Trainn Is Planning a Free iPhone Site

Who doesn’t want a sleek new Apple iPhone?

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I searched around for a free iPhone site, and didn’t find any that were quite up to par. Either the site was from a company I’ve never heard of (and couldn’t find info about anywhere), or the company is known but not highly recommended.

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So, I contacted our friends at Trainn to see if they’d be doing an iPhone site. This morning I received a reply saying that they will be doing one “in the near future.”

Trainn runs excellent free sites in every aspect, so this is terrific news. Read my review to see what other things they offer.

Update 6.29: FREE iPhone from Trainn

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3 Responses to Trainn Is Planning a Free iPhone Site

  1. Jim Rome says:

    I know that ShopFreePay has the iPhone available.

  2. adam says:

    word on the street it that this is launching today.


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