Featured On X3 Podcast

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Thanks to Craig and JR for talking about my site and the free Mac on the March 17th episode of their podcast!
Their podcast is an outlet of X3 Church, a terrific ministry/site you should definitely check out.

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I emailed back and forth with Craig, the founder of X3 Church, and he told me their podcast has roughly 20,000 listeners. If you’re visiting because you heard about this site on the podcast, welcome!

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To subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, click this link. Or right-click and download the file here.
The episode you’re looking for is #60, and the part about my site is from about 8:55 – 13:45 into the podcast. Check it out!
Note of caution: The remainder of the episode is a conversation between Craig, JR, and a guy who runs a porn site. They discuss the religious/moral/economic aspects of it and, while interesting, the conversation is explicit at times.

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4 Responses to Featured On X3 Podcast

  1. Daniel says:

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    I canceled my offers like two weeks ago. I still haven’t been refunded from some of them (even the ones that assured a refund when I asked). Do you or anyone else have to wait this long? I’m a little worried about the $200 on my Credit Card…

  2. Josh says:

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    Refunds are dependent on the companies individually, so if it’s been a while and you haven’t received a refund you need to just contact each company to see what the hold-up is.
    Also, please don’t post comments that are unrelated to a blog entry. You don’t need to be the first poster on a new entry in hopes that I see and answer your question. I read every comment that is posted on this site. Thanks.

  3. Rachel says:

    i just went into verification. i registered for a 42′ plasma before march 1. since i’m reading that nuitech is not honoring the previous terms for those of us who registered before they changes, i’m wondering if anyone has posted anything about a class action suit?

  4. Ms. P. says:

    I’m wondering the same thing. I registered for the plasma prior to March 1, completed almost all of my offers in the first few days of March before I had even heard about the t&c change. My beef is that I did look at the t&c carefully when I signed up, and once doing so, you would really have no reason to look again-after that I was acting in accordance with the T&C’s of the individual promotion offers. It would have been fairly easy for NT to send a mass email to anyone signed up at that time, or even make the new t&c pop up when you open your offer page. This seems entirely in bad faith to me!

    Thanks, Josh, for posting the original MBP t&c. Anyone have a pdf of the NT plasma t&c prior to March 1?

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