Blingo: Search Google, Win Free Stuff

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I don’t know about you, but I use Google several times a day. It’s my homepage, in fact.
Well, what if there were a way you could win stuff for doing something you already do anyway?

Meet Blingo.

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A search engine powered by Google, but with a twist. Use their site to search and you still get the same Google search results, but each search is a chance to instantly win any of these prizes:

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• Brand New Ford Escape or $20,000 cash
• $5,000 Cash
• Home Theatre Package or $2,500 cash
• $2,500 Cash
• $1,000 Cash Every Thursday
• $25 Gift Certificate
• Fandango Movie Ticket

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Simple as that. Just search like you normally do, but each time you have a chance at winning (up to 25 chances per day, though you can do more searches than that).
If you win, you’ll see the screen to the right instead of your search results.

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Blingo Friends
You can also refer people to Blingo, and when they sign up under you they become one of your “Blingo Friends.” Then, if any one of them wins a prize, you get the same prize, even if it’s a new car.
People who sign up under you can still refer other people as their own Blingo Friends.

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So sign up as one of my friends and start using Blingo! Then if you win something, I win something. It’s a great way to support this site, and it won’t cost you a thing.
Here’s the link:

After you’ve signed up, be sure to visit this page for instructions on how to set Blingo as your home page or add it to your search box.

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Updated 5.09.07
3/21/07 – Greg won a $25 gift certificate
3/30/07 – Matt won a Fandango movie ticket
4/4/07 – Snuffle won a choice of a Fandango movie ticket or a $10 gift certificate
4/17/07 – Heather won a choice of a Fandango movie ticket or a $10 gift certificate
5/7/07 – Shannon won $50 cash
5/8/07 – Gidgidonihah won choice of a 42″ Plasma TV or $1,200 cash

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35 Responses to Blingo: Search Google, Win Free Stuff

  1. D-Dude says:

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    Seems cool to me! I signed up under your name…least I could do to help you out for helping me out. Just don’t expect anything, I have the worst luck in the world! ;)

  2. bzmillerboy says:

    Just signed up under your name Josh, thanks for the info! I’ll post again if I win something.

  3. Where to buy viagra in leicester
    I’ve won free movie tickets twice through someone that signed up under me and an amazon gift certificate once on my own. I love Blingo. Good luck!

  4. Blaise says:

    Hey Josh,
    I am wondering why it doesn’t list YOU as one of my friends: do you only get a share in someone else’s win if you invited them?

    If you were to win something, would i get it too?

    I’m confused!!!

  5. Josh says:

    No, you only get a prize if someone who signed up under you wins (or if you win yourself, of course).

  6. Blaise says:

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    Another question (sorry!):
    How are we notified? will it just appear on the ‘account’ page, or will the sight send us an email. I read in the official rules that you only have 30 minutes to claim it!

    Thanks for all your help!

  7. Josh says:

    When you win, a page will appear instead of your search results, notifying you that you’ve won. You then have 30 minutes to claim the prize, which shouldn’t be a problem, since you’re sitting right there and you just won.
    When your friend wins, a notification will appear on your account page, and you will also receive an email. You will have five days to claim that prize.

  8. William says:

    Why don’t you use Winzy? They have higher chances of winning lol.

    Why don’t you try referral sites? Those don’t require so many offers.

  9. little abell says:

    added…to my profile on myspace…if i still had a website i would add it to that of course…josh clark is a good support him..i went to school with him and my brother was in his class..


  10. Blaise says:

    William, i breifly looked at Winzy, and it seems like their prizes are worth alot less. A $5 Amazon gift card? What the heck are you going buy with just 5 dollars? lol… anyways, i guess people could do both: no harm done. I just find a 5 dollar gift to be funny. :P

  11. Josh says:

    I looked at Winzy too. I agree with you Blaise, it looks like the prizes are worth a lot less. Their big prize is $500 cash, which they give out once a month, whereas Blingo gives away $1,000 every Thursday, as well as other large prizes occasionally (ranging from $2,500 cash to a new Ford Escape or $20,000).

    Referral sites don’t require as many offers of you individually, but you have to find and convince several others to then do offers for you (which they’re not getting anything out of), and then rely on those people to do things right so that you get credit. I’d rather just do several offers myself.
    However, seeing as how the do-it-yourself sites are more scarce, I am going to begin trying out a few referral-based sites, in conjunction with sites that make it easier to find referrals. School’s been heck lately, but once I get some free time I’ll be trying them out and posting reviews on here.

  12. Blaise says:

    I noticed that recently on blingo the amazon gifts being awarded were only ten dollars. Do you think that they have stopped giving out 25 dollar ones?

  13. mac ross says:

    I’ve seen you’ve won several prizes from your friends on Blingo. Just out of curiousity, how many “friends” do you have now?

  14. nick says:

    i found a web page through which I won a 2000 points wii card by filling out a bunch of surveys there aren’t huge free things, but you can get controllers, points, etc. I suggest that you give the gift company your proper info and on all of the “surveys” i gave them real info except for my phone #. You should also create an e-mail account specifically to deal with all of the spam you’ll get. the link I’m posting has my referral number in it, so if anyone signs up for it I get 15% of the points they earn, I figured that I should be honest about it. Anyway, here it is, so you all should check it out. and keep up the good work josh.

  15. Josh says:

    I saw this too. However, the “official” list of prizes on the “How Blingo Works” page still says $25 Amazon gift card, so I’m guessing it’s only a temporary thing so that they can give away a higher number of (less expensive) prizes.

    Mac Ross,
    As of right now I have 221. I am assuming that only a percentage of these people are actually using Blingo. Signing up is one thing. Replacing Google and getting in the habit of using it is another.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’m not a huge gamer, but this looks like a good site for those who are. What are Wii points actually worth? You can buy games and stuff with them, right?

  16. nick says:

    yeah its basically $1 per 100 wii points so if you get 2000 points its $20 and you can use them to download old nintendo super nintendo, sega genesis, n64, and turbo graphix 16 games onto your wii

  17. nick says:

    there is also cash lagoon and domain lagoon which i havent joined but they operate based on a similar premise

  18. nick says:

    i guess i should say that 2000 points is $20 at the store, but essentially free through the web page

  19. Gid says:

    For anyone that needs help getting into the habit of blingo, and has Greasemonkey installed, there are a couple userscripts that redirect to blingo.

    I wrote one that loads up google (i like their layout and a few other additions that I have) then waits 15 seconds and redirects to blingo.

    Wait, would that be unethical?

  20. whitetyce says:

    Josh, did you get the tv too!!

  21. Josh says:

    Yeah, but I went with the cash. :)
    Had to mail in two forms (did so this morning), one of which was a W-9, so it looks like I’ll be paying taxes on it, but I’m not complaining.

    I really thought about choosing the TV, but I decided that even though it would be really cool and I do want one someday, I need the money more right now.

  22. whitetyce says:


  23. Gidgidonihah says:

    Yeah, I had a hard time choosing between the two as well. I could have used the cash, but it’s just so much cooler to say you won a TV. And I’ve been really wanting one too.

    I’m still floored that I won. Pretty awesome. Thanks for the heads up on this one Josh.

    And you’re welcome. :)

  24. Mark F says:

    I just found this site and decided to sign up for the Blingo account under you Josh. Hopefully we’ll both get something soon… I’m glad to see there’s someone out there who is actually doing the research on all of these free prize sites, keep up the good work!

  25. Dan the Man says:

    This sounds awesome. Im going to do this right now. This beats the hustle for a iphone. I probably used the 1984-ish google 15 times in THREE HOURS. Im ALL ABOUT THIS. Thanks for the heads-ups man. It aint a question of when will I win, but WHEN. and you will too.

    I’d be interested in seeing a list of EVERYTHING you’ve gotten free from the ‘net. Im new to this..but dammit not for long!

  26. Marie says:

    I don’t know what I am doing.Don’t understand what this is all about——But I sure can use this money to help me in my life.So here I am looking for something. Good Luck to all.

  27. kevin says:

    liking this one, only problem is i’ve only been able to get like 4 friends to join it… in need of ideas to branch it out w/o spamming forums :p

  28. Sean Kim says:

    I just signed up as your friend. This is a great blog, and I’m happy to be able to support this way. Thanks!

  29. Amber says:

    your site is so helpful! i signed up from your link. i’ve got terrible luck though so don’t get your hopes up!

  30. vultron says:

    Apparently this is no longer powered by google :(

  31. drew says:

    The comments ended in July 2009, I was wondering if this is still worthwhile to do, thanks so much!!!

  32. drew says:

    july 2008 I meant

  33. Josh says:

    Still worth doing, only they use other search engines now instead of Google.

  34. henry says:

    I received a $5 card in the mail with a “congratulations” letter.

    The letter said Enjoy your $25 dollar card

    Did I get ripped off 20 bucks

  35. Josh says:

    I’d contact them about it. Sounds like a simple mistake to me.

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