New Tip: Added Trials End Sooner Than You Think

I learned a lesson this week and it cost me $22.91. I’m giving it to you for free:

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When figuring out what day a trial ends, count the day you signed up as day one. For example, if it’s a 7 day trial and you signed up on the 18th, the last day of your trial is the 24th, not the 25th.

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I added this to my Universal Tips & Tricks post and just thought I’d bring it to everyone’s attention. If you haven’t read that post already, I encourage it. You might discover something you hadn’t thought of before.

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One Response to New Tip: Added Trials End Sooner Than You Think

  1. adam says:

    This recently happened to me as well, but I am supposed to be getting a refund…we’ll see.

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    Of course this happened because I didn’t use my prepaid credit card (first and last time that will happen). I didn’t use it because the site would not accept it for whatever reason. I saw Paypal had a “virtual debit card” which I was under the impression was a one time use thing. It’s not! Don’t use the paypal virtual debit card when signing up for these offers…I’ve now learned that merchants can charge that number for 6 months!

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    ALWAYS USE A PREPAID CARD! My suggestion is Obopay. I add $10 at a time and do an offer or two and never leave more than $5 or so on the card…that way there’s not enough money if some a-hole company tries to bill me.

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