A Trick For Trainn: Get More For Your Money

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If you’ve tried out any of the great sites from Trainn, you know that they order your item straight from Amazon.com as a gift order. The beauty of gift orders is that you can easily return the item to Amazon for credit, which you can then use for anything you want. You get the full retail value of the item back, minus a few dollars for shipping.

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When I received my copy of Crackdown for the Xbox 360, before I unwrapped the game itself, I visited Amazon’s website out of curiousity. Visiting the Amazon Returns Center, I filled out the short form, printed out the prepaid shipping label, and taped up my game in the box it had come in. I dropped it off at the post office the next morning, and a week later got an e-mail with a certificate code valued at $55.74 (the game retails at $59.99). This is after subtracting the amount for my return shipping label, which cost nearly the same as just buying a label at the post office.

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With the credit I received, I can purchase a copy of Crackdown and a Play & Charge Kit from marketplace sellers. Including shipping for both, I’ll spend about two dollars less than the credit I received. More for my money. :)

This trick works especially well with the YourFree360Games site, since you can get the games for only a few offers.

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24 Responses to A Trick For Trainn: Get More For Your Money

  1. Haran says:

    What is Marketplace sellers? I just ordered a game from Trainn with your reference :)

  2. Josh says:

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    Like when you are looking at an item and below the main price and info it says “23 used and new available from $26.59″ (except with different numbers, obviously). You can often buy something from those merchants for less.

  3. Sam says:

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    I am doing this now and just received my game which I would recommend doing: Guitar Hero 2. This game retails for 89.99 but requires the same amount of offers as all the other games, but gets you almost 30 to 40 more dollars of amazon credit!

  4. Josh says:

    Wow. Excellent advice. Which Guitar Hero 2 bundle is it? I see two different ones on Amazon.
    Great catch. This will be my next game.

  5. Haran says:

    The one available on yourfree360games retails for 34.99 only right?

    where did you find the other guitar hero 2 bundle which retails for 89.99?

  6. Brian says:

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    I was skeptical, but still tried yourfree360games. Completed the stamps.com offer supposed to be instant but been almost three days now but no completion of offer. Anybody else have this problem?

  7. Josh says:

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    Stamps.com has a horrible reputation for not crediting, pretty much no matter what freebie site it’s on. I’ve had bad experiences myself. Try another offer.
    GE Critics Choice is a good one.

  8. w00t says:

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    Why does the ps3 site not load, and when I signed upf or the free 360 games it has a hard time loading?? Anyone else experience this?? Also – how long do most of these offers credit?

  9. Sam says:

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    Sorry, It’s taken so long for me to get back, but after having done the offers, got it, returned it, and just got my refund e-gift certificate from amazon for $100.42 shipping included. The guitar hero to pick is the Guitar Hero 2 bundle on the 3rd page. Now I am working on trying to get a ps3 from the freeps3 trainn site through referalls but so far only have my immediate family. Is there anyone who would be willing to help me, I would be willing to pay some or somthing. Josh, any advice for getting referalls or anything like that
    -thanks (by the way I think we have a mutual friend, a.j. stitch)

  10. Sam says:

    I didnt fully address the question, the only one on the trainn site is the one that retails for over $100

  11. Nate says:

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    I have two friends who just got free apple laptops from FreePay. So I was inspired to check in to it for myself… I just found out though that FreePay doesn’t offer the free MacBooks anymore. I guess I’m a few months too late. Do you know of anyone else who offers them?

  12. James says:


    Are you sure they don’t offer them? What did you search for? I find them when I search.

  13. James says:


    I checked again, you are right. All Macbooks have been removed. Mine is actually on a truck to my house now. I’m happy I signed up when I did.

    Good luck.

  14. Luke says:

    I found macbooks on this website though I’m not sure where I discovered it.


    Is this a legit site?

  15. Josh says:

    Yep, it’s legit. It’s on my list on the post “40 MORE Free Stuff Sites.”

  16. Michelle says:

    IT WORKED!!! I did two offers on yourfree360games.com and got the BIOSHOCK game. I immediately did a return to amazon. Today I received an email with an amazon gift certificate for 64.36.

    I did E Auction Tutor and the charge was 4.95 shipping. I then did Stamps.com which was free.


    This worked like a charm! Off to amazon to spend the money!
    Thanks Josh!

  17. Josh says:

    Congrats! Enjoy the Amazon credit. :)

  18. Tim says:

    If one was to get friends as referals, and allow them to use one’s credit card….would stamps.com be aware?

  19. Josh says:

    Not a good idea. Just about any offer would notice, and in many cases won’t even let you sign up a second time with the same credit card. Even if it did, you’re risking your account and your friend’s being closed on Trainn.

  20. Tim says:

    I suppose that would’ve been too easy. Thank you for the heads up.

  21. Tom says:

    This trick doesnt work every time…Got a Wii Remote today, and they ordered it from PC Mall or something like that…dont mind spending a grand total of 0 dollars for a $40 dollar item…gotta love yourmusic and emusic…but now its slow in crediting Great Fun for a Wii Points Card

  22. Josh says:

    Really interesting, thanks. Anything I’ve gotten from them has always come from Amazon.

  23. Kelly says:

    Hey, I wonder… has anyone checked if Trainn also ships the new iPod Touch from Amazon? I’m almost done with my trials and I want to return it in exchange for an iPod Classic (160gb).

  24. Yury says:

    They have a limit of three guitar hero bundles per account now. Sad. All other games are much cheaper if you intend to return them to Amazon.

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