they say “Our fulfillment team will validate your account and process your order.”?

    Here’s a recap of the offers I had to complete for the Apple MacBook MA255LL/A 13.3″ Notebook PC (2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive)- White:

    Page A:
    Boca Java
    Disney Books
    Entertainment Weekly
    Advantage Language

    Page B:
    Overnight Genius
    Four Seasons Wine
    Video Professor

    Page C:
    Lunar Pages
    Citibank Diamond Rewards card

    It’s been 29 days since I began the whole process. I’ll let you know once the MacBook arrives at my doorstep! :)

  489. Roger says:


    This is the last part of that Email pertaining to the W-9.

    Please fax this form to 202.350.9902 and write W-9 SHOPFREEPAY on the subject line. As soon as we receive this fax your order will be expedited

    I hope that is everything you need and I do also hope that you meet with the same final outcome I got which of course is to get the product that order.

    Good luck to you all.

  490. Toby says:


    Curious about using ‘all access gift cards’ to purchase offers. If manual credit is needed, how would you verify without a bank statement? Those gift cards are good, however, I was worried about missing out if needing proof for SFP. Thanks for any input!

  491. mistersirius says:

    Thanks you Roger! Enjoy the Vaio and I will let you know how things turn out.

  492. frank says:

    Josh, if we get gifts that have now individually combined to $600+ but each by itself is not more than 200, do we need to request a tax form?

  493. Al says:

    Roger could you help with my issues?

  494. Dennis says:

    I signed up for lunarpages and sunrocket last night, so maybe 20 hours ago, but none have credited so far.

    Any tips/suggestions/thoughts?


  495. M says:

    A word of warning:

    I did the 1 on 1 Psychics offer (credited overnight, $1 offer) and called to cancel the next day.

    Since they have no “member ID” the customer service rep asked for my credit card number to look up my account: big mistake.

    Although the account was cancelled, it appears said customer service rep decided to start using my information to fill out some offers of his own. Blockbuster Online was one, and there are a few more “aderactive” charges I need to ferret out.

    Luckily, Blockbuster was very helpful and provided me with the email address the clown used on my account, which sounds like it might be the joker’s actual name.

    Be careful with this stuff, everyone. And watch the activity on your credit card accounts closely.

  496. Roger says:


    What are the issues you are having, I can try to help.

  497. Toby says:

    Beware…The Grant Mentor gave me a cancellation number and then 5 days later billed me $69.42. Just received my statement showing this, as it was 2 days after my ending statement from previous monthly statement. So…30 days after canceling…I found out….and they claim there is nothing I can do because I didn’t cancel. Well, they would not let me talk to a supervisor…claim none were on duty, and refused to give me a chance to send in my phone bill showing that I called them on the day I canceled. Claim my cancellation number is no good. So…off to the BBB.
    BEWARE and check those credit card statements!

  498. blonde redhead says:

    M, I had the same problem but I did not do that offer. My credit card information was used for a $9.99 blockbuster charge, 2 $1.01 adteractive charges, and a $5 Truition charge. I constantly check my credit card information since I’ve done these offer sites and I called the the credit institution as soon as they opened up the next day. The blockbuster charge has been taken care of and i am resolving the others. i also asked for what e-mail the blockbuster account signed up under and they gave it to me as well. thankfully, my account was already blocked off but there was going to be a $109 charge from some place called myheritagetree.com? i believe that this isn’t the work of the person you gave the credit card number to, but SFP not being secure and compromised.

  499. Sean says:

    BEWARE of “Bargain Network”. They are trying the same tricks Grant Mentor is trying with Toby. I signed up for their 7 day trial on the 5th. Got billed on the 6th for the 2 dollars they said they would which is fine. Called on the 10th to cancel. The rep tried to offer me everything in the book to stay, 3 months for the price of 1, a full year for the price of one month. I declined each time and just said cancel it. Got a cancellation number and looked at my statement the other day. Lo and behold, on the 13th they charged my cc as if I had not canceled. I’m calling these clowns and my cc company tomorrow to straighten this mess out. I will keep my eye on grant mentor as well, as I did that offer too. Theres a lot about bargain network on ripoffreport.com. I will check their from now on to screen companies if doing any other offers.

  500. steve says:

    M, i had had the same thing happen to me but i did not do that same offer. there was a blockbuster charge, 2 adteractive charges, and a charge from some place called truition. i constantly check my credit card information so i caught it and called blockbuster and my credit card company the next day as soon as they opened. i got the e-mail of the person who signed up for the blockbuster offer. i think this has more to do with shopfreepay’s lack of security than anything else.

  501. frank says:

    I think it might be wise to just after canncelation to also cancel your credit card as well and ask for a new one.

  502. M says:


    Very interesting. I had the Blockbuster charges, three aderactive charges, and a truition charge.

    Odd that they would be essentially identical fraudulent activity, don’t you think?

    Thankfully my credit card company was more than willing to work with me, and I was able to refuse all of those pending charges.

  503. jj says:

    can someone help me with how to apply for manual credit with SFP? i might need to do this for Blockbuster, Lunar pages, and city card

  504. bluewyvern says:

    jk007: when I applied for a card I got a message on the next page after filling out the application saying I was approved, including my credit line. If they told you to wait for a mailing, you probably weren’t approved and should do something else.

    frank: apparently LunarPages does handle all cancellations through e-mails. When you send your request it will open a ticket, which will be responded to by a different rep each time. They replied very promptly in my case, though, and cancelling wasn’t a problem, although if you want to try to dispute something like being charged the domain registration fee, you might have trouble getting someone to listen.

    I’m thinking about going for a DS Lite now, which at one each of A, B, and C offers seems like a breeze. I noticed that the white is backordered, and the black says that it is available to be reserved but shipping is subject to availability, which sounds like backordered to me although they worded it differently. I think I’ll just go for the black anyway, though, we’ll see how it turns out.

  505. Dennis says:

    Did Sunrocket and Lunarpages Saturday morning.
    Still no credit.

    What is up?

  506. jammin says:

    Anyone know the email address at shopfreepay to request manual credit? Maybe an email address they will respond to?

  507. Meme says:

    Dennis chill out, they credit on WEEKDAYS on generally. Both of those i did on a friday and received credit on a monday, so you should see some action soon.

  508. John says:

    has anyone done the entertainment weekly magazine? Did you cancel? Were there any problems?

    I have only one offer left and this is the only one w/ instant verification.

    Alternatively, could you guys tell me your experiences with yourmusic.com? How were they to deal w/ and how fast did they credit. Will my dead email address (that I must use to get SFP credit) cause me issues?


  509. John says:


    Use the contact us link on the bottom of the page. Emails I sent to their posted email address got bounced. NOTE: other people here have posted success w/ the address.

    What I did was copy/paste the email from Lunar etc. into the form and next day I had credit.

  510. serendipity says:

    hi john,
    i did EW and it was one of the easiest things to cancel. and they gave me my refund almost immediately too. you can cancel your account online:

    but i also called them too just to double-check and request a cancellation confirmation email.

  511. John says:


    found this on scam forum.
    Wondering if you had any thoughts.

  512. Bonnie says:

    I did Entertainment Weekly for one of my gifts and it was a breeze. It is easy to trust a magazine company that has over 1 million subscribers, so I’d go for it. Cancelling was as simple as calling their CS number (listed at the bottom of the agreement in super small letters, so make sure you get that number BEFORE you agree, as I’m not sure you’ll be able to find it afterwards). I told the rep that my sister already had a subscription and wouldn’t need it, they tried to offer me a discounted rate, but just keep declining, REQUEST A REFUND (as they won’t give you one unless you request it), and get a confirmation number. In addition, the REFUND is only for all unmailed issues. I cancelled a few days after I “joined” so I got the full $9.95 back, but wait until verification (mine was less than 5 minutes). Good luck.

    Any new “big ticket” items received yet? Mine is working great!

  513. Kyle says:

    Man, I did Sunrocket the first day I signed up on shopfreepay to get the XBox 360 HD DVD player and it still has not credited over a month later.

    They’ve even charged me for a second month. I’m thinking of cancelling all with them and getting full refund, but I have an email into shopfreepay asking them about manual credit. From what I hear, who knows when I’ll get a response.

    Anyway, just sharing my experience with you guys.

    Any thoughts???

  514. TJ says:

    Bonnie, John –

    Do entertainment weekly, it was very easy. The cancellation number is actually listed in this thread by Josh, around post 150 I think.

    Bluewyvern –

    I went for the black ds lite, and it is definitely back ordered. I figure it’s probably not too big of a deal, but it will take some waiting. Oh well.

  515. Dennis says:

    lunar pages credited this morning…but sunrocket has not.

  516. bluewyvern says:

    I’ve been waiting to start the DS Lite because whenever I click the C tab, it doesn’t seem to be working — the tab doesn’t highlight, and the space below it is blank. The page stops loading, there’s just nothing there. The A and B tabs work fine, and the space for the shapes on the left indicates that I need to do one offer in all three categories. Has anyone seen this glitch before? I’m not going to start until I know the C offers are working (and I get to see what they are)…

  517. TJ says:

    Toby –

    The visa all access gift cards work great (sorry for my delay in responding). Manual credit through SFP is handled by forwarding them the confirmation emails sent by the companies you did the offers through. Alternatively, using the visa gift cards works exactly like a credit card, and accessing your account online provides an online bank statement that looks just like an actual visa statement, so you could just send them that.

    For everyone worried about fraud charges, and keeping your credit card information safe, I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH how great these cards work.


  518. Wolfgang says:

    Anyone who has received anything from shopfreepay… I was wondering how long did it take your page to go from verification to shipped? Thanks much

  519. dennis says:

    Sunrocket anyone?

  520. Meme says:

    Dennis stop screwing up this thread. People actually have decent questions and you continuing to wonder where your credit is, after you signed up for it on a weekend is completely ridiculous. Why dont you use the search function on your web browser and see how long it took people to receive credit for these offers?

  521. Dennis says:

    Because people actually don’t say.

    This is a website to ask for help.

    And when no one responds…I’ll ask again.

  522. TJ says:

    Dennis –

    I agree with Meme. You posting repeatedly over and over again asking a question does not help it get answered faster. In fact, if anything, it makes someone who would have answered your question annoyed (like me) and decide not to answer your question (again, like me).

    Do a search on the page and you will see what people’s experiences with Sunrocket is like. Hell, even Josh has posted a ton of stuff about it. Your posts just go to show that you haven’t actually done that.

    If you stop being lazy for about 2 minutes, you wouldn’t have any need to ask about sunrocket.

  523. TJ says:

    Dennis, one other thing. Read post 446 by Bonnie, and pay EXTRA special attention to 3 and 4. Then read post 447 and see Josh’s response.

  524. John says:

    sorry about the incomplete post.


    found this on scam forum.
    Wondering if you had any thoughts.


  525. Josh says:

    It generally depends on the item. Sometimes it will go through in just a few days, sometimes it takes a bit longer.

    Yep, I have actually looked into PokerPrizes. It’s next on my list of free stuff companies to review. I have a draft waiting in the system for me to finish. Hopefully next week, but school is kicking my butt so we’ll see.

    Thanks again everyone for helping out answering questions. Great discussion.

  526. frank says:

    I too have been hit with fraudulent charges. I was charged 36 dollars for a DR *Movavi Video Conve regnow.com/csWA. No idea what that is but I believe it might have to do with the Grant Mentor did this happen to anybody else?

  527. JoshIsCool says:

    has anyone used onlingo recently? i signed up for it under the “b” offers and it disappeared shortly after i completed it. any thoughts?

  528. John says:


    I think we have all had offers vanish. A)if like me you have more than 1 login make sure you’re using the right one B) I had one go but I got the credit. I believe it was netflix.

    So, I wouldn’t panic.

  529. John says:


    Haven’t read anyone elseexperiencing that, and I’m sure it would’ve made it here. I would try:
    1) use a different computer
    2) delete all cookies and offline content

    I would do it in that order just in case there is a cookie that you need for something. I would also contact SFP, although they have answered exactly 0 of my requests for help w/ my email problem.

  530. John says:

    I would like to thank everyone that helped me. I did the ent wekk mag and just went to completed w/in 20 min. I am in review.

    Thank you all

  531. Kirk says:

    Just to confirm Roger’s experience after going to “ordered” status. I waited 13 days to get an email asking for a W-9. I’ve faxed it back and my fingers are crossed that I’ll be done soon.

  532. Dingo says:

    I got hit with a similar charge, 34.99 from a software site called DR Rip and Unprotect. So i had to cancel that credit card. I was going to cancel it anyway after all this was over.
    I trust these guys as far as i can throw them…

  533. TJ says:

    Seriously guys,

    Protect yourself! Don’t use your actual credit card. Use the visa gift cards you can get at any safeway. They work just like credit cards, and the most they are going to get charged fraudulently is the amount on them!

  534. bluewyvern says:

    I tried another computer, same thing. I think it might be that all of the current C offers are ones I’ve already done — credit cards, LunarPages, SunRocket. Can anyone confirm that that’s the current selection? I’ll just wait to see if the offers change, I guess. (I still think it’s weird that the tab isn’t highlighted, even if the category is empty, though.)

  535. Dennis says:

    Sunrocket still hasn’t credited, anybody??

  536. TJ says:

    Dennis – Are you a moron? Did you not follow the advice everyone gave you? Geez man, we could do without your pollution here. If you had actually gotten off your lazy ass and READ all the posts on this blog, you would see that sunrocket doesn’t credit until the second month. Idiot. Josh even posted an update at the top about that. Seriously, grow up. I’m actually glad you wasted $17 x 2 = $34 for whatever you’re getting. It’s been what, 4 days for you? Trust me, you are not cut out for the free stuff. Sometimes you have to wait several months. Now stop being a dick and quit posting the same crap over and over again.

  537. Steve says:

    yeah, i cancelled all my credit cards after the fraudulent charges. i probably won’t be doing this site anymore.

  538. frank says:

    TJ, I have a question about the All Access gift cards. So from what I read on the website(the visa website) and what I gather from you is that you are goignt o be charged a set up fee right away, like right when you order the credit card correct? Secondly, for every month that you still have remaining balance they charge you a fee of 5 dollars correct? Or is the fee only a one time thing and not charged again? Is there anything else I’m missing? Thanks.

  539. Oppenheim says:

    Hey guys, I had a question. I was going to do Twilight Princess (just an A and B) and was poking around the options. I started with Disney Movie Club, and upon reading the fine print, am a little confused. Earlier, people have mentioned that they got full refunds (or predominately full refunds) from Disney. However, this is what it says now:

    As a Disney Movie Club member, all you need to do is buy 5 movies at regular Club prices in the next 24 months (starting at $19.95 per DVD), plus shipping and processing of $3.95 for the first title in each order, and $1.00 for each additional title in that same order. You may cancel your membership at any time after purchasing the 5 movies.

    Notice the ending: you can only cancel after buying 5 movies. Is this what it said when y’all canceled?

  540. TJ says:

    Hey Frank –

    You do have to pay a fee upfront. For the $25 cards, it’s $4, for the $50 it’s $5 and for the $100 it’s $6.

    There is also a monthly fee, but it doesn’t start until 6 months after you buy the card. So you have 6 months to use the money on the thing, and it costs you just the $4-$6 start up fee. Pretty good deal considering chances are you’ll have it spent within the month, and your credit data is saved.

    Note: these aren’t the rechargable ones… you can have them refunded to, but other than that, once the money is spent, it’s spent.

  541. serendipity says:

    Hi Oppenheim,
    I think part of the confusion might be that some of us did a different Disney offer. The one that I did for Page A was for Disney BOOKS, not movies. And that one was free for the first month and I only had to pay S&H which was only $3.99.

    I know this doesn’t really answer your question- hopefully someone who did the same offer can help you :)

  542. frank says:

    Which one would you recommend getting… the 50 dollar one or the 25? Also, you said somewhere above that we can get it at a Safeway correct? The rechargable ones cost a monthly fee if I remember reading correctly right? Thanks.

  543. John says:

    I did Grant Mentor and NYTimes about 3 hours ago – no emails, charges to my credit card, or verifications. I just did Gamefly – it errored saying there were errors in my information, then I tried to sign up again and it said an account already exists with my email, but I can’t sign in. And no confirmation email to my address. Not good on all counts!

  544. Josh says:

    Well if you just did it a few hours ago, businesses were probably closed and I wouldn’t expect a charge or email or anything quite yet. Look for them tomorrow, and for days to come. I’ve had offers not show up on my credit card until a week or more after signing up for them, at times. No worries.

  545. TJ says:

    Frank –

    Both the rechargable and non-rechargable cards have a monthly fee, but with the non-rechargable cards, the fees don’t start until 6 months later, so it’s very likely you won’t ever see them. The first time I got one, I got the $50, and with it I got the guitar hero 2 pack, and another gift (I don’t want to say which, because I’m going for a big-ticket item, and I don’t want them to cancel my account for some reason). Anyway, with the $50 card, I was able to do 8 offers, and I’m waiting on a refund from entertainment weekly, so I’ll probably be able to do one more.

    The most recent card I bought was a $100, which is nice because it covers the cost of the lunarpages offer, which has already credited. Now I just have to wait for a refund.

    I bought them both at Safeway.

    John –
    I’ve had problems signing up for the NYtimes offer too. Every time I try to sign up, it just kicks me back to the address/credit card info entry page, without telling me what I filled out incorrectly/missed. It’s really weird. It also says that it instantly verifies, which in the past took about 15 minutes for other offers that said the same thing. I’m kind of skeptical of it. Grant mentor went fine for me, verifying in about a day.

  546. Josh says:

    John and TJ,
    Don’t know if I (or anyone else) has mentioned this before, but don’t use Firefox when signing up for the NY Times. It will keep taking you back to the form page, as TJ described. Use Safari on a Mac or IE in Windows, and it should work fine.

  547. Fred says:

    It is too easy to just be someone else on this board. I feel bad for Dennis, cause he’s probably asked like twice and people have used his name to ask more and more crap about SunRocket.

  548. TJ says:

    Look. I can be TJ.

  549. jk007 says:

    For those of you that have done Great Fun and the Four Seasons offers, did you receive any confirmation e-mails? I haven’t received credit for either of these yet, and I am not sure how I can get a manual credit without these e-mails. I completed both of them a week ago. Anyone have any advice?

  550. JoshIsCool says:


    In an earlier post you stated that amazon called you to ask if you wanted to “upgrade” for free. Did they not have the vaio that you originally wanted? Was it a vista upgrade? Let me know cause i noticed that amazon doesn’t have the vaio i want new, they only have it listed as refurbished. Also, did it only take about 2 weeks for you to get all of your offers verified?

  551. Dingo says:

    Lunar pages has just been removed from options B and C. I was in the process of waiting for credit and have already suffered the charge.
    I wonder if credit can still be offered even if the offer has been removed?

  552. JoshIsCool says:


    This has happened with a lot of offers, i wouldnt worry about it. it will probably show back up in a day or so.

  553. Patton says:

    Same here, Dingo. I hope it’s just a glitch. I signed up for Lunarpages this morning and have a pending charge on my CC.

  554. TJ says:

    Yeah Dingo, I’d just sit tight. I signed up for Lunarpages on Monday, it credited yesterday, and it disappeared today. The credit still shows though. I’m assuming it’ll show back up. In fact, it will probably credit before it does!

  555. Jake says:

    Serendipity. Let us know which macbook they actually send. You know, list the specs.

  556. Roger says:

    JoshisCool, the Vaio I got was not a vista system. I didn’t want Vista as I’ve already got that on another laptop.

    Anyway from the date I signed up with SFP to the time I got the computer in total was about 1 month maybe a month and a half. Not very long either way.

    All my offers were verified basically within 2 weeks.

  557. Jose says:

    I signed up for Lunarpages on saturday and didn’t get credit for it before it went down. I hope it’s just a glitch.

    Also, what is the process after you complete the orders? I completed enough offers for a Wii game and it says that my item has been ordered. Does that mean it’s on its way to me? Thanks

  558. TJ says:

    Hey Jose,

    Your Wii isn’t on the way just yet, but it’s close. Wait about 2-3 days and it’ll update the status again to say something along the lines of “we will update with your shipping information soon”. When it says that, then it’s on the way. Though it’s suspect that this will happen since Wii’s are back ordered everywhere. More likely you’ll just have to wait around until they come in stock and then you’ll get one.

  559. Jose says:

    Thanks. It’s a Wii game, though. However, I’m worried that since I already canceled some of the offers, I might not get it shipped, then. Is that a possibility, or since I already got the credit, I have nothing to worry about?

  560. TJ says:

    Sorry! I didn’t see where you said “game”. My b. Anyway, even though it’s officially unknown, as soon as an offer credits, the general consensus here is that it’s safe to cancel. I did this for both of my first two gifts here, and I still got them.

    Technically, if the 3rd party websites complain about you, shopfreepay can put your account on hold (as per the ToS), but I think you’re safe.

  561. JoshIsCool says:


    What did they upgrade then? Did they just not have the one you originally wanted?

  562. thaychuari says:

    Does anyone get any reply from the admin of shopfreepay? if you do what’s email address you sent it to? I emailed them like two weeks ago and no reply whatsoever. I have done all the offers required and comfirmed for my gift, but the progress bar is not checked so I can not order. I email them about and no reply, yet.

  563. Sean says:

    Hey everyone. Just received my first gift from SFP this morning. Everything went smooth. The package was already delivered by the time they updated the website to give a tracking number! Now I need my citi card offer to verify for the macbook! Thanks to everyone on this thread for their help!

  564. Meme says:

    Sean, if you don’t mind me asking, what was your gift? Also, did you say that you received the gift before they even gave you shipping information on the website? What day did you “place your order” on the site? I placed my order for a gift that many have been receiving on Monday morning and my gift still hasn’t updated to shipped. Thanks for taking your time reading.

  565. TJ says:

    So much for NYTimes verifying instantly. How long have other people had to wait for this offer?

  566. Meme says:

    TJ, new york times took about 3-4 days to credit, you should be safe!

  567. israel says:

    Quick question? Has anybody had trouble doing an offer on SFP and then it crediting to a different page? I did 1 offer per page for an ipod nano and 2 of them have credited on the same page and i am still waiting on the third, which is Your Music (which has been 2 weeks waiting) Any suggestions?

  568. Sean says:


    my gift was Guitar Hero II. I did all my offers on Friday the 13th around noon and they all verified around 1:30 which is when my order went into “processing” status. Sometime yesterday the status changed, saying they would update my account with shipping info. Around 10:30am this morning I got a call from my sister saying DHL had dropped off a package. I had just checked the site about 5 minutes prior too and there wasn’t any shipping info. I logged in again and there was link to dhl with a tracking number. From start to finish it took 5 days to receive the gift, excluding saturday and sunday.

  569. JoshIsCool says:


    Did you get a confirmation email from New York Times? I tried signing up in firefox and it didnt work so i used IE. The order seemed to go through, it took me to a page with a confirmation number, still no confirmation email. It’s only been a couple of days so i’m not too concerned.

  570. Meme says:

    No i did not, partly because i did not put in an e-mail address (it does not REQUIRE that you do). That may have been a dumb idea, but I still got credit. It was not instant. You can always call 1-800 NYTIMES and they will be able to verify that your order went through. I got credit right before they started to deliver the paper. I think it might have something to do with that.

  571. TJ says:

    Meme –

    How was cancellation of the NY Times? I noticed it’s through z-subscriptions or nytimesdirect, so i thought it might be a little tougher to cancel. Any problems?

  572. ballin' says:


    I sent am email to the address linked off that site and they sent me back an automatic email that gave a phone number to call to cancel it is 1800NYTIMES. I actually cancelled before they started to deliver so I didnt even have to pay the $4.

  573. dabda.the.worm says:

    First, thanks be to Josh and everyone on this blog. I successfully received an Ipod Shuffle 1GB today. I used allaccess prepaid gift cards at the suggestion of some of those here. Most grocery stores will sell something like this. I am trying for a PS3 next.

    As long as your gift is less than $600, and with the help of pre-paid gift cards, this whole process shouldn’t be traceable to your SSN, which is a nice thought since many of these companies seem pretty shady. Anyways, i just wanted to share another success story.

    BTW, I called Amazon, and I believe that you can return any gift you receive, but only for store credit. But if you want something from Amazon that SFP doesn’t gift, that might be an option.

  574. Chester McChesterton says:

    About SunRocket…

    Yeah a bunch of people have said it credits on the 2nd month, but I think most of us are parroting what someone else said. I’m wondering how many people have actually seen it happen. Reason I’m asking is because we’ve got one person on this board who waited to the 2nd month and did NOT get credit, unless they got it later and didn’t tell us.

    I’m waiting for Sunrocket to credit, and I’m still within the 30 day trial. At least one person has claimed they got credit in the 2nd month, and one person said they didn’t. That sounds like 50/50 odds to me.

    Who has *personally* had SunRocket credit on the 2nd month? If only one person has seen it happen, it might not be worth the risk to pay for two months.

  575. Jose says:

    Any word on Lunarpages? I e-mailed them asking about it and they haven’t answered yet. That was the only offer I’ve left for an Xbox 360, It would suck if it’s not on the site anymore.

  576. TJ says:

    Jose –

    Just sit tight. It might take a while, but it should happen. I’d say give it another week or two.

  577. dabda.the.worm says:

    What is the highest priced gift you can get without having to do a C-page offer? The best one that i could find is the ipod shuffle

  578. Jim Rome says:

    Hey I just got one of the gifts that I am working on today. Everything credited great and fast, and shipping was fast. I just need to do one more offer on my next gift and get credit for Citi cards. And I will have my second gift.

  579. Al says:


    Sorry I hadn’t been able to come to this site early. I send in my header with email about my lunarpages not be on C column nor have my credit from sunrocket and it seem lunarpages has disappear complete. I need to catch to what has been said but if have suggestions feel free to write back.

  580. Norman says:

    dabda.the.worm I would suggest looking at the Shure E2c’s and the PSP is actually quite easy to get. You’ll see why.

  581. Meme says:

    TJ, Hey, I kept New York Times because I enjoy it, but I talked to the support once and they were very friendly. The one day it didn’t come and it was supposed to, they credited the amount back to my card.

    Anyways ANYONE that has received a gift… I’ve been waiting for my gift to go to shipped status since Monday morning. Im being patient, but i have a couple quick question. Anyone who has paid close attention to their account, around what time do you notice it going into shipped status, more in the morning, or more in the afternoon? Also, does the status change on the “My Stuff” page or do you always have to click on “Click here to view the status of my order” to find out if it has shipped or not. Thanks to everyone on this forum!

  582. TJ says:

    Meme –

    Between “ordered” and “shipped”, there is a status that it goes into where it says “soon, we will post your shipping information”. If it hasn’t gotten to that point yet, it’s probably ok, since it’s supposed to take 3-5 days. If it has gotten to that point, chances are you will get your item before the shipping info gets put up. You’ve only been waiting 3 days at this point, so you might want to give it a couple more. I had an item finish up on Monday, and now I’m waiting for the same thing. If it gets to be next Monday, then we might be in trouble!

  583. Jose says:

    For what it’s worth, I emailed Lunarpages asking them about getting credited for their offer, and a first the asked me to explain more. After that, they told me that the credit is something freepay does and that they’ve been notified of my purchase already.

  584. matt says:


    apparently my citi credit card application must have been thrown away? i have not yet received it (as far as know), so i guess i will have to call tomorrow and ask for a new application.

    has anyone else had to call and ask for a citi credit card application or did everyone else get there app in the mail quickly? any tips?

  585. TJ says:

    Hey matt –

    Why don’t you just do another “c” offer instead? The wine offers you a refund, and lunarpages (if it ever comes back) does too.

  586. JoshIsCool says:


    What “C” offer have you gotten to credit?

  587. serendipity says:

    hi matt,
    i was working on a mackbook too and the citi credit card application took the longest so i totally understand the 11 out of 12 feeling… how long has it been since you applied for the card? it took almost a month before that offer credited, and only after that sent me a letter asking for more info.

    i’ve all my credits now and am waiting patiently for the W-9 form to arrive and hopefully i’ll have good news for everyone here working towards a macbook…

  588. jk007 says:

    If anyone has done the 4 seasons wine offer on Page C, I need some help. I placed the order about a week ago, but never received a confirmation e-mail. I called them and they said they got my order but could not send me any sort of confirmation e-mail. They also said that they would be processing my order on the 23rd, hopefully it will credit then. But, does anyone know if SFP will give manual credit with my CC statement and the receipt I get with the wine? This is my only C offer left and if it doesn’t credit, I can’t get my PS3.

  589. PAQMAN says:

    I’m on the waiting list for SFP Nintendo Wii. Is anyone else on this “on Hold” list? Does anyone know how long I might have to wait before getting my Nintendo Wii?

  590. PAQMAN says:

    Oh Just, to let you know, I got SFP to manually credit my account for taking the CitiBank Card offer. But I had to provide all kinds of proof. It took them almost 3 weeks to return my e-mails about crediting me. I sent an e-mail to them about it daily.

  591. Kirk says:

    My Canon Digital Rebel XTi arrived yesterday afternoon. I started the whole process on March 7th, got manual credit for the last of my offers on April 4th, got the W-9 email from ShopFreePay on April 17th, and they shipped my camera Next Day Air Saver from Amazon.com on April 18th.

    I’m hopeful that next year when they send me the 1099 form, they’ll list what they actually paid Amazon as the value of the gift, instead of the $799 they have listed on the website.

    To everyone struggling, I say keep at it, keep emailing them, and eventually you will get what you’re after.

    Thanks for all those who helped me with information here, and thanks most of all to Josh for providing us a place to meet and talk.


  592. Chrais says:


    Hi, I have never done the free stuff thing, but several people at where I work did the Macbook Pro offer from Niutech when it was good, and we do lots of lovely mac based video stuff, so free is a happy price…

    So I decided Shop FreePay might be worth it, but when I clicked on the “C” page for a 20″ iMac (2.0 GHz, the 2.16 was unavailable for some reason), there were only 3 offers available, and the process requires 4!?

    I am going to read through the many comments the best I can to get educated here, and I don’t expect you have the time to reply to everyone, but I am rather confused. Have been scammed before, though that was very different, I don’t want to deal with that again. Do you, or anyone else here, have an idea of why they don’t have enough offers for the iMac?

    Thanks much!
    Chrais (an alias;)

  593. TJ says:

    jk007 –

    i can’t imagine shopfreepay will manually credit you before the credit goes through on it’s own. i’d say just sit tight. i’ll be in the same boat as you soon (also going for ps3, and going to do the wine offer).

    have they already charged your credit card?

  594. Jacob says:

    Any tips about Sunrocket? I can do all of the other offers for a 360 Elite, I just need to know about Sunrocket. I can even wait 30 days if that’s what’s necessary. I just want to know if it eventually works and how much it will initially and ultimately cost. Help?

  595. matt says:

    to answer the above questions, i am not even sure which ‘C’ offer i was credited for because it does not even show up, and yet i have a yellow check mark.

    so, my status is:

    - 11 of 12 completed

    - waiting for Citi diamond preferred rewards mastercard.

    - have not received application for credit card yet after a month or so of waiting.

    - i have 3 options on the ‘C’ offers:

    1) Citi credit card
    2) sunrocket
    3) 4 seasons wine

    i can not do sunrocket or 4 seasons wine because sunrocket does not service the area where i live (too remote i guess) and i already did an offer for the wine (which has already credited). therefore, i am stuck with the credit card offer as my last option and hope. it’s my only hope! kind of like obi-wan-kano-bee in star wars. (sorry ’bout that joke)

    also, i would rather not send in the information they asked for when i called them previously shown below. isn’t there a way i can just get the application in the mail, fill it out, and send it back to get credit? or, will i have to end up providing that stuff anyway.


    from post # 411

    “i called CITI about my credit card status, and they said i need to send the following info:

    1.) A copy of a paycheck stub
    2.) Copy of Utility bill
    3.) A Bank Statement

    CITI address:

    PO Box 6020
    Hagerstown, MD 21747″

    hope this helps and makes some sense?

  596. Jake says:


    According to the 31-day wait hypothesis, I should receive SunRocket credit early next week. I’ll let you know how it pans out.

  597. matt says:

    p.s. i will call CITI and see if i can get them to re-send the credit card application, since for some reason, i did not get it.

  598. jk007 says:


    I haven’t been billed yet, I assume I will be on the 23rd. I’m just worried that if it doesn’t credit by the time I receive the wine, would SFP give me a manual credit without a confirmation e-mail. Guess I shouldn’t worry about this until my order has shipped, just a little anxious for my PS3. :)

  599. TJ says:

    Hmm… I know other websites take credit card statements as proof enough for manual credit. I’d probably just start writing SFP every day like others mentioned here. After a while, they’ll get tired of your harping and credit you!

  600. matt says:

    i just called CITI again, and they simply reiterated what they said before about providing the same information again. that is:

    1.) A copy of a paycheck stub
    2.) Copy of Utility bill/telephone bill
    3.) A Bank Statement

    CITI address:

    PO Box 6020
    Hagerstown, MD 21747″

    i asked why they were requiring all this information, and she said it was for security. sadly, everything has changed since nine-one-one. so that explains the difference. i never had so much trouble getting a credit card before. since this is my only option i will have to send the information and see what happens.

  601. serendipity says:

    hi matt,
    the only application i had to fill for the credit card was whatever form you filled up online. there is no separate paper form to fill in. and everyone who signed up for the credit card seemed have been asked for the same extra info too so don’t worry about that.

    it took about 10 days after i sent them the extra info for my card to arrive. i activated it immediately and then 4 days after that, the credit to come through. i didn’t even have to use it yet.

  602. matt says:

    thanks for the info. serendipity

  603. israel says:

    Well, I have seen a couple of people talk about this, and now it has happened to me. I have had 2 charges totaling $300.00 appear on my credit card. So here is the deal. These are the only offers that I used this card for.
    Your Music.com
    Disney Movie Club
    Funk Unlimited T Shirts

    This just confirms to me the logic behind using prepaid credit cards.
    Be careful kids.

  604. Chrais says:

    I have 3 options as well as you, but the page says I need to complete 4 offers. I don’t want to begin signing up for offers if they don’t even give enough offers to begin with!
    Are you saying you got only three offers to complete as well, but you were credited for four on the C page?

    Thanks for the help.

  605. Mike says:

    has anyone had anything shipped this week?

  606. Jose says:

    No, I have been waiting for Super Paper Mario to ship since monday. I have e-mailed them about it and about Lunarpages for my 360, and they haven’t answered. I tried calling them, but the phone seemed disconnected or something, I couldn’t get through anyway.

  607. Meme says:

    Has ANYONE that signed up for great fun received their gift. It is odd because when I signed up for it I specifically remember it saying it was a seven day trial and that if you cancel the offer, you will not recieve credit on the shopfreepay. I signed “ordered” my gift on Monday this week and have not seen any action since. I also called great fun and they told me that I signed up for a month trial. I have received credit fine and everything, I am just curious whether or not this could be holding things up. Has anyone noticed a delay this week. It is definitely possible that the site is becoming more popular and the shipment time is slowing down. Does anyone have any insight for me? Thanks

  608. Meme says:

    Excuse the grammatical errors in the previous post. I “ordered” my gift on shop freepay and it still says it is in “ordered” status, it has not gone to shipped status yet.

  609. Jose says:

    Meme, I’m the exact same situation. I also signed up for Great Fun and cancelled a few days after getting credit. My game has been ordered since sunday and I’ve had no status change and no sort of contact with them at all.

  610. Meme says:

    Hmmm, i read through the comments just now, and Bonnie did receive a gift doing great fun (or at least it sounds like great fun). I however have NOT canceled Great fun, I am still searching through it, and using what I can. One other question anyone, on the “My Stuff” page where it says “Update: Your item has been ordered” does it change there to “your item has been shipped” or do you have to click on the “order status” to view if it has shipped or not. Thanks

  611. ballin' says:

    I think they are just seeing a huge increase in traffic, so it might take a little longer. I had a dvd player that went into ordered status last wednesday the 11th. It then moved to processed this past monday and then tuesday it was shipped, with me receiving it wednesday. I’m sure they will get everything sorted out.

  612. Jose says:


    That still doesn’t explain the Lunarpages offer dissapearing, though. From the communication I had with them (Lunarpages) they don’t seem to have broken their relationship with Freepay, so I guess it must be a glitch of some sort. Has anyone heard anything from Freepay about it? or about anything at all in the last few days?

  613. Meme says:

    No Way Jose! If you have ever done a free site, you would know that generally offers come and go, but they can leave and come back quite frequently. It can be depending on many things such as site traffic or company issues, etc. There are many things but if they still have relations with freepay, you will see it back up there soon…

  614. matt says:


    in reference to comment #605. it says i only need 1 more offer in the ‘C’ section. however, even if it said i needed 3 or 4 offers in the ‘C’ section i am going by the color coded check marks, which shows only one left for the ‘C’ section offers, and based on something someone said in a previous comment, i am going to go by that. so, i only have one to go in the ‘C’ section, but have 3 options to choose from: sunrocket, four seasons wine, and citi credit card. i am going for the citi credit card offer, because that is the only one i can complete since i already did the wine and unfortunately sunrocket will not let me sign up. apparently sunrocket doesn’t have service where i live, so that is not an option either, which means citi is my one and only option. so that is my situation under the ‘C’ section offers.

    interestingly enough, my ‘B’ section is complete, but i think it still says i need to complete 2 offers? strange that it says that, since i have completed all six of the ‘B’ section offers. must be some sort of glitch in the shopfreepay system?

    so, that is my situation. only one offer to go. one more hoop to jump through, which i estimate will take about one month before i get my prize, assuming all goes well.

  615. goulet says:

    many people are saying to email shopfreepay. what email address is best to use? from what email address has anyone actually received a response? thanks.

  616. tim says:

    When I signed up for Citi Preferred Card I used a wrong email, by mistake (I should’ve used my shopfreepay account email). Can I still get verified, if I call Citi and have them change the email address or am I out of luck here?

  617. tim says:

    Lunarpage pulled out of shopfreepay because of people signing up and cancelling soon after. This reason came from Shop FreePay directly.

  618. Jacob says:

    Has anybody gotten credit for Sunrocket? I am willing to wait 30 days if necessary. Can I sign up for the $25 a month plan and just pay the $50 for two months?

  619. tim says:

    I did, in two days.
    I signed up for $25 a month plan.

  620. THAYCHUARI says:

    Does anyone in here get reply from admin of SFP? If you do, what email address do you send. I have not receive any reply from them for the last 2 weeks.

  621. JoshIsCool says:


    So it only took 2 days for sunrocket to credit for you? Did you have to pay an equip charge for like 40 bucks plus the 25 monthly fee? Also about lunar pages, are you under the impression that they will no longer be crediting that offer even if you did it before it was taken off? I did lunar pages about a week ago and was hoping to get credit soon. Let me know

  622. Jose says:


    the problem right now is that Shopfreepay hasn’t answered anyone about it in the past week. However, I think they should be credit it, after all, Lunarpages told me that shopfreepay had been notified of my purchase with them.

  623. JoshIsCool says:


    thanks, yeah i just thought that Tim had received an email or something since he said that they took it down because people were canceling very quickly.

  624. tim says:

    Yes, I signed up for $25 a month, and my total came out to $66.something.
    Regarding Lunarpages: If you’ve completed the offer and still have the account with them, you should get the credit, I think.

  625. JoshIsCool says:


    What did they upgrade then? Did they just not have the one you originally wanted?

  626. Oompa says:

    Does anyone know if your Citi card application has to be accepted for credit or if it’s just the act of applying for it.

  627. matt says:


    i believe you have to actually get the citi credit card before you are credited with the offer. refer to comment #601 and other above that. that would be nice if you could just sign up online and be done, but you have to provide proof of your legitimacy to get a credit card and therefore get offer verification towards your prize. still not too bad though – just takes a little while depending on when you send in your info. weeks.

  628. Jake says:

    I received my “gifts” from Great Fun on Saturday. $20 gas card for $1 . . . not a bad deal.

  629. TJ says:

    I hope they start verifying these orders placed soon. I’m getting a little nervous.

  630. Meme says:

    TJ, mine haven’t verified either. I dont think I would get nervous. I just hope that everything is going smoothly on Freepays end and that the companies aren’t slowing anything down. If you don’t mind me asking, what order(s)on what items have you placed?

  631. TJ says:

    Hey Meme –

    It must be FreePays side since all of my offers for this item have verified and it’s been in “ordered” status for a while now. I’d rather not say what it is just yet, because I don’t know if they look at this board… I think it’s against the ToS to say some of the things that have been said on here. It’s not a big ticket item though, and it’s in stock at Amazon, so we’ll see how fast they get around to actually verifying the order and put it into shipping status.

  632. Meme says:

    Ha i understand. Well a TON of things on this board i’m sure are against TOS. I understand. I actually have 2 items waiting for “shipping” and they are of pretty good value. I wonder if its because of the value that mine are taking longer. You said that yours isnt really big ticket item. Anyways I am also pretty sure that mine are in stock at amazon as well. Maybe they check how many times a day we login and check and postpone it because we are so anxious! Ha jk. Well hopefully they are shipped soon, I want to start enjoying my free gifts!

  633. Allie says:

    So I was also charged 49.95 by Grant Mentor after I canceled my account with them BEFORE the 10 day trial was even up….I called the customer service line and stayed on the phone for 25 mins with a rep. I had to verify my information like 13 times before they would credit me which will take 3-7 days to hit my account……take tj’s advice and get a pre-paid card!!!!! and avoid grant mentor as much as possible.

  634. Jose says:

    So a new offer just appeared on the Circle section, to get aproved for a loan. Does this mean that Lunarpages won’t be coming back for good? Has Freepay answered anyone’s email regarding this?

  635. Oompa says:

    They also took off the offer for Zooba, I still have a check mark for the section it was in but it says I need to complete 1 more offer now, does anyone know if I still get credit for the Zooba offer I did?

  636. TJ says:

    Hey Oompa –

    I think you still have credit for Zooba. Both my lunar pages credit and zooba credit still show, and they say you just have to fill in all the shapes. Plus, on the side, it still says “credit received for zooba”, so i think they know about it. The “complete 1 more offer” is probably just a bug they haven’t ironed out of the beta yet.

  637. Jose says:


    Did you get credit for those offers before they were taken out? Because i still haven’t gotten credit for Lunarpages, even though I completed it 3 or 4 days before it was taken out, and Lunarpages said they had notified freepay about it.

    Also, has anyone had anything shipped yet?

  638. Meme says:

    TJ, no status change in mine! I’m sure their done working for the day. I’m getting anxious now, hopefully we see some action soon!

  639. TJ says:

    Jose –

    Yeah, mine credited before they were taken out. I’d still hold out for them though… you did the offers, so most likely you’ll get credited for them eventually. It might help to start bombarding SFP’s email form every day until they give you credit. Just remember, these free sites take LOTS of patience.

    Meme –
    Yeah, same here, though I did finally get the NYtimes offer to credit. Hopefully this week they’ll be more on the ball about getting their orders shipped. I say we give them until Friday and then start sending them emails every day.

  640. whitney says:

    re: fraudulent charges

    I am sure that everyone is now aware this can happen, I just thought I would relay my experience as “israel” did.

    I was going for (and did receive and LOVE!) an 80G video ipod. A few weeks after receiving my gift was when the charges showed up and my fraud protection department luckily caught it. My charges only totaled about $15, mostly from bookstores (online) I have never heard of. I, like “israel”, did both Funk Unlimited and Your Music, and would deduce that it is one of these companies where the information is being stolen. For further reference, however, I also did Online Genius, Lunarpages, Netflix, and the Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards (which I would assume is not the problem).

    All this to say, don’t think just because you have received your gift and canceled all of your offers you are safe. Your information was still sent. I would recommend canceling your credit card that you used for these offers…if you are attached to your company you can just call them and have them close out the current account and assign you a new account number. For those who haven’t begun yet or are still in the process, it would behoove you to obtain the prepaid cards. They’re just like a gift card and pretty great.

    For those of you who feel this information is redundant…too bad. I think we should all be aware of the risk we are taking to obtain “free” merchandise and protect ourselves from losing our identities.

    Good luck to all, I hope you enjoy your gifts as much as I have enjoyed mine.

  641. Norman says:

    what do you mean by assining you a new account number, did you mean credit card number?

  642. tim says:

    Regarding Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards: how long did it take to get approved for it? Did you have to call them to give additional information? How long after that did it take them to approve? Did you have to use the card to receive the credit from SFP?
    ty :)

  643. whitney says:


    Especially if you have an outstanding balance, or simply choose to remain with your current CC company, you can ask them to cancel out your current account and transfer your outstanding balance into another account. Just tell them you are concerned with identity theft due to some online purchases.

  644. mouseanon says:

    Re: #641 (whitney)

    Someone tried to charge my card over $2,000 but the CC company caught it. The only one I have in common with yours and the others is Funk Unlimited. I use one card only for these things and the CC company happily canceled the card and issued another. Anyone having a similar experience with mine, please feel free to email me at mouseanon@sbcglobal.net. I’m sure the CC companies would love to get their hooks into these folks doing the illegal charges.

  645. Norman says:

    Why account number and not just another creidt card number?

  646. Bonnie says:

    Account number=Credit card number. they are the same thing. Whitney is saying that your credit card company would happily close out your current credit card account (with your current 16 digit card number) and issue you a new account (with a new 16 digit credit card number). Where are you getting confused?

    I think we’ve all established (from previous posts, no less) that getting credit from various offers is HIGHLY variable. One person could get credited for Blockbuster in a day, but another may wait 2 months…it just depends. There is NO GUARANTEE with these sites, so you are using at your own risk. However, as per my experience, I got credit with Citi Rewards even before I received the card in the mail. It took about 10 days after I was approved (I was approved immediately online…if you have to get approved by sending in extra paper work, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any type of credit) to have it show up on SFP. That was 10 days after I was approved, and about 10 days before I even received the card. Like I said, this situation is HIGHLY VARIABLE, so asking for a standard time of crediting is silly.

  647. Meme says:

    When did you order your iPod and how long did it take to get shipped? Thanks

  648. David says:

    how feasible is it to use a prepaid visa card with fake name/information and then just have it shipped to your normal address? If the card already has money, would they actually check to see if a fake person lives at 2831 Sycamore dr?

  649. PAQMAN says:

    Does anyone know how long I’m gonna have to wait on my Wii?

  650. Jingle says:

    I’ve had an item “ordered” since late last week, with no update, and none of the offers I did Sunday night for a different item have cleared yet. I’m not worried yet, but I do think SFP might be getting a bit slower than they have been.

  651. Oompa says:

    Well I completed an offer for Youmusic.com and right after completing it I went back to shop freepay and the offer wasn’t on the list anymore, I’m not sure if I’m going to be getting credit for this one. Does anyone know from experience how long it may take to get credit from yourmusic?

  652. Jake says:

    Yourmusic took about 3 and a half weeks for me.

  653. TJ says:

    David –

    The prepaid cards don’t have your name on them at all. You literally walk into Safeway, buy one, and walk out. Now to use it online you have to register it at the visa all access giftcard website, but that’s simple too. You have to fill in your name and address, and if you wanted you could put fake information. Here’s the thing though. You still have to cancel these things you sign up for. And if they send you a package to an address that doesn’t exist, then you won’t be able to cancel if you need to send it back, and they’ll charge you the $80 or whatever the subscription fee is, draining your card of all its value.

    Don’t worry about giving out your name and address… people could find it anyway if they looked hard enough. The important thing is protecting your credit card information, etc.

  654. whitney says:


    After my last offer credited, I waited a couple of days before being asked to verify my shipping info. Then, it took a few more days for the processing to occur and then a few more days before it told me my item was ordered and that they would update my account with shipping info. My item was “ordered” by SFP on Sunday 04/08, DHL picked it up on 04/10 and delivered it to my house on the morning of 04/11.

    You just have to be patient and wait the few days it takes between each process. Hope this helps.

  655. Allie says:

    I went into “ordered status” last monday, and it says it takes 3-5 business days to be verified and shipped. My last item took all of 2 days to be ordered, verified and shipped to my doorstep, but now it has been 6 business days…..shopfree is definately slowing down, hope i get my prize soon!

  656. Jose says:

    They just answered my email, and said that Lunarpages reported too many people who cancelled their subscription and that’s why they took it down. However, they’re slowly manually crediting people who are staying with Lunarpages.

  657. JackB says:

    Well, this is interesting. I wonder if those of us who did Lunarpages right before it was taken down will have to keep the service now? And, I wonder if they will still give credit to those who have already cancelled? It did not state that you had to keep the service for so long in order to get credit.

  658. matt says:

    i now have a new offer in the ‘C’ section offers called ‘Road Loans’. unfortunately, i am not looking for a loan to buy a car, so i can’t see how this would do me any good. however, if there were a way to apply for a loan and then get credit more quickly than it is taking for me to get verified for the CITI credit card, then it might be worth it?

    has anyone tried ROAD LOANS?

  659. John says:


    I just read Kirk’s post re: w-9. He received an email for the w-9 (I believe) before the item could ship. Since I cannot receive email at the registered email address does that make me SOL?

    How did it work?

    SFP gives my itema value well in excess of $600.

  660. John says:

    More on my last… Is the w-9 download generic, or is it filled out? Or in other words would you be able to furnish me with it if I can’t get it from SFP?


  661. Jose says:

    The other thing they said about lunarpages is that a lot of users were doing fraudulent activities. This was separate from the quick cancelations. I don’t know what that means, though.
    The big question is how long they’re gonna wait to give us the credit for that offer, because it certainly cannot be a complete year. Was there a time limit on complete money-back for that particular offer?

    I’m kinda screwed if it takes long, because school is almost over, and I can’t do wine, because I live in a dry dorm, and I can’t get approved for credit, because I’m international and they have no credit record of me here.

  662. TJ says:

    Oh good. Now my item is no longer available at amazon.

    If anyone’s item gets shipped, please post as soon as possible. I’m not going to do anymore work on my next item until I know SFP is still shipping items!


  663. Meme says:

    Yo TJ!!! I AM SOOO EXCITED! My order processed today! I just checked, I will probably be getting it in the next couple days!!!

  664. TJ says:

    Seriously? Geez, that’s great to hear. Mine hasn’t yet, but then again, it’s also out of stock at Amazon now. That’s good news though; it gives me a little more confidence, so I’m going to keep working towards my next item. Thanks for posting.

    Anyone else have a success story today?

  665. Jose says:


    Super Paper Mario processed today. So I expect it to be here soon as well

  666. Bonnie says:

    no success story here, but the comments were stuck on #666, so I thought I’d bump the thread for sake of our eternal salvation. ha.

  667. tim says:

    Well, thats a very bad news for me. I’ve been waiting for 14 days now and did have to call in to give additional information. I’ll keep my hopes up though.
    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

  668. ballin' says:


    What kind of info did you have to provide and what number did you call?

  669. Zach says:

    Hey everyone,

    I know this conversation has been going on for a while, so forgive me if I repeat something that’s already been said…

    Anyway, I’m 2 offers away from a MacBook on freepay – I’ve applied for the citi card as one of them, but realized that neither the wine nor the phone thing is available in my state (VT). that leaves me with the car loan…does anyone know if it’s possible to complete this offer without ACTUALLY taking out a loan???

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  670. tim says:


    The number is 1-888-201-4523.
    I gave them my employer name and phone number, told then if I had checking/saving with Citi Bank, a couple of other things, I think.
    When I called originally to check the status of my application, I was told to fax them my ss#, credit card and home phone # statements. But I think I was given the wrong fax number, so when I called next day, I just gave them the info I mentioned above. I’ll be calling them again tomorrow to make sure I don’t need to send anything in and also to ask them about SFP (I’ve used a wrong email on the application, so I want to make sure SFP will get the conformation that I applied for CC).

  671. mouseanon says:

    * sigh *

    I just wish SunRocket would get off their SunAsses and credit me.

    Just my luck…all of the ones you folks are having problems with credited for me immediately or in less than two days, Lunarpages included.

  672. Jake says:


    I’m in the same situation. Just waiting for SunRocket . . . It’s officially been 35 days, though my second month hasn’t been billed yet.

  673. Jose says:

    Just got word from Freepay regarding Lunarpages. They are crediting people who remain costumers, so I would not cancel the account with them. (I wasn’t going to anyway)

    Also, my other package is out for delivery, and I should get it today!

  674. JackB says:

    So, I wonder how long they are going to make us wait for LunarPages? I need that and the wine offer to credit (it’s been almost 2 weeks), then the PS3 is mine.

  675. Meme says:

    Did they give you a tracking # on their website. What carrier are they using? My shipping info still hasn’t been updated and I havent seen a package here today. Thanks

  676. iPod Group says:

    Guys that are waiting for SunRocket to credit. This is what I did to get SFP to credit in a week.

    I sent them an email last Thursday, and I got a reply yesterday.

    Thanks for contacting us.

    Please provide us with the confirmation email/fax/letter sent by the
    offer provider so that we may research the reason for your offer credit
    delay. Keep in mind that if the offer was not completed properly (i.e.
    if the offer requirements set by the sponsor were not satisfied) offer
    credit may not be awarded. Aside from looking at confirmation emails,
    we often contact the sponsors to verify that the offer was indeed
    completed. Any attempt to provide us with fraudulent information may
    result in your account being placed on hold. This process may take
    anywhere from 7 to 15 days.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you require any further


    The ShopFreePay.com Support Team

    So I forwarded them my email confirmation, and my a pdf of the invoice SunRocket posts online.

    And within 1 hour, they replied.

    Thanks for contacting us.

    You have been given credit for your completed offer. Please log into
    your account to get an update of your offer requirements.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you require any further


    The ShopFreePay.com Support Team

    So I got the last of my credits.

    So how long is it until the order page goes to the shipped page? (I know it used to be very fast…but are they getting slower now?)

  677. Allie says:

    eight business days and counting…..still waiting to see that glorious shipping status come across my screen…..

  678. Jose says:

    They’re using UPS for mine, and yes, they did give me a tracking number.

  679. mouseanon says:

    Jake (#673), please let us know what happens with SunRocket. I’m actually a customer of theirs now and never planned to cancel, but this is rather pissy of them if you ask me. Did you do the $9.95 200 minute cheapie or the $25 unlimited plan?

  680. ballin' says:

    Here is the exact message I got from shopfreepay about lunarpages. I signed up about 3 weeks ago and I’m still a member so hopefuly I get the credit.

    Dear Customer,

    Manual credit will not be awarded for this offer due to fraudulent
    activity with Lunar Pages brought to our attention directly by the
    advertiser, in addition to the fact that many customers have failed to
    meet the terms and conditions clearly stated on the LunarPages offer
    hosted by Shopfreepay. Valid and confirmed credits are being uploaded
    every day for those who have legitimately completed the offer and
    LunarPages customers. We hope that you understand the reasoning behind
    this decision and we encourage you to either try out another “C” offer
    or to remain patient until your account is credited. Rest assured that
    all customers who have met the offer requirements will receive credit.

    The Shopfreepay.com Support Team

  681. TJ says:

    Hmm… I definitely cancelled my Lunarpages offer right after I received credit.

    Do you think it’ll get taken away/my account will get put on hold?

  682. Poopie Pants says:

    TJ- It is possible but highly unlikly. But the reason Lunarpages is acting like this ( and soon to be more) is because you people arent following the basic rules.

    1. Wait until you at least recieve the item until you cancel it

    2. Dont call these companies and ask them to credit your shopfreepay account. (if you have done this you are pretty stupid)

    3. On bigger items, that give you a full month, wait at least three weeks.

    I could be wrong but thats my opinion. I also recieved the same email from sfp about lunar pages. i am going to wait for the wine to credit when i will just try another item.

  683. mouseanon says:

    ballin’ (680), how the hell did you get them to reply? How long did it take to get a reply? I’ve sent a couple of questions about SunRocket (yeah I know, 30 days) but they’ve never responded.

    As for the click-and-cancel situation, that’s what killed off the great deal at NiuTech. People are too fooking greedy IMNSHO, and it’s not a contest to see how little you can spend. If I were an advertiser like Lunarpages I’d be doing the same thing…

  684. ballin' says:

    I contacted them using the email and the contact us form on tuesday and they responded to both today. Maybe just got lucky..

  685. Oompa says:

    I’ve read that many people have received credit from 4 seasons after a day or two, do you think it would be a good idea to deny the package? Would I still receive my gift?

  686. mouseanon says:

    Oompa…the offer requires you to accept and pay for the shipment.

    “Credit towards your incentive is applied after you receive, accept and pay for your first shipment. ”

    If you refuse delivery they’ll probably refuse credit.

  687. Jake says:

    I did the unlimited plan because I signed up before I knew about the whole 31-day situation. Oh well. I’ll keep you posted, but so far nothing has happened.

  688. TJ says:

    Mouseanon –

    It’s not that I’m greedy at all. Well, maybe a little I suppose (we are all in this for free stuff), but everywhere in this thread people say that once you get credit you’re in the clear to cancel. I’m really sorry if this screws anyone… that’s not what I wanted at all obviously. I’m really hoping it doesn’t screw me! Anyway, since this is my first time doing a free stuff offer, I guess I can blame it on that, but really, even Josh said you’re good to cancel once you get credit.

  689. TJ says:

    Finally! My second item just went into processing. Hopefully it’ll ship soon, and I’ll have the confidence to work on my third thing (big ticket item). All I have left to do on it is the wine offer and wait for Blockbuster to credit. Has anyone done Blockbuster recently?

  690. Jose says:

    Lunarpages just emailed me and told me they cut their arrangement with Freepay, and that they’re not offering or confirming accounts with them because of this. Freepay said they would give credit to people who were still members of Lunarpages, but how can they now?

  691. Poopie Pants says:

    Blockbuster credited immediately for me

  692. JG says:

    Has anyone else been waiting for their item to ship for a while? Mine has been ordered since April 17 and it still hasn’t shipped.

  693. TJ says:

    JG –

    What does it say? Does it say that they will update your account with shipping information soon, or does it say that they have received your order and that they are processing it?

  694. thaychuari says:

    Mine is the same. I ordered since the 17 also. It looks like they neglect the site. No reply to email and no offers have been updated.

  695. ballin' says:

    Mine has been ordered since the 17th as well.

  696. TJ says:

    Mine was ordered on the 17th also, and it just verified today. Hopefully they are starting to get around to things a little faster. No one last week had anything shipped, but so far this week things have been looking better.

    Out of curiosity, are either of your items big ticket items? Also, are they in stock at Amazon? Either of these problems could be delaying your orders.

  697. thaychuari says:

    Mine is small item and it is available at amazon.

  698. ballin' says:

    My item just went into processing and its not even in stock on amazon.com.

  699. TJ says:

    Hey ballin -

    Being it stock at Amazon might have nothing to do with it… it was just an idea I had as to why ya’lls orders were being held up. Honestly, my item isn’t in stock at amazon either. Maybe we’re getting the same thing? (hint… black?)

  700. Mike says:

    ya this is definetly taking to long but it does seem like there back on track this week orders been processing

  701. JG says:

    My item is also small (under $100) and in stock at amazon. My item has said that it has “been ordered” since the 17th.

  702. ballin' says:


    I think I know what youre getting (handheld?), but I’m getting something for the 360.

  703. JoshIsCool says:

    anyone have a news on sunrocket and if it is crediting after the 31 day mark? what about lunarpages, i know why they took it down but does anyone have any idea of when they will be crediting, like after the first 30 days?

  704. serendipity says:

    hi oompa,
    about the 4seasons offer, i received the credit BEFORE the wine arrived. i then called the customer service people and they said that i can reject the wine when it arrives, the UPS people will return it to 4seasons, and i’ll get a full refund. you have to personally be at the door to tell the UPS man though because it’s alcohol and you need to be 21 and above to accept/ reject the package.

    the wine came 2 weeks ago, i rejected it and the refund is only now processing, so it takes a while. nothing happened to the credit though. i’ve fulfilled all my credits and am now waiting for my W-9 form.

    so, in a nutshell, in my experience, it’s ok to return the wine, and you should get your money back. let’s hope not too many people have done that and 4seasons doesn’t change its policy.

  705. Jake says:

    SunRocket credited this morning.

  706. JoshIsCool says:


    how long did it take in total from when you signed up w/ sunrocket?

  707. Poopie Pants says:

    i did the wine thing like on monday or tuesday and it still hasnt credited my account. it on my cc bill.

    Also the stupid lunarpages response are all automated. i am starting to think this site is getting fishy now

  708. Jake says:

    SunRocket credited in 37 days.

  709. JG says:

    The item that was in the “ordered” process now says that it has been put on hold by customer service. Has anyone else had this problem? What can I do about it?

  710. TJ says:

    JG –

    I don’t know… does this mean your account is on hold? I haven’t heard of this happening to anyone. Did you do any offers where you cancelled immediately after you received credit, when it said you had to stay a member for a year or anything?

    Also, to everyone –

    I was reading through their T&C… do you think they will not send an item because I did the lunarpages deal and cancelled right after I got credit? I don’t want them to take legal action against me (even though I don’t think that consists of fraud), and I also don’t want to do the wine offer to get my sub-$600 “big ticket” item just to find out that they put my account on hold. What are your thoughts on this? Has something similar happened at other websites?


  711. Poopie Pants says:

    if your on hold you better call and get on their good side. i think its safe to say if your on hold you pissed off one of the sponors and they reported you.

  712. Allie says:


    I went into ordered status on the 17th too for something handheld and less than $100 (hint hint) and i just got the shipment info today and is probably on my doorstep right now….BUT my bf ordered the same thing (ordered status on 18th) and hasnt been shipped, I assume his will be sent out either tomorrow or monday at latest. be patient, for whatever reason, shopfree has been extremely slow.

    i remember shopfree saying in the T&C that they will freeze or cancel ur account if you have more than one account for the same address or use the same cc info. so if you have done either, ur pretty much screwed.
    I hope neither apply, Good luck!!

  713. Poopie Pants says:

    How long does it take for the 4 Seaons wine offer on part C to credit? my friend’s did in 2 days and i have been going for 5 days and no luck

  714. Chester McChesterton says:

    JG – Are you working on an item that might be temporarily out of stock with the vendor, like a Wii or something? Actually, don’t answer that question, but something to consider.

  715. Utopia says:

    I think 4 Seasons may actually be waiting for you to accept the package now before crediting you

  716. JG says:

    Thanks for the info Allie, that is what I did. I signed up for another account using a different email address. Looks like I might be out of luck.

  717. Pete says:

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Consumer Research Corporation. The link is below for a free macbook pro. Does it belong to a larger, more well-known mother company and is it legit?


  718. doubtful says:

    Any chance of “ordered” going to “shipped” on a weekend?

  719. TJ says:

    Doubtful –

    Probably not. But don’t worry, it seems like they are finally getting caught up on past orders. Big ticket or little item? First item? In stock at Amazon? Keep us updated.

  720. hackattack says:

    Had you entered your personal info into SFP’s site in both accounts? Because if you have you need to cancel one of those accounts (T&C) and if you haven’t, but only signed up for two accounts using two emails, there is no reason why they should know your CC info or address at all. Most companies that you do an offer with have a privacy statemtent so they are not allowed to share that info with SFP. Anyhow, that is just my opinion.

  721. JoshIsCool says:

    does anyone know what the “offer requirements” were for lunar pages? do you have to stay a member for 30 days or something?

  722. mouseanon says:

    #719, fairly certain that the offer said “sign up for a year of hosting”. They credited me two days after I signed up. I stayed a customer since its a good deal and I was looking for a new hosting company.

  723. doubtful says:

    It’s a bigger ticket item, but not more than $600, and should be in stock at Amazon. I went to ordered status after manual crediting, on the 17th. I see that some orders are processing now, so hopefully I’ll see movement this week.

  724. Meme says:

    TJ, I haven’t been on the board in a while, and thats probably because I have been busy. I have exams this week, and also I GOT A PS3 from Shopfreepay!!! It was shipped from amazon. Well that is one of the two gifts I have ordered. I guess we will see what next week brings on the other gift. Hope this will be some inspiration for everyone else looking for semi-big/big ticket item waiters!

  725. Harry says:

    Hi Josh,
    I was wondering where you did your $50 Visa card offer at? What sites have cash cards as offers?

    Thanks, great stuff!

  726. matt says:

    Pete, I too am wondering if anyone knows anything about Consumer Research Corporation.


    Does it belong to a larger, more well-known mother company and is it legit?


    anyone know about this?

  727. Josh says:

    Pete and Matt,
    Consumer Research Corporation isn’t legit, sorry. I mentioned them in an earlier post. Read it here.

    Visit YourGiftCards.com for free gift cards. $50 at a variety of places, or just a Visa, only one offer each. They ended up sending me a check instead of a visa, too, which is cool.

  728. Norman says:

    How long did it take you Josh, and how long do you have to stay with the offer?

  729. Josh says:

    I completed the offer on February 17, printed and mailed my certificate on March 24 (like GadgetCity, you have to wait a while), and got the check (instead of a Visa) in the mail on April 19.
    Also, the offer I completed was for some eBay thing and I got a free $25 gift card for doing it, too.
    The offer was only like a buck though.
    Patience, patience. :)

  730. matt says:

    reply to #728. thanks josh for the info. sorry i didn’t catch that. i should have read more carefully about the Consumer Research Corporation.

  731. THAYCHUARI says:

    does anyone receive any reply from SFP, yet?

  732. Kyle says:

    I still have not received either credit for my third (of 3) offers for the XBox 360 HD DVD Player or a response from the shopfreepay staff (to which I’ve emailed twice).

    I’m definitely losing faith in this site. It looks like I’ll have blown about $20 for nothing really.

    That sucks!!!

  733. Utopia says:

    Has anyone done the wine offere recently? I’m wondering how long it takes them to credit you after you get the wine.

  734. JackB says:

    I completed the wine offer on the 16th, they processed it on the 21st, and I have still not received the wine nor credit. But, from what I’ve been hearing, you may have to wait until you receive the wine before you get credit.

  735. Poopie Pants says:

    yeh the wine this is getting me upset. its been about 7 business days and stil no luck while i did the sunrock on saturday and it credited on monday WTF

  736. Poopie Pants says:

    Also for people wanting a reponse from SFP. Dont us the contact us form on the web. Use the email address they provided i also think its in the help section. I used that contact us form 5x and no luck i used the email and i am 2 for 2

  737. Sean says:

    Poopie Pants: how long did it take to get a response when you emailed shopfreepay directly?

  738. TJ says:

    Poopie Pants –

    What sunrocket subscription did you choose? Are they better about crediting instantly now? Has anyone else had any experience with this?

    Also, I’m a little surprised at how long Blockbuster is taking to credit. Anyone else experience this? How long should I expect to wait?

  739. Poopie Pants says:

    Sean i emailed them friday and they got back to me monday.

    TJ- I did the year unlimited plan i think it was the one at the very bottom.

    This wine offer really sucks and they just took off road loans too on offer C

  740. ikwhit says:

    To anyone who can help.
    I was checking the staus on my SFP things and now all of them have this message
    “UH OH! Sorry, this item has been put on hold by Customer Service.” When I then click on the item it takes me to another screen that just shows a picture of that item and that is it. Any advice.

  741. TJ says:

    ikwhit –

    Had you already ordered the item? Or are you in the process of finishing all the offers?

  742. Two Dogs says:

    Has anyone had a problem signing up for Great Fun. Everytime I put my info in and hit “Try Me Now” it sends me to a blank page and the offer doesn’t go through. Any help would be appreciated.

  743. tim says:

    Two Dogs,
    Try using a different web browser or a different computer. I didn’t have any issues signing up for Great Fun (I did it about a week ago, though).

  744. hackattack says:

    Everyone ought to do great fun…$1 and you get $20 immediately in free gas.

  745. THAYCHUARI says:

    My item has been shipped.

  746. serendipity says:

    to everyone who fulfilled their credits and have been on “ordered” status, here’s a note:
    i fulfilled all my credits for a Macbook more than 2 weeks ago and have been waiting for the W-9 form ever since. all i keep seeing is “Your order has been placed with Shop FreePay. Our fulfillment team will validate your account and process your order. This normally takes 3-5 business days.” finally , after using their webform to no success, i used poopie pants’ advice (#737) of writing to them directly at this address: shopfreepay.com@my-account-info.com.

    i wrote to them twice yesterday and they got back to me today and attached a W-9 form as well. i’ve faxed them the form and am now crossing my fingers that this is the last hoop to jump through!…

  747. Allie says:

    Great fun is a good offer BUT i never received my gas card and i signed up twice with two different accounts with two different emails but with the same CC info (JG- That’s why I suggested what i did earlier because i had that happen to me, kind of, but they (sfp) didnt link the accounts i just didnt get credit for the second account (by sfp or great fun) but they (great fun) took my money.)

    sorry if that was confusing!

  748. Allie says:

    Oh and the boyfriend got his “small item” like mine today!

  749. MIke says:

    Your “your item has been ordered” change under my stuff when your order ships out?

  750. hackattack says:

    That is strange. I put $20 of free gas in my car today, thanks to Great fun.

  751. william says:

    I started last thursday night and I now have credit on all of my A offers, all but 1 of my b offers and 1 c offer.

    I’m missing blockbuster and wine, although I have already received movies from blockbuster. I hope it will get verified eventually, should I wait it out or just try a different offer?

    with that said, sunrocket was completed about 2 business days later. I assume I’ll receive credit for the wine when I actually receive it.

  752. Jim Rome says:

    For those of you who are getting fast Sunrocket credit, which option are you choosing? If anyone who has gotten fast credit on Sunrocket can answer that it would help us all tremendously.

  753. THAYCHUARI says:

    Jim Rome:

    Choose the $25 option. I got it credit the next day.

  754. william says:

    I chose the monthly unlimited as well.

  755. Chester McChesterton says:

    I did the monthly plan with SunRocket but still haven’t rec’d credit. I’ll roll over to the 2nd billing cycle next week, so hopefully I’ll get credit after the 30 day mark

  756. Two Dogs says:

    Jim Rome – I did the unlimited year offer and received credit in 3 days. I am going to cancel it before the end of the month.
    Also I tried Great Fun with Mozilla and that did the same thing. I guess I am not meant to have “Great Fun”

  757. TJ says:

    To the people that did Overnight Genius, got credit and cancelled within the 10-day trial: did SFP revoke your credit? Did you still get your item? I have to do one more A (Blockbuster isn’t crediting) and one more C. I’m going to the Sunrocket unlimited monthly that people talk about here, but I wanted to know about the Overnight Genius threats that they make with cancelling and 3rd party offers. Thanks!

  758. THAYCHUARI says:

    I am having problem with SFP. I did all the offers for my gift and it even verified, but the progress bar does not check off. Does anyone in here having this problem with SPF?

  759. Poopie Pants says:

    Can Someone tell me whats going on with the Wine Offer? I recieved it Monday and i still havent received credit for. Any suggestions at all?

  760. Utopia says:

    I don’t know I should be getting my wine soon though so let us know if you find out.

  761. Allie says:

    I did overnight genius and canceled within the 10 days and had no problems….just call, get the RMA number and write it and return to sender on the package WITHOUT OPENING IT!!! it works, i dont care what overnight says, dont waste money paying for return shipping.

  762. Poopie Pants says:

    i got the wine monday and it credited today. so it looks like you do have to wait until you receive it. its going to suck having to return the wine. i cant return to sender since i signed and its heavy

  763. Angus says:

    Hey everyone!! I’m new here. I’ve been looking over all these posts all day and they’re extremely helpful!!

    Today I decided to fill out all the offers for the Xbox 360 from Gadget City and the PSP from ShopFreepay (not that I really want one a whole lot, but hey, it was only 3 offers).

    If you want to track the offers that I did and how I’m doing, I’ve got a Google spreadsheet up.


    Just ignore the first iMac deal, I just put that together for myself so I could see if it was doable, but judging from the feedback on here based on the big ticket items I decided I would ease into it and go for something small.

  764. Angus says:

    My big question though was for people who did the Gadget City deal. How long did it actually take for everything to go through and then for you to finally receive your product? I didn’t realize how arduous the whole process was until I had done all the deals and read the fine print.

  765. matt says:

    oops! it looks like i screwed up!

    i have two new credit card charges:

    COL*HOUSE VIDEO CLUB – 800-262-2001, IN – $27.35
    SCH*SCHOLASTIC AT HOME – 800-955-9877, CT – $15.96

    apparently i did not cancel something. i am thinking that it was the disney books thing. i never cancelled because i never got the books and i wanted to wait and get the product before i sent it back. unforunately for me, i never got them and now have two more charges i was trying to avoid. dangit.

    has anyone else experienced this or know what this is for? i guess i will find out.

  766. TJ says:

    matt –

    2 different phone numbers, 2 different company names and 2 different states seems to indicate that you forgot to cancel 2 things :( I hope you can get that all worked out. Good luck!


  767. Mike says:

    matt – those are two separate offers:

    Columbia House DVD Club
    Scholastic Phonics (At Home)

    these offers don’t automatically get filled out through some other offer you did. you have to specifically sign up for these offers.

    if you didn’t sign up for these offers specifically, something is wrong. someone may have stolen your credit card and signed up for offers…this has happened several times to people using SFP, myself included.

    you should look into this.

  768. JackB says:

    Anyone have any updates with Lunarpages? Anyone getting credit for it recently? I signed up for the year hosting plan, and have not canceled the service, nor do I plan to. I completed it over 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know if they are making us wait 30 days so we can’t cancel?

  769. Chester McChesterton says:

    You might need to send an email to SFP with your Lunarpages signup confirmation email attached as proof, and ask them to credit you for it. If you can’t send emails as attachments, just look at the email and hit the Print Screen button and paste it into a blank image file using photoshop or whatever, and send the image as an attachment. That’s what I did for overnight genius and it’s the only reason I got credit. I hassled SFP about it. Not rudely, but by politely sending them an email every single day for about a week and a half.

  770. TJ says:

    Hey guys,

    Check out the site now. They updated it, including average times for verification. That’s pretty awesome… it says my blockbuster offer has 13 days left until verification. For offers that I haven’t done, it’ll say “7 days average verification” for sunrocket, for instance. Pretty cool!

  771. THAYCHUARI says:

    Looks like they just update their site, but for my situation it does not help. I have verified offers, but progress bar is not check off. Their contact us button does not work!

  772. Poopie Pants says:

    about the lunarpages…it doesnt seem like they will credit you. i forwarded my invoice as inline text (which i think is the best way imo) and they give all this jargin. Someone in the previous post said that they contacted lunarpages and they will not credit anyone for sfp due to too many cancelations. use the email in the help section. i sent them one yesterday and they replied today.

  773. Poopie Pants says:

    Use this E-mail to contact SFP. dont use the website. also as a tip which i highly reccomend, Be formal. Dont use shorthand or anything. i know you might think its stupid but evertime i sent a formail email i recieved a reply. here it is


  774. hoptuit says:

    SFP won’t let me view the status of my item. I can login, but when I click the button to “view progress” it sends me to the “oops” screen. My friend tried to view his and he got the same deal. Anyone experiencing this? what to do, what to do.

  775. matt says:

    i have now have 3 (no longer just 2) new credit card charges:

    COL*HOUSE VIDEO CLUB – 800-262-2001, IN – $27.35
    SCH*SCHOLASTIC AT HOME – 800-955-9877, CT – $15.96
    ON TARGET GRANTS – 866-4071028, UT – $1.99

    i figured out that the ‘scholastic at home’ charge is the disney books and i did in fact authorize that one, which i just cancelled over the phone. the lady was very nice. i will refuse the package that is on the way since i don’t want it. apparently i did receive a package from disney books before this latest one, that i refused, only i don’t remember refusing it, other wise i would have cancelled disney books or scholastic at home sooner. anyway, that is taken care of now.

    the ‘col house video club’ is one i DO NOT remember signing up for or authorizing, and i tried to talk to them on the phone, but i could not figure out a way to talk to a human. you get the run around with those guys. so, i am disputing that particular card charge via my credit card website bill dispute page. pretty easy to do. the dispute may take a while to go through though. maybe longer than a month? who knows? anyway, i may have to change my credit card number or something like that? we shall see. i guess i should have used the allaccess gift card that TJ spoke of on comment #468 i believe.

    now i have a 3rd charge i am investigating. the one listed above called ‘on target grants’. i have no clue what that one is, but i will call and see if i can find out for everyone. hopefully this helps someone?

  776. TJ says:

    Yeah, I can’t pimp that Visa gift cards enough. There’s nothing more important than protecting yourself from fraud.

    Now, here’s what’s weird… with the new update that tells you how long until something verifies (an average), it says that my blockbuster offer will verify in 13 days (again, based on the average verification time).

    Now, when I sign in with a faux account I made, it says the average verification time for blockbuster is 4 days. Weird huh? That sort of disconnect is a little suspicious, but I suspect it’s probably because the site still isn’t in final form yet. Oh well!

  777. matt says:

    the latest charge i received on my credit card account

    ON TARGET GRANTS – 866-4071028, UT – $1.99

    is obviously fraudulent. the customer representative that helped me wanted my phone number and email address to identify “my account” and the email that he had was someone else’s email and phone number as well. in other words, they did not have my real information listed on their computer. somehow, someone charged my credit card number though using fraudulent information. hmm… well anyway, this one will have to be disputed with my credit card company.

  778. matt says:

    by the way, this company ON TARGET GRANTS – 866-4071028, UT has a website:


    this is the site that the phone rep. referred me to, and i do not remember going there and applying for a grant, because i did not.

    tangent: what a day we live in. so much corruption and manipulation. unfortunately, because of this, people will ask for peace and safety and end up losing more of the few precious freedoms we have left in this country thanks to our “wonderful” government (counsel on foreign relations etc.) that sells us out. just make sure you don’t sell out yourself and let them – the gov’t) turn you into cattle and get a chip and brand on your body to id you.

  779. matt says:

    josh, feel free to delete or adjust my comment if you like.

    more of my rabbit trail:

    btw if you are interested in how things really work in our country and the world, search google for ‘new world order’ or ‘one world order’ or ‘oil’ or ‘wtc’ or ’911′. i know it sounds crazy, and i am sure someone will scoff at me, but it’s true, we really do live in the matrix (a false reality) and are rapidly and conveniently approaching a one world government. at first this sounds ludicrous, but after careful consideration and research, i think it is undeniable. the matrix is all around you. do you want the red pill or the blue one?

    ok, i realize this is not a forum for discussing these things, so if you want to chat email me at mranderson |at| gmail |dot| com. just make sure you put from josh clark’s site or something like that in the subject header or i will trash your email. i already get a ton of junk at that address. note that i may be deleting this email in the future. also, know that i can’t type too much now days.

  780. tim says:

    same thing here. Looks like they are updating the site with new features; I’m sure the page will start working again, soon.

  781. Jake says:

    Same “oops” problem here.

  782. Poopie Pants says:

    the site is down for people who have compeleted all the offers and are on ordered status. hope that helps

  783. Poopie Pants says:

    http://www.my-account-info.com is the same as http://www.shopfreepay.com. i found that to be odd. Lots of people are getting the oops error.
    Are they raising the amount of offers or is it just me. a PS3 now requires 3 offers on page C

  784. Mike says:


    how many offers did you have to fill out for your tinfoil hat?

  785. Angus says:

    Update on the Sunrocket. I made the offer yesterday and i received verification TODAY.

    I am in shock, but quite pleased, as I am apparently 4 days from receiving verification for my Great Fun membership and will have my PSP on its way in a mere week or two.

    If this works out quickly, I’m totally going for a Palm Pilot and then the iMac from SFP once they add an offer different from the remaining offers I can complete (the wine and credit card offers).

    I’ll keep everyone updated.

  786. TJ says:

    Angus – What option did you do on Sunrocket? Did you go with the $25 unlimited plan?

  787. matt says:

    hey mike,

    #784 no need for a tinfoil hat. just a little common sense and a couple history lessons. but, the tin hat may provide a good tin man costume. just don’t look behind the curtain.

  788. TJ says:

    Also, for those have had SunRocket credit lately… it seems like everyone has done the $24.95 unlimited monthly plan. It says that a $39.99 activation fee applies. Do you just have to suck it up, or do you get credited back that after cancelling? Did you even have to pay it?


  789. Bobby says:

    Has anyone who is in “ordered” status received a reply about the “Beta Error” page? I’m concerned that this might prevent getting the W-9.

    Or conversely, has anyone who saw the “Beta Error” page gone on to see a shipping page?

    Thanks a lot.

  790. hoptuit says:

    I have not seen anychange on either one of my 2 accounts! I get the “oops” I did it again error everytime. What’s happening?

  791. Jake says:

    They say they’ll have it fixed by the end of the work day.

  792. Bobby says:

    Thanks for the update Jake!

  793. Jasper says:

    hey guys, i’m a little curious about the sunrokcet offer too, because previous posts said they didn’t credit for a long time, and it seems like recently they’ve been going faster. do you have to pay the 40$ for the activation fee though on the unlimited monthly plan? wouldn’t that raise the cost to 65$? maybe i’ll just do the wine for that amount!

  794. Allie says:

    If you get the error, oops!, click on the member sign in button again and you should be taken to ur member page. It has been working for me!

  795. thaychuari says:

    I did all the offers for my gift and it even shown verified, but the progress bar does not check off. Does anyone in here having this problem with SPF?

  796. Meme says:

    Is it true that offers are going up for offers? I already got my PS3 from shop freepay, but I only had to do 2 offers on the last page. Is it true that it is up to 3 offers on the last page for a ps3?

  797. Bobby says:

    Yes, I can get to my member page, but all of the other links go to the error page.

  798. Bobby says:

    Well, it’s the end of the work day and it’s not fixed…

  799. dabda.the.worm says:

    I have the same problem with mine. One has been on “ordered” for 2 weeks, the other for 1 week. When i click on either of them I get the “Oops!” page.

  800. Bobby says:

    Did you get a W-9 tax form?

  801. Paco says:

    Can anyone confirm that they still say “Ordered” on their completed/verified item?

    Mine changed this evening (have been fully verified for 2 weeks, and on “ordered” status), but I’m not sure if it’s part of the updates that they’ve been doing or not: it now says “We have received your request and are processing your order.” but I get the “oops” page if I try to click any more. I’m not sure if this is progress, or nothing at all.

  802. Angus says:

    I did do the $24.95 unlimited plan, and I was a bit worried about the whole $39.95 activation, and I’m not sure if I’m going to get it back, but I’m still getting a $170 PSP for about $42, so I’m alright.

  803. Bobby says:

    Yep, still says Your Item Has Been Ordered. Click Here To Check Order Status.

    Then you get the Oops screen.

  804. thaychuari says:

    I guess my problem is unique. Since nobody answers my question.

  805. Bobby says:

    What’s the “progress bar?”

  806. thaychuari says:

    The progress bar is the with triangle, square and circle. When you completed an offer it checked off.
    I just check my account. It deleted my recent activity on the lower left hand side, but it shows the offer I did.

  807. Dennis says:

    Despite the site showing that Oops thing…my “My Stuff” page status actually updated yesterday to show that my order was being processed.

    And today I got my iPod 80Gb via DHL Overnight Saturday Delivery from amazon.com

    Last Tuesday (5/24): Got all credits, Order Placed
    Friday (5/4): Site updated to show Order Processed
    Saturday (5/5): Got gift via DHL Overnight Saturday Delivery

    Thanks Josh and everyone for their help.

  808. Dennis says:

    That should be 4/24 not 5/24…

  809. Bobby says:

    Good to hear, Dennis. I thought that they were just proceeding with the orders, and that appears to be the case. Since this is my first gift with SFP, I did not know what the deal is with the W-9. Does it have to be signed and sent back before they ship your gift out, or do they just make sure you have it for notification purposes?

    Regarding the progress bar thaychuari, ever since it went to fulfillment that isn’t available to me. Everything I click on goes to the Oops page except My Stuff and My Account.

  810. samd says:

    The verification time is going up.
    I checked the box for completing an offer, the next day it said 6 days left, then 7 then 8 then 9.

    What is going on?

  811. serendipity says:

    hey guys,
    i’ve been getting the Oops! page too and my order has been in process for the past 2 weeks. i faxed them my W-9 form last week and was really upset with this whole Oops! deal… but just 15 minutes ago, i get a phone-call from UPS saying that i’ll be receiving an over-night delivery from Amazon.com tomorrow and that i should plan to be at home to sign for it. i haven’t ordered anything from Amazon at all, so i’m assuming it’s my Macbook. which means that even though the website might be down, orders are still being processed, so don’t worry.

    i’ll check in again tomorrow to confirm that it’s indeed my Macbook! :)

  812. tim says:

    Thanks for letting us know. This is indeed a good news.

  813. doubtful says:

    serendipity – so what does your SFP status say then on the main page? Like Paco, my item went to “We have received your request and are processing your order.” on Friday, when it previously said something different.

  814. serendipity says:

    hi doubtful,
    mine says the same thing as you- “We have received your request and are processing your order.”, but it has been saying that on my member page for the past 2 weeks. the only change i’ve experienced since thursday is the Oops! page every time i want to go beyond this point.

  815. doubtful says:

    Hmm, then I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing for me o_O

    Thanks for the info. I’m pretty certain you’ll be getting your item tomorrow – I’ve heard a similar story from other people about UPS calling.

  816. TJ says:

    Meme –

    Quick question: did you have to fill out a W-9 for the PS3? Just out of curiosity, since it’s $599.99, which is technically less than the $600 needed for the W-9. Thanks!

  817. Bobby says:

    Hey all stuck on “Oops”:

    I got a reply from them to my email asking about getting the W-9:

    You can find a W9 form in pdf format here http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf that you may download. Please fax this form to 202.350.9902 and write W9 SHOPFREEPAY on the subject line. As soon as we receive this form your order will be expedited.

    We apologize for this delay.

    The ShopFreePay.com Support Team

    So they are operating normally, it would seem, despite the Oops. I faxed my W-9 in today and will see what happens tomorrow.

  818. sid vicious says:

    serendipity, I also received a call from UPS today! I will let you all know if it is indeed the precious macbook that i have been waiting for, tomorrow.

  819. Bonnie says:


    My big ticket item (received nearly a month ago) was priced at $599.88 on the invoice I received from the company that shipped it to me. The total, including shipping, was $615.83. I did not have to fill out a W-9, so I’m not sure what their cut-off is, but my assumption would be that you wouldn’t have to.

  820. Two Dogs says:

    serendipity – Did they send you a W-9 via e-mail or was it on the website. My item is over $600 and the page says your item has been ordered but I just get the Oops page when I go to check the status like everyone else. How long do you have to wait after it goes to ordered status.

  821. serendipity says:

    Two Dogs,
    Based on what other people said here, once it goes into ordered status, there should be a message on your member page with a link to the W-9 form (someone correct me if I’m wrong…).

    BUT I waited almost 2 weeks and nothing changed on my page so I wrote to them directly. Don’t use the Contact Form, use this address: shopfreepay.com@my-account-info.com. I told them (politely and as formally and officially as possible) that I had been waiting so long and to please check what’s going on with my order. They replied the next day with the W-9 as an attachment, and I faxed it back to them immediately. That was last Tuesday.

    You really have to keep at the emailing but only when you think you’ve waited beyond the reasonable time period- you don’t want to annoy them, and you want to have just cause to write them those formally-worded emails. Remember, squeaky wheels get the most grease… Good luck!

  822. TJ says:

    Thanks Bonnie! Good to know!

    Now I just have to decide if I want to do the Wine for $120 and send it back, or the Sunrocket for $65 and no refund.

  823. Al says:

    I believe that I just sent my last email to shopfreepay. It been a month, 4/9 since I sign up and I have yet to receive anything from them. I fulfilled and verified the lunarpages but it was not placed in the column C, which originate located there. I have email them several times about this and all I received was email stated that I would receive an answer with 15 business days. It been two weeks and no reply. This is the three week, basically every come to end in term of money back guarantee. All I had left was sunrocket and lunarpages to fulfill for and xbox 360. Yet it seem that they won’t honor them or answer back in a timely fashion.

  824. Two Dogs says:

    Thanks for the info. I will give them some time before I go the e-mail route. Appreciate the help.

  825. Meme says:

    No W-9. Its good to hear people are starting to receive macbooks! If that really is the case i might have to try and get one! Anyways I should probably be receiving another freepay gift today. I’m pretty much done with the site, but at least I know it is a great site to do!

  826. serendipity says:

    the Oops! problem seems to have been resolved. i now have a message that says “Your order has completed and is being shipped to: XXXX” and they gave me a UPS tracking no. too. it looks like my package is on time for delivery this evening! :)

  827. mrk says:

    got my macbook today!! very nice. thanks shopfreepay!

    I got the tax form via email from sfp. I then faxed it back and aboout 9 days later got my macbook.

  828. THAYCHUARI says:


    I feel your pain. It did the same for me. I fulfilled and verified, and listed under current activity, but it is no long listed under current activity. It got deleted from my current activity. Under the offer tab, it shows verified right across it.

  829. Jake says:


    Is your macbook the model listed on the site (core duo 512 MB of RAM) or is it the updated model (core 2 duo and 1 GB of RAM)?

  830. hoptuit says:

    OOPS…it’s not fixed. FYI

  831. Angus says:

    My Great Fun verification countdown has gone from “4 days to verfication” to “6 days til verification” to “8 days til verification”

    I am confused, and angry since that’s the last offer I had to complete to get my PSP.

  832. gary says:

    jake do you mind posting what the specs are on your macbook?

  833. Jake says:

    I haven’t received mine yet. I’m just wondering what I can expect.

  834. mrk says:

    I got the updated- 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1 GB RAM, 80 G harddrive, superdrive…

    They are ordering them new. Mine came from Amazon. As they are not refurbs I imagine it will always be the latest edition regardless of what their site says (although this is speculative).

  835. mrk says:

    Oh, FYI regarding the oops page that serendipity mentioned. I think this page is because they do not have an “order shipped” page yet. My status page went to “oops…” when I faxed in the W9 and has stayed that way since.

    Just a bug. They’ll get there. These are the things we need to be patient with while something is in Beta.

  836. doubtfulnomore says:

    I have in my hands (well actually it’s on my son’s bedroom floor) a brand new PS3 :)

  837. Jake says:

    sweet. thanks mrk.

  838. hoptuit says:

    my gift is a big ticket item. I have not yet received a W9 and I am getting the OOPS page. Do you think I am OK?

  839. mrk says:

    if its over $500 check your spam inbox. That was our hold up. For some reason I got some of the SFP emails, but it was not until I was getting desperate that I thought to check my spam folder. There in all its glory was the email w/ link for the w9 and instructions on faxing. It had been in there for 2 weeks while I was patiently waiting for something on my status screen.

    give it a shot.

  840. serendipity says:

    if it’s not in your spam box, you can just write to SFP and tell them that you’ve been waiting for your W-9 and request that they send it to you via email. that’s what i did.

  841. serendipity says:

    my macbook has just arrived!! it’s the same as mrk’s: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1 GB RAM, 80 G harddrive, superdrive…

    thanks josh, and everyone here who’ve been such a great help!! :)

  842. Jasper says:

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to share my experience with emailing shopfreepay for manual credit at shopfreepay@my-account-info.com.

    Anyway, I have been waiting about 2 weeks for one of my offers to verify. The new update they did last week that showed the expected time to verification was continually INCREMENTING every day rather than DECREMENTING. I assume this is some sort of programming bug on their part.

    Anyway, I sent an email to the above address on Friday and again today with a screen shot of the confirmation email I received. They responded to both today with the following generic response:

    “Thank you for contacting us.

    Offer credit can sometimes take up to 15 business days to appear in an account therefore we ask our customers to please wait at least two weeks before contacting us about credit issues.


    The ShopFreePay.com Support Team ”

    So I figured I would just do the exact same thing on Wed, since it would have been 15 business days at that point. Anyway, about 10 minutes later, I get another email saying “we credited your account”. Short, but sure enough, the credit showed up.

    So, I would encourage anyone waiting for credit on the lunarpages offer, or any other offer (whether or not it’s still a valid offer) to email SFP constantly at that address with an attachment of the confirmation email, or a screenshot of the confirmation email. They’ll get to you pretty quickly.

    Thanks to everyone who has mentioned this before me!

  843. Karen says:

    Is the Macbook black or white?

  844. MIke says:

    So when it says we are processing your order does that mean its shipped out or your order was placed with amazon.com?

  845. serendipity says:

    The Macbook is white- I don’t think SFP has the black one.

    I’m not sure- that depends on whether or not you have a big ticket item. For gifts above $600, I think your order is pretty much being shipped 3 to 4 days after you submit your W-9. I’m not sure about orders that don’t need a W-9.

  846. TJ says:

    Alright guys, I need your help. Which is the better offer to do: Wine or SunRocket?

    I can send the wine back, but it’ll probably cost $50 to ship. Sunrocket has the $40 activation fee, plus the $25 to start up the phone line. What should I do!?!?!?!

  847. Bobby says:

    Hey, for you guys getting your MacBooks, did the page stop going to the Oops, or the MacBook just showed up?

    Does the page ever go from Oops to a “shipped, here’s your tracking number” page?

    Should I clear cookies?

  848. Chester McChesterton says:

    TJ – I’d recommend doing the wine if you can. You might not be able to, depending on what state you live in. SunRocket takes a really long time to verify (for most people), and some of it is nonrefundable. For the wine, it sounds like they credit pretty fast and you can just write “refused” or whatever on the box so you don’t have to pay for return shipping. Of course, that only works if they’ve already credited you at that point.

  849. Bobby says:

    TJ, if you do the $199 SunRocket 15-month deal, they credit right away, and after a month or two they will refund the balance.

  850. TJ says:

    Bobby –

    I had heard that the only one they credit right away was the $25 unlimited plan. Is there an activation fee for the $199 plan?

  851. TJ says:

    Chester –

    Unless I can get away with paying less than $40 total for Sunrocket, I probably will do the wine deal, and just keep the wine.

  852. mrk says:

    After receiving my MB I checked the status page and it said:

    Order code:
    Ordered on: 4/5/2007 11:34:05 AM
    Tracking Number: UPS:
    Order Status: Shipped
    Your order has completed and is being shipped to:
    What happens next?
    Thanks for using Shop FreePay.

    Naturally, I removed my info.

    As for Sunrocket, it verified quickly for me and I got a full refund when I returned the device that came with it. It even included shipping for return. I don’t know if this has changed.

    congrats serendipity!!


  853. TJ says:

    mrk – what plan did you do? did they refund any activation fee?

  854. dumb says:

    I’m on day 29 for SunRocket, while at the same time I have personally seen 2 other people get credit for it within 2 days. We all did the $25 unlimited plan, which is ~$66 in the end. You get either a full refund or full refund minus something like $.30 when you cancel (takes 3-5 days for refund).

  855. mrk says:

    I did the unlimited and believe we received 100% back. But my wife did all the cancelling and keeping track of $$ spent. If anything it was a minimal activation fee (maybe $3)… I am certain it was one of the cheaper page 2 offers.

  856. hoptuit says:

    I did sunrocket and did not get credit for it. My friend signed up and got credit immediately. Instead of waiting for month 2 and losing the opportunity for a refund, I cancelled my sunrocket, got a full refund, wrote SFP to get manual credit. I heard from them, they requested the confirmation email I received. I sent it to them, 5 days later…credit for SunRocket. Try it out…you never know.

  857. Jasper says:

    Ok guys, I’m convinced! I’ll give SunRocket a go. Hopefully things work out and my third SFP gift will be on the way! Thanks for all your help.

    One other thing… it would be great if there was a way we could organize all the information on this thread a little better. Particularly information on individual offers. Josh – is there anything some of us could do to help?

  858. TJ says:

    That’s awesome that you received all credit back. Typically these offers don’t refund the activation fee. I guess I’ll give that a try. If it doesn’t work, the worst case scenario would be I get most of the money back and I have to order the wine, which at $10 a bottle i