New MacBook Pro Link

Tell your friends! Buy a bullhorn and spread the word! A new MacBook Pro link from NuiTech!

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Update 3.2.07: NuiTech has changed their terms and conditions, making it virtually impossible to do this offer anymore. Please READ THIS NOW before doing anything else.

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I’ve deleted the link to NuiTech’s offer, as it is no longer possible to complete and they have raised the number of offers to a whopping 37.

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34 Responses to New MacBook Pro Link

  1. whitetyce says:

    I’m doing the 2k offer right now, when I finish i’m going to do the MBP offer with my wife’s info. Josh and Steve you are the man.

  2. Brent says:

    Where’d you get the link? I’ve seen threads about never following a link unless you got it from search ads or in an email offer

  3. Josh says:

    Steve found it on a forum and posted it on the Four-Month Update entry.

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    I’ve seen threads about that too, but I’ve also seen threads that say you absolutely do not have to click a link in an email or on Google or something. But even better than that, there are the hundreds (maybe thousands) of people who all signed up for the MacBook Pro through the link on my site, and they got them, no problem.
    Even I did the Mac offer through a link on someone else’s blog originally. No worries.

  4. Brent says:

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    Hmm..well, I guess if I was anyone who was unsure I’d park the offer this weekend and then call Niutech on Monday to be sure it’s a legit link.

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    BTW, I did this offer after reading your blog entry and I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the spreadsheet and all the info you’ve shared. THANKS!

  5. whitetyce says:

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    I finished doing all the MBP offers in about 2 hours this morning now I am waiting for them all to verify so i can go get notorized. I got impatient and did like 11 or 12 offers hoping that some of them will verify quicker. I am waiting on vonage, great fun, ny times, sirius, netflicks, sunrocket and columbia house. I will post again after I have gotten all my offers verified. Josh, you the man.

  6. Casey says:

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    Josh, I found out about this through a friend. I clicked the link and signed up to “reserve” my macbook. I wasn’t able to really get started last night, so I got to the offers pages and then closed it out. Now I’m not sure how to get back to the offers pages or to sign in with my e-mail address. Should I have gotten an e-mail confirmation or something?

  7. Matt S says:

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    Casey- No, you will not get an email from them. If you click the link, and then scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a link that says “Check gift status.” Click that and fill in your email, you should be able to figure it out from there.

  8. whitetyce says:

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    Man I am so impatient, I need my last 4 offers to go through. Netflicks, NY times, Vonage, Sunrocket, and Sirius (just for insurance). All these offers take a while right????

  9. Kyle T. says:

    Notice this is the lower end MBP guys. 1.83Ghz processor and only 512mb ram. Still a good deal, but anyways.

  10. ILL_Emily says:

    Hey, I’m working on this right now. You’re totally awesome.

  11. whitetyce says:

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    Good thing I’m almost done or I would have gone crazy!!! Well I hope everyone got it started in time. Also cant wait till Josh drops some more mad mac magic on us and reviels how to get more free stuff. You the man Josh keep it up.

  12. Josh says:

    Bad news: The link I originally posted expired. Yes, already.
    Good news: I found a brand spanking new link on Google this afternoon, and prompty replaced the old link. Tell everyone!

  13. Ross says:

    Luckily I parked the link before it expired. I’m still trying to chug through page 3. For some reason Sirius keeps giving me an error message, and I need to choose 2 other offers to get through before moving on to the hopefully easier pages 2 and 1. Anyone know why Sirius might be erroring?

  14. Doc says:

    does anyone know if any of the phone offers will actually mess up your current home telephone service? because no way i’m messing with that if there’s even the remote possibility…



  15. Karen says:

    Dear Josh,
    I was in the middle of making my selections when I looked back on your website and see that the offer I was originally signed up for had expired. Maybe that accounts for the fact that offers I was in the middle of signing up for, were eliminated from all of the 3 pages!! I had already signed up for Blockbuster on page 3 (I know because I had printed all of the 3 pages out) and now it is not one of the selections on page 3. I am still in the middle of making my selections. Does that one still count for pg 3 or should I just not count it and start over on making another selection from pg 3? That happened with “Video Professor” also. This was also a selection on pg 3 but now is gone. I have been on these 3 pages now for several hours. Any suggestions?

  16. Josh says:

    The phone offers shouldn’t affect your current service. I haven’t heard of anyone having a problem.

    Once you complete an offer, it disappears from all three pages. This is completely normal. Eventually all the offers you’ve done will probably disappear from the pages, some just go quicker than others.

  17. Ryan says:

    So will the old link still be honored by NT if I signed up while it was available? It does still say it’s ‘reserved’ for me.

  18. JP says:


    Yes, complete the offers for what you originally signed up for and you’ll be good to go.

  19. Seth Apple says:

    Does anyone have a number for I have sent them an e-mail to their customer support center, but i have not heard back from them.

  20. Doc says:

    Seth Apple,

    i dont have a number from, but have you gotten credited and/or will they refund the $85?


  21. Emily says:

    I have only completed 3/18 offers. Can I go ahead and start canceling the first 3 offers or do I have to wait to complete all offers first?

  22. Emily says:

    Also the offers where it is only $1 for the free trial. Do you have to cancel 7 days from signing up for the service, or 7 days from when the service reads completed on your gift status sheet?

  23. Seth Apple says:

    Doc – does not have a number. You simply e-mail the customer service. They will refund you all except 29.95. That is better than all of the other diet offers. They require a $60 minimum.

    Emily, you can cancel them anytime after they have been approved. Like Josh suggested, I waited a day. A lot of the $1 offers are through the same company out of Canada and if you ask them about the other $1 offers they can cancel those instead of you having to call and wait several different times. (Ex. Shopping Essentials, Simply You, Value Max, Today’s Escape were all cancelled with 1 phone call)

    Hope this helps!

  24. Daniel says:

    Does anybody know if the $2K offer is still available and if so have a link for it? Also, is the MBP offer restricted to one per household, or one per credit card?

  25. dw says:

    Just a word of caution: The updated link, which takes you to something like “Reward Path,” ends its set of three offers with a credit card offer that cannot be bypassed. Make sure you read the fine print so that you know that you’re getting yourself in for $185 just to sign up for this card. (I think they call them “fees.”) I’m glad that I skimmed ahead to see what was waiting at the end. I dropped out early because of it. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

  26. Daniel says:

    dw…So, after you completed the first three offers, you got the credit card deal? Has anyone else hit this road block? I was really looking forward to participating, but I don’t have 200 extra dollars sitting around. Anyone have any advice on this?

  27. Josh says:

    If you’re talking about after looking at the three pages of offers you click on the “After you are finished with this page, please click here” link, ignore that link. All the gift sites have a link like that, they almost always end up in a credit card application, and most importantly, you don’t have to click that link to get your gift.
    This link leads to an offer exactly like the others; I registered just to see. No difference, except that it’s new. :)

  28. Daniel says:

    Thanks Josh…Hey Josh…Do you know if this offer is only one per person (credit card) or per household (address)?

  29. Josh says:

    With NuiTech you can do one offer per person, even if they have the same address. Basically all you need is a different name, credit card, and email account.

  30. Daniel says:

    Is the new link for MBP through NuiTech, or through a different company? I’m just wondering b/c both my sister and I want to do it, and I’m figuring out if I need to get my own PO box…

  31. Josh says:

    This is through NuiTech.
    You shouldn’t need a PO Box, just a different email and credit card.

  32. Josh says:

    Just letting everyone know there is a new blog post about more free stuff through another company. Check it out!

  33. Lloyd says:

    Have you heard of I found it and seems pretty legit, but i was trying to get some extra input..

  34. Josh says:

    Lloyd, is done by YF Direct (a.k.a. Netblue), which is the company behind Gadget City and many other sites. Perfectly legit.

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