New Update On Nuitech

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Back at the beginning of March NuiTech changed their terms and conditions, making their gift sites virtually impossible to complete. I blogged about the new terms and told everyone that the customer service rep I spoke with over the phone had assured me that as long as someone had registered with NuiTech’s gift site before March 1, the new terms and conditions did not apply to them, even if they hadn’t yet completed any offers.

Many others had reported that NuiTech told them the same thing.

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Now I’ve received several emails and there have been several comments on the blog from people reporting otherwise. Several people still received MacBook Pros after March 1, but lately everyone reports that NuiTech is saying the new terms and conditions do apply to them, and that they are not eligible to receive their Macs. Arguments of “I was told differently in March” are being dismissed, sometimes rudely.

This is obviously bad business, as they are going back on their word and scamming a lot of people out of their promised computers and other items.

If you are one of the people in this boat, visit this site of the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint:

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When searching for the company to file a complaint about, you must type in “Niutech” to find it, as apparently the i comes before the u in its proper spelling.

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I’m not sure that this will resolve anything, or get you your gift, but they are conducting bad business, and this is the standard procedure for reporting such.

It is recommended that you have already contacted NuiTech’s customer service about the issue prior to filing a complaint.

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Just to be clear: you should only file a complaint if you registered before March 1. If you registered after that, you are completely subject to the new terms and conditions.

Not sure if it will do anyone any good, but here is a copy of the original terms and conditions, as printed on Februrary 22, 2007.

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116 Responses to New Update On Nuitech

  1. b says:

    has anyone called Nuitech and threatened with calling the BBB?

  2. jared says:

    you can also do a search by phone number using the one on their website. (561) 674-9700.

    Two companies come up, Webservices-rewardpath and Niutech.

  3. b says:

    does anyone have a copy of the terms prior to march 1?

  4. Josh says:

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    I do have a copy of the terms prior to March 1. Is there anything in particular you are looking for? It would be quite a long post to put the whole thing on here

  5. b says:

    can you put a link to it? or at least the section pertinant (sp?) to us now?

    just to have a better documented complaint to file with the BBB.

  6. Josh says:

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    I regret to inform everyone that I mistakenly posted that I have a copy of the orininal T&C. After relooking for that file I was unable to find it. I will keep looking but it does not appear that I have the original T&C. Sorry guys. Hopefully somebody else has it.

  7. Josh J says:

    By the way, the previous two posts were by Josh J – not the big Josh!

  8. Josh says:

    Josh J,
    Thanks for looking.

    I don’t plan on putting the whole text of the old T&C on here, but providing it in PDF form, perhaps. If I get a copy, that is.

  9. Brad says:

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    I signed up on Feb. 28 and started my offers..just got my computer last week. I guess it’s working for some people and not others but mine went through processing fast and easy, no bank statements were needed, very smooth process.

  10. Josh J says:

    Brad – when did you complete all of your offers?

  11. anonymous says:

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    i signed up the last week of february. completed all my offers the first week of march. verification took a week (if i remember correctoy). got my voucher in mid march. mailed it back immediately. they ordered my laptop the lask of march. and i got it a week or so ago.

    that being said.. my spouse has been in verification for a week now, and no status change. so who knows what’s up.

    i purposefully left myself vague.. in case they’re watching the board. :)

  12. jared says:

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    that sucks, i wish i had just done instant credit offers. Instead i waited until April 1st to get manual credit….because of that I’m subject to the new t&c apparently.

    this really sucks.

    the problem is, I really don’t know if we can do anything legally, because if the old t&c say that people are subject to changes made, then we have nothing we can complain about.

  13. anonymous says:

    jared.. so what phase of the process are you in? verification?

  14. jared says:

    yeah, i’ve been in verification for 2 weeks now, but when i called them and asked about it, they said i’d have to wait until the 90 days were up and see if i was still a member of all the programs i signed up for…a la the new t&c.

  15. anonymous says:

    when are your 90 days up?

  16. Josh J says:

    The issue that I have is that NiuTech already set a precedent and they are going back on it. For every person that signed up before March 1, and received there gift as a part of the previous T&C, NiuTech was setting a precedent for their business. They are now going against the precdent that they set, which is unfair business practice. There is proof of people completing offers after March 1, and still receiving computers according to the old T&C.

  17. anonymous says:

    in calls to Niutech, has anyone told them about filing BBB complaints? do they have any reponse to it? i ask because i saw on the bbb site they there’s been a large number of complaints about them.. and from what little i did look at, it looks as if they attempt to resolve the complaint. i’m curious what the resolutions are.

  18. Justin says:

    I’m going to file a report with the BBB… I’m in this same boat too, having signed up before March 1st and not completing all my offers by then.

  19. Daniel says:

    I got my MBP on Monday. I finished my offers sometime around the 12-15th of March. Instant credit from everything. So apparently I was under the old T&C. I was about to do an iPhone from them, but I’m not now. I found another company. It is I believe they are the same as I could very easily be wrong. If anyone knows if I am right or wrong on this please let me know. The site I was looking at confused me to see if they were the same family or not. It is So, if anyone has any info on it, please let me know. I want an iPhone!!!
    Josh, I’m working on saving up some dough to make a donation to you for all your work.

  20. Daniel says:

    Also, has anyone hear of part of the consumer research corporation?

  21. anonymous says:

    The verification status page now has new text:


    We have received the initial reports from our Merchants that you have completed the appropriate registrations with their company.Effective March 1st, 2007, according to our new Terms and Conditions, you are required to remain a customer of each merchant offer completed for at least 60 days. You also may not cancel more than 2 offers within 60 days of completing them. Please see the section of the Terms below for details:

    CANCELLATION LIMITATION: You will not be eligible to receive a Gift in this Promotion if, within 60 days of your Sponsor Offer Initial Transaction Date, you cancel your participation in more than two Sponsor Offers you have completed as a part of the Program Requirements (the “Cancellation Limitation”).

    Once the 60 day time frame has passed you will be prompted to submit acceptable documentation to validate your full participation in the advertiser’s offer(s). Acceptable documentation will be the Billing Statement (with the account number blacked out) showing the transactions. Please begin collecting the documentation at this time.

    STAY TUNED and please remember to check this site for updates regarding your gift redemption status.

    Thank you!

    Customer Support

  22. anonymous says:

    So it looks like they’re changing their terms again… (now remaining a member for 60 days instead of 90)?

  23. pacmantech says:

    There may be a way around paying some of these fees…try calling each vendor and telling them that you’re interested in the product but that you don’t want to pay the high fee per month yet, and ask if they can extend the trial offer. Take that times how many offers you have and it might help ease the blow to your profit margin.

  24. Josh says:

    That is actually a brilliant idea. I don’t think I’d be able to do it (my name probably brings up all sorts of red flags in their system), but it would be interesting to see how much someone could pull it off for, if they did this.
    I wonder if NuiTech would require you actually pay full amounts for the services though?
    Also, as of today, they changed their T&C again, making the time 60 days instead of 90.

  25. anonymous says:

    that’s all and good for the offers that haven’t been cancelled yet.. but what if you’ve already cancelled all 18?

  26. Josh says:

    Right, I was thinking more of those people who didn’t start yet.

  27. mouseanon says:

    Josh, it appears they’re going to want statements showing you paid:

    “Acceptable documentation will be the Billing Statement (with the account number blacked out) showing the transactions. “

  28. anonymous says:

    I guess I could call each advertiser and say “i’ve cancelled my trial.. but i think i’d like to give it another whirl.”

    I mean, with each cancellation they did offer to extent the trial.

  29. Kate says:

    Just thought I would pass along my situation…I registered on March 6th and completed offers on March 10th. I cancelled the 2 allowed immediately and will wait 60 days to cancel the others. I figured that it will cost me a total of $346 to get the MBP. Not as good as prior to March 1 but still not too bad. When I spoke to NT yesterday they told me that they had decided that 90 days was too long. She also did say that once 60 days had passed I will receive an email instructing me to send in all of the confirmation emails and my billing statements.

  30. mouseanon says:

    Kate, that’s the same thing they told me, and I registered prior to March 1. Luckily mine is not a Macbook Pro (already did that one in Feb.) and I can live with the extra charges (which will amount to an additional $30 to get a product worth 30 times that), but anyone who used gift cards or canceled their credit card will be SOL at the sixty day mark. They won’t have the CC statement to send.

    If you didn’t go into fulfillment before yesterday, you’re stuck. They’ve also eliminated “parking”. You’ve got 60 days to finish from when you registered, and this applies to everything, even those parked before March 1.

  31. Jason says:

    Great site, I found it while searching for more info on this company after I had a 45-minute phone call with them yesterday.

    I started doing offers beginning at the end of Feburary through March 1st. I had signed up for Netflix but never got credit for it so on March 6th I signed up for eMusic for instant credit instead of waiting for credit to show up. It didn’t matter because I never received credit for Payday OK so I had to wait until March 30th to request manual credit.

    When I noticed the T&C had changed on March 2nd, I called up and asked if they applied to me since I had signed up previously and was told that they do not.

    Fast forward to yesterday. I had been in verification for two weeks (ten business days) since Payday OK had creditied. I noticed the status page had been updated with the new information listed above and so I called in again to see what was up.

    They are applying the new terms and conditions to offers that were signed up for after the new T&C went in to effect. They are applying it to my eMusic account which I had already canceled.

    Not a big deal I thought, because the new terms and conditions state I can cancel two offers and be okay. Nope, I was told by a manager, from her manager, that since it was only one offer that I would have to keep it the full sixty days (May 7th) and that the new T&C didn’t apply to me for me to do that. So they’re willing to break their own T&C when its convenient for them.

    I told the lady, who I think tried to help me out as best as she could) that I would re-activate my eMusic account. I suggested using Netflix since I never got credit for it, but she told me I had to subscribe to Netflix, not just do the free trial, which is different than what I read on the page, but oh well.

    I told her that I would do it, but that the Better Business Bureau (which I see you’ve already suggested) and the Florida Attorney General’s office (Bill McCollum) will be receiving written complaints from me.

    That didn’t change their stance, and I have reactivated my account on eMusic.

    I’m not going to let my threat of writing in only be a threat though. Since I found this site yesterday I have read how people have signed up and completed some offers after March 1st and received their gifts. I’m preparing my letters now and I would suggest anyone else who feels run over by Niutech to do the same.

    Saying one thing and then doing another and then breaking your own T&C because it’s convenient for you is simply unacceptable.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I actually got pushed through from verification to gift voucher even though I was originally told the new terms and conditions would apply to me. I have some info that might help you guys out but I’m a little afraid to give it out since I don’t know how much this site is watched and I want to be careful since I have not received the mbp yet. Josh…any suggestions?

  33. Mr T says:

    Anonymous, how about emailing me the info?

  34. mouseanon says:

    Whatever you do, don’t post it in a public forum! I, too, would like to know what you have, however, if you would be so kind.

  35. RJK says:

    Hey Anonymous can you please send me that info also to , any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated

  36. Brad says:

    Same here!

    I wish there were an easier way for you than having to send individual emails, but I cant think of one. BTw folks, dont use the same email that you registered with (obviously).

  37. hp says:

    Hey anon, I would appreciate it as well.

  38. Josh J says:

    Hey Anon, some help over here would also be nice:

  39. Me says:

    Anonymous, could you send it to me too? Much appreciated.

  40. GUY says:

    I have been in verification now for three weeks and each time I call they tell me that it’ll be one more week, that they are just backed up in “that department.” I’m sick of this crap. I hope someone takes action against this company because you guys are right, they are going against their word and in the business world, it’s terrible to act in that way. Btw, I completed all of my offers before March 1st.

  41. Travis says:

    It took 3 weeks after entering “verification” before I was issued a voucher. i express mailed it that same day and it took another 3 weeks before status was changed to fulfillment. from there, it took another 3 weeks (and 2 days) for me to receive my MBP. Started on 2/3 and Just received my computer a couple of days ago.

    the process is just slower now. but my guess is that most all of you who signed up prior to 3/1 will indeed get what was promised.

  42. Josh says:

    Hey Anonymous,
    Please use the Contact page to send me a message with whatever info you have, and we’ll decide what to do from there. Please use an email address where I could reply to you. It’s perfectly secure and only I will receive it.
    I understand your caution to not want to post anything on this site, and it is a good idea. NuiTech does know about this site.

  43. Ptaxgk says:

    Anonymous, can you send me that information as well? Thanks.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Well, it gets uglier for me. I had registered for a high-dollar prize before March, called after March 1, and received the same assurance we all did: I’m not bound by the new T&C. So I did my offers, and cancelled most of them. After being in verification for 2 weeks, I called and received the same crap you guys did. But the bad part is this: now the guy told me that the promotion wasn’t really one of theirs, that they didn’t give away such-and-such a prize, and that someone must have given me a bogus link. All this despite the fact that my info and completed offer status was in their system.

  45. jared says:

    so yeah, i haven’t been able to check both my account and this blog in a couple days because i’ve been away. however, my terms also seemed to have changed, however, it doesn’t change the fact that I already canceled all 18 of my offers. i also don’t think it’s possible for me to reactivate them again, since I canceled them in the 2nd week of march and it’s already the 3rd week of april.

    anyway, my 60 (not 90 now) is up in a 1 or so weeks. I doubt my status is going to change, and I’m sure my bbb complaint will prove fruitless.

    I cross my fingers though, we’ll see what happens.

  46. HD says:

    Anonymous could you please email the info to me as well? Thanks very much.

  47. Bearxor says:

    Anonymous, please email to mcdo7795 AT hotmail DOT com

  48. Me says:

    Anonymous, an email to would be appreciated. Thanks.

  49. kidrock says:

    if someone could pass any info on to me at it would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  50. Andy says:

    anonymous, could you please send an email to me as well.
    Thanks for your help.

  51. person says:

    anon … could you send that info my way? Thanks

  52. person says:

    I would really appreciate your info. Thanks

  53. aDifferentAnonymous says:

    Is there something different that we can do instead of having hundreds of people say “hey anonymous, can you email me that?”

    It makes it difficult to keep up with this thread. Besides, if anonymous does have something up his/her sleeve and lets Josh in on it, I’m sure he’ll disseminate it to us the best way he can.

  54. Anonymous Mouse says:

    The e-mail to that address didn’t go through if you guys could send me that stuff at Thanks

  55. Jenn A says:

    Just wanted to say thank you Josh. Luckily we registered before March 1st, finished the credits at the begining of March, and still recieved our new computer a couple weeks ago! I’m sorry for those of you who have not been treated well by Niutech. Thanks again Josh!

  56. P-davey says:

    Hey Josh,
    Since it’s past tax time, I was wondering if you ever received your W-9 from Nuitech and had to pay taxes on the MBP.

  57. Josh says:

    Nope, never got anything from NuiTech. Maybe report it on next year’s taxes? We’ll see.

  58. GUY says:

    Just put my voucher in the mail yesterday. Any estimates on when I will receive the MBP?

  59. TennesseeAnon says:

    Hey Josh et. all- I completed all of my offers before March 1st, and now they are trying to pull this junk on me. Am I still held under the new T&C even though all of my offers were done before March 1st, and I was just waiting on the middle of March to roll around to get manual credit? Let me know your thoughts….Thanks!

  60. ArkAnon says:

    I’ve talked to CS and getting the same story – you’re stuck with the new T&C, regardless of what “someone” told you early in March. (Unless you’re lucky enough to have a name of the rep.) They did talk to me about getting offers reinstated for the remaining time. All in all, 60 days isn’t too long. For many offers, the first 30 is free anyway, which would mean just paying for the next month. I’ve calculated it will cost about $500 for a $2k-valued prize, when all is said and done. Should I bite?

  61. Anon says:

    You should have email confirmations from all your offers. But, I myself didn’t even get an email confirmation from every offer and some I only got cancelation confirmations.

    Call niutech and ask them specifically which offers are under the new T&C’s then see if you have those confirmations.

    If you only have the cancelation emails and they are on or before March 1st you might be able to argue that if you got a cancelation confirmation on March 1st you would have definitely had to sign up before then.

    If you don’t have either call the companies and see if they have records of when you signed up.

  62. mouseanon says:

    The current company line at NT is that any offers you completed on or after March 1 are subject to the new terms. If you can prove you did them prior to the change then they should not be under the new terms. At least, that’s what they told me on the 19th. You should still be able to get manual credit for pre-3/1 offers.

  63. Jeff says:

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  64. PAQMAN says:

    Thank The lord!
    I have finally got my 42″ Plasma HDTV through Niutech. I started the process February 17th and received it March 27th. It’s crazy how much drama has happened with Niutech from the time I started until now. I’m just thankful that I got my TV, and for only $36.43. That’s a little more an I paid for my Macbook Pro ($34.88). Goodbye my sweet, sweet, Niutech gold mine! I will miss you greatly! Now onto ShopFreePay and GadgetCity…Moohoohaha!

  65. dude says:

    thanks Jeff, I just did all my offers only waiting on keen to credit. Any idea how long it should take?

  66. israel says:

    As of a month ago my gift (Apple Mac Book Pro) went into shipping fulfillment. I contacted Nuitech 2 weeks ago to see what the status of my gift was. I was told to wait 2 more weeks and then call back if I had not received my gift. Today when I tried to get on to check my gift status my email can not be found. I tried to call them again but they are closed. Any suggestions. Please. Anything would be great. Thanks.

  67. Phil says:

    Wait till they open! =)

  68. CG says:

    I signed up for my free MBP at the end of Feb. and completed all of my offers shortly after. Two weeks ago I received my new computer! The irony of it all: My old laptop was stolen off of my desk within a week. I’m sad to lose the four years’ worth of pictures, but glad to not be computer-less. Thanks for all of your help, Josh!

  69. Whitetyce says:

    Josh, what do you think about what Jeff has found? Looks good, and would be great to do with a prepaid card, all you would need is 25$. Since my CC# got stolen from doin SFP I have been leary to do free offers, but this would be perfect to get those game systems I want.

  70. dude says:

    so I got credit for Keen, and changed my gift to the paypal cash option since I don’t really want a PS3.

    Going through verification now, will let you guys know when/if I get paid.

  71. whitetyce says:

    Jeff, now it looks like it is 1100 points for a ps3. Did it change or is there a way to get it to 800 points again?

  72. Jeff says:

    I also just took the cash option. I didn’t realize the system was so much higher, than the $375 I took. It is an interesting situation because the 20 GB ps3 is being discontinued, so the odds of them being able to send them out are minimal. I am not sure if they would send 60 gb consoles in their stead.

    or you could hit up their sister site

    I believe you only need 550 points for the wii, or $250. If you ask me the $375 is the way to go though. The offers availible at a minimal cost, and with that cash you can buy a PS3 on ebay as they are going pretty cheap.

  73. Josh says:

    The site Jeff mentioned does seem legit, from everything I’ve read about the company online. They offer a ton of other sites for stuff besides PS3′s, too. They’re on my list of companies to review and recommend soon.

    I’m moving to a new apartment in two weeks, so once I’m at a new address (and since I have more free time during the summer), I’m planning on trying out a variety of free sites. Look for more posts soon.

  74. bearxor says:

    The thing that I’m running in to on the site Jeff mentioned (I’m doing a 900 point Wii offer since the PS3 was so expensive) is that I’m getting stopped doing a lot of the $1 offers, like simply you, shopping essentials, great fun, you know the ones all run by the same company. I’ve kept it down pretty lkow so far, and will probably sign up for something that requires being shipped, and I’ve changed to $250 cash.

    My question, what’s stopping these offeres from completeing? Do they do it by address/phone number? Credit card number?

  75. Kate says:

    I’ve done one of those twice within a month with just different credit card #’s, same everything else.

  76. whitetyce says:

    Has anyone used the prepaid gift card on these sites (the sites Jeff is referring to). This is what I’m thinking, you could sign up and get all the offers done then when your done you wouldn’t have to cancel because say you used a 25$ pre paid card there would only be about 10 bucks left on it. Does this seem like it would work or not?

  77. dude says:

    whiteyce that is what I did, and it worked. I bought a $20 simon GC from

  78. taerix says:

    anyone get an information from this guy?:
    32. Anonymous Says:
    April 20th, 2007 at 11:48 am

    I actually got pushed through from verification to gift voucher even though I was originally told the new terms and conditions would apply to me. I have some info that might help you guys out but I’m a little afraid to give it out since I don’t know how much this site is watched and I want to be careful since I have not received the mbp yet. Josh…any suggestions?

    if you did could you send it my way? i emailed him myself, but never got a response….

  79. whitetyce says:

    Dude, I’m havin some problems with my prepaid visa. Is there something that I have to do to activate it so I can do online offers with it?

  80. Julie Finley says:

    Dear josh…

    All I have to say is… you are THE MAN! I got my Apple MacBook Pro yesterday, and I literally almost $hit my pants! I started this program back in late December, and it took some time to complete all the hoops you have to jump through, but it finally paid off. I think in all, I may have dropped about 50-60 bucks on trials, returns, etc… I actually kept my DVD subscriptions, because those are useful. So in essence, I spent less than $100, and got an item that costs $1999 retail on Apple’s site. I got their newest dual core thingamajig too.

    All I have to say is… you are by far the blogger on the web to have posted all of your information with such accessibility, and with an honest (no-agenda) approach. You rule, my friend!



  81. anonymous says:

    did that guy with the “special information” actually ever send it to anyone?

  82. Josh says:

    The “Anonymous” above with ‘special information’ did email those who requested it at first, and myself. However, at his permission, I’ve removed the comment with his email address, for two reasons:

    1) His situation was very unique and the information he had wasn’t really a “trick,” just his story. He kept very detailed notes of his entire experience, and because of both his notes and the timing of his situation in relation to NT changing the T&C, was able to work things out.

    2) He was getting a ton of emails from people requesting information, when in reality his story probably would not have helped anyone, because of the uniqueness of his situation.

  83. Josh says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. Enjoy the Mac. :)

    Typically, you can sign up for an offer more than once, so long as you use a different email address and credit card.
    Beware that many of these companies keep records that show all the purchases you make, regardless of different credit card numbers. When you call to cancel some of them the second time, they might hassle you about it, though you will still probably get credit.

  84. Jason says:

    Yeah, the information wasn’t very useful at all.

    I have an update to my story though!

    I was told my status would change on May 7th and it did not. I waited until yesterday to call in. They sent me an email telling me to send in my paperwork for my offer and they only asked for paperwork for my one offer done after 3-1-07.

    I sent it off yesterday Priority Mail with delivery confirmation so those of you that may be in a similar situation there is progress to be made if you’re patient.

    Now I wonder if my MBP doesn’t ship until June if I’ll get the new ones…

  85. illinon says:

    i recently got into shipping process, i was wondering. anyone who recently got the macbook, is it the higher end model or the lower end one?


  86. Jacob says:

    I started feb. 28th and called them on march 1st to double-check that I was still eligible, they said yes. I’m now down to 6 offers left, and I completed a few more offers but I haven’t received credit yet. So I had to cancel them because the trial was about to end and they would bill me. So I’m confused, are they subjecting me to the new terms? or what? why won’t I receive credit? Are people still completing offers going through this as well?

    P.S. the offers were Columbia House DVD and South Beach Diet.



  87. dude says:

    So I got paid $375 over the weekend from theps34free site. My account was approved last thursday, and I placed my order then(no paperwork to mail!!)

    Pretty psyched, thinking what to do next.

  88. Josh says:

    theps34free is part of the network of sites I’m planning on reviewing soon. They seem like a great deal. Mind sharing which offers you did? If you have any other notes or tips about your experience, feel free to email me.

  89. dude says:

    I just did what the poster up above mentioned.

  90. Jason says:

    Well my status changed almost a week after they received my receipts. They got it Saturday and my page updated last night.

    I got the fulfillment form and printed it out and sent it in today. I assume that this point I can expect delivery of my MacBook Pro (hopefully a new one after WWDC) in 4-8 weeks.

  91. Jason says:

    In fulfillment today…

  92. jared says:

    So, it’s been a while since I posted, but I just wanted to inform everyone I got my Macbook today.
    I really really suggest that if you’re in the before March 1st/completed after March 1st predicament CONTACT BBB.
    Because I contacted them, I received my Macbook. I hope this helps everyone. I’ll definitely not use NIUTech anymore, but at least I got my laptop.

  93. Jason says:

    Glad to hear you got it. Did you get a new one by chance or the old one. New ones have supposedly already shipped and are officially coming out tuesday. With LED backlighting and the santa rosa chipset. Hoping mine doesn’t get ordered until after that.

  94. jared says:

    new ones? what’s the model number?
    mine is MA609LL/A.

  95. mouseanon says:

    Current Core2Duo Macbooks (not Pro) are:

    (MB061LL/A) (2.0 GHz White)
    (MB062LL/A) (2.16 GHz White)
    (MB063LL/A) (2.16 GHz Black)

    The MA609LL/A is a MacBook Pro.

  96. Jason says:

    Doesn’t look like the new ones are out yet. Looks like the refresh is at WWDC (June 11th).

    So if I get mine before then and its an old one (ie: currently released now) I’m probably going to sell it, save the money and buy the new one with my employee discount through my employer.

    New MBP’s launched June 11 will have at least a led-backlit screen and use the new Santa Rosa chipset (meaning entry-level MBP will probably be 2.2ghz).

    The wild rumors are that it will be compltely redesigned (since the current casing is almost four years old) and that it may include a Blu-Ray reader (possibly writer)

  97. Jason says:

    Possibly even get the Apple store to take it back and switch it out when new ones are released or give me a gift card worth $2000.

    We’ll see.

  98. briskeir says:

    Let me know if this works for you. I got my Macbook pro in November of 06 from Nuitech. I tried to take it back to an Apple store for credit –because it wasn’t the latest model– and they wouldn’t take it back because I didn’t have a receipt or a way to actually prove that I bought it from them. I just kept it anyway and I am glad I did. It was still way faster than my iMac G5.

  99. Jason says:

    Well I don’t think I’ll have to try. I called today, because the new machines were released troday, and they said it hadn’t shipped from the vendor yet. I’d heard of people who ordered three weeks ago from Apple and hadn’t had their orders filled as well.

    Looks like I’ll probably, most likely, snap up one of the new ones. 2.2ghz, LED-backlighting, 2GB ram and a Geforce 8600. Woo hoo, I’m excited now!

  100. Jason says:


    MBP arrived today. 2.16ghz version. I was sad. I called up the Apple store, told them I recieved it as a gift and if I could exchange it for a new one. They said no problem, I went up there and swapped it out with no problems.

    Thanks everybody!

  101. jared says:

    wow, i’m surprised they let you switch it. i tried to switch my unopened one, and they wouldn’t let me.
    i sold it as soon as i could though, so i’m pretty much just paying the tax for the newer model.

  102. Jason says:

    Plan B was to sell it for $1800 and then order it through my companies 10% discount for $1800 and pay the tax.

    Glad I didn’t have to bother with that!

    It’s amazing. I installed C&C3 last night nad cranked up the detail to max on everything and played the first couple of missions. Definitely better than the X300 in my Dell or the X1600 in the old model.

    Now if I could only get Parallels and Vista Boot Camp to play nice together…

  103. jared says:

    parallels isn’t working correctly?
    are you using version 3?

  104. Jason says:

    Yeah, it wasn’t working with Vista Boot Camp.

    The day 3 came out, Apple released Boot Camp 1.3 which broke it. I had installed 1.3. They came out with an update this past monday that fixed it.

  105. Ananymous says:

    So what’s the word? I only have 6 offers left to complete, and I signed up in Febuary.

    Thanks :]

  106. mouseanon says:

    You’re probably SOL. They now require completion of all offers within 60 days.

  107. mawshi says:

    so i finally got my mbp from nuitech today. this was my 2nd mbp from nuitech and 3rd laptop this year. i also got the macbook from shopfreepay. here’s what happened with me: for my 2nd mbp, i signed up on 2/26 or something like that. i didn’t start any offers until 3/4, AFTER the new terms started. once i realized that the new terms were in place (and i had already done like 8 offers), i called nuitech to get clarification. one of their reps told me i was ok because i signed up before march 1st. his name was cesar. i wrote that down. when i was done with my offers, for some reason verification was taking forever, so i called again. this time, i got the same spiel everyone here has gotten, which is that because i signed up after march 1st, i needed to stay on for 3 months, blah, blah, blah. i told them that i was told by cesar that the new terms didn’t apply to me, and (here’s the key) – THEY HAD THAT RECORDED IN THE NOTES SECTION OF MY ACCOUNT. I was upgraded to a manager named Summer and she verified that the notes said what it said, and THEY MADE AN EXCEPTION FOR ME. So here’s what I might recommend:

    1. IF you were told one thing by a rep, see if it was recorded in their notes. Their reps are actually pretty good about writing down what you talked about. IMHO, their customer service is pretty good. It blows me away that I talked to a human being every time I called. But call them and check the notes section.

    2. Be nice. There is no way these people will help you if you’re rude, threatening, etc. You’re not going to get the help you need. And in this situation, you’re the one that needs help, not the other way around. So be nice and polite about the whole thing, giving them every reason to help you if they can.

    I don’t know if that will help anyone, but hopefully it will. Good luck!

  108. sue says:

    mawshi, the same thing happened to me with the iphone. i asked to speak to a manager and asked if they recorded my call. the csr came back saying i didnt need to speak to a manager but they would honor what they told me.

  109. mouseanon says:

    Not sure if anyone cares anymore at this point, but I thought I’d add a data point here. Nuitech has actually coughed up a fairly high value ‘gift’ under the new terms and was relatively nice about it. I’ll end up into the offers for about 7% of what I could have bought it for retail but hey…that’s 93% off.

    Anyway, just thought I’d share. I started this one as a test of their new terms four months ago.

  110. zman says:

    Has anyone gotten a new MBP recently or is this option dead? If it is dead anyone have any suggestions for an alternate site that is offering free MBP?

  111. Josh says:

    Nuitech isn’t really a good company to earn free stuff through anymore, so yes, I guess you could say this option is “dead.”
    I don’t currently know of any legit sites offering a Macbook Pro, but there are options to earn a Macbook. My first recommendation would be
    It is a company run by Netblue/YF Direct. Visit my main “Free Stuff” page for links to posts reviewing their sites and to gain a better understanding of how their process works.

  112. skalaySax says:

    Follow these guidelines and you will build that new home with little, or no, problems. home improvement store can help…

  113. Person Paul says:

    So does this still that anyfreelaptop site work? alas they don’t offer a macbook pro, but even so, I should probably replace my powerbook. I’d also like to know if they are offering what they advertise on their site or the current model. Particularly with macbook which has had hardware revisions apparently since their writing about it.

  114. Person Paul says:

    Oy. I started typing a different sentence in the middle of that first one. Just goes to show it pays to proofread. Just remove “still ” from that sentence and it should read better. Also some capitalization is off.

  115. Josh says:

    Paul, is run by Netblue, not NuiTech. They are the same people who run GadgetCity. They are legit, but they usually send out checks, not the actual gift. If you do the site and choose the black Macbook, you’ll get a check for $1,499. That sounds like it’s a better choice for you anyway, because you could just buy what you wanted.

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