40 More Free Stuff Sites

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Here is a list of forty sites run by Netblue (aka YF Direct), the same company behind GadgetCity (read my review). They average 2-3 months between completing offers and receiving gifts, but they’re legit, and they offer just about anything you could want. They also have good customer service, from my own personal experience.

The semester is finally over, giving me more free time, so you can be expecting more posts soon…

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Computers, Electronics, Video Games, Cell Phones
anyfreelaptop.com (laptop computers)
freepinkgifts.com (pink electronics and computers)
myfavoriterewards.com (video games, computers)
yourgiftexperts.com (video games, computers)
giftfreebies.com/dest?id=292 (iPods, Game Consoles, Macbook, Tablet PC)
checkoutpath.net (iPod Nano, Photoshop CS2, Windows XP Pro, Nintendo Wii)
internetopinioncenter.com (and software)
internetopiniongroup.com (and software)

Home appliancesfreehousewaregifts.com

Variety of sports-related stufffreesportsgifts.com

Tools and hardwarefreetoolsandhardware.com

Video Game Consoles, Games and Accessories

Cell phoneseasyfreecellphones.com

Digital Camerasmyfreecamera.net

iPods and iPod Accessoriesfreeipodplayers.com

Memory Cards (not just for digital cameras) – freememorycard.com

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Software (Photoshop, Windows XP or Vista, Office, Illustrator, Acrobat, etc.)

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Gift Cards
everyfreegiftcard.com ($250-$500)
freegiftcardguide.com ($250-$500)
freecoolrewards.com ($250-$500)
giftcardfreebies.com ($50)
yourgiftcards.com ($50)
giftfreebies.com ($50) – also PS3, iPod Nano

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Random collections of everything*
*And I mean everything: electronics, airline tickets, media, home decor, kitchen appliances, health & fitness, tools, clothing, gift cards…

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On a sidenote, I am working on a way to better organize these links, others, and a variety of “free stuff” things. I have some things planned out already, but if there are any other webmasters out there with suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

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97 Responses to 40 More Free Stuff Sites

  1. frenchy says:

    should we change our email if we already used it for nuitech or does it matter? same thing for address?

  2. Josh says:

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    You really only need to get a new email address if you’re getting a lot of spam at your old address and think it would be difficult to sift through for messages you’ll want to save.

    The address you’re fine leaving the same. Most people won’t be able to change this anyway.

  3. Mike says:

    if you’re already doing an offer through the gadgetcity site, can you do an offer through one of these sites with the same email address, etc?

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    i believe the terms and conditions on gadgetcity said you could only do one prize. would that mean only one prize on gadgetcity and not one prize across all the netblue sites?

  4. Josh says:

    From what I understood, you can do one per site.

  5. Steve says:

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    I did a $50 gift card from one of the above companies a while back. They emailed a week ago and said they didn’t have the card I asked for in stock and asked if it was OK to send a $50 check. Yesterday the check came in the mail. For me, it was only about 2 weeks after the 45 days of waiting, so once the 45 days are up, the gift should come pretty soon after that. I agree with everything Josh said about these: they do take a while to get your stuff, but I had no problems at all and I got my $50!

  6. Josh Gilbert says:

    Hi Josh (that’s my name too),

    Viagra tablets online india
    are you familiar with the site: Electronics-RewardBlvd? I found it by doing a google (in blingo thanks to you) for “free mac book pro.” I’ve read the terms and it doesn’t seem to vary too much from any of the sites you have reviewed already.

  7. Josh says:

    Electronics-RewardBlvd is a site by NuiTech. If you’ve looked around the site, you know that they’re not really good anymore.

  8. square says:

    you should add the trainn sites (trainn.org). they offer ipods, ps3s, xboxes, cash, etc. on either a points or referral based system. they are fair and pay quickly. i completed offers and was paid all within 12 hours…seriously. i’ve since helped a few friends who were also paid.

    i’m not spamming and posting my referral link, but if you want to sign up, email me and i’ll give it to you. i’d appreciate it. thanks.

  9. Andrew says:

    You should definately add http://www.yourprizefree.com

  10. Josh says:

    Thanks for the comment. YourPrizeFree is a great site, and on my list of sites to review soon.

    I’ve put doing offers for free sites on hold just until I move this weekend and am at the new address. After that, expect plenty more updates.

    If you like, feel free to email me with notes on your experience at YPF and any offers your completed there.

  11. Jeremy says:

    Does anyone know if http://www.retailreportcard.com is legitimate?

  12. Liz says:

    Hi Josh! Have you heard any feedback about anyfreelaptop?

  13. Josh says:

    Whether they are legitimate or not, if you create an account you will see that offers on their site are impossible. The first two pages look good, but then you get to the third where you have to complete 2 of 3 offers, and they are for expensive, expensive stuff. You have to purchase airline ticket packages and furniture or lawn swing sets and other stuff, with a minimum amount to order being in the upper hundreds-to-thousands of dollars. You would spend more on just one of those last two offers than any gift they’d give you for it.

    I haven’t heard specific feedback about many of these sites, I just know that they are all run by one company, and that company is legit and has good customer service, so any of these sites should be safe to use.

  14. T says:

    Have any of you done the pink RAZR from freepinkgifts.com? I am trying to find out what network(s) it is for, thier CS wouldn’t tell me and it doesnt mention it anywhere on thier site. If anyone knows, can you tell me?

  15. Jeff says:

    It is a YFD site T.

  16. Ben L. says:

    does anyone know which site is the best to get a regular MacBook?

  17. Josh says:

    Try the first link, anyfreelaptop.com. You can choose a white or black MacBook on there.

    Just to be sure everyone understands, these sites are ALL run by the SAME company, which is also the company behind GadgetCity.com, which I’ve reviewed before. They’re legit.

  18. Two Dogs says:

    The only problem I see with the http://www.yourfreeprize.com site is that all of their prizes require you to get thousands of points (PS3-6000, MacBookPro 20000) and most of their offers give you 5-15 points. They do have some offers for 50-100 points but there are not that many. They only have 2-3 offers which give you around 500 points and require you to pay more for the offers. It pretty much looks impossible to try to get the thousands of points required for their prizes without doing 50-60 offers and spending more than the prize is worth.

  19. Jeff says:

    yeah it is a waste of your time for the most part. That is a site that could have been created by any member of this blog. There are hundreds of them out there.

    I have received over $25k from various freebie networks since 2005, and never once heard of them so they certainly are not one of the big boys.

  20. Brad says:

    What is the affiliate ID for anyfreelaptop? Some of the offers are not being credited and companies are asking me for the affiliate’s id?

  21. Josh says:

    Have you tried asking anyfreelaptop’s customer support?

  22. T says:

    Thanks Jeff…but what a dumb question, what is a YFD site?

  23. Josh says:

    I assume Jeff means “YF Direct,” which is the company behind the 40 sites in the list above.

  24. HEATHER says:

    Has anyone found a site with software for a mac? I am in need of Office.

  25. Brian says:

    I am trying to do a $500 gift card, and have signed up successfully. But when I try to go to the site and view my status, it asks for a password, which I never provided. I asked the site to email the password, and they haven’t. Does anyone know how to successfully re-enter the site?

  26. Andrew says:

    Hi… I tried to sign up for yourgiftcard.com and I requested a confirmation email, and a password to be sent to me… but I tried about 4 times, and all I recieved was a BOATLOAD of spam. this is BS.

  27. Poopie Pants says:

    i have a question. What if i use one site to get a ps3 and use its sister site for another ps3? i dont see anything in terms of service saying i cant do that. But can i? Anyone tried that?

  28. Cindy says:

    Hey Josh

    what gift card site have u used that has been the most successful?

  29. Cindy says:

    Hey Brian and Andrew have you checked your spam mail? i found my confirmation in my spam, maybe thats where yours is…

  30. Cindy says:

    i was wondering if anyone has received credit for anything… what offers are they?

  31. Josh says:

    I just signed up for the $50 Visa Gift card through yourgiftcards.com and chose the $1.95 Ebay Success Kit. When I try to log in to my account to set up a password it says my email is not in the database. is this normal? Does it take a little while for emails to show up or do I have a headache ahead?

  32. Josh says:

    Argh. I wrote that above, without looking at Andrew and Brian’s post’s. I’m assuming yourgiftcards.com is not a very good choice.

  33. DKK says:

    Ditto for anyfreelaptops. I couldn’t re-login to check my status b/c it asked for a password that I never had a chance to create. I sent an email to customer service, and they promptly sent me a link to create a password. Now when I try to login w/my newly created password, it says that the servers are down (same thing for the last 2 days).

  34. Cindy says:

    Hey Josh,
    I used freegiftcardguide.com and everything has worked out fine so far. i signed up for the 250 Kholes card…2 out of three of my offers have already credited… i did:

    Gate.com- Pending
    Cosmetique- In Progress
    Auction Money Kit- In Progress

    oh and if you have problems with not getting your confirmation email you should check you spam, at least with this site…

  35. Josh says:

    Thanks Cindy, I gave them a call and they sent another email and now everything is good.

  36. Josh says:

    Anyone know what the best site with the best offers to get a 360 are?

  37. Michelle says:

    I’ve done yourgiftcards.com in the past and they are legit…takes awhile but the cards/money do come. Figured I would try one of their other sites so I picked GIFTCARDFREEBIES — all I can say is WOW! I did the auction program for 1.97 and it credited instantly and I was able to print my certificate…it will go in the mail tomorrow! Can’t believe how fast this site was! Thanks!

  38. Julz says:

    Has anyone dealt with CheckoutPath? The reason I ask is that they seem to offer a ton of high end software (I’m looking to get Logic Pro 7), and was wondering if anyone found them to be total BS or legit.


  39. Michelle says:

    Hi Josh and everyone,

    Has anyone received one of the 500 dollar gift cards? I’ve done a couple of the sites to get 50 dollar cards and have been very successful at it. Wondering if I should just stick to those or if I should go for the big 500 card. Thanks!

  40. Anna says:

    Hey, I am looking at the freecoolgadgets.com. Have you recieved anything from them. How reliable are they?

  41. Garnet says:

    since getitonus.com is related to gadgetcity.com, should i expect that the site is run the same way, in terms of policy and times between signing up and receiving the gift?

  42. Josh says:

    Yeah, you can expect them to be pretty much the same.

  43. Garnet says:

    ok. i called them up and asked about whether you can cancel a trial even though the offer still says “pending” and the lady said it’s ok to cancel and they’ll still give credit. she also said that certificate expiration dates can be extended past the 60 days and completed offers will still be valid, contrary to the terms and conditions.

  44. Mark F says:

    I don’t know if you would want to add it to the list, Josh, but I found an extremely easy way to make money on CashLagoon.com. If anyone would like to use my reference link, I really would appreciate it, just click on my name. I’ve only spent the last hour filling out surveys and I’ve got $16 built up so far. Thanks

  45. Mark F says:

    Oops, I just realized this was a posting for the Netblue company sites… CashLagoon.com is a Dietzel and Dietzel company site. Sorry

  46. Dan says:

    I just wrapped up a deal with CheckOutPath.net that started in April. I registered for a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I had to complete 3 offers (I chose Netflix, Blockbuster Online, and them some webhost). Checkoutpath said that it could take 6 weeks for my status to be updated. 6 weeks went by and there were no updates. On the seventh week, I called them to inquire and they immediately updated one of my offers. Another two weeks went by and the other two hadn’t been updated. I called again, and they asked me to verify completion of the offer with a bank statement (they did let me hide all of the sensitive information) and email confirmations from the companies.

    Anyway, they immediately updated the status of the other two items and viola, all requirements were complete.

    Just after the status was changed to “Gift Shipped” I received an email that said, “instead of sending you the gift, we have opted to send a check for the retail amount.”

    Sure enough a few days later, I received a check for $380 in the mail from NetBlue. I ordered a Kitchen Aid Mixer from Costco for $300 and netted $80 which more than covered 2 months of subscriptions.

    So, CheckOutPath.net – they are slow, you have to stay on them, but I ended up getting a truly “FREE” gift! Not bad.

  47. Tim says:

    I just got my “gift” from EveryFreeSoftware.com – I was promised a copy of Photoshop CS3 and they just mailed me a check for $200. Last I checked you couldn’t get CS3 for less than $599… I called them about it, I’m interested to see how they handle it.

  48. Evan Williams says:

    I found a site called BestRewardsAround offering an xbox 360 elite with halo 3 (preorder i guess), are they legit?

  49. Josh says:

    Yes they are legit. It is actually the company I-Deal who is behind the free plasma TV site I just posted about yesterday, so as long as you’re not doing that site you should be good.
    Be sure you’re not required to get a referral in addition to completing your own offers.

  50. s. smith says:

    I am working with CheckOutPath, for 500 gift card. One of the offers, N.Y.Times subscription, never sent, and say they do not do this) me any confirmation that i took their offer. Check out path said send ccstatement as acceptable proof, i faxed to them twice, and now they( C.O.P.) wont even answer me . any suggestions , this is holding me up from getting my $500 gift card. thanks, s. smith

  51. Josh says:

    S. Smith,
    Try scanning a copy of the credit card statement and emailing it to them here:

    Write the site (Check Out Path), your name and email address on the statement before you scan it. Also include this information in the email.
    Hope this helps.

  52. Andrew says:


    I just completed the deal at bestrewardsaround.com for an XBOX 360 Elite and Halo 3. To redeem my gift they want me to send them a redemption certifica with a W-9 form, which has my social security number on it. Do you know why they need the form if the gift is under $600? (I am very wary of giving my ssn to a company I know nothing about.) Also, the company calls itself Direct to Consumer Interactive. Is that the same as I-deal?

    Thank you very much,


  53. Josh says:

    Yes, this site is I-Deal. I’m not sure why they want the W9 form because it does seem like the gift amount is under $600, but you should be fine submitting it. I’ve done this with several companies, including I-Deal, and have never had problems because of it.

  54. Michelle says:

    I am doing getitonus.com right now…this will be my second gift from them.

    I am considering doing the Vioderm trial.

    Has anyone had experience with this one? Easy to cancel? It says 14 day trial for 1.00.


  55. Michelle says:

    One more question!

    As each offer is approved and the print certificate link shows up…should I print each on off and send each one separately in as they are approved or should I send them all in together?


  56. Josh says:

    Do not print out and mail in the certificates separately. You have to send them all together in one envelope or they won’t approve your account and send your gift. I made the mistake of doing that once.

  57. Michelle says:

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks a bunch! I’ll make sure to send them all together.


  58. Wayne says:

    Hey all,

    I screwed up and let 2 of my completed offers expire before I could print them out. Does anyone know if it’s possible to regain those credits or am I out of luck?

    (This was on freegameconsoles.com)

  59. Josh says:

    I’d just contact them about it. I don’t know what they’ll do.

  60. Wayne says:

    Thanks, Josh. I’ve sent them a message.

  61. s. smith says:

    Dear Josh,Check out path went back on their word that my cc statement was acceptable proof for offers. , but now keep saying i need to send email confrimation from N.Y.Times subscription, N.Y.Times says they dont do that, so I stand to lose my $500 gift card they promised. any suggestions how to get Nytimes to send me an email confirmation stating that I signed up for it through Check Out Path.PLease hurry, time running out. thanks s. smith

  62. Josh says:

    s. smith,
    That’s really strange. The credit card statement should have been enough.
    Try calling checkoutpath’s customer service if you have only emailed up until now. Sometimes you can get a better response on the phone.
    Also, maybe see if you can get some kind of receipt from NY Times instead of an email, and trying sending that instead.
    Not sure what else to tell you, sorry.

  63. s. smith says:

    Dear Josh, Would you happen to have the phone number for Check Out Paths customer service? I appreciate your help. thanks s. smith I was wondering if anyone else has/had same problem:check out path,(after emailing me and stating that cc statement was acceptable proof) now keep saying they need email confirmation from N.Y.Times offer, which you can bet check out path knows that nytimes doesnt send email confirmations. just curious, thanks again

  64. Josh says:

    s. smith,
    Try 801-316-0555, though that may not be it. CheckOutPath is owned by Netblue, and many other sites owned by them (like Gadgetcity) have this phone number posted, but they have a different mailing address, so I’m not sure whether the phone will work for that site or not. Worth trying though. Let me know.

  65. Wayne says:

    Hey, I just thought I’d let y’all know that contacting Freegameconsole.com’s support worked to get the two expired offers re-instated. My last offer should post around Halloween, so I might have my Wii by Christmas. :)

    Thanks Josh for all the info.

  66. Thomas says:

    Hi Josh, I was about 5 minutes away from trying E-rBlvd in my quest for a Macbook Pro laptop. I noticed a comment from a few months ago regarding Nuitech that seemed pretty guarded. Can you recommend any other site that currently has a Macbook Pro reward where the hoops to jump through aren’t too high or too expensive? I’ll gladly PayPal some bandwith food your way as love your site and plan to visit often. Thanxs

  67. Andrew says:

    Hello Josh,

    I asked about sending in a W9 form recently to bestrewardsaround.com. I ended up sending in the form and my redemption certificate the next day. Do you know if they will email me about receiving/confirming the redemption certificate? Or am I going to have to wait six to eight weeks and just hope the 360 shows up? Thank you very much for all your help.

  68. Josh says:

    You may or may not receive an email, but your status page will change within a few weeks saying you have been “Processed,” and after that it could be 6-8 weeks for shipping.

  69. Luke says:

    I have completed all my offers for anyfreelaptop and have my certificates and W-9 form ready to go out tomorrow …

    Hopefully everything goes smoothly and I may have a nice laptop by Christmas ;)

    I’ll let anyone who cares know how it goes …

  70. RB says:

    luke, how much did you end up spending on the freelaptop site?

  71. Luke says:


    There was a couple of things that I got confused on. Most, if not all offers you can cancel right after they show up on your statement. I got burned on some because I waited about 2 weeks before I started canceling memberships.

    However, some offers (freecreditreport.com) you have to be a member passed the free trial date and be charged a membership fee before anyfreelaptop confirms it.

    I got charged a total of probably $120 extra because of not reading. So … READ.

    In all I think spent close to $250 because of my mistakes. Picking the right offers counts … you could probably pull it down to $100 if you did it correctly.

    Which is not bad at all – they sell for $1000 on ebay ;)

  72. Adam says:

    Should I be concerned that I have to send in a W-9 form to gadgetcity, considering my Social security number is on it? It seems like a great way to invite identity theft into my life.

  73. Josh says:

    Gadgetcity (Netblue) is legit and trustworthy. I’ve sent w9 forms to them before (as well as several other freebie companies) and have never had a problem, or heard of anyone having one, as a result of it.

  74. Bryan says:

    Have you experienced anyfreelaptop.com changing offers day-to-day (or after finishing page 4)? Last night I read through the 4 pages of offers (and their Ts and Cs) and plotted my strategy for my intended offer purchases today. Today, I just completed my page 4 offers then went to page 3 but none of yesterday’s offers were there, in fact the only offers showing now are ridiculously costly. Thoughts? Advice?

  75. paul says:

    Hi, my redemption certificate was processed for bestrewardsaround.com, but I was wondering if they will update my gift status page saying when the gift will actually be shipped within the 6-8 week period.

  76. Luke says:

    I didn’t receive a black macbook but instead a check for $1,500!

    Which is a better deal to me because I was going to sell the laptop on ebay anyway and probably only get around $1000.

    Paul – they didn’t update my status with a date but when they shipped the reward it stated “shipped” in my account.

  77. CodyMeister says:

    Hey Luke,

    Where did you go through? Cuz I think I am gonna do that and then use it for a MacBook Pro cuz i got hosed on the Ideal site.

  78. Ben says:

    Hey does anyone know anything about anyfreelaptop.com? I tried calling the support number and the computer said the name of another company AND didnt even transfer me to a rep it just hung up. But the link is on the site so I thought it could still be trusted?

  79. Josh says:

    Like I say at the beginning of this post, all of these sites (including anyfreelaptop, near the top of the list) are run by Netblue, the same people who run GadgetCity. They’re legit.

  80. Matt says:

    Is there a way to know how many offers are required before completely signing up for the site? On Brandarama sites in the T&C it states 1 on pg 1, etc.

  81. Anah says:


    With Brandramas- you can actually click on their “Gift Rules”. It will tell you how many offers you need to complete to qualify for the gift. But you will not be able to view the offers in page 1 to 3 w/out going thru the registration. Hope this helps! :)

  82. Brad says:

    These netblue sites are still the best deal around. they take a while, but they consistently produce. i’ve received a $500 gift card, plus two $50 gift cards. another $500 card should be here this week. everytime i call CS a sweet lady always helps me out. and they usually send a check, rather than the actual card. go figure.

  83. Abe says:

    Does anyone know if giftrewardportal is legit b/c they are offering a black mac air that seems to easy.

  84. Debi says:

    Hey, I went ahead and filled everything out and, like you, hvae no idea if they will send the laptop or not. What worried me is that there is NO contact info for them like an e-mail or phone number, also they do not have a way you can check the status of your offers, like the other sites have. It seems to easy to simply complete six offers to get the laptop, and I can find no one that has actually gotten one from them.

  85. BC says:

    checkoutpath is a scam. I fulfilled the requirements of signing up for Netflix almost FOUR months ago, and they are now requiring I give them my Social Security number, a copy of my Driver’s license, an NOTARIZED statement, an IRS form, etc, etc. They refuse to honor their policies which mention none of these things. However, their policies say at the beginning that my info is secure, and then later on the page that they will share it.

  86. Josh says:


    Checkoutpath (Netblue) is not a scam. More than once I’ve had their offers take four months or more, and they require your social, the tax form, etc for tax purposes. This is not uncommon. I’ve sent them this information myself. Everyone does.

    THAT information is secure, yes. They will sell your email address, phone number, and mailing address, however.

    Send in what they want. Your important info is safe, and you’ll get your gift.

  87. terri says:

    Debi, Which site were you referring to that you did six offers for the laptop?

  88. angela says:

    I just completed and offer to receive a $500 gift card from consumeropinionbureau.com and now they want me to fill out a w9 form. Does any one know if they are legit?

  89. TAO says:

    If you have to complete offers that cost you money in the process, the laptop’s not “free” anymore, is it?

  90. Robert Leblanc says:

    obviously your offers are only for U.S. residents, because every single time i clicked on your links for free stuff it was redirected to the “Love Calculator” a Canadian dating agency. please advise your readers, who might be Canadians, that it would be pointless to click on your website links.
    thank you

  91. Josh says:

    Thanks for the info. Surprisingly, no one has ever notified me of that before. I appreciate it.

  92. Daniel says:

    Savings Marketplace (were many of ur links lead too)collects info… adress, web history and more from u and in the fine print u agree to them being able to send it to random companies…

  93. Chelsea says:

    are all these sites still good and legit? i just don’t want to get scammed on anything!

  94. Naresh says:

    For the yourgiftcards.com website, i was asked to set up a password. How long until they email it to you?

  95. Naresh says:

    Also, for the $50, 1 offer sites, is it fine to cancel that offer? I read something about you having to keep at least 2 offers over the trial period, so I was just wondering how it works for the 1 offer sites.

  96. Josh says:

    If they don’t email you a password you need to contact them about it. Sometimes this happens.

  97. Ryan says:

    Brandarama is claiming to be liquidating its assets and won’t be fulfilling anything – I completed everything in March of 2008.


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