Top-Rated Free Sites [Trainn]

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Transcendent Innovations, or Trainn for short, is said to be one of the top-rated free stuff companies. This being the case, I decided to give them a whirl. With my Xbox 360 on the way (care of GadgetCity), I decided I’ll need a game to start playing once I get the thing.

This afternoon I completed two offers, spent $8.90, got credit for both, and ordered the game Crackdown (retail $59.99). It says the estimated shipping date is next Thursday (June 14). If what I hear about Trainn is true, I’ll have the game in hand next weekend.

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I don’t hesitate to post this before actually receiving my game because I’ve heard that much good stuff about Trainn, both on other forums and from posters on this site. Update: I’ve received my game. See below for a timeline and image proof. More than once I’ve heard of people doing offers, getting credit, and having money in their Paypal accounts in less than a few hours.

Another plus to Trainn is they ship gifts to Canada.

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Here are several offer sites run by Trainn:
YourFree360games – the site I used for my game (they also have several accessories)

Added 6.29.07: YourFreeiPhone

Added 9.06.07:

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Use these links if you don’t mind helping me out when you sign up. I’ll get a referral credit if you sign up and complete an offer, and the offer will still count as a credit for you. :)

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Update 6.19.07:
7.07 – Completed offers, got credit instantly
7.14 – Shipping date, as posted by Trainn
7.19 – Game arrived from via UPS

Update 6.25.07:
After referring two users and completing an additional offer myself, I received an Xbox 360 black wireless controller this morning.

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118 Responses to Top-Rated Free Sites [Trainn]

  1. xavier says:

    outside US is impossible, you need to be from the States or canada to register, and all offers are US or canada only, too bad…

  2. Brian says:

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    I guess some people may know this, but others do not. For any of the sites, when you complete an offer, the advice is to print the confirmation page.

    Can buy viagra bali
    I find printing the pages and keeping them together to be tedious, and an easier way is to use “CutePDF Writer”. It’s a program that lets you save a web page as a PDF file, thus keeping it on your computer for reference (or even printing) later. Just a suggestion.

  3. mouseanon says:

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    Brian, that’s what I do. I create folder for each gift and then put PDFs of all order screens, confirmation screens and email correspondence in subfolders for each offer. Makes keeping track of them much easier. I even put PDF copies of my credit card charges in there. It’s an excellent system and if you have to provide “proof” it’s right there at your fingertips.

  4. Arron says:

    Do these folks offer MacBook Pros? I was trying to find a site for my mom and a friend…

  5. Josh says:

    No, I’m afraid they don’t have MBPs.

  6. bravo116 says:

    Does anyone know of a site that does Macbook Pros other than Nuitech, and the Product test panel where the last page is like $500 -$1000 offers.

  7. Adam says:

    Trainn rocks! :)

  8. Alex says:

    Josh, I should have went green for you at the flatscreens site.

    I figured I should try to give something back to you :)

    Hopefully you have a better time trying to find the rest of your referrals than I have the past few days.

  9. Cindy says:

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    Heyyy, i was wondering if anyone has gotten anything with Trainn, im working on getting a nintendo wii, i have 166 points left to go out of 550, most of them credited pretty quickly, but im still waiting for a few… i just want to make sure others have had some sucess with trainn… anyone?

  10. Josh says:

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    I’ve updated the bottom of my post. I’ve now received two things from Trainn. I also have friends who have gotten things from them since I first recommended their sites.

  11. Rick says:

    I just helped you out on Monday by signing up for 360 games and 480 dollars on 360 elite.

    You have helped me a lot and I thought I knew about free sites.

    I’m still waiting for my 360 from gadget city. (about a month more to wait).

  12. Josh says:

    Thanks a ton Rick.

    I’m still waiting on my 360 from GC too. Very disappointed in them.

  13. Cindy says:

    has anyone have to wait more than 3 days for one of the instant credit offers to credit? because all the offers i did said they would credit instantly but about 5 of them havent yet, im gettin kinda nervous, i prolly dont need to be, but i want to know if anyone else has had this experience…

  14. mark says:

    Congrats Josh!

    I got a couple of items from them too, including my wii which just came yesterday!!! Yay!

  15. Cindy says:

    Hey Mark, how long did it take from start to finish for you to get you wii?

  16. Adam says:

    I’ve received $500 from them so far and am working on another $250. I received my 1st $250 from them within 12 hours of signing up. I can’t comment on how fast they are at shipping items because i’ve always taken the cash option. Great company in my opinion.

  17. Mike says:

    I just signed up for Trainn’s I’ve completed all my offers and am just waiting on the last few to clear. Hopefully it’ll all go ok.

  18. Getrdone says:

    I Signed up for the Guitar Heroes II bundle and completed my 2 offers and am just waiting on verification from grant search provider. I filled them both out last night.

    Just one question, once you get a game from them can you get another one or is it just one item per person for the

  19. Getrdone says:

    Nevermind that last post, I just read one per referral, unlimited per points account.

  20. Niko says:

    Hey, I keep hearing a lot of good stuff about the TraInn sites. Does anyone know of some good offers on their sites that are cheap and easy to complete?

  21. Getrdone says:

    Hey Cindy, what offers did you do that are still pending? I completed 10 offers on yournintendowii4free and only 2 have confirmed. all of them either say instant or same day. I filled them all out on the 4th. On a side note for anyone completing offers, stay as far away from grant mentor as possible. They are frauds and you cannot cancel your trial and they’ll charge you for months. I’m still trying to get out of my account that I signed up about 6 days ago.

  22. Cindy says:

    Hey Getrdone,
    The offers i did that actually credited are:

    Consumer Info $0.00 (36pts)

    GE Critics Choice Entertainment $0.00 (54pts)

    At Home Rewards $1.00 (30pts)

    Passport to Fun $1.00 (40pts)

    Shopping Essentials+ $1.00 (40pts)

    Value Max $1.00 (42)

    Todays Escapes $1.00 (40) (dont do this one, they make it seem as if they will charge you $2.00 a month, but in actually its 71.00 for a year subscrition) (50pts)

    Privacy Matters $1.00 (42pts)

    Bargain Autos $1.00 (36pts)

    However I did not get credit for:

    Lipburn $6.95 (50pts) $0.00 (54pts)

    Essential LIving 5.95 (50pts)

    Video Professor $6.95 (70pts)

    Value Direct Autoship (6.95) (50)

    Total $: 43.80

    Which ones did u do?

  23. Getrdone says:

    I Completed and received credit for only 3 so far which are:

    Pure Health Hoodia 56 Points(Stay away from this one unless you have a prepaid cc as they can be troublesome)

    eAuction Tutor 56 Points

    Essential Weight Loss 56 Points

    I’m still waiting on credit from these below:

    Ultima Smile

    Passport to Fun

    At Home Rewards

    Get Rich with Google (which is actually google adwords)

    Increase My Margin


    QuickBooks Quick Start

    Todays Escapes

    How long did it take you to get credit for the $1 trials?

  24. Cindy says:

    the dollar ones all went through immediately

  25. Cindy says:

    i also just recieved credit for blockbuster and value direct autoship

  26. Cindy says:

    now my gift is processing yay!!!… it should be here in 2 weeks

  27. Getrdone says:

    Not receiving credit for 8 offers kinda has me concerned. especially on increase my margin and quickbooks in which neither sent me a confirmation email and therefore I don’t believe I can request manual credit.

  28. Getrdone says:

    Anyone else know if Trainn is good about giving manual credit on offers completed?

  29. mark says:

    Cindy: Here’s my dates…

    signed up: nov 13 2006, 1:04pm
    finished : nov 21 06
    approval : Dec 1, 06 (but 1 ref dq’d), got some more refs (as I then wanted a bundle and not just the system). Approval was swift.
    approved : Dec 4, 06
    ordered : Dec 4, 06 (with Zelda and WiiPlay)
    processing: Jun 24, 07 @ 1:50am
    shipped : Jun 27, 07 @ 4:10pm
    arrived : Jun 28, 07 @ 11:20am (system only) / Jul 3, 07 @ 6:25pm (zelda, wii play, extra remote)

    Getrdone: Yes, manuals are still accepted…surprisingly. No other site I’ve seen accepts them making trainn rock even more!

  30. Cindy says:

    so it took 6 months for you to get your gift?… i thought it only took 2 weeks

  31. CodyMeister says:

    which would be the wiser and money saver? get the Wii with 550 points that comes with no controllers or games. or get the Wii with 900 points thats comes with both controllers and a game. i mean i could buy controllers and games. but any advice?

  32. Adam says:

    The Wii will take longer because it’s OOS most places. Shouldn’t take 6 months anymore, but I think you’re better off to go with the cash option and try to buy it yourself.

  33. getrdone says:

    Cody, If you are going to do the Wii by earning points instead of referrals, I suggest going for the regular Wii. It get’s pretty hard and more expensive going for 900 points.

  34. Me says:

    Can anyone tell me the process by which you receive manual credit from Trainn? Specifically: What are the steps you take? What information must you submit? How long does it take to receive the credit once you start the process? Is there a limit to the number of offers for which you can receive manual credit? Thanks in advance for your help!

  35. Chadwick says:

    Trying to get back into the game a little since I got my MBP way back a few months ago.
    Is it more cost and time effective to go with game and get credit for whatever, or go to the ipod site? Anyone have thoughts?

  36. Crash says:

    I am looking at and it say I need 24 referrals plus trying one offer. Has any else tried this? I was going for the high end laptop, what do you think? I was going for the hostgator offer.


  37. flik says: is the easiest site, they send you your gift in less than a week, and you dont have to wait all that time.

  38. Jon says:

    I am kind of weary about giving these people my address. Has anyone had any problem with giving these people, such as TRAINN or any of their sponsors their home addresses? I know Josh suggests the UPS Boxes, but there aren’t any UPS stores in my small town… So what should I do? Do you think it’s safe to do my home address? Thanks in advance.

  39. Josh says:

    You should be fine giving them your home address. I’ve given mine to less reputable companies before, and Trainn is one of the best. I’ve never had any problems because of it.

  40. Jon says:

    Josh thanks for responding. Do you have a list of the offers you did for the ipod Nano? They all seem kind of difficult… though I am still browsing through them.

    Thanks so much for all your tips… they are very helpful.

  41. wes says:

    hay. im bran new to this and i was just wondering whats a good starting point for this?

  42. w00t says:

    Why does the ps3 site not load, and when I signed upf or the free 360 games it has a hard time loading?? Anyone else experience this?? Also – how long do most of these offers credit?

  43. Stichster says:

    has anyone done the iphone yet? i’m worried there are not enough offers, seeing as it will take something around 24 to complete.

  44. kaklong says:

    wow, trainn is the first site i found to have lots and lots of offers. but to get the stuff, we have to complete too many offers. arghh~

  45. Michelle says:

    Once again, Josh, totally amazing info on your site! I just finished the yourfree360games site.

    Did 2 offers: – FREE
    E Auction Tutor – 4.95 shipping

    Eauction tutor credited in 2 minutes. credited in 20 minutes. I placed my order for Bioshock. It doesn’t release until the 21st so I don’t expect it before then.

    This was super easy!!! Probably going to try your idea on returning it to amazon for the credit and see how that goes.


  46. Ryan says:

    Is there an equivalent Trainn site for PS3 games?

  47. Josh says:

    Unfortunately not. Your best bet would be to use my return trick for Amazon credit and just buy the PS3 games you want.

  48. Adam says:


    I did your infamous MBP offer with Nuitech ( I think that’s the name)… anyway, a lot of those offers are the same ones that Trainn offers. Will that cause a problem having the same name and credit card information? Obviously, you did both… how did that work?

  49. heather says:

    i was wondering if anyone knew of another site besides trainn to get a free iphone. i would rather not do the referrals if i don’t have too.

  50. Josh says:

    Trainn isn’t only a referral site. When you sign
    up choose ‘points based’ account and you can do all the offers yourself.

  51. heather says:

    has anyone actually gotten a free iphone yet?

  52. J says:

    Can you do both referrals and points?

  53. Josh says:


    Yes, you can “mix” referrals and points. If you have a referral account and change it to points, your referrals will convert to points, and vice versa.

    Under My Account click Change My Account Type and it will tell you what you would earn and the conversion rate.

  54. Josh says:

    I did get an iPhone, but not exactly straight from Trainn. I got a check from them for $580 using the free iPhone site, which I used to go out and buy an iPhone at an AT&T store.

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  56. Jay says:

    I just completed all of my offers for a free iphone through Trainn. On the site it says it takes 2-4 days for them to review your accout and approve it. Im going on 3 days now and still nothing.

    I’m just curious, has anyone else completed their offers, and if so, how long did it take for them to review your account for final approval?

    Thanks a lot!

  57. Josh says:

    I’ve had account review take several days before. It usually takes 2-4, like they say. Then you “order” the item and you’ll get it within a few weeks.

  58. Andi says:

    Do you have to pay anything for the points or credit or whatever?

  59. Alania says:

    I like Trainn since I have recieved a ipod and a wii from them but find that the less known seem to be better for me. My favorite less known is Truxity who I have ordered from multiple times because they seem to do everything so fast. With my 5 orders the longest I ever waited for approval was about a day and a half and have what I ordered by next week each time. I also like that they allow custom orders. Sorry I seemed to go of course of the subject. Trainn is a very good company and is very recommended by me

  60. Josh says:

    I’ve never heard of Truxity, but they look like all of the other pre-made freebie sites. Are all of their sites referral-only, or do they have do-it-yourself sites as well? Thanks.

  61. Alania says:

    They have a few diy sites. I know they just opened cashback about 1-2 weeks ago. They also have a few point sites like cashpoints. They seem to use a pre-made script for there site but they are very professional and helpful in my experience.

  62. Matthew says:

    I am trying to get an xbox 360 elite right now from Trainn, but about 8 of the people i got to sign up for offers are not getting credited for it. Any idea on why and if there is anything I can do about it? It is supposed to be a same day credit on the offer.

  63. Dan says:

    how does everyone get referals so easily? Is there a site for that or something?

  64. Josh says:

    Read my review of the service Referral Swapper.

  65. Dan says:

    Is the only way to really use that is to pay the 10 dollars?

  66. Josh says:

    Or you can complete an offer for them.

  67. TJ says:

    Is Trainn still kicking butt? I think I’m going to start working on stuff again after a short “getting into the groove of law school” hiatus. I just want to make sure they haven’t fallen by the wayside like certain other companies (*cough*shopfreepay*cough*).

  68. Josh says:

    Yep, Trainn is still great. :)

  69. Joe says:

    Are there any offers that are hard to cancel from Trainn? I wanted some feedback before I was permantly stuck to an offer that I didn’t want.

  70. Lenin says:

    Hi I am trying to get an xbox 360 elite from trainn, but i need some referrals. If you can help me out, I’ll do the same for you

  71. Lenin says:

    I just join trainn for an xbox 360 elite and I did They put a pending transaction of $15 and change in my card, so I called them and said it was a permanent hold, but it should clear in a couple of days. they also extended the free trial offer until December 8th. This is my first time doing this and I gotta tell you, everything looks legit so far. Now I just need some referrals. My brother is gonna sign up too, so at least I got one so far. Good luck.
    PS. if you wanna help me out and sign as a referral, I can do the same for you.
    you can email me @

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  73. Andrew says:

    I noticed these posts were kind of old…are the trainn offers still good? and what is the timeframe from start to finish

  74. Josh says:

    Good question. Yes, Trainn is still a great network of sites. The timeframe varies slightly depending on the item you’re getting, but it’s one of the fastest freebie sites out there. After your offers all approve you’ll usually get the gift within only a few weeks, sometimes less.

    Just for future reference, I keep old posts updated, meaning I’d edit this post if it weren’t valid/good anymore.

  75. onthe5 says:

    Hey, so I got into the freebie scene about a month ago. I’m trying to start up a blog for this type of stuff, and I was just curious how well your site is doing, in terms of getting people to sign-up through your links. Do you get a lot of traffic? If so, how? I heard the key thing is to have some good back links, but I don’t how to do that. Could you shed some light on this? Sorry for all the questions but I’m really getting into this freebie thing. Thanks a lot

  76. Matthew says:

    I am starting to get frustrated with Trainn. I have been trying to get the free x box 360 elite. I have 8 referrals right now and I have enough people signed up for 12 referrals which is all I need. But trainn will not have them go green it is taking forever and the people have even followed up sending them confirmation emails and still no green.

    Is anyone else having this problem? If so is there and advice out there as to what to do aside what the tell you on there website?

  77. Josh says:

    I haven’t heard of any big problems with this, but this would be a great question to post under the Trainn section in the forum. If there is a problem, someone there will be able to shed some light on it.

  78. Matthew says:

    Thanks Josh, I have done just that :)

  79. Jeremy says:

    Is there a referral list for flashipod site where one person uses the person above as a referal?

  80. Josh says:

    I assume you mean ‘conga line,’ and no, there isn’t. Plus, since they require multiple referrals, not just one, a line wouldn’t work well anyway.

  81. Orion says:

    I have to say that the network, is definately one of the best out there and very easy to complete. Good luck to all the new people out there.!

  82. Mark says:

    Shopfreepay wil not let us continue our project. It has changed our log in and will not respond to our requests via e-mail.

  83. Josh says:

    For organizational reasons, a post about ShopFreePay would be a better place to put your comment. Thanks.

  84. Drew says:


    Have you had any luck with your referals getting a “green light”? I’m doing the iPod Touch offer and have 13 referals. But NONE have been “completed” as of yet. I know they have signed up…but I know nothing other than that. Can anybody help???

  85. Josh says:

    Great question for the forum. :)

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  87. Michelle says:

    Hi All,

    Is there a contact number for Trainn? I’ve had great luck with Trainn — received many items. My most recent item (a game from yourfree360games) shows that it shipped on December 29th but I haven’t received it yet. I’ve never had one take this long. I tried emailing them but have gotten no response. Does anyone have a phone number for them? Thanks!

  88. Josh says:

    They don’t have a contact phone number, but I’ve had things take longer than that from their 360 games site, so I wouldn’t worry about it yet. It’ll show up.

  89. Vito says:

    I had the same issue. Mine was supposed to arrive on the 24th of dec. and i have yet to recieve it. I contacted them on the 2nd of the month and didn’t get a response til today. He said that due to the holidays, they have been short staffed and are behind on answering messsages. He also told me that another rep will contact me to let me know where my package is since i don’t have a tracking number in the next 2 days or so.

  90. Nathan says:

    I just got a 350 dollars cash thanks to trainn!

    These sites work, no doubt about it.

  91. Kevin says:

    I had a little trouble completing my offer on trainn, but I eventually got it squared away via a support ticket and now I just need referrals to get a free PS3

  92. Litho says:

    Is it ok to use your debit card?

  93. Josh says:

    Yes, most offers will accept debit cards.

  94. Geoff says:


    I need help with getting some referrals on my account. I wanna know the quickest and easiest way to get 2 more referrals for my xbox 360 elite. I have 7 referrals and need 9, 2 more.

    Also, I just signed up for the Iphone site. And decided to do the points account. How hard is it to get points? I saw that the offers give barely any points, like 44, or 56 per offer and for the smallest Iphone, you need 1,000 pts!

    Did you do the poitns system? how did it work for you?

  95. Andrew Jackson says:

    I have had about 6 people complete offers on and not get credit and the same has happened for me twice. I sent in a missing credit request and it said it takes up to 10 business days. That was 13 bus. days ago and nothing. They never reply to my emails. What is taking so long and why are “instant” offers not being instant. Please help if you can

  96. Josh says:

    Your referrals have to complete at least 50 points worth of offers for you to receive credit from them. This might be your problem.

  97. Josh says:

    A good site to use to get referrals would be ReferralSwapper. Check out my review:

    Trainn is not the greatest when it comes to doing points accounts. It’s really difficult to get the required amount of points. I’d recommend looking at a different site, or trying to complete their site with referrals instead.

  98. blake says:

    hey has anyone got any free gifts yet?

  99. Josh says:

    I’ve successfully gotten many things from Trainn, and so have many others. Go check out the Trainn section in the forums, there’s tons of discussion going on in there.

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  102. freebietips says:

    of course this stuff works, but you guys are doing it wrong…you can only do each offer once, ever ever ever….the best bet is to find someone buying “greens” – on Trainn sites theyll pay $30-$40 – so you do an offer like FreeCreditReport, which doesnt cost you a penny and clear avg. $35 on each of their 15 sites, then you buy greens on their sites and make another $100-$150 profit per site and you still have tons of offers to do on other sites like Macrobucks, Git-r-Free, etc. etc….and if you do the small offers like surveys and ZIP CODE or EMAIL submits, do them on a site like Fusioncash and you’ll get good crediting % – these smaller offers dont always credit well on the big guys’ networks….

    email me if you want to know more……there are many sites out there that do this stuff and some are good and treat you fairly and some will cheat you if they can…

  103. Kyle says:

    I love these sites, I have already gotten a free PS3 from one, and am currently working my way towards a Wii.

  104. David says:

    do they send you anything besides the 360 like junk mail?

  105. Josh says:

    After doing a LOT of offers like this (obviously), I don’t get much junk mail. In fact, my roommate who hasn’t done these offers still gets more junk mail than I do, for some reason. Your mileage may vary, but no, you shouldn’t see a significant increase in junk mail.

  106. Tom M. says:

    If I go the “referral route” all I have to do is complete one A offer and get 13 people to sign up for trainn? Do these 13 people have to be active with their trainn account?

  107. Josh says:

    Yes. You complete one offer, then 13 others sign up under you as referrals and they each must complete one offer. After they have done so they don’t have to do anything else as far as Trainn is concerned.

  108. Tom M. says:

    Can these referrals be me under a different e-mail or some of my family members?

  109. Josh says:

    No, there is only one account per household allowed. Even if you signed up with multiple addresses under your name they would disqualify you. Family members are fine so long as they use all their own information to sign up, and provided that they do not live at the same address as you do.

  110. Tom M. says:

    Thank you! Josh! I haven’t done one of these since the first MacBook Pro offer (which I am currently using right now :-) ) I am just freshening up my “game”. I’d like to work on the 20-inch apple display. I have two more questions/concerns:
    1) Can you recommend any companies/offers?
    2) If Apple discontinues the specific display, have you any idea what happens if I complete all the offers?

  111. Josh says:

    1) I won’t recommend specific offers over others, but I will say this: read everything and be careful, and you should be fine.
    2) Apple has already discontinued that particular display, just recently. That being the case, Trainn will buy it from Amazon. If Amazon and other retailers run out before they go to buy yours, you will probably be able to request a check.

  112. Tom M. says:

    Thanks again! Sorry to bombard you again but I feel I must take advantage of your timely responses. For “yourfreeistuff” I have been choosing some offers i.e. but when I click on continue this offer, I am redirected to a different website like netflix. If I signed up for netflix from there, would I still get a credit?

  113. Josh says:

    No, you would probably not get credit. Clear your browsers cache and try again to see if that fixes the problem.
    And don’t sign up for You won’t get credit (they NEVER credit), and it’s a pain to cancel.
    And I think you’ve reached your limit on questions for today ;)

  114. Tom M. says:

    I’d say so.

  115. Casey Yost says:

    Hi Josh,
    I am looking over the offer for the WII. There are offer A and Offer B’s. It reads that I have to complete 900 points which is about 18 offers, I am confused that it means 900 for A and then an additional 900 for B but it does not read that anywhere. Can you please provide some assistance? Thank you

  116. Casey Yost says:

    Sorry this is actually my e-mail address I typed it wrong. Thank you

  117. Cool site, love the info.

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