Free Sites To Avoid

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There are many good, legitimate free stuff sites out there, but there are a lot that are scams. Here are a few sites I’ve found (so far) that might seem fine at first glance, but which you should actually avoid.

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Free Site Alliance
First comes the group of sites run by the Free Site Alliance. You’ve seen these. They include,,,… you get the idea.

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In the past I had heard good things about the Free Site Alliance, and after successfully getting a MacBook Pro for free from NuiTech, decided to try them out with plans to sell the computer. I created an account, completed an offer, then had about a dozen friends sign up as my referrals and complete their offers, too (in total I would need 20 referrals).

All went smooth at first, and so I waited. And waited. After several weeks with neither I nor any of my friends receiving credit, I sent an email to support. And waited. And sent another email. Two emails. Several emails. Requests for manual support.

No response whatsoever.

I finally sent them a message threatening to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and still have received no response.

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If you’ve been successful with one of their sites recently, feel free to leave a comment. It’s always a possibility that my experience was uncommon, but the bottom line is, with so many other reliable free stuff sites out there, why take a chance with this one?

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Product Test Panel (by the Consumer Research Corporation)
At first glance, these sites look really good. They offer great prizes for a low number of offers and the site is organized fairly well.

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The first two pages of offers look pretty easy. The problem comes on the third page. For something like a laptop or a TV, you must complete two of the offers on the third page. Unfortunately, the offers are for things like package airline deals, furniture, and satellite service, with minimum amounts you must spend totaling in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. Unless you’re planning on taking a trip to Europe with a friend soon AND purchasing a new bedroom set (minimum purchase just $1,500!) for your kid, forget about Product Test Panel.

You will know a site is from PTP because it will say so in the fine print at the bottom of the opening page.

To read more, visit this forum.

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Consumer Offer Source
Another site that looks legit at first, but actually isn’t. Some people have taken the dive and completed offers with them, only to never receive a response, let alone a prize.

To read more, visit this forum.

These are some of the more popular sites people email me about, hoping they’ve found a new free MacBook Pro offer.

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25 Responses to Free Sites To Avoid

  1. John says:

    Hey Josh,,,, I saw that you listed on your previous post. Is that one legit?

  2. Josh says:

    Yep. I wouldn’t have posted it if it weren’t.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Is this site ligit?

  4. Jim says:

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    FYI, i actually received a free MacBook from two months ago, then went on to try and got scammed. So, Josh appears to be right on the money. (I wish i would have found this blog last month)

  5. Stella says:

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    Any experience with It’s an Adteractive site I found from a “bonus” link after doing It looked like a reasonable deal, despite the OOD on the last page. 6 offers for a $1500 payout seems good, but they seem to have adopted Nuitech’s byzantine terms re: canceling 3 or more offers within 90 days. Much easier to keep four for 90, rather than Nuitech’s 16 for 90.

  6. Matt says:

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    I have one experience with and it was a good one. I completed their offers for an Xbox 360. Well, that was when they were new and out of stock so they instead emailed me a gift certificate to for $600! Very cool since the 360 only cost $400 retail at the time. I purchase a Sony Vaio home PC with that on Amazon that I currently use. Now, this was over a year and a half ago, though, so take that as you will.

  7. Jason says:

    Josh – I recently decided to venture into the foray of Free* items. After some research, although I’ll admit not nearly enough now, I jumped into bed with the Megapromotionsgroup sites. A total of 10 offers need to be filled out altogether, but much like your experience with the freesitealliance, I’ve heard nothing from them, and they have not responded to any of my emails. Just wondering if you were familiar with this group at all, and provide apossible heads up.

  8. Joel says:

    Have anyone had any experience with or any of the sites?

    Just curious if this is legit?

  9. Josh says:

    Yeah, the free4me network is legit. The only problem is that their sites are all referral-based, not do-it-yourself.

  10. Jason says:

    a follow up to my comment about megapromotionsgroup and their affiliates. It’s been over a month, nothing ever credited of course. When I emailed their support team the last time yesterday offering to show them my credit card statements, confirmation emails from the offers, and anything else they wanted, their response was: We don’t do manual credits, we are not responsible for these sites not giving credit. So I’m pretty sure everyone should avoid any site associated wit hthe megapromotionsgroup. They have tons of sites too, so watch out.

  11. calum says:

    does anyone know if applekudosnetwork is legit or not?

  12. Josh says:

    Never heard of it.
    This would be a great question to ask on the forum under the “Is This Legit?” section. :)

  13. Martin says:

    there are plenty of sites that you should avoid including primodinero, and most of the new sites cropping around.

  14. CJ says:

    It has been 6 months since I completed my offers and fulfilled all my referrals and not one word or reply from the numerous attempts to contact support or any aspect of the company. It is bogus, a huge time wasting scam and please don’t try it.

  15. st says:

    do you know anything about

  16. Yash says:

    I had recently signed up with free site alliance (before I saw this site).

    Currently, I have received credit for referrals, and was wondering if your experience with them was the same.

    They also seemed to have updated their site and trademarked it differently, which makes me think they have updated it.

    I was also wondering if you had heard anything positive from them recently.

    Thank you for your time,

  17. Josh says:

    It’s been a while since I signed up for free site alliance, so it is possible that they have changed their ways. In the past, I did not have a good experience with them (none of my referrals credited and I never, ever received responses to my messages), and I heard similar stories from others.
    If you already have referral credits, you’re doing better than I did. Please email me to let me know how the rest of your experience goes with them. Use the Contact Me link at the very, very bottom of this site. Thanks!

  18. RW says:


    Do you have a number I can put in for a referall?

  19. Karma says:

    The site for the free macbook pro from FSA is not so hot. I did the flycell offer and never got credited for it.

  20. Jerry says:

    I completed all of my offers for this and submitted my certificate, which was approved. Now, the website says the offer is no longer available. Do you have any idea if I will still get my gift card?

  21. Josh says:

    I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Still, it won’t hurt to send them an email.

  22. Joel says:

    Hey Josh, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs and plan on jumping in soon.

    Have you heard of the site There’s also,, and others under the same company. I’d like your take on them, please.

  23. Patrick says:

    Hey Josh, what do you know about I’m pretty sure I was scammed because I have sent tons of emails to their “contact us” and no response, and they have no other contact info anywhere.

    Thanks Josh!

  24. Samuel VanDyke says:

    Just started with the Free-Ipad offer with FSA. I want to take this really slow but wonder if you have heard any feedback for this. I don’t mind trying a 1 month offer for something like gamefly, if nothing else, I am out $10 but will still have the service rendered. What I don’t want to do is hose my friends. The process seems much simpler than some of the other free sites, 1 offer and 10 friend referrals. There are certain bits of information I will not give out and if I see them, I will opt out. I did notice that any arbitration would be reviewed but the judicial branch in Switzerland which was the biggest issue that I saw. What the hell would Switzerland have anything to do with this? I know, I know, the Swiss are neutral. Anyway, I am taking it very slow and will post results as I get them.

  25. Sean says:

    I’ve been trying this site called, is it legit? Also, I am not in a possesion of a credit card, so do you guys now some LEGIT site that you can actually complete FREE offers without a payment method or something?????

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