All Good Things Must Come To An End


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NuiTech, the company giving away the free Macs and many other things, changed their Terms & Conditions page yesterday, making it near impossible to complete the process. View it here. Please be sure to read the new conditions for yourself.

The new section of consequence is “Participation in Offers and Fraud.” The top of the page says “Effective March 1, 2007.”

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The basics are this:
1) If you sign up for offers “solely for the purpose of receiving credit towards a gift” you will be disqualified.
2)If you cancel three or more offers within 90 days of signing up for them, you will be disqualified.

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Update 4.17.07: NuiTech is now saying that even if you registered before March 1, you will be subject to the new terms and conditions. Read the post “New Update on NuiTech” for more details.

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Not being able to cancel more than two offers within three months is what will make this process impossible from now on. You would have to pay for each service for three months before canceling, and since many cost at least $49.99 per month, it would end up costing more than whatever gift you received in the end.

I called NuiTech today to find out more about the new terms and conditions.

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Here is the good news:
If you registered for a gift site before March 1, 2007, you can complete the offers, cancel the offers, and you will get your gift.
This is regardless of whether you have:
1) only registered and not completed a single offer
2) registered, completed offers, but still have some to cancel
3) registered, completed, and canceled all offers

So, if you have registered for a gift site and aren’t finished, you’re good to go, just finish soon before they change anything else.

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Here is the bad news:
No more free stuff from NuiTech. If you didn’t register for a free gift before March 1, don’t complete a single other offer. You can’t cancel them and get credit. You won’t get your gift. I sincerely wish, for your sake, that you signed up sooner.

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Also, do not use your full name or any identifiable information when posting in comments or forums anywhere online (especially my site). If you do and NuiTech finds it, they will close your account. The other part of the new terms says that anyone found posting information about canceling offers (whether a time frame, a phone number, or simply implying or encouraging someone to cancel), or walking someone through any step of the process, will have their account closed and they will be banned from using NuiTech’s offer sites ever again.

My account was closed earlier today. I wonder why? :)

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More free stuff
Yes, there are other companies that offer free stuff besides NuiTech. I’ve already gotten a few things besides my MacBook Pro, and am waiting on others. Watch for a new post soon with details and links.

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Looks like the end for NuiTech. I can’t imagine how they’ll stay in business after this, considering no one will ever use their site to receive free stuff again.

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112 Responses to All Good Things Must Come To An End

  1. Chuck says:

    Thanks Josh,

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    It is interesting that they would change everything up like this. I have a feeling that they are starting to take a double-sided hit from this offer. One, I think they are having Advertisers pull out, or refuse to give Nuitech credit for the people that are signing up and then canceling, even though each of the sponsors have their own Terms of Service that outline how their “trial period” works. And because of that (Two) Nuitech is having to shell out money out of their pockets for each gift they send out.

    It’s unfortunate, but it was good while it lasted.

    Also, about the legality of changing that ToS, I am sure that they have the right to do that whenever they want. Almost everything that has a ToS either on the internet or in “the real world” has a stipulation somewhere in it that says “We reserve the right to change these terms without notice.” So they can most likely do it whenever they want, even though I think it’s wrong if they are going to say that we can;t talk about it.. This isn’t Fight Club.. ;)

  2. DeathToSpam says:

    I think the phrase that’s going to screw people is this one:

    “By your continued use of the Site, you hereby agree to all of the terms and conditions contained within the Agreement effective at that time.”

    Basically, if you haven’t had all of your offers verified prior to March 1st, Niutech probably has reason enough to cancel your stuff. Then again, maybe I give them too much credit — maybe some of their verification systems are automated, and there will be some kind of grace period if you’ve finished most of your offers already. We’ll see…

  3. Mike Shelton says:


  4. nick says:

    I just got off the phone with Nuitech, and the
    customer service representative told me if you signed up before march 1st this does not affect you!!!!!! Others should call and double check this.

  5. chase2 says:

    SWEET!!! and im in verification!

  6. whitetyce says:

    So are you saying that if you signed up before the change none of this will effect you. So I signed up for the 2k offer planning to complete it after I did the computer, so what your saying is that I can still do the 2k offer like I did the computer offer. That would be so great. Our one last horah before nuitech turns into a ghost town.

  7. chase2 says:

    hopefully this includes offers that i’ve parked prior to march 1st

  8. Christian G says:

    I started the process of getting my Mac Book this past Monday and today I got my voucher via E-Mail, so if you signed up before the new terms were introduced you are good to go!

  9. brian says:

    I’m waiting on a callback from NuiTech right now. I’ll post what they tell me as well. Hopefully it confirms Nick.

  10. chase2 says:

    well, i just got off the phone and yes, if you signed up prior to the new terms, its all gravy, baby!

  11. Rebecca says:

    I got the same answer when I called – if you signed up before March 1st, the new changes do not affect you.

    How long did it take you from the time THEY recieved your voucher to the time you got your computer?

  12. Josh says:

    Chase2 and Rebecca,
    I can’t call them for a little while yet. What did you ask them, specifically? If you signed up before the date but didn’t complete offers, are you okay, or is it only if you completely signed up and cancelled everything before March 1st that you’re okay?
    It’d be nice to know a little before I make the call.

  13. Chuck says:

    from what i’m gathering from a couple different places, they’re saying it wont affect you on any offers you signed up for PRIOR ti March 1st. If you complete offers that you signed up for AFTER March 1st, then the “cant cancel more than 3 offers in 90 days” applies to those offers..

  14. chase2 says:

    the CSR told me if you registered for an offer prior to the new T&C, that we’d still be good.

    specifically i told them that my wife registered for an offer prior to march 1st, and still needed to complete offers. the CSR said that the new T&C didn’t apply to her either since she registered for the offer prior to yesterday.

  15. SAM WOODALL says:

    I just spoke with a Nui Tech Rep. and he confirmed to me, as well, that it’s only for those who have signed up on or after March 1st.

  16. whitetyce says:

    So just to verify, I have a 2k gift card with one completed offer. Since I signed up before the first I can apply and cancel all the offers I need to.???? and still be good to go?

  17. chase2 says:

    now i wanna know (since i’ve been in verification since yesterday morning), what in the heck is taking so long for my voucher to show up?!!?

  18. chase2 says:

    tyce: yup.

  19. ballin' says:

    I just got verified today and sent in all of my forms. It looks like it takes two full days to get verified. I was freakin out with all of this stuff coming out, but I was very relieved to see that voucher this morning.

  20. Daniel says:

    I signed up last week. I haven’t completed any offers yet. Does anyone know if I can still fill out the offers and get the MBP?

  21. brian says:

    I just spoke with NuiTech, too. He (Mikey) said that as long as you registered before March 1, the new terms do not apply to you.

    I specifically asked if you had registered and completed the survey, but hadn’t yet completed any offers. He again said that as long as you registered before March 1, you’re good to go.

  22. whitetyce says:

    What is the number for nuitech so we can get in touch with them?

  23. Chris says:

    Like many others who have posted all ready, I called and asked if the terms and conditions applied to me since I signed up nearly 3 weeks ago and have not yet received verification. They assured me that as long as I signed up before March 1st I was fine. No worries to those who have signed up before then. However, I do have a few people to call that were still considering whether or not they wanted to try this out.

  24. CC says:

    Chris, that must be correct. I had 1 offer to be credited manually and faxed in my forms on 2/28. I was in verification for 2 days, and I just now logged in and it’s all confirmed! I have my voucher! Whew!

  25. chase2 says:

    word! just got my voucher too! im in there like swimwear!

  26. brian says:

    their number is (561) 674-9700

  27. Brad R. says:

    Man Josh I don’t think I’ve ever been taken from such an emotional high to a low as fast as I was when I read that post this morning!! However, I’m was signed up about 4 days ago so I just barely made it! I wanted to know how everybody did with the following deals, I’ve only got 4 left:
    1) PeoplePC (what do i do to credit it?)
    2) NY Times
    3) Columbia House
    4) Discover Card

    Any help and information dealing with the previous 4 would be greatly appreciated from anyone! Thank you so much for your help Josh and everyone else!

  28. Jennifer says:

    I think the amendment may just be for the Apple Mac, when I went to the site for the phones, ipods, and ps3s the terms are different.

  29. Mike T says:

    Couldn’t you just sign up for 18 offers, then wait till you have the Macbook Pro in your hands (around a month later) and THEN cancel everything? Would they try to get it back from you?

  30. Josh says:

    The amendment is for all NuiTech sites. After reading your comment I checked half a dozen to be sure. They’re all updated.

    Mike T,
    I’m assuming that since they have this new no-cancellations-within-90-days thing, you’ll have to actually wait those 90 days before everything gets verified. I think they’re too smart to send you a Mac within the first 90 days.

  31. Mike S says:

    this sucks

  32. Arron says:

    On the other hand, maybe they weren’t making any money… They were obviously counting on folks’ absent-mindedness in ordr to make a return on their investment… Oh, well… We have shiny new macs now…

  33. Josh says:

    I’d have to agree with Arron.

    I think that NuiTech was losing money from this, and had to simply stop everything. If an advertiser was unhappy or not making money, they would have simply pulled their offer from NuiTech’s pages, as Carlton Sheets Real Estate program did a while ago (many of you probably haven’t even heard of them now).

    And yes, they were obviously counting on people being unorganized, absent-minded, or just plain lazy. Also, they have obviously tried to complicate every step along the way in order to confuse and frustrate people. From having to complete the survey pages (full of “offers”) in the beginning to the credit card applications and other unnecessary “offers” after the third page, even making it seem like people have to do the pages in numerical order, the whole process is setup to confuse people. I am happy to have helped so many people find their way through the mess.

  34. earstwilde says:

    Well… I’m here to tell you that they are making money hands over fist.. Most of the execs there make a half million a year and the owner makes way more than that.

    They are now calling themselves net radiance and recently they fired some of their best people in terms of marketing and customer service.

    All the people that say this company is dying… you may be right, however… before people figured out the game, they were doing good. I think the terms were created to discourage the professionals… that doesn’t mean the newbies still won’t try and Niutech will be back in business…

    …they just won’t have my business.

  35. Josh says:

    How do you know all this stuff about the innerworkings of the company?

  36. Will says:

    I waited too darn long! I’ve been tossing around the idea of completing these offers via NuiTech but didn’t jump on the bandwagon. I was planning on registering and completing the offers this weekend, and then this bombshell is dropped. Just my luck. However, I noticed you had mentioned there are other offers, similar to NuiTech’s, that you will post? Any idea on when that post might be available. Now I’m really anxious to get started to take advantage of the opportunity as it may present itself. Thanks!

  37. Jennifer says:

    Josh, please settle this for all, is it NUI or NIU ?

  38. Josh says:

    “Soon” as in within a few days, hopefully.

    It’s NUI: NuiTech :)

  39. TomTom says:

    So Josh,

    How did you find out your account was closed?

  40. TomTom says:

    I think its NIU.
    The guy who started all this…his name is NiuNiu Ji.
    You can google him up.

    That’s why its Niu and not Nui.

  41. Josh says:

    When I checked my gift status on one site it said the account had closed “as per our terms and conditions.” But now that I check it, there are other gift sites where it still lists the offer I was working for. Who knows, but I don’t think I’ll try to complete another gift now, just to be on the safe side.

    I did some research, and stand corrected. Apparently, the account the BBB has on file does say NiuTech, and not NuiTech. I’m going to keep typing it the other way though, consider that’s what most people call it online and what I’ve been typing all along.

  42. TomTom says:

    was that site you checked one of the sites that you had gotten a gift for?

    like a finished site?

    or was it something in progress?

  43. TomTom says:

    by finished site i mean that all it says now is…
    Fulfillment in Progress…
    even though you’ve gotten your gift…

    well it would have said that had your account not been closed.

  44. Mepole says:

    My guess is that you have an entire year to finish as their site stated reguardless if you started before or after the March 1st decree. There is a reaons why they are letting us finish those sites we were registered before the March 1st deadline due to the legal implications.

  45. me says:

    I’m trying to get something clarified if anyone knows with certainty. Are we OK if we signed up for the gift (i.e MacBook Pro) before March 1 or are we only OK if we signed up for each offer (i.e Blockbuster) by March 1. Right now I’ve received credit for 10 of 18, but am waiting to sign up for more until I know for sure.

  46. Josh says:

    You are okay as long as you registered with the gift site before March 1st, even if you didn’t complete a single offer before March 1st. That was one of the specific questions I asked NuiTech on the phone.
    Sorry if I didn’t make it clear in my post.

  47. mrk says:

    Great site. I was a gratis junkie several years ago and dropped off the freestuff planet. My buddy pointed me twd FMB and my wife and I started on March THIRD!! (Damn). Anyway, my major question for people out there is what lands in the “cancel a purchase” category? Do cancelling the $1 free trials count as this? Or is it product based companies like coffee companies etc? And things like signing up for a month trial of blockbuster… these trials seem like exactly that. Trials. I wondering if anyone has any info on this. Specifically if anyone has info through the company. My wife is calling tomorrow to see if she can get some info.

  48. ted turner says:
    This site is free site alliance company? Anyone ever heard of it – Josh have you researched this one? They have a lot of free stuff on it?

  49. Josh says:

    Free Site Alliance is a legit company – one of the better known, in fact – but they do everything referral-style, not do-it-yourself. In other words, instead of doing several offers yourself, you have to get a ton of friends (20 for the MBP, in this case) to sign up for one each. It’s a lot more difficult than doing it yourself.

  50. Tonster says:

    Anyone have any idea on how to view when you signed up for the offer?

  51. Emily says:

    I signed up for a discover card as an offer. Does anybody know how long it will take for the offer to be completed?

  52. gavin says:

    Unfortunately Josh, this is probably where NuiTech will start making a ton of money. My guess is that they new this day would come and have just been waiting for it to happen…giving out free stuff left and right. They will now begin racking in a lot of money…at least for a little while, on all the people will sign up not fully understanding the terms and agreements. I’d say their days are certainly numbered though…which they have to know as well. If i worked at NuiTech, i’d start posting my resume.

    i’m so glad that i got mine in on time. I should be getting it any day now.

  53. Jeremy Lucas says:

    Two of my offers have yet to go through after nearly a week. They are the Columbia House DVD, and the Sunrocket VOIP. Anyone had any experience with these 2 offers.

  54. Josh J says:

    I stumbled accross a new place to get free stuff that seems absolutely awesome. It is with a web site called Free Pay. They used to only do the whole referral system, but they have launched a new site that allows you to pick from thousands of different prizes and is completely do it yourself (no referrals required).

    Here are some things I really like about it…

    1. You can register for as many gifts as you want
    2. They have a huge inventory of gifts to choose from
    3. Once you register for an item, it is very clear what you need to do to get it (they do not try to trick you into doing extra offers)
    4. Compared to Nuitech, fewer offers are required for each gift
    5. They claim that you will receive your gift 5-7 business days after completion of your offers (I have not completed anything yet, so I can’t verify this)

    The only thing that seems lacking right now is the amount of available offers (especially at level 3). The site is in beta, so hopefully they will being to offer more companies. Go check it out…

  55. Chris says:

    My Columbia house went through in a matter of hours… and same with VOIP, not sure why its not working for you…

  56. Courtney V says:

    Emily & Jeremy,

    I signed up for Columbia House & Discover card almost 2 weeks ago and still do not have credit for either. I haven’t even been charged for Columbia House yet. I received one email from them immediately after completing the offer that says I will be notified once my application is processed. I went to the website today and found a way to email them because I could not find a phone # anywhere. And, Jeremy, about Discover card: you must activate it and make a purchase with it before you can receive credit. I made a purchase with it this past Friday (3 days ago) and still nothing. I will keep you updated! Be patient!

  57. janine says:

    i really would like to know asap about the new computer offers if anyone has found anything out. i have been doing a lot of searching and can’t find anything…

    i need a computer for school .
    please e-mail me

  58. Will says:

    anyone check on the new requirements for the new MBP’s? If you go onto google and search “free apple macbook pro” the first sponsored link is a NiuTech site. Just glance at the new program requirements…37 offers in total! no longer 18…something is fishy with the new ownership. I’m not a fan.

  59. Paul R. says:

    Here’s a bit of interrogative speculation only: Even though NT says that those who signed up prior to March 1 are not bound by the new terms and conditions, the sponsoring companies may be abiding by them anyway, as it is in their interest. For example, Great Escapes or ValueMaxx or one of those joker companies might make you wait 90 days to get credit, rather than giving you immediate credit as they had been doing. Has anyone still in the process noticed unusually long waiting periods for your “completed” status from sponsor companies? This information would be useful to those who signed up before March 1 but have/had not started the process until after that date.

  60. Chris who use to love nuitech says:

    Did any of your alls MBP’s come with the remote for powerpoint and itunes?

  61. Kyle T. says:

    Jeesh, this stinks. I just called them again as I still haven’t received the fulfillment message and they said it takes two to three weeks to process the voucher. Yeah, that’s why everyone else here is getting them processed between 3 days and a week. Man, this waiting sucks.

    Still no fulfillment kids.


  62. peter says:

    mine came with the remote. glad i got this done with earlier!

  63. Josh says:

    Josh J,
    Yeah, I’ve actually used ShopFreePay to get a few smaller things already. It’s a nice site, one of the top few I’m going to recommend in my next blog post – which will be out very soon.

  64. Josh says:

    Just letting everyone know there is a new blog post about more free stuff through another company. Check it out!

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  66. Jonathan says:

    Has anyone recently received the mac from this company. I’m curious to know what the specs are on it? Josh listed them a while ago, but I think they’ve upgraded since then.


  67. anon says:

    I don’t remember if I signed up on the 28th of Feb or 1st of Mar. I checked my status and it says 17/18 offers complete. Someone mentioned that there account was already canceled and I wondered when mine would be canceled if I signed up under the new terms. I am waiting on PeoplePC and don’t want to do another offer if I’m not going to get anything in the end.

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  69. CB says:


    On the shoppayfree site, did u sign up for any of the credit cards? All it says you have to do on them is get approved for it, I wonder if you still have to buy something of if they just see that you applied for one if they credit it. Please let me know.


  70. pacmantech says:

    PeoplePC credited for me within 5 minutes of me downloading their software. I had done them once before and had to submit for a manual credit, so it was welcome news when I saw that they were completed. I am trying to finish my NT MacBook Pro offer ASAP.

  71. Anonymous Who Registered Feb 27 says:

    I registered on Feb 27, and I just hit final verification. I will let you all know if it works out.

  72. Brad says:


    Thursday afternoon: started and completed three offers from SFP.
    Friday: offers are credited and shipping order issued
    Saturday: iPod nano received in mail.


  73. CB says:


    What offers did you do?

  74. CB says:

    is anyone still having trouble with sunrocket?

  75. JF says:

    My roommate who told me about the offer mentioned something about having the voucher notarized…do I need to do that? If so where do I need to get it done? Thanks for the advice and help!!!!!!!!!

  76. Bob says:

    I have to get manual credit for 3 offers. Do I need to call them and get the name of a person to send my proof to or just send it in and hope it gets sorted out? Does anyone have experience doing that?

  77. Josh says:

    Most banks notarize documents, as do UPS stores. And yes, you do need to do that.

    Just call NuiTech and they’ll tell you what to do about getting manual credit.

  78. CB says:


    Did u ever get credit from sunrocket?

  79. Josh says:

    Nope. I sent them a snail-mail last Monday, so I’m hoping that it might make something move this week.

  80. JF says:

    Thanks. If I had only taken the time to look at the voucher I would have figured it out sooner. I got caught up in the excitement and forgot to read it. Thanks again

  81. Anonymous Who Registered Feb 27 says:

    Just received my voucher! I’ve already canceled about 5 offers, so I can verify that indeed if you signed up before March 1, but hadn’t completed all the offers, they’re being good to you.

  82. random guy says:

    What version of the macbook pro do you get when you succesfully comlete the nuitech offers? i registered before march 1st so its all good, just wondered is it the low end processor or the 2.16 ghz processor?

  83. matt says:

    So I signed up on 2 25 07 and completed all 18 offers and then had my voucher signed and stamped at the bank and mailed it in. 3 days later the site is down. I hope they didn’t close up shop right before I get my laptop.

  84. randomguy says:

    so matt you have not recieved your macbook yet?

  85. ananomous says:

    so today i check page three offers and they have a new clause that says if this offer is canceled within three months you will not get credit or something like that….i found it funny because right about it as part of the offer it says recieve credit for staying a memeber for 30 days

  86. Alex says:

    has anyone attempted the offers that say you must wait 3 months? because i wanted to know if it actually takes that long?

  87. KRo says:

    I registered with Nuitech in November, and started completing offers March 1. I called yesterday to check on getting my last offer manually credited, and the CSR told me that unless I had ALREADY BEGUN OFFERS by March 1, I would have to abide by the 90-day policy in the ToS. So the 17 offers I’ve already done are supposedly null, and I have to RESTART all of them for 90 days in order to get credit. Any feedback? This doesn’t seem to line up with others’ experience. I’m thinking I’ll just try to get the last one credited and see what happens. Also, does anyone know if Sunrocket works the same way on Nui as on ShopFreePay? (i.e. 30 days before crediting?) That’s the last one left to credit.

  88. Josh says:

    I would just go ahead and do another offer. I mean, you already did 17 others.

    What the rep told you doesn’t line up at all with what they told me when I called on March 2. I specifically asked if you had registered before March 1 but hadn’t completed any offers, would you still be okay? The lady just kept repeating over and over that as long as you registered before March 1, the new terms didn’t apply to you.

    Sounds like some of the reps are simply confused or misinformed, or they’re all just jerks. This isn’t the first time people have had different reps tell them opposite things.

  89. jared says:

    Hey Josh,
    I signed up for the service at the very end of February, like 26th, 27th. I called earlier today because I’ve been in verification process for like 1 week. They told me I had to follow the new TOS. Also I told them I had called earlier, like a week after the new TOS came out, and they told me that I wasn’t subject to the new TOS. I told the rep that, but since it wasn’t in my notes, and I didn’t know the rep’s name, I wasn’t allowed to. The manager also said I needed to follow the new TOS. What should I do? Did anyone have these problems too?

  90. bobby says:

    anyone else gotten that reponse from them lately? i’ve been in verification for a few days now.

  91. Dave says:

    I sigend up for the program and completed all buy 2 offers before the new TOA, I had signed up for the 2 offers buy not completed. I received my new macbook pro 3 days ago!!

  92. Andy says:

    How long were you in verification? I have been in verification for about a week now and i was wondering how long it took to verify nowadays?

  93. C says:

    I just got off the phone with Nuitech and received the exact same spiel as Jared did. I don’t know that there is anything we can do.

  94. Josh says:

    It seems like everyone is saying the same thing. Apparently NuiTech is screwing everyone. My girlfriend is in the same situation.
    I might make a separate post about this. Not sure yet.

    Everyone who did offers and then was told they weren’t going to get their “prize” should file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. NuiTech is flat out lying to us and going back on their word. We were told we’d be okay, and now that they have our money they’re saying we’re not. Bad business. They deserve to go out of business now.

  95. b says:

    how many of us… and others… is this gonna screw? do we have any lawyers in the house? do we have any legal rights here?

  96. b says:

    also.. when i called them (this week) and told them what they had told me when i called the week of the 1st (that it was our registration date that mattered) they said they didn’t have those calls in my notes, and so they didn’t have to honor that.

    when i explained to them that the rep didn’t take my name… that it was more of a “you’re fine, have a nice day” they told me it was my fault that the rep didn’t put in my account notes that he told me what he did.

    i also spoke to a supervisor who tried to assure me that this is how the policy has been since the first, and she had no idea why any rep would have told anyone anything else.


  97. jared says:

    yeah, this is the funny thing. even though my notes said i called in the first week of march they still didn’t honor it. they said that because it wasn’t in my notes that i asked if i was under the old terms, that i wasn’t eligible to be under them.

    the funny thing is that my notes say i verified the date i signed up. so i asked the manager, summer (she’s a bitch by the way, she yelled at me even though i didn’t raise my voice) why i would ask when i signed up unless i wanted to verify the t&c. she just shouted at me and said i wasn’t eligible.

    very very shady.

  98. b says:

    is threatening to call the BBB enough of a threat? if there anything else “heavier” we can toss around to help motivate them?

  99. Lisa says:

    This is who I got my offer of a MB Pro from I’m not seeing anything about the other people mentioned here – is this a new one? Just curious – Thanks!

  100. b says:

    does anyone have a copy of the terms prior to march 1?

  101. C says:

    Is anybody in verification noticing that now they are saying 60 days? What in the world is going on? FYI – I did file a complaint with the BBB. I’ll keep you posted.

  102. mouseanon says:

    I am. Registered in February too. Didn’t do any offers until April but finished before this latest change in TOS. Called and got nowhere…I have to wait 60 days. Sucks. Thank Ja I did cheap offers.

  103. Krass alda says:

    Hello Josh,

    boah, seems like folks are having trouble getting a free macbook pro… why don’t you guys get one from FSA? they even shipped mine to germany :D

  104. Josh says:

    Yeah it’s a mess.
    Are you talking about FreeSiteAlliance?

    I actually created an account with them and have had nearly a dozen people sign up under me and complete offers. However, now months later neither I nor anyone under me have gotten credit for our offers. Also, I’ve sent several support tickets and emails over the last few months, all to no response. I was actually planning on submitting a complaint to the Better Business Bureau later this week.
    Also, after seeing how the BBB complaint went, I was going to post a negative review of the site on here, telling everyone to avoid them.

    It sounds like your experience was not quite the same. Feel free to use the Contact page to send me a message with your experience and especially if you have any tips or advice. Thanks.

  105. Binky says:


    Glad I found this site. I signed up with OnlineRewardCenter — same people, same phone number (561-674-9700). I signed up before March 1 and completed most of my offers before then. I only canceled two. A couple didn’t come through quickly, so I signed up for 2 more as late as 3/23 and they were reflected promptly in my account, which then changed to “Almost There…”. It’s been like that for several weeks now.

    I have not yet phoned them. I assume from the above messages that I can, in fact, get through on a phone? Any hints other than those posted?

    What do they accept as “proof of purchase”?? Almost all of my receipts are email acknowledgment of signing up and paying. Will copies of those work??

    I’m trying to speed up the process because I’m moving in 5 weeks and won’t be able to get email for quite some time, but will have a forwarding address. Any ideas how to make sure laptop (Toshiba offer) can still be shipped to new address?

    Great and helpful site. Thanks!

  106. Binky says:

    Hmmm. With OnlineRewardCenter, their message changed to clarify the March 1 T&C. Assume they’re getting a lot of flak and it’s possible a BBB forced them to make the change:


    We have received the initial reports from our Sponsors that you have completed the appropriate registrations with their company. Effective March 1, 2007, our Terms and Conditions have been updated. Please see the website for details. According to our new Terms and Conditions, you are required to comply with certain provisions relating to the completion of your participation in our sponsor offers. Refer to the “Cancellation Limitation” section of the Terms and Conditions provided in this notice. Please be aware that the revised Terms and Conditions will only apply to those sponsor offers completed after March 1, 2007.

  107. Matiweyth says:

    I bad gays
    I here I with you .

  108. Binky says:


    Just want to report that, ultimately, did, in fact, send me the laptop after I completed all my requirements. There was a teensy hassle at the end over what constituted proof of purchase. Because everything is done online, there’s no receipts in most cases. But they accepted a copy of my bank transactions (with critical information XX’d out). One of the keys, I think, is when you talk to their manager, BE POLITE. I think she spends the entire day arguing with people who feel screwed. I was incredibly nice and sucked up big time. She went out of her way (I think) to make sure I got the computer expedited because I was leaving.

    Not sure if I’d do it again — the whole process is a pain. But it is an authentic Toshiba that retails around $800 for about $200 in boxtops (Sirius radio, coffee — stuff that I actually used).

    In short, it’s not a scam if you want to put the time into it.

    Good luck.


  109. Binky says:

    Oh: PS. It’s probably obvious, but for sure use a throwaway address, preferably on an ISP with bombproof spam filter. You will be absolutely inundated with spam. After you get your gizmo, zap the address.

    Also: It’s onlinerewardcenter, not rewards… .

  110. Dtndcdhr says:

    Yes, you can see more about this here:,

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