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Gadget City is a site run by the company YF Direct (aka Netblue), a slower but legitimate company.

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I’m currently working towards an Xbox 360, which in the end will cost me $35.82. I should receive it sometime next month. I’m already writing about it because although I haven’t yet received my item, I’ve read more than enough good evidence for GadgetCity in the forums, and have no doubt that I will receive my Xbox.

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GadgetCity’s process is slightly different than NuiTech’s. Sign up for your offers and they either stay “Pending” or change to “In Progress” within a few days. Here’s the downside: you must then wait 45 days. The “In Progress” items should then go to “Approved” automatically, and you must contact GadgetCity to get manual credit for the “Pending” items. After all are “Approved” you print out a certificate for each, mail them to GC, and then your gift is processed/ordered/shipped.

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On average, you have to complete less offers for each item than on other sites. An Xbox 360 through NuiTech was 8 offers. I only had to complete 4 through GadgetCity, and there are several offers that NuiTech didn’t have, making it easy to do.

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One downside: for the offers that stay “Pending” for the 45-day period, many people on recommend staying a member with those offers until the 45-day mark is complete and you request manual credit from GadgetCity. Most of the time, this means you have to pay an extra $6.99 or $9.95 for that second month of service. At first this seems like a negative thing, but if you think about it, you’re doing less offers anyway, so paying an extra $9.95 to get your gift (especially something worth several hundred dollars), isn’t that big of a deal.


  • Legitimate company with a fairly good reputation

  • Less offers to complete per item, on average
  • Several items to choose from (video game systems, computers, televisions, cameras, cell phones, iPods)


  • Gifts take a longer time to receive after completing offers. You have to be patient and willing to wait 2-3 months before receiving your gift.


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Yes, I did finally receive a check for the amount of the Xbox 360. There were paperwork problems that they didn’t feel the need to tell me about (until I asked what the hold-up was), so I was required to resend all of my certificates. One of the problems was my own fault, and so I still recommend GadgetCity and its sister sites, though be warned that it could take a few months to get your gift. Also note that they rarely send the gift itself, but rather a check.

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204 Responses to More Free Stuff GadgetCity

  1. whitetyce says:

    Josh what are some suggestion to do on the third and fourth page??

  2. Matt says:

    What are your suggestions to actually get registered at this freakin’ site?

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    I’ve registered about 10 times on YF sites and never receive an email on how to set up a password, despite repeated “send me an email” page attempts and emails to their customer service department.

  3. Mike S says:

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    I checked out the mac mini, the page 4 offers are brutal, dish network or direct tv, i would hope those would go through quickly so an install guy doesn’t show up at my door. it was only 14 or 15 offers though i think. thanks josh for the info!

  4. frank says:

    Hey Josh, could you tell us the one’s that you did for your X-box… like what you did per page.

  5. STEVE says:

    yeah josh please let us know what offers you completed. Also, like matt, i did not get an email saying i was registered or anything but idk. Thanks!

  6. PAQMAN says:

    I found my e-mail in my Junk mail folder, check there!

  7. whitetyce says:

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    So Josh, did the and gator host credit you quickly or did you have to wait the 45 days? And how much was your credit card charged for those two. From what I have seen they will just charge charge you a setup fee and the first year is free. Neither of these offers are the same as Lunarpages where they charge you 166$ after the first month, right?

  8. Matt says:

    I’ve always checked my junk mail folder. No dice.

    I wonder if they won’t send (or can’t, for some reason) to email addresses.

  9. Josh says:

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    Whether all your offers credit or none of them do, you have to wait 45 days before you can print out the certificates. So really, it doesn’t matter whether they credit or you have to get manual credit, you still have to wait, unfortunately.

    For those not receiving a registration email, just call support and they should be able to help you. The number is on GC’s front page.

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    Offers done for my Xbox, and some notes:
    Easy offer, nothing to send back, only a few bucks. However, I canceled my account on the final day of the trial, and though the lady on the phone agreed that yes, I was technically still within my trial period, they had already shipped me my next package and conveniently billed my credit card 80 bucks. I have to wait until I get the next package until I can call for a refund. Feel free to do the offer, just cancel several days before the trial ends.

    Only a buck, very easy to do, no package, and best of all, you get a free gift card! Watch for an email with a subject something like “Here’s how to get your free gift” or “the item you requested.”
    $9.95 per month. I already own another domain name that I don’t use, so I entered it for both and HostGator, bypassing a domain registration fee and just setting up a hosting account. It did not go to “In Progress” before the end of the first month, so I’m staying a member and paying another $9.95 until the 45-day mark. Easy to do. No package.

    Same as, except they did go to “In Progress” within a few days, so I canceled.

  10. Matt says:

    Has anyone done GameFly or Cosmetique?

    Just curious as to whether they go into “In Progress” quickly or not.

    Also, what plan do you recommend for HostGator? The Hatchling plan is cheaper but looks like they charge you the entire year upfront whereas the Baby plan is $9.95 but not charged up front?

    It’s a little hard to tell from the order screens.

  11. Lamont says:

    I have a problem: on the GadgetCity offers, what am I supposed to do after Page 4? I can’t figure out how to finish the offers.

  12. Mike says:

    am I understanding this correctly?

    once you have done offers and they have changed status to “In Progress” that you can go ahead and cancel them?

  13. frank says:

    Is anybody else having a hard time trying to log into gadgetcity?

  14. Josh says:

    You don’t have to do anything after you finish the offers. Just start checking your account page to see the current status.

    Yes, you should be fine if you cancel for the ones that are “In Progress” already.

    Not having any problems on my end.

  15. Justin says:

    Where did you see this stuff about the 45 days? I’ve signed up and looked through their site, and read the Terms and Conditions, but didn’t see this anywhere.

    It does look like the Baby plan would be a better route. They might refund you for unused months with the Hatchling, but personally I’d rather just pay the extra $4 and not have to worry about that.

  16. Josh says:

    At the bottom of your account page, where it summarizes the different steps, it says final approval for “In Progress” items takes approximately 45 days. As I’ve read from others on and seen in my own experience, it always takes exactly 45 days for these items to change to “Approved.” It also says this under step 3 on the Help page.

  17. Justin says:

    Ah, that’s what you meant. I just completed my five offers for a PS3 a few minutes ago. :-)

    To anyone who is doing this, I recommend Gamefly. They already changed the status on that offer to “In Progress”.

    So if I understand correctly, thats like Nuitechs “Complete” status? And when it goes to “Approved” thats like Nuitech’s verification?

  18. whitetyce says:

    So how is the progress on your gifts coming along. Josh have you recieved your 360 yet?

  19. Josh says:

    My two “In Progress” offers went to “Approved” last week on the 45th day. I contacted GC to get manual credit on the other two and emailed them the necessary documents (a confirmation email for one, a credit card statement for the other). The rep told me that one should go through in a few days, but the other might take a few weeks.

    I’ll update my post with a timeline once I receive the 360.

  20. Jordan says:

    Does anyone know how many offers are required for the ipod? I have 4 pending, I got the macbook pro from Nuitech, that went well but this site seems a tad flaky.

  21. Matthew says:

    I have been wanting to try one of these free sites for an Xbox 360 Premium. Is Gadgetcity the best for this in terms of time an money you end up spending? I dont think id want to do one of the referal ones.

  22. Josh says:

    As far as what you end up spending, it completely depends on which offers you choose to do. GadgetCity or ShopFreePay would be fine for an Xbox. Just look at the offers and try to figure out how much you’ll end up spending after refunds. Also remember that ShopFreePay is much, much, much faster.

  23. Matthew says:


    I ended up doing GadgetCity

    The four offers just ended up being cheaper. Only the two web hosting ones are somewhat expensive. I am doing both and hostgator, but i didnt have a domain so i had to pay for one on gator. I did

    Page 1 Ivory Teeth Whitening= Same day in progress.

    Page 2 Overnight Genius= Still hasnt went to in progress, but the discs havent arrived yet either.

    Page 3 Still pending

    Page 4 Hostgator= Still pending

    I have a couple questions.
    1. Do the web hosting sites care what you do with the page. I no nothing about making them, and though has a web builder for you hostgator doesnt. The gator one might not even get made unless i have a friend help me.

    2. If after 45 days something is still pending you have to ask for manual credit right? Do you still get credit for it if you have canceled something before the 45 days is up?

  24. Josh says:

    1. The web hosting sites don’t care what you do. I never touched my account on either.

    2. Here is the advice I followed from many users on the forums:
    After an offer goes to “In Progress” it is safe to cancel.
    If an offer never goes to “In Progress,” keep the service, wait 45 days and request manual credit. Yes, this means you will likely have to pay for a second month of whichever services didn’t go through, so just pick cheap ones, and remember that the total cost is still going to be a lot less for you than the item you’re getting in the end.

  25. Matthew says:


    The webhosting ones are fine if i have to wait, but the overnight genius might be a problem as it is pretty expensive to keep the service. Since it was only 2.00 i can let it go and do another if i have to. Thanks for the advice and be sure to let us know when you get your box. Mabey post a pic if you can.

  26. Josh says:

    I’ll be sure to let everyone know when I get the Xbox. I’m in the process of waiting for manual credit right now.

  27. Matthew says:

    Could you give me a primer on the manual credit process since any of us that use the site will likely have to do it.

    I have seen snipits of it on but its hard to hunt through 25 pages of responses.

  28. Matthew says:

    Sorry to double post but I read in a few other forums that Overnight Genius is a scam because if you cancel during the trial they wont approve your trial or that you will get disqualified for the prize.

    Has anyone done this offer and had thsi happen. I looked over the software and honestly it isnt that great. No way i could rationalize keeping this even if i wanted to. If this is for real can anyone suggest a page two offer that credits quickly?


  29. Robert says:

    Do I need to keep Hostgator and I signed up for a month, isn’t that fulfilling the terms of the offer?

  30. Matthew says:


    Pretty much the concensus from the forum and here is to not cancel something untill it goes into “in progress” status.

    Gator and may not do that within the 45 day period after you sign up with them.

    Most people have said its safest to keep them into that time period and then ask for manual credit

    Then you can cancel them. But if either goes into “in progress” then it appears safe to dump them. Gator may take a couple weeks. Same for if it ever does.

    Anyone else done overnight genius? Im still having trouble with them.

  31. Robert says:

    I know that’s “being safe”, but the terms of the offer were signing up for the trial. I may call GadgetCity and ask if that’s considered a valid completion of an offer. It would save me $40.

  32. Matthew says:

    If you get any word let us know then.

    Im going to drop overnight genius tommorow since all GC asked for was to order and recieve the free trial.

    Ill hold on and wait on the web hostings ones i have.

  33. Matthew says:

    Update went in progress for me but i also found out that if i cancel within the first 90 days ill have to pay the 19.95 set up fee that was initaly waived.

    No big deal really, still goign to get the box for under 60 as long as hostgator goes to in progress before the first month ends.

    Still may have to get manual on both gator and overnight genius.

    Ill keep you posted

  34. Mark says:

    Does anyone know anything about the following offers: Gate.Com, EasyCGI.

    These are new offers on Page 3 & 4 and I am looking at these as alternatives to the usual HostGator & for doing another YF Direct site.

  35. Jake says:

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the site: it looks legitimate to me but i’m not sure. If it is, I may be getting another Macbook!

  36. whitetyce says:

    Jake that site looks pretty legit. I went thru it with a fake email and read all the T&C. All the pages have a lot of easy offers to complete, and you only have to do 10 offers. What do you think Josh? Is there anything about this site on It is just for a iBook right?

  37. Josh says:

    Whitetyce & Jake,
    I looked at the offers. Looks fairly easy to do. I searched their pages to see what company is behind the site, but could find nothing. I also couldn’t find anything on or through Google (I mean, Blingo). This being the case, I sent them an email asking what company they’re with. We’ll see if they respond. Maybe a new company? Looks interesting.

  38. Mark says:

    In response to Matt on March 15th. I am having the same problem. And I have a Yahoo email too. I have called 2 times to their customer suport. The first time I got through in a breeze and they said it would take 24 hours to get an email. So I waited 24 hours and no email, and I called back. This time I waited for over an Hour for an operator to pick up. I got frustrated and hung up. Hav you had any success?

  39. Matthew says:

    I have a yahoo email and it showed up for me within two hours

    Not sure what it was, but it did show up in my junk folder

  40. Adam S. says:

    Just to let everybody know, I talked to Cosmetique last week because they would not give confirmation for the mac book offer with Nuitech. They also said that they do NOT work with ANY gift sites, and that they know some of the gift sites use them eventhough they are not supposed to. I had to complete another offer to get the voucher for my mac book. Whether or not they were giving excuses or the truth, I just thought I would let ya’ll know. Good news is I will finally get my mac in the next week or so!

  41. Henry says:

    Do any of you know if GadgetCity requires a W9 or SSN to complete the Xbox offer? I’d be hesitant if they do since the Xbox clearly isn’t over the $600 value required to report to IRS.

  42. mouseanon says:

    Adam S, Cosmetique certainly does work with gift sites, and NiuTech in particular. I used them they credited, back in February. Maybe they’re not now, but they are pulling your leg…

  43. Naz says:


    Just signed up for four offers and I’m wondering if i screwed it up. Last week i was browsing different offers and this week i finally signed up for all of them. Problem is it shows only the 9 i viewed originally (not signed up for).

    Anyone else view more then 9 offers at the same time and sign up for some that didn’t show up on the offers page?

  44. Naz says:

    update, it was just delayed this time, every new offer i signed up for showed up when i checked the new data,

    so far great fun is in progres (though i signed up a week or so ago).

    game fly in progress (one day) not in progress (one day) in progress (one day)

  45. Mike says:

    i wouldn’t expect hostgator or to ever go into “in progress” automatically.

    from my experience you’ll probably need to get manual credit on those two.

  46. Josh says:

    Hostgator went automatically for me, as well as MySmilePro, which I strongly urge avoiding.

    I’m still waiting for manual credit on Netmarket, which GC says could take a few weeks. I just called yesterday and had to email a CC statement for, because apparently the fax I sent a few weeks ago was never received. is now approved.

    GC says that info has been sent to Netmarket and they’re just waiting on them. How convenient for Netmarket that while we wait for their approval, they continue to charge my card $11.99 each month. Seems like great motivation for them to hurry things along.

  47. Andrew says:


    Has anyone actually recieved an xbox from GC yet? How about a PS3?

    If its only one more offer for the PS3… wouldnt that be much more worth it… since 1 offer is like the $200 difference?

    Also… since the PS3 is techically $599, would it require a W-9? How about the Xbox??

    Also… a friend told me about a site called They seem pretty legit to me… its point based… so i guess its easier to get a prize?

    Sorry for the insane amount of questions!

  48. Andrew says:

    Hi Josh.

    I just did Great Fun… the $1 trial… and It’s been about 15 hours since I’ve done it and the thing still hasnt changed to “in progress!”

    I am getting really nervous… because I do not want to start any other offfers until I see that this one has come through.

  49. Josh says:

    I’ve submitted certificates for 3 of the 4 offers for my Xbox – just waiting on manual credit for the forth – and haven’t had to do anything with a W9. It doesn’t look like I’ll have to, either. And no, it shouldn’t be required for the Xbox.

    I should be receiving my Xbox within a few weeks of receiving manual credit for my last offer. I’ll let everyone know when it arrives.
    Also, is legit, from the research I’ve done. It’s one of a handful of sites I’m planning on testing out in two weeks after I move to a new address, then I’ll review it on here. Does seem like a great site though.

    Go ahead and do the other offers. Some of them might just not go into “In Progress” on their own, and you’ll have to request manual credit, like I did. It’s a fairly painless process, and adds a little time until you get your gift, but you will – one way or another – get credit.

  50. Andrew says:

    Okay… so how do I go about doing a credit request for Great Fun?

    Heres what Im doing for offers:

    1.) Great Fun
    2.)Auction Money Kit
    4.) Host Gator

    Does this sound like a good schedule? So far I have done offers 1 and 2, and credit has only come for #2.

    Does anyone have any better suggestions for 3 and 4?

    I am trying to get this for the cheapest price possible. I calculated that it will cost me just about $20 for these…

    For… once it goes into In Progress… can I cancel my account? Or do I have to wait until it goes to approved? Once it goes to approved… thats when I mail in the certificates… right?

    What path’s are everyone else taking?

    What about the W-9?

  51. Josh says:

    Send an email to GC customer service, or just call them, and they’ll tell you what you need to do. Some offers require specific documentation for manual credit, but most will need only a credit card statement or confirmation email.

    Your choice of offers is fine. I did both and Host Gator.

    Also, just plan on at least one or two not going to “In Progress” by themselves. You can cancel offers once they go to “In Progress,” but if not you should keep it until the 45-day mark, request manual credit, and then cancel the service after getting credit. This means you might pay for a month or two (or three in some cases) of the service(s). Just a forewarning.

    You only have to fill out a W9 if the gift you’re working towards is worth more than $600.

  52. Andrew says:

    Okay… thanks for that… I just signed up for too… a very nice site… great customer service too… it seems a little easier to complete offers there since there arent specific offers you need to do on each page. I am going to do that site next for an ipod nano. I think you can order unlimited gifts on that site… not just one like gadget city.

  53. Emily says:

    Has anyone heard of Any info on the site would be great as they only require 2 completed offers for a PS3.

  54. Josh says:

    That address didn’t come up for me. Sure you got it right?

  55. Andrew says:

    I tried….

    It looks like absolute BS… and their TOS says that you need 2 gold, 2 silver and 6 platinum

  56. Ben L. says:

    Does anyone know which site is best to get the Apple MacBook?

  57. Josh says:

    Try It’s at the top of my list of sites on my newest blog post.

  58. Two Dogs says:

    Has anyone else had problems with their offers going to “In Progress.” I signed up for my offers 2 weeks ago and only the Auction Money Kit went “In Progress” after a day. I am still waiting on Blockbuster, NetFlix,, and HostGator to go “In Progress.” When I e-mailed GadgetCity about it they said I needed to wait 6 weeks to see a status change before I could contact them. From the posts here it sounds like most went “In Progress” after a few days with only one or two offers that needed to wait the 6 weeks to request manual credit. Any help on this would be appreciated.

  59. Al says:

    Its up to 5 offers now for the PS3…

  60. Mike says:

    It’s always been 5 offers for the PS3.

  61. Dusty says:

    Once you mailed in your certificates, how long before you got your 360?

  62. Josh says:

    Well, I’m still actually waiting on manual credit on one last offer – Netmarket. I sent in proof to GC weeks ago, who sent it to Netmarket, and apparently they’re just waiting on them. I’ve emailed and called several times, but they say there’s nothing we can do but wait.
    I already mailed in the other 3 certificates, and they all show up online as received, so once I mail in Netmarket that’s the only one they’ll have to process.
    I will be sure to post an update when I do (finally) receive my Xbox.

  63. Justin B says:

    I sent in all 5 certificates + w9 for a ps3 last week. They all show up as received but my gift status hasn’t changed yet. I will give them a call Monday to get an update.

    That sucks that you have to wait so long to get approval on that. I ended up having to submit proof that I completed the and hostgator offers, but luckily they got approved within a few days. I just re-submitted the confirmation emails every day until they approved them :)

  64. Two Dogs says:

    Justin B,
    Which 3 other offers did you do and how long did it take for them to go “In Progress”? Also, did you keep and hostgator until you received credit or cancel after the 1st month. Thanks.

  65. Justin B says:

    Two Dogs,
    Gamefly and went into progress immediately and Netflix went into progress after the two week trial was up.

    I kept and hostgator until I received credit for them just to be on the safe side.

  66. Bobby says:


    I sent you feedback. I have the exact same situation with EasyFreeGift claiming they are waiting for EveryDay Values to get back to them. I think this is a scam. I sent CC statement, acceptance email, and web confirmation and all they will say is that they have to wait for EveryDay Values. This isn’t going to happen, as it has been several weeks. I started this gift on the 25th of February.

    So the upshot is

    - you wait 45 days for offers to be shown as credited, even though they actually credited earlier

    - if an offer did not credit at 45 days, they make you wait six weeks. Then you send in documentation and they do nothing except wait for the sponsor to get back to them. If the sponsor ignores the request, you will wait forever. They make no effort to call the sponsor or to get you a definite yes-or-no answer.

    Apparently their scheme is to make you wait until the 60-day limit on the certificates that you earned expires.

    I would never sign up for another item with these people.

  67. Mike says:

    Justin B –

    I’m in a similar situation. Let us know what they say.

  68. Justin B says:

    The customer service rep said that it’s not showing that they received my w-9. I told him that I did send it and that it was confirmed by the postal service that they received it the same day as my certificates(I sent the packages with delivery confirmation). He then told me that it’s probably just a timeframe issue and that the people from their accounting dept. havn’t notified anyone that they received it yet. I’m supposed to call back at the end of the week if my gift status hasn’t changed. We’ll see.

  69. Alex says:

    Josh, I’m so glad I found your site. it really was by pure chance as I was doing research on another giveaway site. If all this ends up working I plan on making a donation to you for what is an excellent write up so far. The internet is truly a wonderful place!

    I’ve started the xBox 360 giveaway with ‘Blockbuster’ and ‘Auction Tool Kit’, both seeming to go to in progress within a few hours.

    Updates to come!

    A very grateful netjunkie.

  70. Matthew says:


    Mailed off all four of my certs today.

    Overnight Genius and Hostgator were both problematic and needed manual crediting, but i was able to get those done.

    How long of a wait can i expect now for them to process my certs after they recieve them?

  71. Alex says:


    How did you end up getting Overnight Genius to manual credit? Did you keep it?

    And did anyone do Entertainment Weekly? Did it credit instantly for you?

  72. Matthew says:


    I sent in a four page fax that covered both overnight genius and hostgator. Basicly a copy of the first email i got from them that said i did the offer, and a copy of my bank statement that showed the charge. I also forwarded emails that did the same, but im not sure which worked. Doesn’t hurt to try both, particularly if you can fax for free.

    On overnight genius you jsut need to try the product. I canceled near the end of the trial and sent the stuff back. You have to call them and get a RMA number, and their going to try and strong arm you by saying they wont honor the prize offer if you dont stay with them or pay some stupid one time fee. Don’t listen. All Gadget City is concerned with at the moment is that you did pay for shipping and recieved the product. Don’t do the return to sender or refused stuff. Just eat the shipping and then the return shipping. Just be sure to send it first clas mail with delivery comfirmation, so they cant lie and keep charging you.

  73. Justin B says:

    I called customer service again Friday of last week regarding my w-9 and they said it still wasn’t showing that they received it. The lady said she would put in a request to look into the matter and to call back the following week.

    I call back today and she said that they found my w-9 and that it would take 6-8 weeks from the day they received it(may 14) to process and ship my gift. Looks like all I have to do now is wait!

    A word of advice, do not email customer service if you have a problem. They just send you a generic bs email saying to wait 3 weeks and resend your certificates or w-9 if your account doesn’t change. Call them directly and you will get much better service and results. Also, as Josh said, they are slow, and you must be patient with these guys.

  74. Two Dogs says:

    Have you received manual credit yet and your Xbox? Just wondering if GC is legit and going to come through. I signed up for a PS3 and did the 5 offers a month ago. Only one went In Progress and the other 4 still haven’t changed. GC tells me I have to wait until 45 days to submit for manual credit, probably so I can continue to pay for the offers.

  75. Matt C. says:

    Hey Josh,
    I’ve been reading your posts for two weeks now and finally decided to take the plunge and go for a playstation3.
    I entered my e-mail, completed the five offers (Ivory White, Gamefly, Ebay kit, and HostGator).
    In the end I go to check my account and GadgetCity gives me an error message stating that they don’t have my e-mail on file. I know I put it in correctly because Ivory White and Gamefly sent confirmations without me reentering my email.
    I can’t email GC because they don’t have my email on file, I can’t call because it’s Sunday. I’ll try tomorrow.
    Anyone else encounter this problem?

  76. Justin B says:

    Matt C,
    I’ve never heard of this happening. I would just call them tomorrow and see what they say. You probably wouldn’t get a decent response if you emailed them anyway. Hopefully they can get it worked out. GC should have sent you a welcome email when you first entered your email address that says “Welcome to!” It gives you a link to confirm your membership and set up a password. Did you get that?

  77. Matt C. says:

    I went back in and through the steps again. All my info was still there.
    When I get to the fourth page at the bottom it says “After You’ve Completed 1 Offer(s) above, Here
    are some Bonus Rewards/Giveaways”
    I completed the offer for HostGator yesterday so I thought I was done.
    Do I need to do anything with these Bonus Rewards/Giveaways?
    I can’t seem to get beyond this step.

  78. Mike says:

    I’ve never gotten an automatic account email for any of their sites.

    If this happens to you, you have to call them and get them to set up a password for your account. It’s no big deal to do, jut give ‘em a ring.

  79. Josh says:

    You don’t have to click on that “Bonus Rewards” link at all. It’s not required, they’re just trying to fool you into signing up for more stuff. After you’ve completed the required number of offers on each page, you’re done.

  80. Matt C. says:

    Thanks for the tips.
    I’m calling them as I write this.

  81. Matt C. says:

    I just spoke with Joe (female) at GC and they state their system is down and they cannot access my account or assign me a password now. I need to call back tomorrow.
    Good luck to me – I’m keeping my hopes up.

  82. Bill says:

    All you people who write worrying about your offers not going into “in progress” right away just relax and wait the 45 days like it says in the TOS. You have to wait the 45 days before you can write them to get manual credit. They wouln’t do anything until it has been 45 days from the last date of the offer that you signed up for. I am in the process of getting a PS3 and waited the 45 days and was able to get manual credit for 3 offers the next day. So everybody just relax and be patient.

  83. Josh says:

    Two Dogs,
    Yes, I did finally receive manual credit for my fourth offer, and sent in the certificate. They should receive it like tomorrow. From what I’ve read on forums, it could then be anywhere from 4-8 weeks till I have the box in my hands. Hopefully closer to 4, but we’ll see.

  84. DKK says:

    Anybody know if there is a way to get out of the satellite agreements on page 4? I did all three webhosting deals, and I just need 1 more. Both the ProtectAmerica and jet charter service seem to require significant (non-refundable) cash output.

    Barring that, do new offers ever cycle in?

  85. Alex says:

    * Canceled Auction Tool Kit with no issues. (instant ‘In Progress upon completion)
    * went ‘In Progress’ after about 14 days
    * still waiting to flip
    * still waiting to flip

  86. Matthew says:

    all of my offers turned to certificat recieved today.

    How long can i expect it to take for my gift status to go to confirmed?

  87. Justin B says:

    My gift status still hasn’t changed to confirmed, but customer service said that my ps3 would ship within 6-8 weeks of receiving the certificates.

  88. Matt C. says:

    Did anyone signup for the E-bay/Online thing? Just wondering how long it took to go In Progress.
    The cost is 50/mth after the 14 day trial and I’m wondering if I’ll have to eat that or if I’ll get lucky and be able to cancel before the trial ends.

  89. Matthew says:

    Got some good news today.

    Talked to a customer service guy today and he said my certs had been recieved way back on the first of June, and that my six to eight week started from then.

    So in another 5-7 weeks my Xbox 360 should ship out.

  90. Mike says:

    Matthew –

    Has your gift status ever gone to “confirmed”?

  91. Matthew says:

    Not yet

    Still says pending.

    I asked the customer service guy about that and he said it would change eventually, but that they would be counting from when they recieved the certs.

  92. Sarah says:

    I did the following offers:

    Gamefly- In Progress a day after completed Pending
    Easy CGI- Still Pending
    Great Fun- Still Pending

    I am 35 days into the 45 and there remains no change in the status of the offers.

  93. taerix says:

    Just an FYI for everyone doing this: only 1/5 of my offers credited within a day. Another credited after about three weeks. And all the others credited after I emailed GC around the 50 day mark, and sent them my billing statements. Also: very important to note. YOU *DO* NEED TO FILL OUT A W-9 FORM FOR THE PS3!!! They will not say anything if you don’t, but I called them and asked if I was good to go (after sending in all 5/5 certificates), and they told me that I wouldn’t get anything unless I sent in the W-9 form.

  94. Matthew says:

    Everyone really needs to remember that this site takes a long time.

    Ive been told im on the shipping list and should get it some time next month, but i started at the beginning of april.

    Many of your offers wont go in progress right away. You just have to be paitent.

    Also for people thinking about signing up with this site now, they seem to have changed up their tiering system. I have been told by people on that for a 360 it is still four offers, but on three pages instead of four. You do one page one, and then two page two, and a single on page three, with no page four.

  95. Larry says:

    Does anyone have the phone # for FreeToolsandHardware? I can’t get a reply from them about my account.

  96. Josh says:

    Their phone number is right there on the contact page.


  97. Matthew says:

    Hey Josh.

    Mabey I missed it, but did you ever get your 360 from GC?

  98. Josh says:

    No, you didn’t miss it. It hasn’t come yet.

    I’m seriously considering posting an update about this. I called the other day after my Xbox had already been in “Confirmed” status on their site for a few weeks, and was told that it was a mistake and that it would be put back on “Gift Pending” status. Apparently, you have to mail in all of your certificates in ONE envelope or they will not put you on the shipping list. It doesn’t say that anywhere except on the Help pages.

    I don’t doubt that I will get my Xbox, I’m just frustrated at how long it is taking. I will probably never do another free gift with them.

  99. Bill says:

    Hey Josh,

    I’m in the same boat. I did mail all my certificates in one envelope but this still hasn’t sped up the process. I started for a PS3 back on March 14th and still haven’t received anything yet. If there is anybody out there that has received something from Gadget City I would love to hear your experience.

  100. Matthew says:


    Thats rough, and yeah your right they dont make that clear. I think they make a lot unclear inorder to stall. I was told i was on the shipping list so im not that worried.

    Im with you though, I couldnt imagine doing it again. It was the cheapest, but the wait and the poor set up they have are too much.

  101. Justin B says:

    Well, my 8 weeks will be met on July 9th. They confirmed that they received my certificates and W9 on May 14. Customer service said they usually ship out on the 8 week mark. I will be calling them on that date if nothing changes by then and post an update.

  102. Dusty says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has gotten this, but I kinda got my gift today. I, too, went for the Xbox 360. I confirmed with the company a few weeks back that they had received my Certificates. They said it should ship out around July 23rd. Well, I go and get my mail today and I have a check for $400 from NetBlue, the company that runs It kinda blew my mind. The only thing that tipped me off was on the memo section of the check. It said, “Gift Replacement.” Well, that’s fine with me, because I would rather have the money right now. I gonna call Monday and make sure it’s legit. Anyone else get this?

  103. Justin B says:

    Yeah, they told me the other day that they would send a check if they were unable to send the gift. You’re good.

  104. Matthew says:

    Got an email from them today that said they were sending me a check within the next 10 buisness days instead of sending the 360.

    I guess thats fine ill just order mine on amazon today and luck out on free shipping.

  105. Justin B says:

    Update: Just checked my account page and my gift status says shipped. I then checked my email and they said that they are sending a check valued at the price of my gift. I’ll happily take a $600 check :)

  106. meme says:

    Got my $600 check in the mail from netblue for a ps3 today. Its great cause I already got one from shopfreepay. If you are willing to wait, it is probably the easiest free site I have done. The customer service can help push you along, you just have to be patient and be very organized. They do try and hold you out as long as possible but just keep at it, just like any other free site out there!

  107. Matthew says:

    I wonder whats with the checks for systems that are easily available?

  108. Mike says:

    I received my $600 check the other day as well.

    About 3 and a half months, start to finish.

  109. Jesse says:

    I was just wondering how long i should wait for the offers to go “in progress” ?

  110. Justin B says:

    Read above. It’s been discussed.

  111. Justin B says:

    Got my $600 check yesterday Woo Hoo!
    Started my offers March 24. So it took about 3 and a half months for me as well.

  112. Matthew says:

    got my check yesterday as well

    3 months and 2 days from start to finnish

  113. Bill says:

    Just received my check for $600 today. Started March 17th.

  114. Justin B says:

    Looks like we received our checks just in time as the PS3 just dropped to $500 according to the playstation blog on the US playstation website. I wonder if GC would have tried to screw us over.

  115. Joe Buck says:

    I think your all a bunch of scum sucking scammers.

  116. taerix says:

    I think you should learn proper grammar, and then blow me.

    Also: Dongs.

  117. Chris says:

    I started my offers for a PS3 on GC on 7/1. The only offer not to go into “In Progress” so far has been for HostGator. If it takes the 45 days to go to “In Progress” do I then have to wait another 45 days for it to be approved?

  118. Alex says:

    Well, its been 45 days from starting (May 23/24), I had to manual credit hostgator and blockbuster (Auction tool kit and web/com went by themselves)

    Faxed my manual credit proof to Gadgetcity yesterday (7/12) and they were all approved today!

    Sending a certified letter with certs, and now I just gotta wait.

  119. Alex says:

    Oh yeah, total cost $59.92 (decided blockbuster was to freaking sweet to NOT keep.)

  120. Chris says:

    Thats good news Alex! What service did you subscribe to from Host Gator?

  121. taerix says:

    I got an email last night saying that they would be sending me a check instead of my ps3. Let’s hope that its for $600! ^_^

  122. Josh says:

    When did you send in your certificates? I’m trying to estimate when I’ll get my 360 (or check).

  123. taerix says:

    My certificates arrived on June 12th. However, after I called, they told me I had to fill in a W-9. I sent that in the next day. They emailed me a few days ago telling me that I would be receiving a check within 10 days.

  124. Edwin says:

    Is this site legit ? It seems like you are all getting the goodies for free.

  125. Josh says:

    No, those are run by FreeSiteAlliance. They used to be good, but apparently aren’t anymore. They’re on my list of sites to avoid. Read that post here.

  126. Josh says:

    P.S. Edwin…If you want a 360, try out one of the other free sites I’ve reviewed. Click on “Free Stuff” in the menu at the top of any page here and you can read about the different sites.

  127. freddymaz says:

    has anyone tried can’t any info on this website.

  128. Garnet says: is affiliated with and they have the exact same setup. i’m trying to get the Macbook and so far, 4 of my 9 offers are “in progress”.
    has anyone done the triclear acne or the trimday offers? i hope those go to “in progress” soon because after the trial, the monthly fees are pretty hefty and i’d like to cancel as soon as i can, within the trial dates.

  129. Alex says:

    I did the baby plan (paid monthly, not yearly so pay attention to this)

    All certs were confirmed and sent in, and now i’m starting my 1st week of waiting for my gift assuming it comes on time.

  130. Chris says:

    I did the baby plan as well. Been almost a month and its still pending. Is it hard to prove to GC that you completed the offer?

  131. Garnet says:

    Well, according to the requirements of the offer to consider it completed, you only have to make a purchase of hosting service. As long as you can provide a credit card statement and a confirmation e-mail, you’re fine.

  132. Chris says:

    Has there been any word on the type of PS3 one would now received with the price reduction? If you get a check, is it still for $600? If you get a PS3 is it the 80GB version?

  133. Alex says:

    Chris, I just faxed my CC Statement’s to show I had 2 months of service with and

    Still Waiting (July 18th start date), sounded like it’d be a full 8 weeks when I emailed them.

  134. Alex says:

    NEWS: website says gift shipped (as of 8/20/07)

    Will update when received

  135. Chris says:

    I emailed them my confirmation email and CC statement on the 21st for Host Gator that it says is still pending. I’ll let you know how long it takes to flip to approved.

  136. Chris says:

    My Host Gator offered was flipped to approved today Aug 22. Rather quick!

  137. Alex says:

    Received $400 check in mail today (8/27)

    Turn around time start to finish was just less than 3 months.

    Thanks to Josh and YF D for the info an offers, especially since I love Blockbuster so much. Never would have done that without them.

  138. Joe says:

    Youre own words:

    “I’m currently working towards an Xbox 360, which in the end will cost me $35.82″

    Key word in that sentence is WORKING. How much time do you all actually put into these gimicks? Why is it a gimick? Because if everyone were able to follow the offer through to completion, then they probably wouldn’t be making enough money to actually provide every single person with a free gift of this magnitude. Hence, they have to make it difficult to complete the process. You have to sign up for several offers, go through the process of canceling those signups if you only expect to pay $35.82. And in the process, use your valuable time to drive the whole deal to completion. It’s just not worth it.

  139. Josh says:


    Thanks for your comment. You are right in that a person doing these “gimmicks” needs to keep in mind how much time they spend on the endeavor so that it is actually worth it. It’s something we all need to remember.

    However, my guess is that 90% of the time for most of the people doing these sites it is more than worth it. My original freebie site for a $2,000 Macbook Pro is the only freebie that I have bothered keeping track of time for. I estimated that I spent between 10-15 hours on it, maybe 20 hours tops – over the course of one month. I spent right around $100 in the end.
    If we do the math, my total profit was $1,900 for a maximum amount of 20 hours “work,” meaning I earned around $95 per hour for that one site.
    I would also say that, being my first freebie, I didn’t have the experience I do now and it took me much LONGER than if I were to do it again today. Now I could probably put in no more than a few hours (including completing offers, canceling offers, trips to the post office, and everything else) for the same $2,000.

    You are also right that these sites make money from the fact that some people will give up, get frustrated, lose track, or just not finish for one reason or another. However, for the individuals that do follow through to completion, the rewards are satisfying.

    I understand that this isn’t for everyone. I have friends who would love to do these freebie sites, but simply don’t have the time. That will be the case sometimes. But, I’d urge you to rethink it and maybe try a site out if you haven’t already. Four offers for something like an Xbox 360 isn’t much. You’d spend an hour or so choosing offers and filling out four forms. Several weeks later, you’d make four phone calls or send four emails to cancel these offers. Then, still a few weeks after that, you’d print and mail four certificates, then wait for a check or new game system to arrive on your doorstep. Really, you determine how much time goes into this.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I really do appreciate them.

  140. Garnet says:

    I finally finished everything for my Macbook, certificates and W-9 included. Now all I have to do is wait 5 to 7 more weeks. Does Netblue ALWAYS ship on the 8th week? Do they ever ship any earlier?

  141. getrdone says:

    Garnet, Yes they ship earlier. I sent my certificates in on the 13th of august and had to send in a W9 since I ordered 2 gifts. My 360 from gadgetcity now says shipped as of the 17th so that is just short of 5 months. I expect my Wii/Check to ship sometime this week as well hopefully

  142. Garnet says:

    Thanks, getrdone. Does that mean that they shipped your gift 4 days after you sent in the certificates? If so, then that’s pretty good. About a week ago the site acknowledged that they received the certificates, so I’m hoping I won’t have to wait the full 8 weeks.

  143. tigga says:

    I completed 5 offers just to be safe for a 360 2 weeks ago…all five are in progress even though those cheapass overnite genius bastards said they aren’t going to count my credit I already had backup…Bitches! anyway, all my offers are in progress right now…I should be getting my gift sometime in november then…i hope

  144. Josh says:

    Overnight Genius has been known to make threats like that, but the truth is that they have little control over whether you get credit or not, especially since they already show as “In Progress.”

  145. tigga says:

    cool, i virtually told the woman on the line to f*** off, That means i should be getting my 360 sometime maybe november/december? Did you get yours yet Josh?

  146. Josh says:

    Yeah, I ended up getting a check instead of a 360 a while ago (luckily before the price drop). Guess I never updated the post.

  147. Mike J says:

    Host gator and dont appear for me…

  148. Paul says:

    I have a question if anyone can answer it. Alot of people mention that you can cancel items after it goes into progress. I have a couple where I have to buy books or vitamins to complete purchase although they went into progress status right away. Does that mean I do not have to fulfill the requirements and just cancel now?

  149. Garnet says:

    I would cancel right away to avoid charges.

  150. byurk says:

    Paul, you should cancel as soon as possible. I make a log of all my offers and cancel them about 2 days before they expire…

  151. Jimmy says:

    Hey man, just wanted to say this is a great thread. Really super helpful. I heard about these free xbox 360 elites and when I went to gadgetcity I was a little discouraged because I was having trouble figuring out when I could stop buying things. I ended up signing up for BMG, which is still pending, overnight genius, trimday, and the good cook which are in progress. Anyway, I may try another free something or other later if this all works out. In the meantime thanks to Josh and all you other posters.

  152. Tigga says:

    my went to in progress in about 1.5 weeks…

  153. Jimmy says:

    one quick question, I saw some posts about this, but right now Overnight Genius and Trimday are in progress, and they’re trial offers. If I send back the stuff I’m supposed to send back in the time agreed to, will they still automatically go to approved after 45 days? I was just wondering if, by canceling the service, the company involved would get mad and my offer status won’t ever go to approved? Basically, I guess my question is, once an offer status goes to “in progress” on Gadgetcity, is it a sure thing it will be approved in 45 days regardless of my relationship with the sponsoring company.

  154. Josh says:

    Yep, that’s correct.

  155. Mike J says:

    Im still waiting on Auction Money Kit and Great Fun to go “In Progress” anyone have experience with these offers?

  156. Garnet says:

    My brother had Great Fun credit by itself Gadget City. I did that offer on Shopfreepay, and I had to get manual credit for that.

  157. Garnet says:

    *on GC

  158. Jimmy says:

    How do you send in a manual credit proof? I’m concerned I may have to do it with BMG, since everyone but them went to in progress the first day, and BMG music is still pending. I’ve tried contacting them, and I don’t know if that will do any good at all. I can see it happening that whoever I do finally get to talk to at BMG having no clue what GadgetCity is. Anyway, just curious about the manual credit proof. Like, where you get it.

  159. Josh says:

    You should never contact an offer company (like BMG) asking about credit.
    Contact GadgetCity support to find out what you need to send in for manual credit. You can contact them via phone or email.

  160. tigga says:

    hey Mike J, my auction expert or w/e hasn’t gone to in-progress yet either…i also did and that didn’t go either…I guess I’ll have to email GC

  161. Mike J says:

    My offers were Ivory teeth whitening, Auction money kit, great fun, and Disney book club. Ivory and Disney went inprogress immediatly and Great Fun went in progress 2 days before the trial was up but Auction money kit never went in progress and they were about to charge me $50 so I canceled and went for disney princess for a page 2 which just went in progress, so now all offers are in progress ,only spending about $15. I recomend these offers. Hope this can help someone.

  162. Garnet says:

    Woot my status got changed to shipped and I’m getting an $1100 check in the mail next week in lieu of a Macbook!

  163. Luke says:

    I just started mine I went for GreatFun(not in progress yet), Ivory White (went in progress right away), right away), Blockbuster(nothing yet), and the 5 for $27 magazine (it went in progress right away) but it is not $27 they charge that then each mag charges there own price so they wanted to charge me $90+ for all of them I cancelled but its still in progress i hope it stays they way

  164. Lenin says:

    Is anyone interested in signing for a 360 elite from trainn.
    I need some referrals and I’m willing to sign up for any of the offers you have going right now. If interested please email me


  165. Mike J says:

    Has anyone ever gotten the “gift” from gadget city. Only 2 people on this thread have gotten something from gadget city and both times it was money… in exchange for the gift.

  166. Jeff P says:

    Good question…I wonder if they just send it from amazon or something if they do send the gift. Plus it seems like when they send a check, it is enough to cover the item but not the tax!

  167. Marcus says:

    SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!

    I completed four offers Columbia DVD, Netflix, and two credit cards.

    The Columbia DVD and Netflix are approved. But they will not approve my credit cards. They said they have no way of verifying that I completed the offer. To do so I need to send my first statement that show a previous statement of 0 and a new charge(s). So I did and they still won’t approve it, because they billing statement states from July 13 to August 13 and I clicked on the offer on July 24. That is just stupid. The only reason the statement state July 13 to August 13 is because that is the credit card billing cycle. No statement is going to show the opening date of the account because it is trickier for the accounting program to handle that special case. I am a software engineer, I should know.

    So I am still fighting with them about this. I have called the credit card to get a special letter of the opening date and I am having a very difficult time. As one send me a letter with the moth but does not specify the date. So I will have to call them again. And the other said they would but did not.

    Don’t get yourself into this; that you would get so angry that you will lose sleep and have moody attitude with your spouse.

    With that kind of service GadgetCity might as well be consider a SCAM.

  168. Josh says:

    It sounds like it might be better for you to just complete two other offers besides credit cards.

  169. krish says:

    hi josh,
    so did u receive the Xbox360 or still waiting?

  170. Michelle says:

    I completed my required 3 offers on Gadget City for an Ipod. I sent in my certificates on June 14, 2007. I waited and waited, and kept checking my status. I had to email GC and they kept telling me that while I completed 3 offers, it was not the correct amount of offers per page. I checked and confirmed that I had indeed completed 1 offer on the first page, and 2 on the second… and let them know. I also asked them if their site was a scam. They didn’t answer, but my status went to Approved Gift Confirmed. That was about 3 months ago or so. Still my status is Approved Gift Confirmed. I emailed them again, and again they tell me that I didn’t complete the correct amount of offers per page. I AGAIN emailed back and told them that I had. I haven’t heard back since and my status is still Approved Gift Confirmed…

  171. Alex says:

    Michelle contact the BBB, your check will most likely be sent right away

  172. Michelle says:

    I was in the middle of filling out a complaint form on the BBB web site, and I decided to check my account status, and lo and behold – my status says APPROVED GIFT SHIPPED!!! I appreciate your advice though because I didn’t think to contact the BBB. Hopefully my Ipod will arrive soon!

  173. Michelle says:

    BTW – The only times that I received any action on my complaints was when I accused the site of being a scam…

  174. Josh says:

    Yeah I did finally receive a check from GadgetCity. I can’t remember the exact date, but the holdup was due partly to my fault and partly to theirs. I’d still recommend their sites.

  175. Garnet says:

    Hmmm does Netblue only issue out checks instead of the actual gift? Has anyone actually received a gift? I recently finished a Macbook offer on one of their sites, and I received a check instead. I’m not complaining; cash is better, but I’m just wondering.

  176. Josh says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone getting the actual gift, no. They always seem to send checks instead.

  177. Michelle says:

    I received my check today. I guess I’d recommend Gadget City. It was worth it in the end, even though it took a VERY long time from start to finish.

  178. Matt (Arlington) says:

    Check that. I received a 360 when it was brand new, 2005. I got the actual system in early 2006. FYI

  179. Jimmy says:

    3 of my offers have gone to approved, but BMG is still “in progress” I was just wondering if this is common? If so, how do I get the thing to go to approved so I can send in the certificate?

  180. Matt says:

    Anyone know the easiest page three offer to complete these days?
    I started the process for a PS3 in June, I got screwed by and need to start over with a new page three offer.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  181. Josh says:

    I haven’t done one of their sites in a while, so I’m not sure what offers are still there, but this would be a great question to ask in the forum.

  182. Mike J says:

    I’m attempting to get a 360 Elite and all offers have gone approved except my last offer which has been in progress for far longer than 45 days, gadget city wont respond my emails, anyone know what I should do?

  183. Josh says:

    You’ll have to get manual credit for that last offer. Be sure to check your junk mail folder. GadgetCity is usually pretty good about responding to messages, but sometimes they might take a few days. Your best bet is probably just to call them.

  184. Steve says:

    Quick question about manual credit. I just completed a few offers that are still pending. Can you get manual credit after 45 days on a “pending” offer or does it have to be “in progress” for 45 days before manual credit?

  185. Steve says:

    Nevermind. I retract my comment above. I overlooked the description in the blog.

  186. Eunice says:

    I think I made a mistake by using this site. I have done two offers… do you know anything about this site?

  187. Eunice says:

    I forgot to mention I am talking about the… any suggestions on how I can get out of it? I can’t find a phone number or any information on them.

  188. Josh says:

    If you want to stop, you just stop and don’t complete any more offers. You don’t have to “get out of it” in any way with electronicstestlab.

  189. Minh says:

    well i just started.. the mac book air offers, 14 total offers >.>

    i signed up for
    seattle coffee direct
    FTD flowers
    Great Fun

    so far, hopefully i dont have to do manual credit on too many..

  190. Stuart says:

    I am very new to this blog, but based on some of the GadgetCity comments here I wanted to report my experience. In December 2006 I started working toward a PS3 and in March 2007 it arrived at my house. So back then they at least tried to send the actual gifts. Only disappointment was that it was the 20GB version not the 60GB. Other than that, no problems getting credit and I spent about $40 for what was then a $499 console.

  191. Josh says:

    I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of anyone getting the actual gift from Netblue’s sites instead of a check. Really interesting.

  192. Phil says:

    Does anyone have a problem getting an account? I signed up, completed some of the offers and wanted to check my progress. I don’t have any emails from them saying I’ve got an account or anything. When I put my email in the ‘lost password’ section it says I dont have an account.

  193. Josh says:

    Sometimes this happens when you sign up on a Netblue site. It’s some sort of glitch. Just call them about it and they’ll be able to help setup your account correctly.
    Bad news though, is that those offers you did you can probably count a loss.

  194. Mike says:

    Iv’e been working for a 36o elite since sep 2007, anfmy gift has been confirmed for about a month, anyone know how long it takes to become “shipped”?

  195. Mike says:

    Update: I recieved a check from gadget city yesterday for $480 ($30 more than the cost of the Elite) I took about 5 months and It was relativly easy, I definatly recommend this site

  196. Steve says:

    Anyone have issues with an “In Progess” offer not go “Approved” automatically after 45 days?

  197. Tony says:

    Your website has been most helpful and I think I am on the road to my free PS3 (awaiting shipping confirmation within 50 days from when I started) Their customer service is exceptionally helpful. Before finding your website, I started for a free xbox 360. Did you have any experience with them or have any contact info like a phone #? I had started with them back in Nov and have been making excuses and prolonging my approval since. Don’t ever use them, they couldn’t hold a candle to GadgetCity. Any help would be great.

  198. Parth Patel says:

    Is it okay to cancel offer after it has went “In Progress”?

  199. Samantha says:

    I have a story, I have been searching for a good, used LCD Flat Screen TV on craigslist, and I contacted a woman on there who was selling hers, and she said she has someone coming to pick it up and that she sold it, but told me that she actually got the tv from the site and that she only had to complete 2 offers, and then it took about 4 weeks to get the TV. I’m curious if anyone knows if its legit or if anyone has used that site? 2 of the offers only require you to buy a book, and you don’t get charged any other monthly fees, you just simply buy a book. This all seems highly to good to be true, so I’m really nervous about giving my information and trying it out. I’m also confused about paying taxes on it, i read the FAQs and it said its considered income so I would have to pay taxes on it, does anyone know how much? Thanks for reading!

  200. Josh says:

    I believe that site used to be run by a legit company but I don’t recognize it now. It is definitely too good to be true if it only asks you to complete 2 offers for a TV.

  201. Samantha says:

    I just stumbled on this site and got the same kind of email from a craiglister who said someone was coming over to get her wii (at 2 in the morning?? hmmm) and she got hers in 4 weeks. somehow, i jst don’t buy it.

  202. Chelsea says:

    i’m completely new to this, is this still a legit site to get a good deal from?? are all the netblue/yf sites still good?? i’m hoping to work up to getting a laptop, but wanted to do a smaller thing first.
    thanks for any insight!

  203. Josh says:

    As far as I know these sites are still okay. They have gotten a bit more difficult and require more paperwork and such, but should still be legit. Log in to the forum and there’s a whole section on this company’s sites. That would be a good place to learn more and ask any questions you have.

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