ShopFreePay: “Oops Problem” Fixed And More C Offers

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I received this short update from ShopFreePay regarding the “Oops” problem many people were having and the lack of offers on the third page (I asked specifically about both issues).

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Our developers finally tracked down the now-infamous “Oops” error. It was affecting any users who required 6 (B) offers and had completed 3 and marked the remaining 3 as “I did this”. The fix has been pushed live and users are now able to login. Our customer service team is also resetting the expiration date of all of those users back to 90 days.

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The account managers are working hard to get more (C) offers; it just takes time. Interestingly, we launched in the UK in early June, and its a lot easier to find (C) offers there. That doesn’t help you or any of your US readership, I realize, as people are probably unlikely to move to England to get a free MacBook.

Besides getting more (C) offers, we’re also continuing to add more products and improve the site’s performance.

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So if you were one of the oops-plagued users and haven’t tried to login in a while, give it a try. If you are still receiving the error message, contact SFP support and feel free to let us know of your situation in the comments.

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As far as offers go, some users have reported that Vonage and Blockbuster have appeared on their third page now. ShopFreePay will continue to grow in appeal while more offers are added, making bigger items easier to obtain. I hope they keep adding more, as I’d like a Plasma TV, myself. ;)

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72 Responses to ShopFreePay: “Oops Problem” Fixed And More C Offers

  1. mouseanon says:

    Excellent. Now if we can get a couple more B offers in there too things will really start rolling.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. bg says:

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    It’s great to have someone in the know. I’ve been in contact with them about this issue, but haven’t gotten an update from them, yet. Thanks!

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    P.S. I recommend Google Reader for keeping track of blogs. It will show when a blog has a new post without having to visit the blog. For the infrequently updated blog, it’s much better than peeking in on the site every day.

  3. Haran says:

    Now, when I try to search for anything it says, Sorry, no products match this query!

    is the site down or something?

  4. Hilbe says:

    I agree, more page B offers!!!

  5. Izw says:

    yeah any ideas why SFP is not working…i try to look for something and everything is gone

  6. disector says:

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    The missing products issue seems to be fixed now. Still getting the ‘Oops’ message when I try to add an item though. Thought it was fixed ?!

  7. Josh says:

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    The “Oops” problem can still occur in some instances. What I was referring to here was a problem many people were having not even being able to login but seeing the “Oops” error instead. That is the problem that has been fixed.

  8. disector says:


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    Thanks for the clarification. From another forum I realized that it gives the oops error when they do not have an item. I have started working on the macbook, but I only see 5 offers available in the B group. However, the item requires me to complete 6 offers in the group. I dunno what to do! Help!

  9. Thomas says:

    I am trying to do the 46″ DLP, and I have 3 possible B offers, when I need to complete 6. Been waiting for a while too for enough offers.

  10. Alex says:

    I know… B offers are lacking. I’d like to start a macbook, but don’t want to start offers until I know I’ll have enough to complete it :(

  11. disector says:

    Good news: New B group offer – “great fun”.

    Does anyone know if it ok to do the 4seasons 3 month offer in the c group AND the 4seasons 1 month offer from the b group.

    I am not sure if you are allowed to use the same offer twice for both b and c groups. There’s just not enough choices…

  12. John says:

    JOSH,,, on shopfreeplay there’s a couple sites that in their terms and conditions note that if you cancel before the trial period ends you will not get credit for any contests or free prizes. Is this true? The shopfreeplay site says the avg time for confirmation on these offers is around 4 days so that would be way before the trial period. What do you think? I’m just having trouble with the ‘B’ page.

  13. Josh says:

    Sites sometimes have that in their T&Cs, but it’s usually just a scare tactic because they want more of your money. You should be fine. I’ve never heard of anyone actually losing credit because they cancelled before a trial was over, unless shop freepay’s instructions say you have to stay after the trial.

  14. jduke says:

    I’m working on the 46″ DLP, and only have three B offers left, but there isn’t anything to do.

  15. Evan says:

    In helping a friend complete the process for a macbook, we completed a page B offer for overnight genius and it gave him credit on page A of A DIFFERENT ITEM. Hopefully they’ll fix it, otherwise he’ll have to wait for more page B offers. By the way, I received a free macbook last April, 28 days after completing my first offer. I’m recommending SFP to everyone. It was definately easier to complete back then though. Good luck to everyone else.

  16. Haran says:

    suddenly, so many B offers have vanished from the site! will it be fixed?

    is shopfreepay coming to an end?

  17. mouseanon says:

    Offers come and go. Just be patient.

  18. J.T. Pennington says:

    I wanted to thank you; yesterday my Mother’s MacBook came in the mail from

    My mom is cool now, because she has a Mac. :-P

  19. Haran says:

    so should I fill the offers when they come? I’ll be credited even if they’re taken off after some time?

    I thought I’ll wait till all 6 B offers are there.


  20. disector says:

    Haran, I would say go ahead and start doing the offers – they take time to credit and you might as well do most of them sooner than later.

    I see some new B group offers – belisi ties, scarves and HoodiaStar. Anyone have any experiences with these offers ?

  21. jduke says:

    Haran, if you want a big item, you won’t do it in a day with ShopFreePay. Just do whatever you can for now. Every couple days, new offers show up.

  22. chad says:

    Can anybody tell me what i need to do to receive credit for Vonage? I have received the confirmation email and also have been charged on my credit card.

  23. mouseanon says:

    Chad, wait at least 15 days and if you have not gotten credit automagically by then, send in your confirmation email and the CC statement line item to prove you did it. They’re pretty good about manual crediting when you’ve got the proof.

    Vonage pimped me too…

  24. chad says:

    Mouseanon, I appreciate your response back. I sent them the confirmation email which is all they asked for, so I am just waiting for the confirmation from their accounts department. Hopefully, the pimping will stop soon because it is my last credit for the macbook.

  25. Roland says:

    Just wondering if any of you guys had trouble with blockbuster, greatfun, and nytimes. I haven’t received credit for these one and it’s been forever!

  26. chad says:

    I received confirmation for Vonage, which is my last and final confirmation for my macbook. Does anyone know about how long it takes to received the item in the mail? What does that process look like? Thanks for the help.

  27. Lisa says:

    I hadn’t gotten credit for blockbuster or greatfun — almost 15 days for blockbuster now, & was about to e-mail them. Unfortunately I seem to have gotten the infamous “Oops” login error and can’t login as of today : (

    New York Times actually credited me on the 4th day.. still having trouble with Entertainment Weekly though (I think.. since I can’t log in : ) )

  28. James says:

    Josh, if I signed up for blockbuster from Nuitech earlier this year, but cancelled it can I sign up through shopfreepay.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m also hitting an Oops. Anyone else?

  30. Haran says:

    I already have vonage. Will I get credited if I sign up for vonage? just one more c-offer left for macbook!

  31. Dave says:

    Anyone got a time table on how fast the gifts arrive? Over the past month, I won a playstation 3 controller and game, and got my gifts within a week of completing the requirements. But on about 7/27, I fulfilled the requirements for a Playstation 3 console and they STILL havent shipped it out today, its been almost 3 weeks now. I’ve sent abut 4 emails and all of them gave me the same “It currently in the processing stage…” spiel.

    Anyone else having a similar experience with expensive items on shopfreepay?

  32. Gerry says:

    I logged into SFP and suddenly two of my “C” offers, waiting verification, have disappeared. They are for the Citi cards, and I’ve been contacted by Citi and both have been approved. What should I do to make sure I don’t miss these getting verified?

  33. Dave says:

    Surprise, surprise. After waiting 3 weeks for them to ship my Playstation 3, I got fed up and sent a rather nasty email threatening them that if my product isnt shipped soon, I will notify the proper authorizes. And lo and behold, they shipped it literally 5 hours later.

    And Gerry, they will still credit you eventually even if the offer disappears from the page.

  34. Mike J says:

    SFP has been nothing but great to me, but my brother completed the offer for the 46 inch dlp tv over 2 weeks ago, they told him those tv’s arent stocked anymore so they will send him a giftcard. We STILL have not recieved it and have tried to contact them NUMEROUS times. They keep telling us to WAIT and there is extended waits because there is a LOT of orders to be processed. Absolute BULL if you ask me and im very close to sending them a threatening letter like DAVE did saying we will notify the BBB and the proper authorities.

    any advice?

  35. Josh says:

    Mike J,
    My advice would be to be patient (though I know it is NOT easy).
    If they say to wait, then wait. Your brother WILL get his TV. Many times people have pulled their hair out waiting, thinking that SFP was going to stab them in the back, but instead, they always pull through and ship the gift (eventually).
    Two weeks isn’t that long of a time with these things.

  36. Lisa says:

    Just wanted to say that I was (finally) able to log in to the website today, after several e-mails to Customer Service (they’ve been really good about responding to my e-mails!). Ordered my item, too. : ) I don’t know if they finally fixed the Oops! error again or if their resetting my password a gazillion times actually worked…

  37. mouseanon says:

    Hey Lisa, what email address have you been using to contact them?

  38. Seibermom says:

    I have done several free sites, and this one has been frustrasting. I fulfilled all but one of my offers on one day, and at that time there were 2 “C” offers checked off. Instead it credited one of them as a “B” offer, and there are now no more offers for me to fulfill. I have met all of my requirements, but am having a hard time getting them to fix my account.

  39. maldonadov says:

    I completed my last offer (4seasons wine)for a ps3 console on 7/31. The average verification time claimed 8 days. I e-mailed shopfreepay after 15 days and they sent me a response saying that I had to wait 15 days(Mon-Fri). So I waited another 5 days and contacted them again with the confirmation e-mail. No response! Sent a second e-mail a few days later. I haven’t received a response yet and now it’s approaching a month. How long should I wait before contacting BBB?

  40. Raj says:


    i’ve been working on a offer on shop freepay for about a month, and for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been getting the “oops” error after logging in. I’ve contacted them and I’ve gotten no helpful responses? What can I do? I only have one more offer to do…

  41. Lisa says:

    I used (although you can also use the “Contact Us” section of the website — it’s the same thing). Unfortunately, ShopFreePay seems to have stopped responding to e-mails (well, mine at least!) for the past 2 weeks .. :/

  42. mouseanon says:

    Thanks Lisa. I managed to get my crediting issues resolved, now I’m waiting for them to ship. May be a long wait from what I’m hearing right now…

  43. Anonymous says:

    Raj, I too am getting the Oops message. I was told that they were going to fix the bug this week…but I’m not holding my breath.

  44. maldonadov says:

    Apparently the shopfreepay team has completely cut off contact with me because I have e-mailed them over 5 times in the past month and no response to the completion of my last offer for a ps3. Any advice?

  45. James says:

    It appears the “Oops” feature has not been resolved.

  46. rndm says:

    Anyone have any idea whats going on at shopfreepay? They arent answering any of my emails.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I got them to give me an extension on my time limit until they can get that Oops fixed. Its been several weeks for me and I’m only 1 offer away.

  48. James says:

    Anybody had the oops problem fixed?

  49. TT says:

    I’m convinced SFP has simply stopped responding to customer-service inquiries. I’ve e-mailed them weekly for the past 4 weeks regarding fulfillment of my item (it’s been 15 weeks since verification) and have received no reply. A month ago they responded and said it would be the usual 3-5 business days.

  50. James says:

    They have been emailing me back, but I am not in fulfillment.

  51. James says:

    Anybody still in the “oops” mode other than me. I have been here for over 3 weeks.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I also have been getting oops for several months now.

  53. James says:

    Anybody have any idea on how to get shopfreepay to open up your page from the “oops” page? I am going on a month now.

  54. Anonymous says:

    You doing a Macbook or iMac?

  55. jduke says:

    I’m having the same problems. I was told my TV was out of stock and offered an Amazon gift card. I sent them my tax form and they confirmed getting it. They’ve had it for nearly two weeks and aren’t responding to emails.

    Who exactly are the proper authorities that I should mention when I send a threatening letter?

  56. Haran says:

    Has anyone done the south beach online diet offer? It’s been over 10 days and they’ve still not credited me for that.

  57. Karl says:

    I’m getting the Oops too.

    I’m one offer away from getting an Olympus evlt, and am getting worried, as so many people are stuck on Oops.

    I suppose I’ll give another few days to the technical support people to fix it. What else can I do?

    Josh, if you could contact Mr. Jewell, tell him there are lots of us stuck in oops land. Some help or reassurance would remove the fear that we had gotten scammed.

  58. Josh says:

    I have already emailed my contact at SFP about this, but have received no reply yet, and it has been a while. I don’t say this to make anyone nervous, and I really don’t believe that Gratis, the largest and oldest of the freebie companies, is going under, but I too wonder what in the world is going on over there.

    I don’t want to abuse the contact info they have given me, but I will think more about contacting Mr. Jewell directly regarding this.

  59. Haran says:

    I’ve been logging into SFP almost everyday now, but surprisingly I havn’t got the oops error (hopefully it remains this way).
    I’m just waiting for south Beach online diet offer to give credit which I completed a month ago.

    But, SFP havn’t replied to my emails reg. manual credit. Just starting to get nervous.

  60. Karl says:

    Shopfreepay did respond to my email rather quickly, letting me know which offers I still needed to receive credit for. I commend them–I feel much better having received an email. Nevertheless, the oops problem still recurs, and was not addressed yet.

    I won’t be able to get my camera if they don’t un-Oops me, since I have one more offer to sign up for.

  61. James says:

    You should ask them if you can open a new account and complete the offers you have not finished. They allowed me to do this. They have been very good to work with and without any threatening words.

  62. Anonymous says:


    Once you did this, were you able to login? Or did they process the order for you (usually there is an order button)?

  63. James says:

    I was able to log in. They went ahead and changed my status to ordered. Then I faxed them my w-9. I corresponded with them through email.

  64. Amanda says:

    I know that beggars can’t be choosers, but I do wish they’d update some of the prizes on their site. New iPods, for example, or at least change the offer requirements on the old ones to reflect the price changes.

  65. Anonymous says:


    Did you receive your gift? How long from when you ordered and faxed your W9?

  66. James says:

    I believe it say it can take up to a month to get the gift. I am being patient because I have heard this company will send the item…but they are slow right now. I have not got my item. It’s been 3 weeks.

  67. Anonymous says:

    James, does your order status say this:

    Order Status: Ordered
    Your order has been placed with Shop FreePay.
    What happens next?
    Our fulfillment team will validate your account and process your order. This normally takes 3-5 business days.

  68. James says:

    yep, so I am being patient.

  69. Anonymous says:

    What was your gift?

  70. 2deal4 says:

    i am waiting for an imac

  71. Anonymous says:

    James, what gift are you waiting on?

    2deal4, are you in “ordered” status as well on the iMac? If so, for how long?

  72. 2deal4 says:

    Yes, I am on ordered status and have been there for almost a month

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