The Mugging and Other Exciting Tales

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Happy April, everyone!
No, I didn’t really get mugged, but we’ll get to that.
As in most of my letters, I must mention how amazingly fast time seems to be moving. April is here and summer is just around the corner. I’ll be staying with my family in Columbus for the summer and am currently looking for a job there. I’m hoping to find a job in which I can work with computers in some way. I’ll keep you all up to date about that.

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Friday and Saturday I visited Louisville because Jon and Daniel were both going to be in town for different things. Frankly, I’m beginning to believe my car is allergic to Louisville, because it seems nearly every time I visit there something else goes wrong. From an optimistic perspective, there’s not much left that could go wrong unless the latch on my glove box decides to break; and here I go jinxing myself. Don’t get me wrong, my car has been a tremendous blessing from day 1 and continues to remain so, and at least it broke down in Louisville where I could get it taken care of easily.

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Anywho, Friday night Daniel and I were at an orchestra concert across town. Orchestra concert, you say? Didn’t know I was such a fan of the arts, eh? Well actually, we were there to hear Hannah (my “big sister” in Louisville) play viola in the concert. Afterwards in the parking lot Daniel and I noticed a large puddle of antifreeze that strangely enough seemed to be coming from . . . my car! For lack of options we started it up and began driving towards his house. The engine’s temperature gauge rose rapidly and we had to pull over into a Papa John’s parking lot when it began red-lining. We refilled the antifreeze with some Hannah had in her trunk (she was following us back) and water we got from Papa John’s. That got us back to Daniel’s house where his dad looked at the car. Long story short, we took it to a mechanic the next morning and it was fixed by 2:00 that afternoon. The guy said there was a hole in the bypass hose big enough to stick his thumb in (for those of you who want the nitty gritty details). So now my car is back in working order.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

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Saturday night Daniel and I left Louisville at the same time, and we both have to take 64-W to get to our schools. He attends Eastern Kentucky University, which is about 20 miles down the highway past UK. So, on the trip back we were talking on our cell phones (headsets make it both convenient and safe!) to keep each other company. Seeing as how his drive is longer than mine, I had already arrived on campus and parked my car on the street while we were still talking. I turned off my car and my lights; my windows were rolled up and my doors were locked. I had been parked for hardly two minutes (still on the phone with Daniel) when two guys crossed the street, walked along the backside of my car and then up its right side on the sidewalk. Much to my surprise they stopped and the bigger of the two walked back to my car and tapped on the passenger side window.

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As this was going on Jacob was also trying to call me. I was still on the phone with Daniel, using my headset, so my flip-style phone was closed. To answer my phone when it is ringing all you have to do is open it. However, I had never had someone call me while it was closed and I was on the line with someone else. So, absentmindedly, I opened the phone to press End so Jacob would go straight to voicemail, not thinking it may instead answer his call.
At the moment I opened my phone the thug outside my car was tapping on my window. As I leaned over to roll it down an inch I was saying to Daniel, “There are these two guys tapping on my window,” which was the last thing he heard before my phone switched to Jacob’s call.

“Hey, do you think you can give us a ride somewhere?” said Thug #1 as he leaned down and peered through the open slot in my window. I explained that as much as I would love to cart around two strangers late at night, I had just parked my car and was getting out. They thanked me and moved on as I was explaining to the person on my phone what had just happened, not realizing that I was now speaking to Jacob. After a few moments of confusion on both our parts, I realized what had happened. Daniel attempted calling me back as I explained to Jacob what had happened and that I’d be in the dorm in a few minutes. Daniel had now called twice, worried to death. On his third try I was trying to get a hold of him as well, so instead of my phone ringing as it had the first two times, he heard it go straight to voicemail.

The phone going straight to voicemail caused Daniel to think the two guys had broken into my car, gotten my phone and turned it off. Preparing to turn his car around and come back in search of me, I finally got a hold of him and explained that no, I’m perfectly safe and yes, that Chinese rice was starting to upset my stomach as well.

Laughing at the unbelievable odds of something like that happening exactly as it had, we said goodbye and I headed back to my dorm.
We hope you’ve enjoyed “The Mugging and Other Exciting Tales.” Tune in next week for “Elvis Sightings: England or Mars?”

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