Apply For a Discover Card, Get An iPod Shuffle

Simple as that. No other offers required.

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Visit the site Apply for, receive, and make a purchase on a Discover card, then within a few weeks you’ll receive a brand new iPod Shuffle. I got one from ShopFreePay, and I use it more than my iPod video now.

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I usually don’t recommend doing any credit card offers, and most agree with me, but if you want a Shuffle and were going to apply for a credit card anyway, here you go.

I’ve verified that this site is legit. Read this forum thread for more details.

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27 Responses to Apply For a Discover Card, Get An iPod Shuffle

  1. gavin says:

    Josh… no problem with canceling this once you make your purchase right????

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    Thanks a ton Josh! I signed up for a Visa card through Amazon a while back and got $30 credit applied to my card immediately. not sure if they are still doing it or not…


  2. Josh says:

    I suppose you could, but I don’t know how that would affect your credit score.

  3. gavin says:

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    clarification: I should have said asked if there would be a problem with canceling once you purchase and PAY for your purchase… i.e. after a month or so of having the card.

    In other words, it’s like any other credit card in that you can cancel anytime. correct???

  4. Josh says:

    Yes, it’s just like normally applying for a credit card.

  5. Josh says:

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    Yep. It’s a site of YF Direct, the same company behind GadgetCity. The $50 Visa I will be receiving came from a similar site of theirs,

  6. Daniel says:

    So you would recommend using it? They have a $500 gift card I’m signing up for.

  7. Josh says:

    I don’t see why not. It’d be just like signing up for something on GadgetCity.

  8. whitetyce says:

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    Sweet I just signed up for this card. I needed a new one so I could complete my 2k gift card on Nuitech. Nuitech has a lot of new offers on all the pages, so once I get my computer, which is on the way, I’ll go ahead and get my 2k gift card. How long do you think that it will take to get the shuffle? No hurry I have already got one from, I use it way more than I use my Video ipod, and more than the free nano too.

  9. ???$$$$??? says:

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    Josh, How much money have you recieved from people who give you donations?? About how much is the average gift. I have gotten some stuff and you have helped, and I will donate some money, but I was just intrested in your sites cash flow for you. So if you want to tell I would like to know. If not I understand.

  10. Daniel says:

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    Thanks Josh. I think I will sign up. I too like The person seeking to know how much would like to know how much give. I am about to get a job, so it may be a while, but I need to know how much will help.

  11. Josh says:

    Hey guys,

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    Thanks for your questions. I figured it up, and the average donation amount is about $22, sometimes more, sometimes less. If you want to donate, give whatever works for you. I appreciate any amount and each dollar.

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    So far, I’ve made a little over three times what I’ve spent on bandwidth costs to keep the site up. Of the rest, I’ve spent a little bit on a domain name for another project I’ve got in the works (you will love it), and some on offers at other sites, which I then review and recommend to everyone on here. I try to use donations to pour back into the value of the site in some way.

    Thanks for your interest in supporting the site.

  12. Nancy says:

    When the MacBook Pro from Nuitech arrives, do you need to sign for the box? Or do they just drop it on your doorstep?

  13. gavin says:

    does anyone know if there is a way to check the “status” of your shuffle or is it pretty much a blind deal… in otherwords, you just receive your shuffle one day without any notice of the process?

  14. Josh says:

    It varies. I had to sign for my MBP, and others have as well, but I’ve also heard of instances where people came home from work and the box was just sitting on their doorstep.

    It looks like you just sign up and wait. I don’t see a place on their site to login or check status.
    From skimming through the forum it sounds like you get the Shuffle about a month after you “activate” the card by making a purchase.

  15. gavin says:

    anyone got the discover card yet?

  16. whitetyce says:

    No, not yet.

  17. whitetyce says:

    I got declined for the card :( I guess I have crappy credit. But my wife signed up for the card and they practically came to our house and hand delivered the card to her. She got the Your instantly approved you card will be coming shortly. So I’ll post when she gets her card. She wants a pink shuffle so do you think that she could go and trade it at walmart to get a diffrent color? Just a thought

  18. gavin says:

    got my card and made purchase. just waiting on shuffle now. now communications from the folks about it though. We’ll see. I do believe that i talked with a guy who instantly, after getting accepted for the card, tranfered a balance to the card and he already has received is shuffle.

  19. gavin says:

    got my shuffle!

  20. dremac says:

    got my shuffle, everybody! for those of you who haven’t received it yet…After you get your shuffle, they’ll send you an e-mail explaining that for every person who signs up for this offer and gives your name as a reference, you’ll get a $25 iTunes giftcard. pretty sweet.

  21. John says:

    Thanks Josh! I got my shuffle by FedEx Monday and yesterday (Tuesday) I got am email notification telling me that I would be recieving my Shuffle by UPS in a few days! Oh well, I still got it!

  22. whitetyce says:

    My wife got her ipod. Does anyone know where I could return one of my shuffles, I have a ton of them now and I really want Guitar hero II and I don’t want to pay for it (paying for stuff is for suckers) and there both worth 80 bucks. I tried to return to Wal-mart but they dont return electronics w/o a reciept.ok, I’m an adult man, why shouldn’t I jump around my apartment singing and wailing on a little plastic guitar. If someone has had any luck returning ipods anywhere leave a post.

  23. Mark F says:

    I just had my fiance sign up for the free iPod Shuffle and she was approved. As soon as we get the card, we are going to complete a balance transfer to it, and will update again when we get our iPod! Thanks again, Josh!

  24. Captain Catechism says:

    I did this back in April of 07 and I still haven’t received the iPod yet.

    What a scam!

  25. Zach says:

    Do these guys have any other websites? Can you get anything else for free for signing up for something from them?

  26. josh says:

    i got my ipod shuffle and my sister did as well. not a scam. now, it’s at

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